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What is the Fifth Dimension? What is the New Earth?

Terms like these are showing up everywhere recently but what do they really mean at the heart of the matter?

We are not a political organization but we offer the use of a well known term to assist you in understanding the essence of what a New Earth will be like and why it requires a massive shift in your consciousness to become manifested.

That shift in consciousness is no less significant than moving from the stone age into the agricultural age, or the industrial age into the age of modern computer circuitry.

This shift requires nothing less than moving dimensionally in both your awareness and your lifestyle. You must go from where you have been as a third dimensional being into becoming a Fifth Dimensional human.

What does being Fifth Dimensional Mean?

Everyone is familiar with the term “democracy” and yet the true meaning of that word within a living society upon the Earth is still not yet accurately manifested despite the teachings and actions throughout history of many great women and men.

To name a few you may know: Confucius, Laozi, Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha, Jeshua (Jesus) including many of his followers, proponents and wayshowers, The Knights Templar and Sangréal, Joan of Arc, William Wallace, the core group of Founding Fathers of America, including well known modern figures like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John and Robert Kennedy, John Lennon and Michael Jackson.

Due to the systematic restrictions governing why some important souls are recorded in written history and others are not, there are a great many you may not know of such as Miriam (sister of Moses), the Marys (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene), the Count of Saint Germain; even modern women like Dorthy Height who had a great role in the civil rights movement.

Even if these courageous souls specifically did not use the term democracy, they held the goal of creating universal freedom, community, and Oneness for all beings. Yet despite centuries of valiant and noble efforts, today that goal is still not yet achieved.

The quest for a true democratic way of life was considered the ultimate goal of many great thinkers, radicals and beings of light that have walked this planet for centuries.


Because the pre-ancient civilizations lived that way and their concepts and ideals, even the very practices and techniques they employed, remained in the collective consciousness of humanity long after those civilizations themselves disappeared. Prior to the massive cataclysmic events that separated the continents into the geographical locations we have today and thrust human kind into the stone age, great societies once flourished in the lands of Mu (Lemuria), Atlantis and other areas.

Even if you don’t use terms like crystal, rainbow, indigo, starseed, lightworker, seeker, wayshower, starbeing or new age, you still probably desire to live in a society that is a real living and breathing democracy.

Those ideals of true democratic divine rights are the teachings of the New Earth and they come from the old earth. Taking those ideals and making them physical is exactly what the Fifth Dimension is all about.

And you can’t get there from where you are. You must change.

Can the New Earth be Created?

Those societies of now lost horizons were immensely beautiful and prosperous lasting thousands of years in real harmony.  They were able to achieve this grand utopia due to one very basic but essential component.

Each person was responsible for maintaining the vibratory frequency of every other person by insuring they were holding their own internal essence in full purity of grace.

Many many souls carried higher vibrational frequencies within them and together that vibrational signature collectively created what many today term a utopia. The teachings they deeply understood and practiced sincerely everyday created the way of life they lived.

It was those same practices and teachings that descendents of the land of Mu carried across the the new shape of the world, into every culture and every creed. Remnants of those gems of truth exist in each religion and each indigenous culture. It was those same teachings and practices that Joseph and Mother Mary and their ancestors carried forth to their own children, including Jeshua, along with Mary Magdalene and their children.

These are, and have always been, the teachings of a new way of being for all humanity. And they remain so. They are the key to the creation of a New Earth. They provide the blueprint and the access to bringing the New Earth into existence.

But like all teachings of Universal Truth that are intended for each and every soul upon this Earth, they have been persistently covered up and even destroyed across time by those who do not desire such a utopia.

Everyone has a concept of the Promised Land deep within their psyche. Yet the act of having these truths suppressed and altered over many hundreds of years has created a mythology of misconception and misdirection about what the New Earth is and how it can be created.

Within these misconceptions, the true teachings are not perceived as necessary or required. Many souls, in fact most, were (and still are) manipulated into believing that the New Earth will arise as prophesied. They believe it not only will happen but that it is already happening. And of course, that was (and is) the exact goal of those who manipulated these truths. It is the goal of these utopian deceivers to have humanity believe they need do nothing to create a New Earth.

