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Walking Terra Christa


~ Tele-Teaching Audio Recordings ~

For the best in Fifth Dimensional Mastery of the Light Body via Messages of the Ascended Masters, including vibrational Healings and Attunements Using the Rays of God, listed here are selected MP3 audio recordings for you to enjoy.

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~ July 2014 ~

August 11 – FULL MOON GATHERING CELEBRATION – “Finding Center in the SUPERMOON” –  We go to the Clarion Temple of Oneness to experience the Circle and the sacred flame. The flame incorporates the Blue, Pink and Golden Rays to assist us in finding the merger that this moon represents uncovering and being illuminated. Either we are swayed by the mental energies to0 strongly, or the emotional energies, as a result we are overwhelmed, stressed or lost. The Native Elders, Grandmother Moon and White Buffalo Calf Woman all assist us in feeling the energies of the balanced state of being. {Subscribe to our Youtube page for a SUPERMOON video soon to be posted. Read the blog article from Meleriessee.}

July 12 – FULL MOON CEREMONY -July 12 2014 WTC Full Moon Celebration” – Changing the Pattern to Ground the New Frequencies – We go to the Unified Whole Command Temple of Oneness to connect with the energies of the July Full Moon of CANCER/CAPRICORN which is occurring at 12:25 GMT, 4:25 am Pacific, and 7:25 AM Eastern. This Full Moon represents the balance between unconditional and conditional love, in the reference of home & family vs our career goals. If we take this moon cycle and bring it into wholeness, it represents the ability to love all aspects of our-self in our home and our work. It may also create pathways for an individual to do both at the same time. Transformation of the Self will allow the embrace of love in all aspects of life. Meditation/Activation/channeling from the Tribal Elders. This ceremony will include the energies of ASHTAR COMMAND with our monthly connection with the Christed Intergalactics.  We also hear from No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman.

~ June 2014 ~

June 21 – SOLSTICE GATHERING CEREMONY – “June 21 2104 WTC Solstice Gathering Celebration Audio” – Grounding and Sharing Your Light - Helios & Vesta, the representatives of the Solar Level 10th Dimensional frequency are the celebrants as we gain a deeper knowing of who we are as Beings of Light and our role in grounding the Light of the New Earth into this earth.  We also get transmissions from the Native Elders and Grand Father Sun (RA). Please share this audio widely.

June 11 ~ FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY – FULL MOON CEREMONY ~  “Entering Service” – June’s Full moon arrives on June 12th, 9:11 PM Pacific (June 13th at 5:11 GMT / 12:11 AM Eastern) within the Sun  of Gemini opposing the Moon within Sagittarius.  This moon represents our Lower Mind of thinking logically battling the Higher Mind of our intuition and wisdom. Our Full Moon/Festival of Humanity Meditation Gathering Event with Lords Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi, as well as the Native Elders, in the Crystalline City of Havalanchee located in the Etheric Earth over Mt. Shasta, California. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos spoke at the end to invite everyone who participates in the event to ask to come to Telos in their dream state to have a celebration there.  Mel and Mike, the hosts for this magnificent ceremony, hope that individuals will choose to join them in celebrating and grounding these energies into Mother Earth by listening to the recording of the event.

~ April 2014 ~

April 14 ~ FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST – FULL MOON CEREMONY ~   Accepting the Power of Resurrection – Walking Terra Christa is sharing a ceremony we performed on Monday, April 14th to connect with the energies of the Festival of the Christ during the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that takes place on Tuesday, April 15th.  We experienced the energies within the Temple of Oneness of the 144th dimensional frequency, the home of the Unified Whole Command with Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya, and Master Kuthumi.  Lord Sananda shared the steps representing this Christ Moon through Love, Resurrection, and connection to each of them, the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy within the Unified Whole Command.  The Festivals of Light will take us deeper into our core essence (Christ, Wesak, Humanity) as Lord Sananda with Lord Maitreya and Master Kuthumi offer their hearts to each of us.

~ March 2014 ~

March 19 ~ SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY ~ Invoking the Full Power of Rebirth – Walking Terra Christa is sharing a ceremony we performed on Wednesday, March 19th to help align the frequency of light that is being planted within GAIA where we travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee which represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion (all 22 Rays of God).  It resides in the Etheric Earth (Terra Christa) over the physical geographic area of Mt. Shasta, CA. Divine Mother Father God open the event. After Lords Sanat Kumar and Metatron give us a better understanding of the rebirth we are undergoing, Lord Adama of Telos gives a short message of gratitude. A very important teaching and Light Language Attunement.

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March 16 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY – “Identifying Balance” – We once again go to the Etheric Fifth Dimensional New Earth of Terra Christa. This is Grandmother moon in her full essence of bringing forth the balancing the Physical self with the Spiritual Self as Picies . We hear from the Native Elders, No-Eyes and a blessing from Great White Buffalo Calf Woman to assist us in purging what is required to move forward and prepare for the Spring Equinox Doorway.

