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For the best in Fifth Dimensional Mastery of the Light Body via Messages of the Ascended Masters, including vibrational Healings and Attunements Using the Rays of God, listed here are selected MP3 audio recordings for you to enjoy from this year.

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~ 2016 ~

NOVEMBER 14, 2016 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON OF TAURUS SUN SIGN IN SCORPIO – TELOS CELEBRATION – LORD ADAMA, MASTER DJWHAL KHUL, NATIVE ELDERS, LADY NO-EYES AND WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN ~ This ceremony brings forth the connection to the earth and the moon within the energies of the Unified Whole, Great Spirit, Creative Source. We receive messages that now is the time to go even deeper into our spiritual self and use the spiritual tools to build up our strengths and our connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

OCTOBER 15, 2016 ~ FULL MOON IN ARIES WITH LIBRA ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – Master Djwhal Khul is our Master of Ceremonies with the Native Elders including Lady No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman. This moon is in Aries with the sun sign of Libra which reflects the Masculine Divine coming into the union of the Feminine Divine even deeper. It is a time that could herald intense challenges but it represents how you deal with those energies. It is about balance both aspects of the Yin and Yang to accept the element of Free Will to be in balance. The mantra from Master D.K.states: “I CHOOSE THE WAY WHICH LEADS BETWEEN THE TWO GREAT LINES OF FORCE.” We travel etherically to the Inner Earth capitol Telos as we connect with the Universal Consciousness of the Unified Whole Command and all the Beings of Light to bring forth a powerful moon experience. (THE ACTUAL FULL MOON OCCURS ON OCTOBER 16TH AT 9:23 PM PACIFIC, 12:23 AM (OCT 17) EASTERN, 04:23 GMT.)

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON IN PISCES WITH VIRGO & LUNAR ECLIPSE ~ INTEGRATION OF THE FEMININE DIVINE – Master Djwhal Khul hosts this call as we journeyed to Mount Kailash in Tibet which is the Crown Chakra of the Earth. All of the Inner Earth Beings, Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, and Native Elders joined us on Mount Kailash. The middle of the mountain was a vortex of the Crown Chakra energies of the 330 Rays of God. We were blessed with Lady No Eyes, White Buffalo Calf Woman and a special attunement with the Holy Kumaras of the Seven Flames of Venus.

JULY 18, 2016 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN WITH CANCER ~ EMOTIONAL REBIRTH – Master Djwhal Khul hosts this call within the Etheric Earth. We meet at a Medicine Wheel of Oneness has many souls of all walks of life join us in the ceremony: Inner Earth Beings, Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels to celebrate Peace upon the Earth and within each of us. Lady No Eyes speaks of the changes that are occurring presently with the Native Elders giving a blessing. Included was a prayer from White Buffalo Calf Woman along with drumming and chanting.

JUNE 20, 2016 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS SOLSTICE AND FULL MOON BLESSING – Lord Metatron is the host of the ceremony – we etherically travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeiah which resides in the 5th dimensional earth of Mt. Shasta, CA, USA to discover the new earth energies that are now being incorporated upon GAIA. This is a very powerful event as a full moon and solstice has not happened for many years. It is bringing huge light infractions into the earth. We are celebrating within the City of Havalancheeiah in the TEMPLE OF THE ALL because it represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion and there will be an unprecedented amount of light energy that will be ignited during this time. Lord Metatron also blesses participants with the first 5 Metatronic Seals to open those energies into being able to be accessed in a totally new manner not previously thought possible. The Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God also bring forth a special blessing.

MAY 22, 2016 ~ WORLD INVOCATION DAY – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS OF GOODWILL/HUMANITY ~ Etheric Journey Meditation Gathering to visit the TEMPLE OF ASCENDED BEINGS OF LIGHT with the Invocation Prayers, and channeled messages from the Spiritual Masters Lord Kuthumi, Lord Buddha and Master Djwhal Khul with the attunement from the Ray Chohans of the first seven Rays of God including Divine Light Language codes.

MARCH 23, 2016 ~ FESTIVITIES OF LIGHT – FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST with Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Divine Mother Father God and the Inaugural connection with the AGARTHA NETWORK of INNER EARTH CITIES to bring in the higher energies and blessings of the CRYSTALLINE FLAME with MASTER SERAPIS BEY and the THREE-FOLD FLAME. A very powerful Festival of Light to prepare for the WESAK energies.

MARCH 17, 2016 ~ VERNAL EQUINOX BLESSING CELEBRATION GATHERING WITH LORD METATRON – The Divine Light Code Frequencies in this gathering bring forward rejuvenation and learning to be in a state of acceptance to rebuild the energy body into the physical body. Lord Metatron explains the current energies but also the wider context of bringing in more light into the earth.

FEBRUARY 22, 2016 – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS OF PISCES with Master Djwhal Kuhl and Native Energies, NO-EYES, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN – Sacred Earth Ceremony to celebrate the energies of the Festivities of Light of Pisces in a guided journey; this month we go etherically to the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA IN EGYPT as it represents the Throat Chakra of the Earth.

January 23, 2016 – Festival of Lights of Aquarius with Master Djwhal Khul and Native Energies, NO-EYES, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN – Sacred Earth Ceremony to celebrate the energies of the Festivities of Light of Aquarius in a guided journey; this month we go etherically to TOR TOWER in Glastonbury as it represents the Heart Chakra of the Earth, (read the full information).

~ 2015 ~

November 24, 2015 ~ GEMINI FULL MOON FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS IN SAGITTARIUS with Master Djwhal Khul and Native Energies (ANANGU SPIRIT ELDERS<, NO-EYES, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN). ~ We take an etheric visit to the 3rd Chakra of the planet to experience the elements of the lower mental mind and the higher mental mind expressed through the Gemini Full Moon and the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. The location is the sacred area of AYERS ROCK in Central Australia (or ULURU as the Native Aboriginals “Anangu” call it). Master Djwhal Khul activates the Unified Whole to assist in our removing our own Pantheons so the earth and humanity can move toward the experience of Oneness. We must become the commanding force in Wholeness to transform our physical selves. The mantra for this cycle is “I see the goal. I reach the goal. I then see another”. As the moon and sun represent the physical mind and the higher mind we must always be moving forward in our higher mind to challenge our lower mind’s understanding of what we hold as true. This assists and is in alignment with the 11:11 energy to become more within us. The Native Aboriginal Elders bring to us the heart centeredness of the energies of Ayers Rock. We share the sacred waters from the Elders so we bring our essence to them in Oneness. NO EYES brings the fires of our own sun to go forth in our power commanded with the coolness of the compassionate waters. This is our sacredness. We drum and purge what is not in wholeness within us. White Buffalo Calf Woman asks us to have our blessing for our sacredness as others have done before us. Master Djwhal Khul ends with a special attunement.

