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journalKeep logs and charts of your spiritual development as you would keep an accounting of your budget and taxes or your exercise plan.

This is a very important task to consider doing.  If you are not already doing so, think about setting some time each day and write down your goals, how you achieved them, if you did not achieve them, how you felt, and the reaction you have within yourself.  We truly do not understand ourselves completely until we take a personal inventory.

Meleriessee utilized this technique for many years.  She had a notebook binder with different divisions for her health, affirmations, thoughts of the day, huna prayers, and personal channeling messages.  It does not mean that she wrote in each section each day but at least one area.

It will also help to put your spiritual practice under consideration just as much as the other tasks that need to be done within your life.  It also assists in seeing the progress instead of trying to remember how far you have come in just one month’s time.

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