~ February 2014~

February 15 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY – “Reflecting Through Others” – Ceremony is a powerful event to incorporate into our lives. We explore the energies of the moon of Leo with the sun of Aquarius representing our personal vs impersonal feelings and thoughts to create a balance between both Leo of the Self and Aquarius of the Group consciousness. We hear messages from the Native Energies and Light Codes from Grandmother/Grandfather and then No-Eyes and Great White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Paypal DonateFebruary 8 ~ LORD ASHTAR – The February 8, 2014 Teaching / Light Group Gathering – Lord Ashtar emphasized why we each need to raise our vibration first before doing this high frequency energy work to effect correct change within Gaia.
[ Comment from Mike: this recording is almost an hour and we know not all those who call themselves the Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Torchbearers, Awakened or Enlightened ones are currently able to allow themselves to be in a role where they accept the deeper responsibility of doing that Light work. We know it requires devoting such an amount of time, effort and energy to carry out this practice. In time we hope this will change and more will be able to clear themselves of the lower dimensional frequencies that hold so many in distraction, and even judgement and fear.  As Lord Ashtar asks us in this teaching, "allow yourself to just experience".  Divine Light Code Language brings frequencies of Light into our physical domain, something that we do not understand, and are not used to doing. For many, the lower mind interprets the experience and, since it is unusual, classifies it as strange and therefore uncomfortable. And this is why there still exists many forms of lower frequencies upon Gaia: because we are comfortable with them even while a part of us wants them to go away. It takes work however to make change occur, and we ask all who are even a tiny bit drawn to this level of work, to go farther and access that deeper level of responsibility.  ]

~ January 2014 ~

January 15 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY“Golden Yellow Flame” - The Full Moon in Cancer represents our emotions, the balance of the Feminine and Masculine with the Sun in Capricorn represents our home base and earth living. It will challenge us to be true to our Soul’s Essence in allowing the grounding of our Higher Self to be in alignment with our truest self. This moon is the testing ground of what this year represents “Grounding Unity”. It is important to stay true to your higher essence within your physicality and let it expand out of you to let our Higher Self dictate our world.

~ December 2013 ~

December 30 ~ Lord Ashtar – Normalizing Gaia’s Weather – Special communication with Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light on the discussion of our weather patterns within the Earth. Lord Ashtar shares a special visualization and exercise to connect with the energies of the Galactic forces of Light to assist the weather conditions that we are all experiencing presently. His talk includes our partnership together and how we are assisting GAIA to ascend. We all know that we are being assisted by our Star Brothers and Sisters in the Light; this call is a deeper connection between each of them and us. They need our assistance as much as we need them.

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December 21 ~ WINTER SOLSTICE / CHRISTMAS GATHERING  - “STEPPING UPON THE TRANSOM -  A special gathering. We experience the energies of The Solstice within the Golden City of Havalanchee with special speakers of the God Force guided by Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, with Lord Melchizedek and Sanat Kumar, Lord Metatron and holiday blessings from our Dearest Jeshua/Lord Sananda with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. (We did not record the individual energy blessings on the conference call. If you would like a copy of those recordings email us a request with your name and the phone number you used for the call. ) SkyDrive

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December 18 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY – “ATTAINING THE HIGHER MIND - This one represents the Higher Mind of Sagittarius (Sun sign) with the Lower Mind of Gemini (Moon). It is a time when the volcano of the self is erupting and makes perfect sense of what we have experienced this year in 2013. Eruption is a process of allowing the energies that have been stuck within our physical essence that do not allow for the flow of creativity within our lives. This moon is helping us to go through this process by allowing our Higher Minds to be the deciding factor in everything that we achieve and do within our lives. The Lower Mind needs to blend within the higher mind allowing the lower vibrations to be filled with the light of our Higher Self. It is a time to fully take moments of reflection of how we have changed through the process of our initiations and acceleration. With Lord Adama and the Telosians and all the Beings of Light joining us in the Circle, we experience the wisdom of White Raven (Rev. Meleriessee), Native Elders, NO-EYES, White Buffolo Calf Woman in a different type of Full Moon ceremony.  SkyDrive

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~ November 2013 ~

November 18 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY – “WHO ARE YOU BEING?” - We go to the Clarion Temple of Oneness (our normal Monday gathering) and hear from The Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God with a simple message for us this Full Moon as a time to look within as we have only one cycle left in this year.  Meleriessee and Mike offer the Native blessings through the Elders, No-Eyes, White Buffalo Calf Woman, who all assist the ceremony and speak about the importance of our seeing the path of how we are where we are now. The highlight of the ceremonial energies is when Great Spirit the Cosmic Source of Oneness Blesses each of us with that Frequency of Remembrance.  SkyDrive

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November 5 ~ DIAMOND HEART ESSENCE INTRODUCTION - This is a special tele-conference discussing the new availability within the Golden Age of the New Earth energies of accessing the I AM PRESENCE in the physical body through the Diamond Heart Essence Training being held mid-month. We learned this availability goes far beyond the original modality Rev. Meleriesse was given almost 25 years ago by the Lady Masters. We start the teaching with the 22 Rays Meditation. (If you like this subject matter yourself, please click this link to read about this unique training.) SkyDrivePaypal DonateNovember 4 ~ SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON GATHERING:  “THE NO TIME SPACE WITH HELIOS & VESTA OUR SOLAR LOGOS” – Helios & Vesta represent the changes coming into our planet from the 10th dimensional frequency.  As we experienced a Solar Eclipse on the 3rd, they share with us tools to help balance our light quotient and energies during these high accelerated moments. As of the date of this posting, Helios & Vesta are the Featured Masters of the Month under our discounted Mastery Session offer.  The link to order is on our Bulletin Board.   SkyDrive

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~ October 2013 ~

October 30 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ “Crystalline Temple of Peace” - Another visit to the Golden Etheric city of City of Shalahah/Shalancheiee over Montana and Idaho which represents PATHWAY TO PEACE IS FORGIVENESS OF THE SELF. This time we imbue the 6th ray of the Ruby Red with Gold from ELOHIM PEACE & ALOHA into the Solar Plexus to create the foundation of All Mastery.