October 26, 2015 – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS ~ SUPER MOON IN TAURUS SUN SIGN IN SCORPIO with NO-EYES, WHITE RAVEN and MASTER DJWHAL KHUL – This full moon is the third SUPER moon of this year. We etherically travel to LAKE TITICACA onto the Isle Del Sol (Island of the Sun) to experience a special ceremony of Grounding Higher Frequencies with the Violet Purple flame, the Sun energies and the water energies along with the Arcturian frequency. This lake in the Andes and Bolivia is the Second Chakra of the Earth.

September 26, 2015 – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS ~ SUPER MOON IN LIBRA and ECLIPSE WITH NATIVE ELDERS and MASTER DJWHAL KHUL – We hold this special event etherically atop the Himalayas (mountain range) to feel the highest frequencies and understand how to Remember our Light.

September 23, 2015 – SACRED NEW EARTH CEREMONY ~ AUTUMNAL EQUINOX WITH LORD METATRON Lord Metatron takes us on a journey of rebirthing our souls to remember a spark of light from our multi-dimensional selves. This ceremony brings forth a remembrance of acknowledgement so that it can be grounded in our physical reality. We traveled to the Golden City of Havalancheeah which represents the 22nd Ray of Completion, activating the Goddess and the God of the Feminine and Masculine essence, so that they can work together as one. There is an energetic exchange from all of the Great Central Suns especially with Helios and Vesta of the Solar Level. We travel through a doorway of light to acknowledge our Solar Angel, Higher Self, Monad and I Am Presence. We then cleansed in a beautiful ocean with the whales and dolphins swimming at a distance. There were many affirmations that Lord Metatron decreed to the group to allow the New Spark of Light to be grounded within the physical essence.

September 14, 2015 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ THE COSMIC ONENESS DIVINE MOTHER FATHER GOD BRING HEALING AND ASSISTANCE TO THE CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES – We open up the weekly WTC Academy student meditation teaching to the public to assist even more deeply with the healing for all souls involved in the California Wildfires as well as all turbulent areas of the planet. Divine Mother Father God bring forth a transmission for everyone that brings in the I AM PRESENCE energetically to transform the lower elements of turmoil that the earth is undergoing into the higher state of Oneness.

August 29, 2015 ~ SUPER FULL MOON (BLUE) FESTIVAL CEREMONY in VIRGO and PISCES to ground our SPIRITUAL ESSENCE Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is our guide and host for the second Festival of Lights this month. This Super Moon is also a Blue moon and very powerful. (See our full transmission from Master DK here and insights on this moon from Rev. Meleriessee here.) The energy is all about choosing Love over Fear as the power of this moon will bring up elements. In this ceremony we etherically visit the pristine summit of Mount Shasta with the Ascended Masters, Spiritual Hierarchy, Christed Intergalactics and the Inner Earth Beings to use the medicine wheel to activate and work upon our own Love from the Spiritual Essence to be grounded with each breath. This is both our birthright and heritage if we can remember to activate it.

August 1, 2015 ~ FULL MOON FESTIVAL CEREMONY in AQUARIUS moving to the LION’S GATE – Master Djwhal Khul brings forth a powerful ‘Commencement’ message and attunement energies through Rev. Meleriessee, as this moon is about facing into our challenge and graduating from them, especially within areas of Abundance. Native energies and blessings come from NO-EYES, and WHITE BUFFALO CALF-WOMAN who represents those prayers of the abundance of the buffalo being returned to us.

July 1, 2015 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY with CONJUNCTION OF JUPITER and VENUS – We etherically gather atop Mount Shasta directly underneath the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchie with Master Djwhal Khul to experience the energies of this Month’s first Full Moon. The energies of this moon are preceded by the Venus/Jupiter Transit on the 30th of June and 1st of July. It represents the Masculine and Feminine Divine coming into balance and is a huge leap into accelerating our Manifestation abilities. This moon continues the energies of the Feminine Divine in Cancer of nurturing, emotional balance, and heart centeredness. The masculine essence is represented by Capricorn as this sign brings to us how we project ourselves in the outer world. It is a spiritual leap to show our true self to others, our colleagues, family, and the world around us.

June 20, 2015 ~ SOLAR ANGELS WALKING THE EARTH – ARCHANGEL LORD METATRON – The Solstice (summer in the Northern Hemisphere) is celebrated in a special event in the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee (residing over Mt Shasta) representing the 22nd Ray of Platinum and Divine Completion of the Feminine and Masculine energies. In addition to Lord Metatron explaining about the new energies of the Solar Angels that we can now take advantage of within our first 4 Initiations, we also receive a blessing from The Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God. (Read a channeled message by AA Metatron on this Solstice here. There is also a link there to join the special class to learn to use your Solar Angelic essence.)

June 1, 2015 ~ FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY – The Third Festival in the WESAK Energies. We receive special spiritual gifts and Divine Light Language Codes from  Divine Mother Father God as the cosmic Great Central Sun and the host of the festivals, Master Djwhal Khul to assist us in fully being able to share our own Light with all of GAIA.   

May 9, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR & THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~ THE RESULT OF THE WESAK ENERGIES AROUND THE WORLDLord Ashtar shares how important the Wesak Festival assisted GAIA to receive the Light Frequencies within all her areas.  A special connection to the Whale and Dolphin Communities of what they have received with our connection to them ~ a special moment of gratitude.  There was a Heart-to-Heart Connection through Lord Sananda to connect with all Beings of Light within and around the planet as we assisted  in the ascension process towards the New Earth.

April 11, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR & THE GALACTIC FEDERAL OF LIGHT ~ INTERSTELLAR WESAK ~ To better prepare Gaia’s global body to receive the Cosmic Christed Energies that the next full moon of May will bring at the celebration of WESAK, we join with Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, and the Whale and Dolphin communities to anchor more of the current frequencies. We accept our individual Love Vibration and extend it to each of the land mass areas of the earth together to once again create a formal triangulation of the energy from our point upon the land, within the Oceans, and with the Christed Intergalactic’s of the Federation of Light. This is an important process that many can participate in to assist.

