Frequency Update ~ October 21st through 28th, 2012

Planetary Level ~

This week we are transitioning the Sun Signs from Libra to Scorpio.  Within Libra there is balance or at least we try to create balance in our relationships, environments both personal and work related, and all interactions with others.  Moving into Scorpio is the essence of “I Want” which means that we are no longer ready to sit back and accept things for the sake of balance and harmony.  This also creates individuals to look more deeply within and get to the ‘heart’ of matters.  This can be a very intense time as we switch energies.  Let’s look at it as we take the balance of Libra and blend it with the intensity of Scorpio to be the peace-maker but yet not allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of in any situation.

We are also preparing for the Full Moon energies on October 29th which is right at the end of this cycle we are speaking about which will be in the sign of Taurus representing “taking care of ourselves”.  Take time this week in preparation for this moon cycle as we always have a tendency to feel the energies before each cycle begins.  We will be facilitating a Full Moon Ceremony on Walking Terra Christa on Monday evening, 5 PM Pacific.

Solar Flare Alert ~ The Earth is being hit with an X-Flare starting on October 23rd which is expected to be felt in Asia and Australia although it may be the result of more solar flares coming which has been the norm in the past few days.  So if you are feeling tired, dizzy, irritable, and not just YOU, then you know you are changing through this process of renewal.  Take time to rest, take cleansing baths and showers, meditate, and connect with your Highest Presence to assist in the process.

Cosmic Level ~

The energies this week encompass all that has been written and so much more.  Each passing week gives each initiate a perspective of a deeper reality that is currently being presented to them, and we ask you to look at your thoughts and feelings this week.  It will serve you on a higher purpose to acknowledge what needs to be looked at to clear and what elements need to be embraced for your higher pathways about to enfold.

Each passing moment of this year that is remaining is truly that statement “passing moments”.  They are moving quickly with the pace of the clock ticking in the background as each of you are preparing through your Higher Self’s and your physical bodies to be in full alignment.  Each moment is crucial to these elements that will occur within your reality.

We say these words with great conviction because we want each of you to understand the process of continuance that you are going through to support these moments of change.  It is no mistake that you are having fears arise or feelings that you did not think you still had.  They are a pure reflection of your energies shifting into the higher essence that you are incorporating within your full body system.  We urge you to take these moments and go deeper with each reflection.  If something comes up that makes your feel uneasy within yourself, then that is a reflection that you must take time to understand.  It is arising for a reason within your consciousness to prepare you for the next step of your evolution.

Please know that everything you say and do, how you act, what you are feeling, and experiencing within your life are the mere reflections of what needs to be accepted or removed.  You, the maker of your destiny, must make these decisions within yourself in preparation for the next phases that are occurring.

In essence this is exactly what you are going through with changes, fluctuations, and energy shifts either through your own inner work or with the assistance of the activations that are occurring within the Earth.  Many new individuals are awakening unto these energies which are going to make them feel very uncomfortable within their physical bodies.  This past week with 10-21-12 was an Activation Day to assist individuals who need to be awakened more to the reflections within themselves.  Many senior members of initiation are beyond these frequencies as they are holding the Light to pass through them unto the Ones that need to accelerate themselves in a new and different way so each of these smaller activations are assisting in the Planetary Awareness of seeing the world in a new and different way.

This week shall be another preparatory stage for the Full Moon energies as these activations occur to remove the inner layers within the Cellular Memory to fully accept their I AM Presence more actively within their physical existence, but it cannot be done without seeing the Inner Reflection.  This is the dichotomy of the present state of awareness.  In the first stage an individual feels different, full of love energies, and allowing that essence to flow through them.  Then, in the next stage the love energies intertwine within the lower essence to fully reflect within the individual.  So at first, there is a surge like being in Love with Oneself; and then, that loves grows into the areas that need assistance.  So the old energies can arise out of the system to be purified within the four-bodies of Physical, Etheric Emotional, and Mental so the Full Body system can be acquired.

This process is important and should not be ignored.  Trying to mask the lower feelings with the higher feelings will only allow them to be hidden deeper into the cellular structure until one day it will burst open into flames of anger, hurt, and deep depression.  We share this information as this is what is happening to many individuals upon the planet.  We must not mask the feelings, but allow them to surface and be purified into the Oneness of Creation that You Are.

This is the week to prepare for this stage as with the onset of the next full moon on October 29th, 2012 the frequencies of this purging will go to deeper levels than ever felt before.  Each week the vibrational level of the Earth is shifting into a new paradigm of frequency and it cannot be measured in terms of how to deal with it until it arrives.

This is the week to fully acknowledge the depth of what you are NOT and change it into WHO YOU ARE.  It is not an easy process; this we know.  But in so doing, you will be preparing yourself for more acceleration upon the event of 12-21-12.

It is our time to walk with each other and you have chosen to be the Way shower upon this Planet.  The process of initiation and acceleration is not easy to handle, but you would not be reading these words if you were not ready.

We walk by your side each moment of your rebirth unto the New Earth.

We are the Unified Whole Command,

I AM the Great Divine Director at your Service

So Mote It Be, We Are One!

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