October 28 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The No-Time Breath”   Serapis Bey – A very healing teaching.  Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun give us a really great tool for balancing out our bodies and resurrecting imbalances. Ray Chohan Serapis Bey then explains the Crystalline Light mixed with the Pink Light of Ray Chohan Paul The Venetian act in harmony to assist any chakra and area of the full body system to be in balance.

October 23 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ “Devotion of the One” - Another Revisit to the Golden Etheric city of City of Shalahah/Shalancheiee over Montana and Idaho which represents PATHWAY TO PEACE IS FORGIVENESS OF THE SELF. Lord Sananda and Lady Nada represent the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion and Spiritual Transformation to assist us to go through deep healing after the Full Moon/Eclipse energies that followed the Equinox. We visit the Temple of the Devotion of the One to experience the Ruby Red, Pink-Orange and Magenta. Unique to this city is the blending of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional Rays of the Solar Plexus as it represents our pathway from the 3rd to the 5th.

October 21 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Mastering the Continuum”   Master Babaji –The Cosmic Great Central Sun speak informally about how we can accelerate the healing of our crystalline light bodies using the assistance of Light Beings like the Arcturians and how we need to do this during the time cycles when activations are not taking place. Master Babaji brings forth his message that the way to carry the frequencies from one transition to another is by creating a continuum of moments so that one integrates before moving onto the next. As usual, he teaches us about using the silence and the chanting to do so.

October 17 ~ ”NAVIGATING ASCENSION SYMPTOMS IN THE GOLDEN ERA WITH MASTER VYWAMUS“ - Master Vywamus, Higher Essence of Sanat Kumara, shares teachings on how the Etheric Body and the Nervous System is affected by the ascension process. Since we are in the age of mass consciousness upon this planet accessing the higher activations of light we need to be in balance to access these energies.  (Master Vywamus is doing a special short consultation through Meleriessee to tell each person how they are doing in activating their timelines of Light and deactivating their lower density timelines. Click here to read more.) SkyDrive

Paypal DonateOctober 16 ~ “FULL MOON CEREMONY – LOOK TO THE SKIES”How many decades have we been looking for a change? We have not been looking in the right place as revealed by the ceremony speakers on this call: NO EYES, THE NATIVE ELDERS, LORD SANANDA and LORD ASHTAR or the ASHTAR COMMAND. We are reminded that we are each part of the pathway of the evolution of Humanity, just as Humanity is part of the evolution of the Galactic Beings. Now is the time to release our Lower Minds to allow the Light of the Higher Mind to be received.  (Duration approx. 90 minutes.) SkyDrive

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October 14 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “New Communications”   Lord Ashtar – Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun connect us to our Allowing of the Remembrance to Return to us so that we can fully be our complete selves. Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, Overlighted on Earth by Lord Sananda, speaks about our true relationship and activates within the temple a frequency for us to connect to this relationship and open the gifts.

October 9 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ “Allowing the Transformation” - Our first Revisit to the Golden Etheric city of City of Fronlamm/Wahanee over Atlanta Georgia and South Carolina which represents FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Saint Germain and Lady Portia represent the 7st Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Transformation as a very special occasion is celebrated. Introductions by Lord Adama teach us about the diligence required to maintain the Higher Frequencies as the Light on Gaia from the Equinox is slowly being filtered once again with the old habits of lower frequencies within human consciousness. We receive the Violet Purple energies within the ceremony to remove our own blockages in our personal ability to remain in the higher states.   

October 7 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The Art of Harvesting Our Own Blessings”  Lady Lakshmi – The Cosmic Great Central Sun share the frequencies of surrendering within the self to reap the rewards of the progress we have created. As the bringer of all Abundance, Lady Lakshmi assists us to perceive that our life is always circular as the real pattern of energy, not linear. This is what enables the elements we have put into our environment to return to us.

October 2 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ “The Blue Star” - Revisit to the Golden Etheric city of Goloneiah (Gobean), the 1st Ray with Ray Chohan Master El Morya. With Lord Adama we learn that this Ray has now anchored fully into the New Earth and the importance of working with it at this new level. El Moyra takes us to the Temple of the Seven Pointed Star. We each look at the aspects of how we need the assistance of the Blue Ray most in this very important attunement.

~ September 2013 ~

September 30CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The Mastery Pathway “– Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. Lord Melchizedek – As Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun announce that we have fully anchored the Blue Ray of Will & Power within Gaia, “Father Mel” as Meleriessee calls him, attunes us once again to aspects of our sacredness as priest and priestesses of the New Earth, a group in service that now has the capability to go beyond anything we have attained in prior timelines.

September 25 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ ”One Unified Being of Light” - Revisit to the Golden Etheric city of Shamballa, the 16th Ray with the 3M’s. Lord Adama reminds us that the deeper we go with our initiations, the more our role engages in magnitude of responsibility. We experience the Mahatma and Lords Metatron and Melchizedek as the representatives of God assisting us to reveal our new frequency of Light as we have attained the Highest Light Frequency ever embodied upon Earth.

September 23CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The Light is Greater Now “– Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. Lord Sanat Kumara – Divine Mother Father God assure us that the use of the Rays of God is the continued key to having the Light be more than the dark upon Gaia. Sanat Kumara as the Father of the Brotherhood of White Light speaks in depth about the safeguarding of the High Teachings of Light and how we are now able to know the higher frequencies from the lower due to the eons of our pathway, we now have the tools.