April 4, 2015 ~ FESTIVAL OF THE CHRISTThis month is another powerful surge of energies as this full moon is the spiritual Ascended Master Festival of the Christ representing resurrection, restoration, and contact to fully bring in the Christ Consciousness. This full moon is within Libra with the Sun Sign of Aries. It represents workings with the Lower Self (Desires of Aries) to integrate with the essence of compassion, and helping others bringing forth the higher self (Libra). The Lunar Eclipse is a huge energy that is going to awaken these energies into a more healing state of the four-body system. Master Djwhal Khul is our guide as he is the overlighting energy of the Festivals of Light each month. Then, we experience the energies of the Christ Consciousness with Lord Sananda, Lord Kuthumi (representing the Festival of the Christ) with Lord Maitreya adding his essence. We also connect with the Native Elders around the globe to ground these energies. Take time to write down any elements you are purging so you can fully remove them to access the Restoration process and bring forth the Christ Consciousness through the Heart Center in a more direct manner than before.

March 21, 2015 ~ VERNAL EQUINOX WITH LORD METATRON – The Trinity of energies are powerful and unique within 2015 as we have the Equinox, the New Moon and the Eclipse. Lord Metatron brings forth a timely message and Divine Light Language Transmission allowing us to feel what it means to be within the Source Light Energy in order to BE that frequency and not just trying to share our energies from our earthly perspective. We gather our collective energies in the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee (residing over Mt Shasta) representing the 22nd Ray of Platinum and Divine Completion of the Feminine and Masculine energies. This teaching helps us in understanding more about what we can do to assist GAIA with raising her Light Frequency.


In preparation for the FULL MOON of March 5, 2015 we held this ceremony in the Fifth Dimensional New Earth to help us understand our karmic ties and how we can now remove those elements that no longer serve us. Master Djwhal Khul along with the Native Elders, NO-EYES and White Buffalo Calf Woman share teachings on how we can recognize and allow ourselves to take on a new flow of being. We use the rays of the Crystalline, Violet Purple, and Ruby Red with Gold in the Divine Light Language frequencies to assist us in moving into the next 3 months of WESAK festivals. [A reminder is given to use the writing down and purging personal ceremony during this Full Moon as it is very powerful in the elements of both revealing our own darkness and releasing karmic bonds.]

February 2 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY CELEBRATION – “Taming the Lion”. This full moon is about utilizing the LEO elements to powerfully bring up changes in the lower ego system, and use the Lion energy of tenderness and compassion to heal them. This teaching marks the start of having Master Djwhal Khul being one of our Master Guides for these ceremonies. The February moon represents the Aquarian Festival of love and compassion to the self. We work with him to further ground the elements of Love and Wisdom (Golden Yellow Ray), Harmony and Balance (Crystalline Ray), and Ceremonial Structure and Magic (Violet Purple Ray). NO-EYES, the Native Elders and White Buffalo Calf Woman all bring forth their teachings.

January 5 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY CELEBRATION – An essential gathering for the New Earth. Pleas go outside and ground these energies after listening. We have this ceremony to kick off 2015 within the Clarion Temple of Oneness energies. We are given messages and assistance on how to ground the Higher Octave frequencies so that we can be best prepared for this new year. We hear from Great Rising Spirit, the Angelic Realms, No-Eyes and Great White Buffalo Calf-Woman.

~ 2014 ~

December 21 – Winter Solstice Sacred Ceremony – OUR SOLSTICE CEREMONY WITH SANAT KUMARA & HOLIDAY BLESSINGS WITH LORD SANANDA/JESHUA, LADY MAGDALENE, AND THE BLESSED MOTHER. Join us for this free connection for these amazing energies we are experiencing in 2014. Walking Terra Christa has been holding their Winter Retreat in Mount Shasta with Saint Germain and this is our last ceremony together for 2014 to anchor the Higher Octave Frequencies within GAIA to form the foundatin for 2015. We hope you will join us in the energies of this very important gathering! Many Blessings for an amazing Holiday Season and New Earth Wishes for your New Year!

December 6 ~ FULL MOON CELEBRATION  – Grounding 2014 – The final 2014 Full Moon event is very different than any we have had so far. We receive the Native Energies from a very unique guest as well as another special message, both from beings who have never before been part of these ceremonies. We hear powerful messages from the Archangels, Sunbear, No-Eyes and King Ra of Telos, about assisting us to prepare for the end of 2014. The energies are now in alignment with the potential that did not happen in December 2012 which means this time they must be grounded for them to be manifest. Read our Full Moon article and the Frequency Update to learn more.

November 5 – FULL MOON CEREMONY – “CLEARING TO CREATE” – The gathering is in the 5th Dimensional Earth in a very large area as we experience many crystalline light formations representing the flames in the center of the circle. We are presented with the element of Malachite to assist. NO-EYES shares her perspective on this moon cycle and WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN gives us the blessing.


October 29 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT – Honlontonnea with Lord Metatron – “Cathedral of the Three Fold Flame” – A special visit to the Etheric Golden City over Central France to experience the essence of feeling our Divine I AM.  Lord Adama first greets us and speaks about our growth and our challenge being on the upper earth. Lord Metatron takes us into the deeper awareness of accessing the Metatronic Light Frequencies to assist remembering and being our highest potential.

October 27 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~  Golden Solar Angels of Metatron: “Angels Return” – We first hear a short introduction by Yamtaleaas who reminds us that he often feels like he is learning so many new things it feels like kindergarten. Continuing with the Lord Metatron energies, this is the first time the we are have these Angels in the Clarion Temple. The Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God bring forth an extensive understanding of what Mastery upon the Earth plane bestows and requires; assisting us to tap into our multidimensional selves as Divine Beings who have many physical lifetimes. The Golden Solar Angels create the essence of who we are as Angles upon the Earth and how to bring that frequency to assist our pathway individually and collectively.

