Greetings and Blessings,

I come to you as Master Thoth to bring forth an understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect which needs to be addressed about your own personal pathway; the way that you address the energies within your ascension process; and how it reflects your outer world.

“As an initiate on the Pathway of Mastery, it is always important to allow the present energies you are feeling to be the defining rule of who you are becoming.”

This is a very important statement that should be reflected within your consciousness every moment and every day of your existence. As a student of ascension, it can be very easy to take things for granted due to the influx of energies that you are experiencing. As you became an awakened individual, there are many elements that have occurred in your life to help you to realize what “Awakened” means in the context of being human. These are gifts that you realized are becoming part of your consciousness and has given you the ability to perceive other frequencies of light, dimensions, and understanding of whom you may have been before.

I use the word “gift” as it is an open doorway for the realization of life within a human body to be acknowledged in a complete and different way than it was before.

You probably had memories of your old life in the state of being asleep, not being able to realize the potential of your life in a completely different existence. You then are able to look at yourself with a knowingness that you did not have within yourself in the old way of thinking.

But, did you ever think about how you became an awakened individual?

This is a very important question, as it just does not happen. Otherwise, there would be many more people upon this earth that would understand what it means to be aware of their consciousness and surroundings.

There was a sequence of events that occurred in your previous experiences that helped you to come into a state of awakening, the period of existence that we say “All Things Come Into Oneness.” Sometimes it may be a series of events, or it may have been a traumatic occurrence, possibly a sickness, or a loss of a loved one. There are many variables in which this can happen. Each soul has their own way of understanding their truth.

As a master working within the Universal Laws, the sequence of events can make sense. This is due to the fact that the perception of a master involves all dimensions of existence to come into the one source of creation. But mastery does not just happen overnight, it represents a series of experiences that are part of the creative process within the human conditioning.

The Law of Cause and Effect is represented by what I am speaking about with you. It is a process of seeing how the consequence of our actions is intertwined with one another. It is a moment in which we feel the change occur within our-selves or the elements that have not been in alignment to come into our creation. It teaches you (the initiate) how you are experiencing life through your actions, your thoughts, your emotions and how it is re-created into your outside world.

So the previous four Universal Laws of Oneness, Vibration, Action, and Correspondence are all directly related to experiencing the Law of Cause and Effect in each moment that you will have a thought, an emotion, or experience. As a soul inhabited within the body, you will go through each of these experiences, as it will take you deeper into your soul’s essence to help you understand the process you have been going through.

As an individual that has become “awakened”, you take on the role of allowing all of your past deeds, thoughts, emotions, and actions to be realized once again. This is the role of stepping into your Etheric Self, it is what constitutes your Chakra System so that all elements can come into Oneness.

There are many individuals on the planet that are awakened but not all are on the Mastery Pathway. Awakening can be a state of healing for the physical body, it is actually the first step towards mastery, but again, the percentage of souls that are able to walk through the many doorways into mastery is not as high as we would like them to be.

It is a step into self awareness but cosmic awareness that allows a soul to realize the potential they have within themselves to be One with their Spirit and their Physical self.

As one experiences of the Law of Cause and Effect on a personal basis and makes it their mantra, so to speak, they can realize the potential that they have to change their life while making a positive impression upon society.

This is one of the hardest laws to fully integrate because it takes the diligence to look deeply within one’s psychological thoughts and elements that may have held them back in previous timelines. Being Honest within the self is the most important aspect to be put in place for all experiences, all thoughts, and all emotions. It will assist in re-creating the Etheric Body into a source of power and love so that the physical experience will be the highest possible reflection of the Soul’s Essence.

The difficulty is not in how to do it, but just allowing it to be. The main element that is administered within the Pathway of Mastery is the knowingness that the initiate may not know why or how, but they still push forward through the adversity. The Universe has a very special quality in that it supports a soul through the many doorways if that initiate can allow the soul to assist them in their journey. It truly is a gift when initiates allow this part of themselves to be aligned in the process without worrying what the next outcome will be.

So I pull upon my statement once again, “As an initiate on the pathway of mastery, it is always important to allow the present energies you are feeling to be the defining rule of who you are becoming.”

This should be your mantra as it will guide you into the places that you have not wanted to travel before as an un-awakened individual. Even if you do not know what the feelings represent, it allows you to continue the walk through the next doorway of who you are becoming. It is a continual journey.

The Cause is how you think and act, your vibration, and your movement; the Effect represents how it is received in your outside world.

Notice what happens to you, and then reflect on the why and how afterwards.

I Am Master Thoth at your service.

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