September 22 ~ “EQUINOX CELEBRATION HARVESTING THE LIGHT”- Saint Germain as Mahachohan of the 7 Rays of God takes us on a Journey into full realization of the result of years of carrying the Light for Gaia and how to use the truth of the 7 Rays. He also makes a very unusual and momentous announcement about the Equinox and the transition of humanity from the Dark to the Light .  SkyDrive

Paypal Donate September 19 ~ “FULL MOON CELEBRATION”- The month of September brings the illumination of the Moon. We will  be working with the Native Elders of NO EYES,  WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN, and others to experience the essence of bringing in the Harvest. SkyDrive

September 11 ~ “Special Ceremony for Remembrance of 9/11″ - After twelve years of healing souls we  journey to the City of Telos with Lord Adama as he shares his weekly discourse. We will then have a special ceremony in the amphitheater within Telos honoring all souls within and out of body who have helped to create deep healing on a Global Consciousness.Paypal Donate

September 9 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ The Body of Light“– Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light with Ascended Lady Master Mother Mary. We gain a deeper understanding of the Blue-Green 9th Ray as Divine Mother-Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun and Archangel Mary assist in a beautiful full activation of the 9th Ray in the Temple.

September 6 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ “Ancient Alchemic Knowledge” – Special visit to the USA PACIFIC COAST to connect to the Lemuria Heritage physically with the giant ocean rock formations, majestic Sequoia redwoods, the goddess of the sea and our Lemurian Telosian kin through Lord Adama personally taking us through a wonderful etheric journey to activate true alchemy. (This is the teaching originally scheduled for 9-4-13).

~ August 2013 ~

August 26 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The Merkabah Essence”– Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. The Elohim Council of God. After the transition of the Twin Star of David, we must adjust to the highest frequency of light ever before entering our physicality. Divine Mother Father God assist us in allowing this experience fully. The Elohim bring a balanced guiding force if we are to succeed in accessing the benefit of the Merkabah fully.

August 21 ~ AUGUST FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ “Going Deeper” – The August Full Moon is actually the second full moon to bring in the energies of Aquarius and Leo just as we experience in July. It is therefore about using the blessings of Grandmother to assist us to delve even deeper than we had last month, making sure we have purged all that no longer is useful on our pathway. this will help us to prepare for next month’s Equinox representing the doorway to the final stage of 2013.  This ceremony we sat in the circle in Telos with Lord Adama to join in attunements and blessings from the Native Energies, Grandmother Moon herself, NO-EYES and White Buffalo Calf Woman.

August 19 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Start Extending Your Light” – Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. Saint Germaine, MahaChohan of the Seven Rays speaks about how we have transitioned through the Lion’s Gate Energy and now we must understand what has happened and our new role in integrating the frequencies. Divine Mother Father God as the Great Cosmic Central Sun assist with the ever-expanding frequencies that we must ground.

August 14 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Transition & Reflection” - This visit to the Etheric Golden City of Shahalah with Elohim Peace & Aloha is for the deep transition that only occurs with the accepting the Peace of our new awareness. Lord Adama has us look at our reaction and own level of acceleration through the Lion’s Gate with its transition and reflection on what we received. 

August 12 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Healing Assistance” – Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. Doctor Lorphan, Director of the Great White Lodge of Sirius within Shamballha . Doctor Lorphan is an Intergalactic Healer who heads a healing school within Shamballa.  Along with the team of his other healers, he provides healing energies to assist with the challenges within the physical body we incurred during the Lion’s Gate.  

August 7NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Divine Self” - We head into the Etheric Golden City of Shahalah this time to be with Lord Sananda as he and the Elders take us to a new location to experience the depth of our own divine self using the blending of the chakra with the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional rays of the ruby red mixed with gold, the magenta and the pink orange in the crystalline. Lord Adama shared why these gateways like the Lion’s Gate are so important in creating the 5th Dimensional frequency within ourselves. 

August 5 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Golden Breath” – Lord Metatron - Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files.The Lion’s Gate transition reaches its peak on the 8/8. We learn from the GCCS that it is essential to consciously breathe in our Highest Essence. Lord Metatron goes into depth about what we need do to take most advantage of this intense and potentially very tumultuous gateway of light.  

~ July 2013 ~

July 31~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Transmutation” - We again visit the Etheric Golden City Saceleas but now with Archangels Chamuel and Charity to experience the 3rd Ray of the Pink Flame as it is so needed. Lord Adama spoke about the importance of using this Ray especially during the Lion’s Gate transition as we can often forget to use these tools. The Elders again assist us as they represent governance of these energies.  [Note: during this call the Internet went down for about a minute. You will hear silence during that period.]  

July 29 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Intergalactic Support” – Skydrive MP3 download 2013 Files. At the time of the Lion’s Gate transition we are being called to expand our energy and perspective beyond what we have known. This tele-teaching and attunement is actually several activation’s in one session as we hear from the GCCS, the Lord of the Great Bear Star System, Mikos, Lord Sananda and the Ashtar Command from the Intergalactic Federal of Light plus the Spokesbeings for the Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiades, and Syrian Christed Star Systems. A very powerful teaching mediation to assist your light body acceptance as all these Beings are desiring to be of service to the creation of Terra Christa.   

July 24~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Flame of Love” - We Revisit the Etheric Golden City Saceleas with Elohim Heros & Amora in the Temple of Divine Choice. This City Represents the 3rd Ray of the Pink Flame. Lord Adama dedicates his support in our pathway of learning to access the Higher Heart and Self, “You Are Not Alone”. The Elders assist us to allow the Light We Are to create the physical manifestation within. The Elohim give us attunement activation’s with the Divine Flame of Love so that we can step into our next set of challenges as those holding the Light.     