October 22 ~ REVEALING THE HIGHER ESSENCE WITHIN FALL MASTERY SERIES – LORD METATRON :  “The Golden Solar Angel PART 2”. We return to the Divine Temple of Illumination to gain a fuller conscious understanding of how the first 4 seals work within the physicality. The process of first initiating a seal up to the FOURTH INITIATION is the threefold merge of the HIGHER SELF, THE SOLAR ANGELIC SELF, and the PHYSICAL SELF. As these initiations (of the seals) frequencies come into us consciously, we can then activate them as a GROUNDING rod as to who we desire to become. Continuing to work within the vibrational frequency of understanding enables us to eventually ACTUALIZE that seal as being part of who we are. Lord Metatron used both Meleriessee and Michael as examples of the process that occurs.  To Initiate the frequencies at any of those levles of acceptance, Divine Light Language Codes are given for the first 2 seals, AWARENESS OF THE HIGHER SELF and GROUNDING give us is extraordinary.  (This special teaching is available under financial exchange as a SELF STUDY class).

October 20 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Guardians of Metatronic Light – Yamtaleaas introduces the Temple energies as bringing us other levels of acceptance of the Metatronic Frequencies of Light, which are exactly appropriate prior to Lord Metatron’s second teaching this month.  Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Source of Oneness bring forth our focus upon the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse energies arriving in a few days.  The Guardians are the 1000 beings that hold the frequencies of the Metatronic Golden Solar Angels and the Solar Angles to be accessed from the 144th Dimensional level of the I AM through to the Earth and Gaia’s Merkaba to assist all the kingdoms of life upon her fulfill their Divine Purpose.  (This was the first time the Guardians came through in a teaching.)

October 15 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~SHAMBALLHA – Lords Melchizedek, Metatron and the Mahatma (The 3M’s) – “Allowance Within The Temple of the I AM” -The Etheric Golden City of the 16th Ray of One Universal Being of Light is our destination. Existing in the Fifth Dimensional Earth over the mountain of Machu Picchu, it will one day blend into the earthly Shamballa and the Inner Earth Shamballa, the place of the Ascended Masters sacred ceremonies. We visit the Temple of the I AM to attune to the frequencies of letting go and allowing the particles that are not in concert with the I AM to be released so that we can bring in more of our I AM PRESENCE into our physical self.

October 13 ~ REVEALING THE HIGHER ESSENCE WITHIN FALL MASTERY SERIES – LORD METATRON :  “The Golden Solar Angel PART 1We receive this teaching at the 144 dimensional frequency in the Divine Temple of Illumination. Lord Metatron explains many elements of how the SOLAR ANGEL and the GOLDEN SOLAR ANGEL are remembrances of our own soul’s heritage that we can use to actively work within our Mastery Initiations. He explains how we are this essence but that it is a passive element until we can consciously accept and actualize that part of ourselves. The Divine Light Language Coding Attunement he give us is extraordinary. (This special teaching is available under financial exchange as a SELF STUDY class).

October 11 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – “CHRISTED ENERGY JOINT MEDITATION” – We join with both Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda of the Ashtar Command Galactic Federation of Light to experience the highest level of meditative energy exchange by becoming the Christed Self in our hearts and minds. This is the most important energy we can consciously create and participate in as human beings who are ambassadors to planet earth from other star systems. Please use this energy meditation exchange regularly in your life and share it with anyone who desires to co-create the New Earth fo the Fifth Dimensional frequency in Wholeness of the Oneness we are together. This specific format removes all lower ego agendas of the corrupted programming that is so prevalent among well intended (but often uninformed) individuals who desire to share Love and Light upon earth at this crucial time. (a video version will be posted on our youtube page:

October 8 ~ FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE CEREMONY ~ “Letting Go and Accepting the Divine Self” – A special ceremony to ground the true essence of the light that we are as part of the Cosmic Source of Oneness, the surprise spokesbeing of this ceremony along with the Native energies, No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf-Woman. This is the first time we receive the powerful energies of the ceremonial circle from within the Temple of Oneness at the 144 Dimensional level. The energies of this moon are all about that which is hidden within our own mirrors now being required to be revealed to us. This is a powerful time upon the planet.

October 6 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~LORD KUTHUMI and the CHRISTED SELF RESPONSIBILITY” – In his new post as part of the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST with LORD MAITREYA, former Master Kuthumi is introduced for the first time as “Lord” by Yamtaleaas, who also brings forth a better concept of accepting what “being the Christ” is all about. The Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God open our understandings as they all assist each of us to responsibly bring forth our Christed Self.

October 1 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Recognition of Transformation with LORD ENOCH” We visit the city of the 19th Ray of the Pink Gold with Lord Enoch. The etheric Golden City of Flanansheea is the City of Divine Intentions, or Fifth Dimensional Divine Intent which brings in your Christ Consciousness. In order to do this, we must be very aware of who we have been so we can recognize who we are transforming into. Lord Adama first gives us an understanding of the Fifth dimensional energies and accessing the higher initiations.

September 29 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~  The Violet Flame with Arcturius and Virginia: “Accepting Changes In Order To Go Even Deeper” –  The Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother and FAther God initiate the energies of the Temple to invite us to step forward and admit what we desire to work upon into the energies on the Temple.  The Elohim of the 7th Ray are able to teach us that it is only by accessing what we desire to change that we can transform it via the Violet Flame in order to realize what we can transform into after it is resurrected. We must always take the time within the physical to re-calibrate ourselves to the new essence that we have revealed.

September 24 ~ MASTERY CLASS: Mahachohan St. Germain Teaching: MASTERING AND COMMANDING THE 7 RAYS OF GOD ~ We visit Telos to go to the Lemurian Retreat Center to experience greater understanding behind the ordering of the initial 7 Rays. Lord Adama gives an introduction and overview. Saint Germain brings forth his essence of all the 7 Rays of God bringing forth our power, love, wisdom, clarity, love, devotion, grounding and magic to take us into moments of full balance. (This special teaching is available under financial exchange as a SELF STUDY class).

September 22 ~ EQUINOX BLESSING CELEBRATION – Lord Metatron and Lord Sanat Kumara assist us to bring in a much more aligned frequency of light by consciously connecting in the Sacred Heart Temple of the Unified Whole 144 Dimensional level. This is a teaching about how the energies of the Spiritual Forces can assist us but also a powerful level of Divine Light Language that we have not experienced before to assist us individually in accessing more as Lightworkers than we could within our own lower ego of the self.

