A timeless message from Lord Adama on the use of drugs (marijuana, etc.)

Lord Adama drug use (1)

Lord Adama on drug use (2)

Lord Adama on drug use
Excerpted – Aurelia Lousie Jones – http://www.mslpublishing.com/products/Effects-of-Recreational-Drugs-on-Spiritual-Development-.html

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One thought on “A timeless message from Lord Adama on the use of drugs (marijuana, etc.)”

  1. Hello The words from Lord Adama are interesting, I have had a number of young people coming to me for healing over the past weeks who have serious drug addictions.

    The are saying that they use to be able to take drugs and still appear to live a normal life, they say they can`t do that anymore, everything is falling apart.

    Just as has been said, everything within us that does not serve us will not sit there quitely, and this is what I am seeing with clients who have addictions.

    It`s good they are coming to heal themselves, I hope all will take the path of healing.

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