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by Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), along with various psychics, prophets, channels and seers, foretold (and still foretell) of potential EARTH CHANGES that are directly related to the coming of a NEW AGE upon Mother Earth. A researcher of the information forecasted by these many sources will quickly find various scenarios and happenings spanning varying degrees of land mass alterations, changes and/or catastrophes, much of which is contradictory between sources.

The existence of such contradictions does not mean the information is false, nor does focusing on any one source mean it is true. The discrepancies exist for many reasons. The primary reason is we are a mass consciousness of humanity that has freedom of will. Little changes within our conscious energy field can have massive positive results, or alternatively, if we collectively are failing to make much change within ourselves, we are passively acknowledging that we are in acceptance of whatever needs to occur on the physical plane to force us to change.

Cayce himself had said we always have the power to avoid earth catastrophes of any level. In those days he referred to it as the power of prayer, of tapping into that connection to God. In our work, we refer to it as our core essence as Divine Eternal Beings who ARE ONE with the GOD FORCE through the Journey of the Soul into Full Remembrance, which is the deepest form of prayer one can accomplish.

The NEW EARTH is indeed going to have GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES OF LIGHT. These cities have been referred to 2000 years ago in Biblical terms as “the Land of Milk and Honey”, which was a reference to vast abundance of two items that were considered delicacies in those times. In our modern days of 1989, the I AM AMERICA organization foresaw 5 of these cities within North America. Well known channel Ronna Herman who works with Archangel Michael’s messages said in 2010 that “You [humanity] have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you can gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light.

Another popular channel Michael Quinsey has said: “The Cities of Light of which you are now becoming aware, will give you a sample of what it is like in the higher dimensions. Yet they are more in the nature of Healing Centres specifically prepared to help you raise your consciousness levels. You will take the fast track to remove all the vestiges of your present dimension that have kept you within it.” (Sept. 2, 2011.) A year later he had this to add: “There will be ample facilities, including the Cities of Light, where you can be healed as you are to be fully restored to a prime condition. Eventually you will also be able to reverse the aging process and return to a youthful appearance, and so it will go on until you become a Galactic Being. All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positively about them and you will be helping to manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for.” (Sept. 19, 2012).

As Quinsey noted, these Golden Etheric Cities are “healing centers for your consciousness”. Basically what the information is telling us is an emphasis on “consciousness”. Many people simply hear such words and take away the “healing” part and do not consider what the “consciousness” part means, instead feeling it will be something like a free healing clinic. This is not correct.

Louise L. Hay has written and spoken for many years on the topic of dis-ease in the body being directly related to our state of being stating, “I wish the children could be taught early on that our thinking creates our experience.” This is the higher dimensional pathway for healing, and is what Quinsey meant. The Etheric Golden Cities will be centers for learning how to heal all parts of ourselves, not just the physical.

We accomplish this by doing the inner work of self-awareness in our ‘consciousness’ to remove elements within us that have, over eons of time, kept our existence in states of dis-ease or dis-harmony. In short, it is purely about doing inner work just as all the great spiritual Masters have been telling us for those same eons of time.

What form does that INNER WORK take to create this healing? In our Academy teachings, we have spent the last four years tapping directly into exactly what the NEW AGE of the NEW EARTH is all about so that you don’t need to sort through the varied sources out there and patch together an understanding. We have done that for you. We actually visit these cities in our conscious awareness so that we can receive the healing we need. As AA Michael, in speaking about the New Earth, has stated through channel Linda Dillon, “That is a very concrete reality and there are many of you out there who are very conscientiously building and working daily with the Cities of Light. Do not think this is simply a pipe dream, it is not and you are seeing the fruits of this.” (Sept. 8, 2012).

Because of the importance of this work, we are releasing a pre-release set of audio teachings from our conscious meditative journey visits to the GOLDEN ETHERIC NEW EARTH CITIES. What occurs in these teachings is rather profound. We are given a vision of what the CITIES look like currently (as they are also in a process of being built and expanded). We then hear from a Being that has a major stake in having the upper earth citizens raise their consciousness (Lord Adama of Telos, capitol city High Priest of the Inner Earth Agartha Network of Cities), so that the Inner Earth citizens can once again walk on the upper earth with their brother and sisters of GAIA. Next the Spiritual Masters and Light Beings, such as AA Michael, instruct us regarding how we can learn to assist ourselves within these cities. Finally, in each teaching journey throughout the transmission, we always receive the higher frequencies that have our Light Bodies learn to shift and accept higher dimensional energies within our full body system (of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies) so that it is not just about an informational teaching.

Originally the information received by the I AM AMERICA* organization related five (5) cities, their approximate etheric location above the surface of the earth, and the qualities that city would assist us in achieving. They stated the Five Golden City Vortices of The United States are: 1.) Gobean: Arizona and New Mexico; Qualities: Transformation, Harmony, and Peace. 2.) Malton: Illinois and Indiana; Qualities: Fruition (fructification), Attainment 3.) Wahanee: Georgia and South Carolina; Qualities: Justice, Liberty, and Freedom 4.) Shalahah: Montana and Idaho; Qualities: Abundance, Prosperity, Healing. And 5.) Klehma: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska; Qualities: Continuity, Balance, and Harmony.