July 22  ~ JULY FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ Black Elk SpeaksThe full moon in July brings us the energy in Aquarius into the sun sign of Leo. This can cause some inner conflict as it connects with the independence of Leo for the self with the energies of Aquarius to help the greater whole. It is definitely a time of re-balancing. We received attunements and blessings from The Great Cosmic Central Sun, the Native Energies including Black Elk, NO-EYES and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Wonderful to connect for everyone but especially a very important call for those experiencing the more turbulent energies of this summer.

July 17 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Revisit Etheric Golden City Gonlaneiah with Archangel’s Michael and Faith.  This city represents personal transformation, harmony & peace with the Blue Ray of Will and Power. Lord Adama spoke first about the importance of faith and patience during transitions. AA Michael spoke more in depth after the elders gave their energies.

July 15 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS Guest Teacher Goddess Lady LibertySkydrive MP3 download 2013 Files“Understanding Transition“. The Great Cosmic Central Sun speaks about acknowledgement of creating the essence of God within with an attunement activation to assist. Lady Liberty instructs us on the inner aspects of our reflection outward and how it all depends upon what is within in order to create true freedom in all aspects.

July 10 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Revisit Etheric Golden City Gonlaneiah with Elohim Hercules and Amazonia*. This city represents personal transformation, harmony & peace with the Blue Ray of Will and Power. Lord Adama spoke first about the awareness of our pathway.

July 8 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESSLady Quan Yin is the Guest TeacherSkydrive MP3 download 2013 Files.  We are experiencing a new moon cycle and it is the perfect opportunity to work with Quan Yin as she brings to us the grace and joy that flows from the Divine Mother into her essence. The Great Cosmic Central Sun gives us a very powerful attunement activation to assist our movement into a new state of being.

July 3 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 3rd Revisit to the Golden City of Shashwam* (formerly Klehma) – This visit we enjoy the purging frequencies of AA Gabriel & Hope to bring us even deeper into our divine Harmony & Balance that we are resurrecting within. Prior to our visit Lord Adama gives heartfelt advice on Preparedness as he acknowledges that the next few months will be ones of great transition for all.

July 1 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Fortitude & Perseverance ~ Guest Teacher Lord Melchizedek  – The Cosmic Great Central Sun brings a divine dispensation to carry us forward for the next few months as there will be challenges in raising the Light quotient in ourselves and upon Gaia. Lord Melchizedek reminds us that within our level of acceleration it is important to heal all aspects of the Soul’s Pathway as it a journey that does not end with the transition of the physical body as the 19 Arizona (USA) Wildfire Fighters experienced in the Temple.

~ June 2013 ~

June 26 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS – CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 2nd Revisit to the Golden City of Shashwam* (formerly Klehma) – Lord Adama takes us back to the City of the Crystalline Ray to experience the Cosmic Blue Temple of Divine Love with Elohim Purity and Astrea to experience a divine reconnection to our own Harmony and Balance.

June 24~ FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY OPEN GROUP TELE-GATHERING ~ In Gratitude of Service - Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain along with the Native Elders and Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun assisted with our understandings of the opportunities and gateways of the full moon representing the Festival of Humanity also known as World Invocation Day. Approximately 90 minutes. Please show your support.
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June 19 ~ SUMMER SOLSTICE OPEN GROUP TELE-TEACHING ~ One Mind, One Heart – The Summer Solstice arrives on June 21st, 5:04 GMT. This Solstice represents UNITY of the Three-Fold Flame that was ignited during WESAK. We have just passed through the Wesak Moon energies in which the veil to higher dimensions have become very thin which means that the Ascended Beings, Masters, Angels, and Light Beings are now walking with us more closely than ever before. This Wesak was considered to be the most powerful for every individual. We work with the Lord Adama and the Telosians of the Inner Earth to connect to the 22nd New Earth Crystalline Golden City of Havalanchee which resides in the Etheric Earth and the OM WAVE Crystal that is housed within Telos. Helios & Vesta, Ra the Sun God, Master Thoth, and Divine Mother Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun Creative Source of Oneness assist us to blend the Three Fold Flame and the removal and reprogramming of our 3rd/4th dimensional constraints within the three minds of the Sub-conscious, Conscious and Super-Conscious. We then begin the celebration of these events with the Native Energies and drumming. This ceremony is 1 hr and 17 minutes and is considered a “must experience event” for any initiates on the mastership pathway at this time. Paypal Donate

June 17 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Unity Consciousness Within ~ Guest Teacher the Great Divine Director – Divine Mother Father God allow us to expand into a greater comprehension of the Super-Conscious of our Light in the moment. The Great divine Director announces the availability of our 5D ability to start combining our three minds: the super-conscious, the conscious and the sub-conscious as the WESAK energies unfold into the Solstice.

June 12 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Revisiting Golden City of Shashwam* (formerly Klehma) – Lord Adama guides us to this city of the Crystalline Light and we are once more working with Master Serapis Bey. The importance of these energies at this time are paramount to assist us to actualize the new energies after WESAK.

June 10 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ The Chalice of Light – Guest Teacher Ray Chohan Serapis Bey. A very unusual teaching as Meleriessee experiences a new “defining moment” in her pathway in surrender within the role as the voice of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Divine Mother Father God speak about these defining moments as part of the WESAK blessings we will each receive. Master Serapis Bey attunes us to the crystalline light to assist us in accepting the vibration of the unity of wholeness within ourselves and speaks about changes within the Rays of God Over-lighting governance.