So despite the fact that a New Earth can be created, those deceptions seek to insure it never will.

The Reason Why Our Academy Exists

This is the reason we do what we do. We teach souls how to co-create the New Earth. We provide the instruction and the vibrational frequency training you require to change your dimensional perspective.

Albert Einstein is famously quoted as instructing us that a presently existing condition can not be changed from the perspective that created it.

As the beloved Mahatma Gandhi instructed, each soul upon earth is required to be the change they wish to see in the world.

And yet, how can a soul do that if they do not know how? The tricksters would have you believe you do know how. In fact, they insidiously drop hints that all it takes is opening your mind and heart to being in love and light, doing peace meditations and sharing loving words and images on social media networks.

For the more aggressive individuals, they have you protesting in the streets to bring about social change, or creating new phone apps to bypass the established systems and open markets up to the masses. This is all very crafty of them as it prevents you from knowing you really aren’t making a dimensional shift. They don’t want you knowing all these things are simply more symptoms of a dysfunctional world system.

Those who would keep the world essentially as it is, a divided whole where only a fractional few enjoy earthly resources and spiritual oneness, certainly do not want you to address the root cause. They don’t want the secret revealed.

And the secret is You. You are the root cause. We all are. We are the problem.

Your very energetic vibrational signature supports the third dimension, not the Fifth. It is how you think, it is what you do. This concept was widely shared in the 1999 movie, the Matrix.

Most individuals simply do not believe that they are part of the problem and not the solution. Sure, they will wage war, either actually or energetically through some cause or mission, but they won’t see that the pre-ancients had the answers they seek, nor will they easily follow in those long forgotten footsteps. The widespread propaganda has insured they will do just what those in power want them to do. Obfuscation and redirection guide the behaviors and desires of most of humanity.

How to Create the New Earth

Those legendary mythological beings of light who lived and walked upon the earth in pre-ancient days all understood how to Resonate in Oneness.

A group of them preserved their ancient way of life by moving into the upper mantle of the earth. Given the cataclysmic realities upon the surface of the upper earth as the continents shifted, this was the only way they could maintain a higher frequency of resonance in their actual physical vibration.

In the mid twentieth century, less than 100 years ago, Admiral Richard Byrd claimed to have experienced the Hollow Earth. His tale and those of others frequently told of Utopian like societies where love, respect and peaceful interactions were the norm.

The truth is that in order to create such a condition, each person in that society must work at it diligently and persistently. This is the key teaching the now considered mythological people knew.

It is the same key taught to us by the great Masters and Spiritual leaders throughout time. It is specifically what is taught in the teachings of the Great White Sisterhood/Brotherhood of Light and the Ascended Masters.

We can be like them. We can be the solution. You can be like them. You can be a co-creator of the New Earth.

  • The Fifth Dimension Is An Ascended Earth Of Enlightened Humans Who Understand Who They Are And What They Do.
  • The New Earth Is One of Global Peace, Global Unity and Global Oneness.
  • It Is The Created Terra Christa. It Is The Realm Of The Ascended Masters. The Realm Of Unity Where Spiritually Advanced Beings Walk Physically Side By Side With Humans.
  • Attaining The Oneness Of The 5D Existence Requires The Deep Knowledge Of The Often Mysterious Science of Ascension Mastery.
  • It Is The Accessible Practical Understandable Teachings From The Beings Who Govern The Brotherhood Of White Light.
  • It is Traversing The Pathway Of Accessing The Deep Knowing Of Your Own Essence As A Soul, Not Just As A Human Living In One Lifetime, But Across ALL Lifetimes.
Click here to watch our short video in understanding what you can experience on this Ascension Mastery Path to the Fifth Dimension that we are teaching.

Our website teachings, sessions and healing modalities are specifically for those individuals seeking knowledge, clarification, training and assistance on what the 5D is really all about.

Do You Know What The Fifth Dimension Really Is?