September 17 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~Using The Deep Violet Ray for Personal Alchemy” – Golden City of Fronlamm | Wahanee of the 7th Ray. With Saint Germain as our guide, we utilize the Divine Language Attunements and the city energies to allow the full meaning of experiencing these frequencies to reside within us. Lord Adama reviews the main factors that the new earth pathway requires and how it can only be done via personal choice and diligence.

September 15 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Purity of Light with the Guardians of Arcturus“- Yamtaleaas greets us within the Temple and asks for an increase of the energies as this is the day that the Weed, CA fire devastated portions of that town but without one single human or animal loss or harm.  The Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God engage us with the elements of approaching the Equinox for us to open the doorway by activating our Star Glyph. This is to prepare us even deeper. The Guardians of Arcturus bring their Conversion Chamber within the Temple to assist in rebalancing the frequency of Light we are trying to receive and the ones we are trying to dissipate.

September 10 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~Clearing Emotional Challenges in Body and Out With the Pink Orange Ray” – Golden City of Hakropliah of the 11th Ray, The City of Divine Wisdom and Love. We access the current earth energies of the Super Moon and the anniversary of 9-11 in New York City, 13 years ago to bring an even deeper level of healing for all souls with Lady Quan Yin and Angel Roshel. Lord Adama opens the energies and speaks about our visits to the cities now going to be about visitations that can assists the energies occurring during the week of the class.

August 18 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Healing with Quan Yin and the Lady Masters Yamtaleaas speaks about his own experience of how the Temple assist him by seeing how we are changed by the healings. Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun introduce us to the energies and Lady Quan Yin steps forth to assist us to use the 11thRay for our higher healing during times of great transition or challenge.

August 11 – FULL MOON GATHERING CELEBRATION – “Finding Center in the SUPERMOON” –  We go to the Clarion Temple of Oneness to experience the Circle and the sacred flame. The flame incorporates the Blue, Pink and Golden Rays to assist us in finding the merger that this moon represents uncovering and being illuminated. Either we are swayed by the mental energies to0 strongly, or the emotional energies, as a result we are overwhelmed, stressed or lost. The Native Elders, Grandmother Moon and White Buffalo Calf Woman all assist us in feeling the energies of the balanced state of being.

August 4 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Indecisiveness Into Clarity” – AA RAPHAEL AND MARY  – Yamtaleaas introduces the teaching. What are our moments of being unable to make a choice or take and action? They are moments of being in our lower selves, either in the mind, the heart or the physical situation. Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun assists us in connecting through acceptance of the Higher Self, into the Higher Intuition and grounding that energy through us into Gaia. We are then ready for Raphael and Mary to come through and instruct us with a great tool to shift our energies into our situation through Consecration, Concentration and Grounding.

July 28 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Concentrating Our Expansion From Within – MASTER BABAJI – We visit the Temple to experience a teaching in Concentration. This is the alchemic form of infusing an increased amount of substance into one area. Yamtaleaas announces the energies of Master Babaji and Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun ignite the energies for us to go into a much greater depth so we can understand how to accelerate through the current energies. If we are able to achieve a fuller grounding as Master Babaji, the living Avatar can demonstrate, going through the doorways of light that will be happening in August and September will be easier.

July 21CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Allowing Weakness to Shift into Strength through Serenity” Master Ghandi- The Clarion Temple brings forth special energies in this teaching as Yamtaleaas has us reflect on recognizing our weaknesses in order to accelerate. Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun illuminate the energies for us to open ourselves to the depth of the shift required.  Master Ghandi then takes us through how to go into the weaker parts of ourselves through surrendering in the process of serenity and grace so we can bring in the higher essence of our Divinity to a greater level in the spiril of returning to whom we are

.July 14 – CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “What is Your Divine Truth of Being During Changing Moments” – We hear from Master Djwhal Khul in the Temple as he assists us with walking through doorways of energy shifts like we are experiencing with the Full Moon. The teaching is about understanding how to ground the new energies and what the doorway offers. Divine Mother Father God open the higher frequencies so we can absorb more of the energies after Yamtaleaas introduces us to the topic of this teaching.

July 12 – FULL MOON CEREMONY – July 12 2014 WTC Full Moon Celebration” – Changing the Pattern

to Ground the New Frequencies – We go to the Unified Whole Command Temple of Oneness to connect with the energies of the July Full Moon of CANCER/CAPRICORN which is occurring at 12:25 GMT, 4:25 am Pacific, and 7:25 AM Eastern. This Full Moon represents the balance between unconditional and conditional love, in the reference of home & family vs our career goals. If we take this moon cycle and bring it into wholeness, it represents the ability to love all aspects of our-self in our home and our work. It may also create pathways for an individual to do both at the same time. Transformation of the Self will allow the embrace of love in all aspects of life. Meditation/Activation/channeling from the Tribal Elders. This ceremony will include the energies of ASHTAR COMMAND with our monthly connection with the Christed Intergalactics. We also hear from No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman.

July 9 – NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ TELOS LEMURIAN RETREAT HOUSE – Using the I AM PRESENCE to Integrate and Advance – Lord Adama reopens the NEC teachings with a special visit to the Lemurian Retreat House to assist us in understanding how to solidify our steps of the initiations, no matter how small or big they may be. We work with the I AM to link it within so that our lower self becomes connected to the higher self with every advancement. This is a process that is often overlooked, making the journey much more tumultuous.

July 7 – CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Planetary and Cosmic Ascension: Becoming the I AM PRESENCE – Lord Saint Germain. Yamtaleaas introduces the topic of the lesson as being about the I AM PRESENCE importance within us at this time in relation to our Planetary Ascension versus our Cosmic Ascension’s Consciousness. Divine Mother Father God open the energies and bring a blessing of the Divine Language Codes for us to understand that we will be accessing the Cosmic energies to build the foundation of the Planetary energies. Lord Saint Germain gives an enlightening Discourse on the topic and in the role of MahaChohan raises our light frequency using the 7 Rays as the Cosmic I AM frequencies.  We learn that bringing the Cosmic Consciousness into our Planetary incarnation is the action that places us upon the Ascension Mastery pathway unlike what many other awakened souls are doing with their consciousness.