June 5 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Revisiting Golden City of Saceleaus* – Lord Adama takes us to be with Paul the Venetian in the Temple of the Sacred Heart to delve deeper into using the pink flame to blend within the Three-Fold Flame that we grounded into ourselves and Gaia during Wesak.

June 3 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Creative Source of Oneness ~ The Illuminating FactorDivine Mother Father God assist us to take the energies of Wesak and ground them by accepting the flow within. The Creative Source of Oneness reminds us that we are the means by which the Light of the Oneness comes into Gaia so it is important for us to accept greater Light ourselves.

~ May 2013 ~

May 29 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Expanding Wesak for the Creation of your Light - Lord Adama takes us to Havelanchee to understand how great the challenges are and how easy it is for individuals, especially the Starseeds, to be able to hold their Light and excel. Lord Buddha speaks about the Mastership pathway and acknowledging who you are in order to go forward in your Divinity.

May 24 ~ WESAK 2013 CEREMONY ~ [We held the WESAK 2013 Invocation Ceremony in Mount Shasta, CA USA at the City Park instead of doing an OPEN TELE-TEACHING. We recorded both the morning and afternoon sessions. They are available to order at a nominal fee to support the rental cost of the building and are very powerful for anyone following a mastership pathway in this year of 2013. Click here to order the MP3 downloads and receive the attunements and messages we received from: ]

  • Wesak Journey to Shamballa with channeled messages from Lord Buddha, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Maitreya with the Wesak prayers. This was an amazing ceremony and will assist in your advancement as you bring in these energies. (2.5 hours) AM Session: PART 1, PART 2
  • Afternoon messages from Saint Germain, surprise visit from Merlin, and ceremony ending prayers including a group sing along of “Imagine” [You will know why Mel and Mike are not music recording artist but enjoy it anyway!] (1.5 hours) PM Session: PART 1, PART 2
  • PM PART 3: Master Kuthumi speaking about the “True Leadership” pathway via Mike Hayden.
  • PM PART 4: Visit to the 22nd Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee with Lord Adama and Sanat Kumara.
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May 20 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Lord Buddha ~ The Most Difficult Task - Divine Mother Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun ask us what is it that we desire to become as our Divine Self? As the Planetary Logo’s, Lord Buddha must also prepare for Wesak. He speaks of releasing our 3rd dimensional selves and gives a powerful attunement.

May 15 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 1st Visit to the Golden Etheric City Ganbanolianiah located over Spain. This is a momentous visit as this city completes the cycle of first visits to all 22 cities and is perfect for preparing us for Wesak too.

May 13 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Sanat Kumara - Purging to Prepare ~ Wesak is almost upon us. Divine Mother Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun help initiate our preparations in desiring wholeness and Lord Kumara brings a special message about allowing the chatter and the turmoil to relax.

May 8 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ A special visit to the etheric New Earth city of the 12 Ray in the Golden Ctiy of Maurpoliantiantia over Romania with Helios & Vesta our Solar Logos and RA the Sun God. Lord Adam is our host and reminds of of the importance of how we participate in the energies of ascension.

May 6 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Pleiadian Healers - Allowing Higher Frequencies within Your BodyThe Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother Father God advance us with more connection to the Oneness to accelerate our development. We are visited in a rare event by the Pleiadian Healers who teach us how to shift the higher frequencies into the physical body.

May 1 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 4th visit to the Golden Etheric City of Astlerlanschiamm.  The Lord of Sirius is the Overlighting Christed Being of this City representing the 20th Ray of Vibration with the Light of The Oneness of the Light I AM.

~ April 2013 ~

April 29 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Mikos-The Real Work of Coming Together - The CGCS bring us the streamers of the Rays of God to assist us to prepare for the transitions we will experience. Mikos of the Hollow Earth, Spokes-being for the Intergalactic speaks about the real work required by humans in order to expereince a coming together with the Intergalactics. 

April 24 ~ APRIL FULL MOON | LUNAR ECLIPSE | FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY CEREMONY - Opening To The Christed Self - A very special event to assist grounding these powerful energies. We visit the Temple Amphitheater in Telos and hear messages and frequency attunements from: LORD ADAMA, The NATIVE ELDERS, NO-EYES, LORD MAITRAIA and LORD SANANDA (JESHUA) to assist us in feeling our connection to our Higher Selves and the essence of the ONENESS so that we can more easily transform.

April 22 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS - Lord Sananda-Moment in Time - In preparation for the Festival of the Christ and the Lunar Eclipse Lord Sananda shares how the Wesak Festivals this year are a Moment of Time within the Earth.  The accelerations are going to be quite powerful with resurrection and re-birth.  He brings forth the energies of the Violet Flame and the Pink Flame to create Pink-Violet of the Vibrational Ray with St Germain, Paul the Venetian and Helios & Vesta.  Divine Mother and Father God give an attunement of our Spark of Light to be ignited to receive more of our Highest Essence.

April 17 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 3rd visit to the Golden Etheric City of Astlerlanschiamm over Columbia, SA. The Lord of Sirius is the Overlighting Christed Being of this City representing the 20th Ray of Vibration with the Light of The Oneness of the Light I AM. This trip we visit the Temple of the Ring of Fire, and the Temple of Core Essence.

April 15 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Lord of the Great Bear Star System - We introduce the over-lighting being of the Universal level representing the Spiritual Advancement of the dimensional levels 24 through 36 for all the Christed Intergalatics. He brings an important message and attunement for our own advancement. Divine Mother Father God bring us to a new understanding of our own essence.