In order to bring your Highest Essence into your full body system, it requires Discovering what you have forgotten over lifetimes (timelines) about Who You Are. It is Rejecting what others have condition within you about Who You Are. To say that you have been “collecting and losing pieces” along the Journey would be a grand understatement.

The Fifth Dimension is a state of being where there are no illusions, no hidden secrets, not just in the community we call society, but within ourselves. What is within is mirrored without. It can be no other way if we desire to live in global joy, harmony and peace.

The Truth of our Own Journey of the Soul’s Pathway is indeed beyond the comprehension of our 3D mind.

It is Not About magically walking on water, activating your DNA, flying through the air in your Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle, creating vast riches, manifesting expensive sports cars and vacation homes. It is Not About finding your Soul Mate and living happily ever after. It is Not About psychic telepathy, instantly mastering mind blowing talents, seeing the future, moving objects with your mind.

It is Not About simply stepping into a New Age Paradise where all your needs are met and the Intergalactic Extra-Terrestrials swoop in after Disclosure and drop amazing technologies and wealth upon the human race to fix all its political, ecological and humanitarian disasters and divisions.

It Is About the Deep Realization that you have assisted to create the World you now live in due to all the thoughts, feelings and actions you have created in all your lifetimes. It Is About the Process you must now undertake to become a Fully Realized Human Being of Light.

Let’s face it, if we were already Masters and could just “Be the Love and Light” the world would already have Ascended into the Golden New Age. There would already be Global Peace and a true Brother-Sisterhood of Oneness.

Clearly that manifestation has not happened… yet.

The Fifth Dimensional NEW EARTH Can Happen

For it to happen, we have to Work For It.

We have to get past the Lies and Illusions and Programming that has us Not Doing The Deep Soul Work required.


We know that many do not want to hear or accept this.

For it to happen we each must go into the Depths of Who We Are, the depths we have forgotten or have not yet experienced. We must learn that we are not just a physical being in very tangible ways. We must learn about Light and we are constructed of it, how light waves can be manipulated and accessed, how using them will transform us, regenerate us and resurrect us.

We must Discover how the Frequencies of Light we currently carry within and around us may not be creating the Vibrations required to allow the Golden Age to Manifest in Our Physical Reality. We must Learn the Power of consciousness, spiritual meditation and connecting to our Higher Self. We must Understand the Universal Laws and how applying them within service is not simply the right thing to do, it is a basic requirement of the Fifth Dimension.

We each must accept all this as only the beginning of the Next Level of our Soul’s Pathway if we desire to walk as a Fifth Dimensional Human upon Earth.

Once we are able to do that, we may indeed transform our DNA, visibly see our Mer-Ka-Ba, manifest wealth, connect with each of our Twin Flames, foresee the future and exhibit all the wonderful talents and gifts we know are part of our destiny.

But as teachers of this work, we can assure you, it won’t just happen by itself.

So We Ask You … Are You Ready? If you are ready to go past all you have read, heard, or believed about the 5D and the New Earth, we are ready to assist you in going beyond what you think you know into what your Soul Knows You Know.

We offer these Direct Paths to Begin Your Journey… Why Not Start Now?

Walking Terra Christa TeachingsWalking Terra Christa Private SessionsWalking Terra Christa Transformational Journey Retreats




About Walking Terra Christa & The Academy of New Earth Mastery

Walking Terra Christa is so named because ‘Terra Christa” is the Higher Self of the being we call GAIA (Mother Earth). We each need to Master the skills and abilities that are now required to walk upon her as she transforms herself. The truth is, she does not need us to evolve with her; she deeply desires us to evolve with her. It is up to us to do so. If we are to join her, it requires we go through the same process of becoming our Higher Self that she is undertaking.

The Academy of New Earth Mastery(sm) is the specific curriculum of the Spiritual Hierarchy instructing you on how to take this walk. Humanity can not make this evolutionary leap alone. It requires the immense assistance of the Beings who have always watched over and guided human souls and now students can access their teachings directly and personally. The history of the Academy began decades ago with the direct personal instruction of the Spiritual Hierarchy for Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah (Mel).  It was founded in 2011 and launched as a website in 2012 after she joined in full partnership with Rev. J. Michael Aranathanara Hayden (Mike) within Mt. Shasta, CA where they both traveled (independently) from the East Coast of the United States.