June 30 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Opening to the Higher Dimensional Energies of the 7th” – Lord Sanat Kumara. Yamtaleaas announces that the purpose of this teaching is to assist us in being able to open ourselves into a higher dimensional frequency by elevating to the energies of the 7th to better stabilize ourselves at the 5th. Divine Mother Father God explain this is done by blasting the higher frequency into the full body system to open it up. Lord Sanat Kumara then brings in the Venusian flames, supported by the flame holders, into the Temple to assist us with our full body system acceleration.

June 23 – CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Embracing the New Earth Vibration for Humanity” – THE COSMIC GREAT CENTRAL SUN. We have a special guest for the entire teaching as the CGCS assists us to expand into the frequencies coming in to assist humanity. This was a very significant blessing attunement following the solstice energies.

June 21 – SOLSTICE GATHERING CEREMONY – “June 21 2104 WTC Solstice Gathering Celebration Audio” – Grounding and Sharing Your Light – Helios & Vesta, the representatives of the Solar Level 10th Dimensional frequency are the celebrants as we gain a deeper knowing of who we are as Beings of Light and our role in grounding the Light of the New Earth into this earth.  We also get transmissions from the Native Elders and Grand Father Sun (RA). Please share this audio widely.

June 16 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Expansiveness of Beingness” – Lord Michael – Divine Mother Father God prepare the energies after Yamtaleaas shares his deep gratitude for the work we all do. Lord Michael assist us in stepping into how to expand our divine beingness from the high state to the lower state using the chanting as the energetic transference within our full expansion.

June 11 ~ FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY – FULL MOON CEREMONY ~  “Entering Service” – June’s Full moon arrives on June 12th, 9:11 PM Pacific (June 13th at 5:11 GMT / 12:11 AM Eastern) within the Sun  of Gemini opposing the Moon within Sagittarius.  This moon represents our Lower Mind of thinking logically battling the Higher Mind of our intuition and wisdom. Our Full Moon/Festival of Humanity Meditation Gathering Event with Lords Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi, as well as the Native Elders, in the Crystalline City of Havalanchee located in the Etheric Earth over Mt. Shasta, California. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos spoke at the end to invite everyone who participates in the event to ask to come to Telos in their dream state to have a celebration there.  Mel and Mike, the hosts for this magnificent ceremony, hope that individuals will choose to join them in celebrating and grounding these energies into Mother Earth by listening to the recording of the event.

June 09 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Allowing the Self-Compassion” – Lady Quan Yin – We work the the vibration of the Pink Orange to bring in deep access to acceptance and allowing our own compassion for our self in order to bring balance and healing. Divine Mother and Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun first bring in the energy and Lady Quan Yin had us experience them for a new qualification of the 11th Ray.

June 02 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Experiencing Higher Dimensional Divinity” – Lord Enoch – Divine Mother and Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun bring us the droplets of light that take us into our Full Spectrum of Being where we can break through to achieve the elements of the mental, emotional and physical that we perceive as challenging. Lord Enoch has us step into being the I AM within the Higher Dimensional awareness within the Temple.

May 28 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~“Release to Embrace” – We visit the Golden Etheric City of Bytheezuesian holding the energies of the 15th Ray, The Doorway to Ascension of the Splendor and I AM PRESENCE. Lord Adama speaks about going through that doorway of moving from the 4th dimensional chakra grid into the Fifth. We visit the Temple of the Enlightened Ones with the Elohim Councils of God. This is where we must acknowledge and accept who we have been in order to become who we are, requiring the blending and releasing of all that no longer represents our higher dimensional physicality.

May 21 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Higher Responsibility – Lord Adama & Lord Kuthumi give a teaching about what we now need to take away from WESAK. The energies that we have access to utilizing for the 5th Dimensional New Earth of Terra Christa are not going to do much without our active connection and integration within them to command each Ray fully. Lord Kuthumi reminds us that how we are now being outside or our meditative state is what defines our New Earth responsibilities. If you did not yet listen to the WESAK GATHERING CELEBRATION, please do so.
[ This teaching was held instead of a visit to a Golden City as we cancelled the 05-19 Clarion Temple Teaching.  ]

MAY 14 ~ WESAK GATHERING CELEBRATION – Invocation of the Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom upon Gaia. The WESAK blessing and energies are now being active to prepare us for the Festival of Humanity.

May 7 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Angelic Requirement” – Visiting the Golden Etheric City of Hakropolia representing the 11th Ray. The Bridge to the New Age essence is within our own spiritual selves and must come into the physical. Angel Roshel is our guide to have us remember our angelic selves as we must imbue that self in order to continue on this path of light. Lord Adama speaks about the importance of knowing we are not alone yet also accepting that the role of being the Torchbearer is ours to carry especially as we engage with the WESAK gateway.

May 5 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Your Universal Structure” – Lord Metatron assists our current physical challenges as we prepare for the high degree of new energies entering the planet for WESAK bu having us link into our multi-dimensional selves more deeply. We first gain more insights into our processes from divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

April 30 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~One Universal Being of Light” – The 3M’s Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, and the Mahatma are the teachers as we visit them in the Etheric Golden City of Shamballah above Machu Pichu. This is a very pivotal teaching as we are still in preparation to accelerate into WESAK in two weeks. Lord Adama gives us a talk about allowing the blending of this ray will assist.

April 28 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Understanding Our Higher Essence” – Lord Sanat Kumara. In order to know who we really are, not within our lower mental mind, but the Higher Mind, we must commune from the level of the higher elements. Divine Mother Father God along with Sanat Kumara guide us to be better prepared for WESAK by teaching us the correct form of accessing our Higher State of existence.

April 23 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~Temple of Resurrection and Re-Creation” – Lady Isis and Lord Osiris take us to this special Temple in the Golden City of TAMARINAQEA. Lord Adama talks about the essence of these energies and how they re so needed. We then visit the Temple and receive special Divine Light Language codes from the Dolphins and the Whales in addition to our hosts.

April 21 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Support for Lightbody Infusion” – Lord Melchizedek assists us in gaining more understanding about the Mastery path Initiations. With Divine Mother Father God bringing in the energies to set the frequencies in the Temple, we are better prepared to surrender to the increases in Light that are coming into the Physical body. It is a process that is made more challenging if we allow the lower mental mind to interpret and resist the changes.