April 10 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 2nd visit to the Golden Etheric City of Astlerlanschiamm over Columbia, SA. The Lord of Sirius is the Overlighting Christed Being of this City representing the 20th Ray of Vibration with the Light of The Oneness of the Light I AM. We visit the Temple of the Star Essence of Transition again, and then the Temple of the Silent Self followed by the Temple of Movement.  This visit was busy and really served to assist accelerating the transition of the current energy we are going through.

April 8 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~  Lady Lakshmi-Lighten Up ~ Divine Mother Father God assists in allowing the surging of light We Are to come into balance by Being the Windstorm.  Lady Lakshmi extends her energies to embrace the True Essence to be Embodied through the Rainbows of Light.

April 3 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 1st visit to the Golden Etheric City of Astlerlanschiamm over Columbia, SA. The Lord of Sirius is the Overlighting Christed Being of this City representing the 20th Ray of Vibration with the Light of The Oneness of the Light I AM. We visit the Temple of the Star Essence of Transition.

April 1 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Master Kuthumi Regeneration of the Pulsations of Light - Divine Mother Father God imbue us with a meditation attunement to initiate the REGENERATION of our full bodies, eliminating and altering at the same time. Master Kuthumi teaches us about the Fifth Dimension barriers and then gives us an attunement of the Pulsations of Light to better prepare us for the energies of the Festival of the Christ this month and Wesak next month.

~ March 2013 ~

March 25 ~ MARCH FULL MOON CEREMONY - Illuminating Your Balance ~ We celebrate the Full Moon with our host Lord Adama and the Telosian Council of Light. This month we are experiencing the Libra moon within Aries. The Feminine Divine is very prominent and is looking for balance so this is going to be a powerful ride as our emotional bodies are asking to unite with the Masculine Divine. What a perfect match with the Spring Equinox intact. We travel to the City of Telos below Mt. Shasta as Lord Adama is our guide walking as 5th dimensional beings. We will meet the Native tribes representing the World with many beings of Light. Included will be drumming, chanting and dancing to celebrate. So have your rattles or drums ready to join in on the fun. Since this moon represents the Feminine aspects we will work with the energies within the meditation. Teachings and guidance from Native Elders, Lord Adama, and guest speaker NO EYES for this month.

March 25 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Lady Isis Gentle Acceptance of the Higher Self - Divine Mother Father God of the Great Central Sun electrify the timelines asking us to surrender and relax into the essence of who we are becoming. Lady Isis is the guest speaker who assists us in Grounding The Higher Self.

March 20 ~ SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY INTEGRATING THE COSMIC THREE FOLD FLAME ~03-20-13 Spring Equinox Ceremony - The meditation includes traveling to the Temple of the Sacred Heart of the 144th dimension for an integration of the 22 Rays of God; then we traveled to the Crystalline City of Havalanchee which resides in the 5th dimensional Etheric Earth over Mt. Shasta, CA.   Lord Sanat Kumara gave a powerful message on the energies we are experiencing presently.  Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron with Sanat Kumara gave an attunement to receive the Cosmic Three Fold Flame.

March 18 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Lord Melchizedek 3 Fold Flame -  Divine Mother and Father God embrace the Temple with Waves of Light of the Rays of God to assist in the balancing energies for the Spring Equinox.  Lord Melchizedek attunes each soul with the Cosmic Three Fold Flame of Love, Power, and Wisdom.

March 13 ~  Preparation for the Spring Equinox, Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos ~ 03-13-13 Prep Spring Equinox Part 1 ~ 03-13-13 Prep Spring Equinox Part 2 - Lord Adama gives a discourse teaching of the 12 Rays of God to integrate within the first 7 chakras and activate Chakras 8 through 12 in preparation for the Christ Consciousness activation during the 3-day cycle of March 20th-22nd, 2013 of the Spring Equinox.  This is a journey that takes place within Telos at the Lemurian Retreat House.

March 11 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS~   Sanat Kumara – Freedom of God -The Venusian Rays of God, together with The Rainbow of Lights Dispensation* bring the opportunity for Lightworkers who are doing the Spiritual Mastery work, to have the ability to merge these frequencies together in a synergistic fashion to accelerate the Freedom of God.  Divine Mother Father God of The Great Central Sun invoke within us the gateway for these energies as we head towards the Spring Equinox, which is another grand surge. [ If you have not listened to The Rainbow of Lights Dispensation click here. ]

March 6~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~CIRCLE OF LIGHT~ Our 3rd visit to Honlontonneah- Lord Metatron guides us in actualizing our full divinity, blending the 19th ray  into oneness with the Solar plexus, Heart, Thymus Chakra representing Inner Power, Divine Love & Wisdom.

March 4 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESSSpecial guest Mahatma Gandhi  gives a special attunement of peace and equilibrium. Divine Mother and Father God shared a message about the increased energy of March, and how we can balance our four body system with the high and lows within us.

~ February 2013 ~

February 27~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~CIRCLE OF LIGHT -  Our 2nd visit to Honlontonneah- We work with the energies within the Heart center as this city represents the Ray of Divine Love and Inner Power of the Solar Plexus, Heart and Thymus chakras.

February 25 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS~ Walking The Tightrope of Equilibrium ~ Full Moon ~Our Native Guide, NO EYES, will take us through a shamanic exercise to let go of the fear and anger that is stopping us to feel our higher essence in the physical body.

February 20 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~CIRCLE OF LIGHTThe Etheric Death- Lord Adama interrupts the New Earth Cities to explain the energies we are experiencing and he uses Mike and Mel as examples of how timelines are ignited and rectified.

February 18 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Lord Melchior Galactic Logos makes a special appearance. We relearn the importance of moving our wings and flowing with the energy from Divine Mother and Father God.