The Academy Board is over-lighted officially by many Ascended Masters and Beings of Light including the Christed Galactic Races that work within the Unity of Oneness to assist accelerating the pathway of student initiates upon Gaia in the most direct route now accessible. Mel and Mike are the Master Guides teaching Ascension Science & Soul Psychology so you can learn how to walk into the 5th Dimension.quote-wtcacadamyboxWhat most people do not understand is that one must clear and elevate their own frequency in order to access the New Earth.

The Academy is set up in a part-time distance learning format to facilitate easy access for the typical adult who seeks a true spiritual energetic foundation in all aspects of their life.

The Academy hosts weekly audio tele-teachings for our collective healing with vibrational journey meditations and high frequency channeled transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy consisting of the Ascended Masters, Avatars and Christed Galactic Beings. These Beings assist using the Rays of God as the essential methodology required of all Ascended Beings. Weekly instructions include the Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother-Father God and the Spiritual Masters including Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Capitol City of Lemuria that is physically located in the 5th Dimension within the Inner-Earth.

The city of Telos is held to be within one of the Seven Sacred Mountains of the world: Mount Shasta in Northern California. Tibetan Buddhists, who have 28 specific criteria a mountain must meet to be called sacred, have a monastery in the city of Mt. Shasta as the mountain is the only one in the USA that meets all 28. It is considered spiritually to be akin to the realm of Shamballa, a mythical place housed secretly somewhere in the vast mountainous regions of Eurasia in the vicinity of Tibet.

Shasta is also considered by many to be the sister mountain of Mt. Fuji in Japan from which many Japanese tourist visit here.  Ascended Master Saint Germain and his teachings are prevalent as are many other Masters. In addition to individual Personal Mastery Sessions, Walking Terra Christa’s offered programs also include live Journey Retreats within the Mount Shasta area so you can physically receive the sacred vortex vibrations within your body.

We have many teachings and attunements to assist your full body system to raise your vibration that are free in both text form on our BLOG SITES and in audio for download listed in our free MP3 LIBRARY:

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About The Instructors

About Mel and Mike of Walking Terra Christa
Click image for more on Mel & Mike

Mel (Reverend Christine Meleriessee): With decades of spiritual instruction by the Ascended Master’s directly through her own visionary channeling* abilities including adept medical intuitive healing and extensive Shamanic training, Rev. Christine Meleriessee assists tens of thousands of Lightworkers, Intuitives, Healers, and Starseeds. Formally ordained under Dr. Joshua David Stone’s Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy in 2003, she expands upon Master Joshua’s (Dr. Stone) expansive body of academic work since his departure from earthly physicality. Through her own transmissions and vibrational instruction of the Rays of God she brings a universal depth of understanding and the highest guidance available to her students initiates.

Mike (Reverend Aranathanra): Certified as a LightMaster by Steve and Barbara Rother’s Lightworker.com Paths to Empowerment, Mike is a lifelong student of psychology, spirituality, technology and human potential. Having been a computer and networking service provider serving Fortune 100 clients; a certified business organizational performance consultant for the world’s largest testing and measurement organizations (ETS); and an independent sales representative for one of the world’s top personal coaching organizations (IPEC), Mike has accelerated beyond his former disciplines in the arenas of teaching and coaching in personal development and organization performance into being a Master interpreter and communicator of Esoteric and Ascension knowledge and methodologies.  As of the 11/11 spiritual gateway, he became the sacred divine partner of Christine Meleriessee and on 1/15/14 received earthly ordination through Reverend Meleriessee into the Melchizedek Order Brotherhood of White Light. His spiritual Higher Self name is Aranathanara.

*Note: the term “channeling” is not very accurate but it is a term many understand. To simply say “channeling” is like saying “artist”. It does not define how good one is, or the exact nature of the art form.  Reverend Meleriessee is a Fully Integrated Transmitter(sm) of the energies of the Spiritual Realm which means the teachings she gives are directly from the highest level of creation via the Light Being that is doing the teaching. Her abilities have always been expert level but a capstone achievement was made possible through the Divine Union with Reverend Aranathanara who adds the abilities of  full vibrational grounding in the divine masculine frequency.