April 16 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Divinity through Surrender ” We take a special visit to the Golden Etheric City of Atarahah over-lighted by Lord Maitreya, the Office of the Christ to accelerate these energies for WESAK. This is the city of the 12th Ray (Gold) representing Integration of the Christ Consciousness with Master Kuthumi also being represented as the being who will assume authority of this office in the future. Lord Adama first introduces us to the energies and speaks about how integration is not just a spiritual event but physically so in the body. This brings aspects of symptoms that are uncomfortable or even painful as our light increases. He reminds us to use more of the natural vibrational elements to assist as the normal 3D medical approaches are unable to create a vibrational change to a higher frequency. (NOTE: This is in reference to non-medical condition symptoms, sensations and feelings that will respond to using natural herbs, oil and energy. WTC dos not offer medical advice or assistance. Always seek licensed medical care providers for any required medical help.) In the city, as we are in the Temple of the One of the eternal Flame of the I AM, Master Kuthumi walks about us to change the vibrations of light. Lord Maitreya then focus on the Divine Light Language Codes for all the 12 Rays of God within the city to blend our spiritual I AM frequencies within the physical creation.

April 14 ~ FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST – FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ Accepting the Power of Resurrection – Walking Terra Christa is sharing a ceremony we performed on Monday, April 14th to connect with the energies of the Festival of the Christ during the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that takes place on Tuesday, April 15th.  We experienced the energies within the Temple of Oneness of the 144th dimensional frequency, the home of the Unified Whole Command with Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya, and Master Kuthumi.  Lord Sananda shared the steps representing this Christ Moon through Love, Resurrection, and connection to each of them, the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy within the Unified Whole Command.  The Festivals of Light will take us deeper into our core essence (Christ, Wesak, Humanity) as Lord Sananda with Lord Maitreya and Master Kuthumi offer their hearts to each of us.

April 9 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT – “Seeking Emotional Balance” – We again visit the Etheric Golden City of  Shalanchieee, the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion & Spiritual Idealism this time to be with the Ray Chohan Lord Sananda. Lord Adama first speaks to us about the intensity of the three festivals (The Christ, WESAK, Humanity) that will be more powerful than any before, he asks us to use the tools we have to raise the vibration continually. Lord Sananda delves into what we understand within ourselves as our connection to our Higher Selves and asking for the assistance that can be given for our emotional balance.

April 7 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ Stepping Into Resurrection – Lord Buddha is our guest speaker as introduced by Yamtaleaas. Divine Mother Father God as the Great Cosmic Central Sun bring in the energies to make it possible for us to have an open doorway for the Divine Entryway of the Golden Flame in preparation of the Festival of the Christ.

April 2 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT – Allowing Inner Peace” – The Etheric Golden City of Shalahanchieee, the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion & Spiritual Idealism. We visit with Archangels Uriel and Aurora in the outskirts of the city to experience a new understanding of how peace is the entryway for all our manifestations. Lord Adama talks with us before our visit to give us a deeper explanation of the energies we are bringing into existence for the new earth and what that means for our pathway.

March 31 –  CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~”Embracing Multi-Dimesionality” – The Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God bless us with the energies of the Temple and accessing all our Timelines. We then hear from Yamtaleaas who speaks about his own changes embracing his integrated self from the his own unknowingness as Fred. Special guest Archangel Michael is the speaker to assist us in understanding that acceptance to embrace all that we are as a full being. It is the wisdom that follows once we embrace and accept.

March 26 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT – True Knowledge” – We visit the Etheric Golden City Valenkanah with AA Raphael and Mother Mary. Lord Adama speaks about noticing when we “Shift” from one state of being to another. We learn that the Higher Mind blending into the physical mind is the allowance of higher knowledge that is not the same as what we have been conditioned to understand.

March 24 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS – “Blending into Oneness” – Lady Isis and Lord Osiris are the guest energies after Yamtaleaas and Divine Mother Father God introduce and prepare the Temple. We are taught an understanding of our androgynous self, the being that is not without the masculine or feminine, but has both within one other in total balance. This is realized through the Blue Green flame of the 8th Ray.

March 19 ~ SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY ~ Invoking the Full Power of Rebirth – Walking Terra Christa is sharing a ceremony we performed on Wednesday, March 19th to help align the frequency of light that is being planted within GAIA where we travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee which represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion (all 22 Rays of God).  It resides in the Etheric Earth (Terra Christa) over the physical geographic area of Mt. Shasta, CA. Divine Mother Father God open the event. After Lords Sanat Kumar and Metatron give us a better understanding of the rebirth we are undergoing, Lord Adama of Telos gives a short message of gratitude. A very important teaching and Light Language Attunement.

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March 17  ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Allowing For More” – The 24 Elders That Surround The Throne Of Grace lead us into new understandings of how they bring the 12 Rays of God to enable us to allow our soul and life-stream to now become one Being of Light. The Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God open the energies of each Ray to be in the Temple as Yamtaleaas explains that this is the exact energy we need within the Full Moon and Equinox.

March 16 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY –Identifying Balance” – We once again go to the Etheric Fifth Dimensional New Earth of Terra Christa. This is Grandmother moon in her full essence of bringing forth the balancing the Physical self with the Spiritual Self as Picies . We hear from the Native Elders, No-Eyes and a blessing from Great White Buffalo Calf Woman to assist us in purging what is required to move forward and prepare for the Spring Equinox Doorway.

March 12 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~  “Allowing Actualization” – The Golden Etheric City of Sasaleus is the 3rd Ray of Creative Actualization or Intelligent Actualization (Pink Flame). We visit the city with AA Chamuel and Charity as they allow us to understand and feel the energies. Lord Adama fist speaks about how we can understand actualization through conscious acceptance of where we are now in relation to December of 2012.

March 10 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Actualization – The Great Divine Director is the teacher in the temple. First we hear from Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun bring in all the energies of the Rays that we can resonate with individually to use them to ground our frequencies. The Great Divine Director teaches us about the necessity of actualizing any shifts in our frequency through physical ceremony as he explains the importance of ding so.

March 5 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~  “The Illuminated One” – We visit the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah/Malton, the city of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom as we visit with the Archangels. Lord Adama first speaks about the constant requirement to readjust within your circumstances to always illuminate the self for balance. AA Jophiel and Christine bring us to the temple of the Divine Illumination to enjoy the energies and assist us.