February 14 ~ VENUS LOVES GAIA – Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumara share their Divien Essense of Love with us on Valentine’s Day to gift us with the energies of the Venusian Love Star. On this 2 hour tele-teaching we hear a message and attunement from each of the Holy Kumara. This call also is the inaugural session for the Venus Meets Gaia 2013 Series. Learn more about this series.

February 13 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS CIRCLE OF LIGHT - 1st visit to Honlontonea- We travel to the New Earth Golden Etheric City of the 19th Ray which resides over central France. Lord Metatron takes us into the Temple of the Three Fold Flame.

February 11 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Lord Metatron works with us bringing in our angelic essence and surrendering to our Higher Selves.

February 6 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT2nd visit to Flanansheiah- We travel once again to the City of the 18th Ray which resides over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Over lighting by: Lord Maitreya & Lord Enoch. Lord Enoch shares a supremely powerful attunement, allowing us to ground particles of light into our physicality, at the Temple of Beingness.

February 4 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Second Phase of Christ Consciousness acceleration into GaiaDivine Mother and Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun share a message on balancing and accepting integrations of the new frequencies for February 2013. Lord Sananda explains overcoming  challenges of understanding the processes happening within the Self, as powerful downloads occur this month.

~ January 2013 ~

January 30~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 1st visit to Flanansheiah- We visit the New Earth Golden Etheric City of the 18th Ray which resides over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Over lighting by: Lord Maitreya & Lord Enoch. Lord Maitreya takes us to the Temple of Exquisite Beingness and gives us a deeper understanding of the pink gold ray.

January 28 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Master Kuthumi’s Dispensation– Divine Mother Father God reflect on energies from Full Moon, Angelic activations and share an I AM Presence activation. Master Kuthumi speaks on adapting to the new paradigm of light and removing duality interference. He shows us how to create the pathway to the depths of the soul, allowing us to aspire to our highest capabilities, and speaks of the illumination that will take the planet to the next level of creation.

January 23 ~ WALKING TERRA CHRISTA FULL MOON CEREMONY to prepare us for Grandmother Moon on January 26/27. With Lord Adama and the Telosian Council, we held a slightly different format for the etheric ceremony in Telos. This ceremony used the sacred fire in ceremony to release but also to welcome in the more gentle energies of this moon. Again, if you are able please click here to donate.

January 21 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESSAttaining Peace – This Temple visit is a celebration as we commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his work toward Peace. Mahatma Gandhi is the special spokes being and brings us a wonderful message concerning the Lightworkers.

January 16~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT – 2nd visit to Vanerathian-ian-eeah [VA-Ner-ath-I-AN-I-AN-ee-AH].  With Lord Melchizedek as teacher (and Lord Adama as our Guide), we make our second visit to this New Earth Golden Etheric City of the 17th Ray over the Kashmir region in India.

January 14 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Angelic Expressions - Divine Mother Father God bring us the Celebration of the Light to demonstrate to us just what we accomplished during the 12-21.  AAMichael is the surprise spokes being as he brings a revealing message about what we are now accomplishing in accessing our Angelic Expression.

January 9 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ 1st visit to Vanerathian-ian-eeah [VA-Ner-ath-I-AN-I-AN-ee-AH]. We return to our visiting of the New Earth Golden Etheric Cities with the city of the 17th Ray over the Kashmir region in India. Lord Sanat Kumara is the spokes being for this memorable visit.

January 7 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ The Sirian Light Codes – An important call to kick off 2013. Divine Mother Father God assist us with incorporating the birthing of the Christ Consciousness within our bodies to avoid overloading from the I AM PRESENCE.  The Sirian Councils of Light give us the tools of the Higher Mind in the form of Light Codes so that we can ground these new frequencies.  (This call may cause you to need to go into an altered state while listening).

~ December 2012 ~

12-27-12: The Final 2012 Full Moon Group Gathering Tele-Call held a very different tone throughout.  Please embrace the messages in this call at your deepest level. Please share our work and give us a testimonial in the comments section below.  And don’t forget…we require your support so please use this link if you are able to show your appreciation for this transformational 1 hour audio recording.

12-22-12: The Annual Christmas Blessing Call with Jeshua, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. {We stopped the recording when Jeshua gave the private messages.] Please click here to donate.

12-21-12: The Activation of The Christ Consciousness [Flash Player version] ~ A very special call to acknowledge our true essence of our Christed Oneness upon Gaia.  We were activated with a journey through the 22 Rays and the Etheric Golden City of Havalanchee, the Platinum Crystalline Golden City over Mt. Shasta. (If you enjoy this recording, please make a donation to support this work. )

12-12-12: The Initiation – The Gateway of the 12-12-12 is actually very powerful in assisting us to reach our highest state possible that is deemed appropriate by our Higher Selves.   Are you on the path?  This call will propel you to your current limit and in most cases, you will feel it!  Not to be missed! Please click here to donate.

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  1. Lynette

    Dear Meleriessee and Mike.
    Thank you for the radio show last week. It reaffirmed that I need to make peace with my family. I haven`t wanted to spend time with them and I have only seen them three times in the last 11 years They really aren`t very pleasant to be with and I have found it difficult to be with them. My family taught me who I didn`t want to be.
    But it is time to make peace with everyone including them and I know I am now strong enough to be with them and be unaffected by them, and stand there in all my beauty, love, wisdom and peace. I know it`s time for me to set the example of Love and Wisdom and to expect this to set the tone of my relationship with them.
    Great things can come from healing these relationships. It will free me.
    Love to you both Lynette

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