Links About Mount Shasta, Shambhala (Shamballa), and Inner-Earth (Argartha):


2 thoughts on “We Teach Ascension Mastery for the Fifth Dimensional New Earth”

  1. I have been on this journey with Mel and Mike for a while now and ever so grateful for their teaching. They had posted a post about the Teton retreat with Master Confucius and Lanto and the Karmic board.

    I had some problems at work with a boss of mine and i went to the Teton retreat and asked for assistance with any and all karmic ties to be cleared. well the very next day i went to work and this lady had did a 360 and the energy had changed between us was I ever floored and happy and grateful for the Masters at the Teton retreat and the work that both of us were willing to do for I also asked for her higher self and I AM Presence to assist and took her up the 144th dimension of the Unified whole and asked for healing for both of us. She has been cheerful and nice to me where as before she was mean, gave me awful looks and wanted me out of their doing her best to get me written up and fired. Now this is all past and their is just clear, peaceful and pleasant environment with her.

    I did recognize that she was also a mirror for me and I saw I had been that type of energy and I had compassion for her and myself and saw elements within me that I needed to change and recognized that this way was no longer me for she was my teacher and master showing me who I AM now and I AM no longer for she was very strong in her masculine self.

    This allowed me to see that I was Light that I was not that energy any more and that I did not have to act, combat but just be and that was what i did. Later on I realized the feminine within me was acting where the masculine had stepped back. This is what the teachings of Walking Terra Christa has allowed me to realize, actualize and evolve continuously. Sade

  2. The Unified Whole Protection Meditation and putting oneself into Whole-ness.

    This is a powerful tool to assist oneself in clearing, protecting oneself, and removing elements, timelines that are not of the Light and no longer serves you and also bringing in the higher Light within you. I have found this to be very effective and powerful tool to use and I LOVE it, without the unified whole energies of the 144th dimensions I would not have been able to accelerate myself in my ascension process, walk through doorways and remove the dark timelines within me.

    Also it has helped me to keep on this path of mastery for there have been many, many times that I wanted to quite and go back to my old self, I even wanted to quite Walking Terra Christa but I didn’t with using the UWP meditation/energies I have been able to stand strong build my foundation and move my mountains(blocks) to keep pushing forward it has really assisted me in my healing process and putting myself in wholeness allowing me to be able to discern the energies within me that are not of the highest essence, discern my ego, discern elements in others, elements around me in the outside world and materials of books, television, radio, spiritual events/gatherings and I have found that if they are not using the Unified Whole of the 144th dimensions protection I want no part. because due to the UWP I have found that we as a whole of the human race are Light and dark and we need to clear ourselves, rectify ourselves, balance ourselves, and put ourselves in wholeness of the 144th dimensions of Light and not doing so or not being aware that we need to be responsible for ourselves in our clearing and healing we bring in lower energies/elements that we truly don’t want and we are truly not helping ourselves and others. How can you when there are lower elements within you if you are not aware that you have to put everything even your spiritual guides in wholeness?

    The Unified Whole Protection energies help me to accept and bring in the responsibility of healing and clearing myself to assist my ascension process and that of Mother Earth and allow of Humanity. It gives me the diligence to keep at it, push forward and be strong in everything that I go through. It has also allowed me to see that I am part of everyone not separate; yes we hear all that time of oneness, wholeness and not being separate but with the UWP I have a deeper understanding, acceptance of my role within myself and all of Humanity and Mother Earth then before I FEEL the wholeness, the oneness within me that gives me a deeper respect and understanding of One-ness.

    So my one advice/guidance is to use the Unified Whole Protection meditation/ energies daily and as much as possible if you can through out your day every day, if you are new to this try once a week until you can move yourself into more take the time to allow yourself and the energies within you to build the strength to do it, you will see a difference. Much Love to you all on this path of Whole-ness. Sade

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