March 3 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Waves of Light – Master Einstein is our guest speaker. He, along with Divine Mother Father God, bring us the most vibrational set of divine Language Light Coding through Meleriessee that we have ever experienced. In this teaching we are told these “Light Waves” will assist greatly in preparing us for the energies this month [spring equinox, full moon, and moving us toward the WESAK festivals.]

February 26 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ Being The Blue Flame” – With Lord Adama we visit the Golden Etheric City of Goloneiah/Gobean which represents the Blue Ray of Will and Power. Lord Adama speaks about the path of Mastery requiring the ability to continually break through our obstacles. This is the courage of the Blue Flame. We go to the Temple of the Archangels and are giving a teaching by AA Michael and his counterpart AA Faith as they imbue within us our own Power using the Blue flame using the Divine Light Language.

February 24  ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Bringing in Light Codes” – Our guest speaker is Master Thoth who along with The Cosmic Great Central Sun introduce another level of Divine Language Light Codes for us to both feel the Higher Frequencies but also ground them at the same time. First we learn about the ability to “safecheck” our level of awareness. Master Thoth is (along with The Great Divine Director and Master Albert Einstein) the head of the Unified Whole Command so his teaching is very powerful in this audio.

February 19 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Flying with the Magic” – Visit to Fronlamm/Wahanee with Elohim Master Arcturus and Victoria to experience the 7th Ray of Creating Magic by Accessing Purification of the Self. Lord Adama first speaks of the discipline needed to hold a higher frequency as we are learning to do. We then go to the Garden of Transformation with the Elohim Masters to experience the deeper essence of the purple violet ray within the magical elements of the waters and mountains of the city as we receive special gifts and the Light Language Codes.

February 17 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~  “Walking with the Rays in Ceremonial Magic” – In the final Ray Chohan Teachings of the Seven Rays, we are blessed with Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun offer us a full understanding of our true ability to walk in transformation.  Saint Germain and Lady Portia both bring us a teaching and more Divine Light Language codes to not only assist but have us experience our divine purpose using the 7th Ray as both the key to releasing our personal gifts to Gaia and humanity, but to create sacred space within.

February 15 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY – “Reflecting Through Others” – Ceremony is a powerful event to incorporate into our lives. We explore the energies of the moon of Leo with the sun of Aquarius representing our personal vs impersonal feelings and thoughts to create a balance between both Leo of the Self and Aquarius of the Group consciousness. We hear messages from the Native Energies and Light Codes from Grandmother/Grandfather and then No-Eyes and Great White Buffalo Calf Woman.

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February 12 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Feeling Divine Love” – This is a unique experience, feeling Divine Love, as it requires one to allow the surrendering to the Higher Essence. Lord Adama talks about how it is the Higher Self that is the mechanism of that doorway. We visit the Golden City of the 6th Ray, Inner Devotion and learn from Elohim Masters Peace & Aloha about using the Ruby Red & Gold with the Pink Orange and the Magenta to then feel the full force of Divine Love, a love that is the essence of Peace within.

February 10 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The Magnetic & Electric – This week we are doing a deeper expereince into the Ruby Red and Gold of the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion. Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun introduce the lesson as Lady Nada and Lord Sananda all allow us to feel the deep peace and understanding from the Higher Essence.

February 8 ~ LORD ASHTAR – The February 8, 2014 Teaching / Light Group Gathering – Lord Ashtar emphasized why we each need to raise our vibration first before doing this high frequency energy work to effect correct change within Gaia.
[ Comment from Mike: this recording is almost an hour and we know not all those who call themselves the Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Torchbearers, Awakened or Enlightened ones are currently able to allow themselves to be in a role where they accept the deeper responsibility of doing that Light work. We know it requires devoting such an amount of time, effort and energy to carry out this practice. In time we hope this will change and more will be able to clear themselves of the lower dimensional frequencies that hold so many in distraction, and even judgement and fear.  As Lord Ashtar asks us in this teaching, “allow yourself to just experience”.  Divine Light Code Language brings frequencies of Light into our physical domain, something that we do not understand, and are not used to doing. For many, the lower mind interprets the experience and, since it is unusual, classifies it as strange and therefore uncomfortable. And this is why there still exists many forms of lower frequencies upon Gaia: because we are comfortable with them even while a part of us wants them to go away. It takes work however to make change occur, and we ask all who are even a tiny bit drawn to this level of work, to go farther and access that deeper level of responsibility.  ]

February 5 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “Using the Crystalline Emerald Green and Gold” – Lord Adama speaks eloquently about how we are experiencing a pathway that is one our Soul desires even though the physical body finds it challenging to accept. We go to the Golden Etheric City of the 5th of Scientific Knowledge, Valenkahah, the city of Revelations, to bring the elements into the physical body that need more balance. With Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, we go to a crystal cave where we ground the energies of the Crystalline, Emerald Green and Gold. The Crystalline represents our Higher Self, the Emerald Green our physical, and the Gold represents the power of lending them with the Christ Consciousness.

February 3 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Understanding the Scientific Ray – Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun  and Master Hilarion open the 2nd month of 2014 by bringing in the Divine Light Language Codes at a new level of depth we were not ready to receive before. The White with the Green and Gold is the Ray that cannot be comprehended with the lower mind. We learn that the mastery path requires us to first know that we can only know from the Divine Mind.

January 29 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT ~ “The Blue Lightning of Divine Love” – Shashwam (Klema) is the Golden Etheric City of the Crystalline Ray, the 4th of Harmony and Balance. Lord Adama shares with us that as we enter the second New Moon of this first month of January, this rare occurrence is as much about what to expect in 2014 as well as prepare us for being able to balance such swift changes in our lives. Elohim Purity & Astrea gift us with experiencing the direct energy of their Blue Lightening through the Divine Light Language Codes  Meleriessee brings to us to clear away what is not in balance with our four body system .


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  1. Dear Meleriessee and Mike.
    Thank you for the radio show last week. It reaffirmed that I need to make peace with my family. I haven`t wanted to spend time with them and I have only seen them three times in the last 11 years They really aren`t very pleasant to be with and I have found it difficult to be with them. My family taught me who I didn`t want to be.
    But it is time to make peace with everyone including them and I know I am now strong enough to be with them and be unaffected by them, and stand there in all my beauty, love, wisdom and peace. I know it`s time for me to set the example of Love and Wisdom and to expect this to set the tone of my relationship with them.
    Great things can come from healing these relationships. It will free me.
    Love to you both Lynette

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