We now know that there are 22 GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES that have many more qualities than first understood. These cities of Light in fact each relate specifically to the 22 RAYS OF GOD, as each city is organized to bring forth the entirety of healing from a specific Ray (or Flame). Light, as we know, is a vibrational frequency, and each of the 22 Rays is given from the God Force to assist us in balancing and elevating our full consciousness in specific areas of our existence, in short: raising our frequency.

. . . From the Etheric City that I AM presently serving in with certain Members of the Great White Brotherhood, We are releasing specialized Rays of Comfort, Peace and Healing for the wounds of this dear planet and her evolutions. It is such a Joyous Experience to be able to see, as the result of your Decrees, the instantaneous Manifestations of Perfection brought about by the Light Rays We send forth to do your and Our bidding, knowing that that Light of God cannot fail! – 1959; Godfrey Ray King/Guy Ballard (author of the I AM DISCOURSES) through messenger Mark Prophet.

We have also learned that the names of the Cities are also more complex than first thought. For example Gobean, the earthly term for the first city, is known spiritually as Goloneiah. It is the City of the Blue Ray and is not just overlighted by AA Michael, but his counterpart, AA Faith; as well as the Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia. Most importantly one of the main teachers of this city is Ascended Master El Morya, the current Ray Chohan of the Blue Flame. His role is to assist us to fully understand the WILL TO DO which is the main quality of the Blue Ray that is required in order to bring about changes within us.

If you are interested in using our teachings to assist you in understanding and incorporating the healing that can occur in these Golden Cities of Light, we now have a pre-release set of audio teachings of our visits to these cities. It is only being offered for a limited time at a deeply discounted pre-release exchange rate until we can edit the recordings. NOTE: It is a pre-release because these are raw unedited audio format files. If you are one who simply desires the knowledge and frequencies of the teachings, (and are not annoyed from the lower mental mind’s control mechanisms of the imperfection of extraneous noises that can be found in live recordings), than these audio files could be for you. This is a limited time offer.
Teaching Set consist of six (6) audio recordings of a total duration of over 7 hours. The first five audio recordings are from our New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light Teachings about the Golden Cities of Light. The sixth audio is from our Clarion Temple of Oneness teaching with Divine Mother Father God and guest speaker Maha Chohan Lord Saint Germain.
♦  “The Blue Star” – Golden Etheric City of Goloneiah (Gobean) with Ray Chohan Master El Morya – Visit to the Golden Etheric city of Goloneiah (Gobean), the 1st Ray of Will and Power with Ray Chohan Master El Morya. With Lord Adama we learn that this Ray has now anchored fully into the New Earth and the importance of working with it at this new level. El Moyra takes us to the Temple of the Seven Pointed Star. We each look at the aspects of how we need the assistance of the Blue Ray most in this very important attunement.  Duration approximately 1 hour 17 minutes.
  “Being The Blue Flame” – Golden Etheric City of Goloneiah/Gobean with Archangels Michael and Faith – Lord Adama leads us to the Golden Etheric City of Goloneiah/Gobean which represents the Blue Ray of Will and Power. Lord Adama speaks about the path of Mastery requiring the ability to continually break through our obstacles. This is the courage of the Blue Flame. We go to the Temple of the Archangels and are giving a teaching by AA Michael and his counterpart AA Faith as they imbue within us our own Power using the Blue flame using the Divine Light Language. Duration approximately 1 hour 17 minutes.
♦  Actualizing the Initiations” Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah (Malton) with Ray Chohan Master Kuthumi (now Lord Kuthumi) Our first revisit to Malton/Malancheiah since 2011. We meet with Master Kuthumi in the city of the Golden Pyramid of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom. Lord Adama initiates the energies by referring to the past teachings about balance and awareness of ones progress and how easy it is to not see the changes, and therefore not integrate them before bringing in new energies. Master Kuthumi goes through the understanding of the initiations with Lord Melchizedek and Metatron so we can fully actualize our present level. Duration approximately 1 hour 21 minutes.
♦  Essence of the Pink Flame Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus with Elohim Masters Heros and Amora – We use the deeper elements of what the 3rd Ray of God, the Pink Flame represents in this visit to the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus. Lord Adama first speaks about this ray’s qualities for us and our pathway of mastery within our lives. Duration approximately 1 hour.
♦  Clearing to Create” – Golden Etheric City of Shashwam (Klehma) with Archangels Gabriel and Hope – This visit to the City of the 4th Ray we enjoy the purging frequencies of AA Gabriel & Hope to bring us even deeper into our divine Harmony & Balance that we are resurrecting within. Prior to our visit Lord Adama gives heartfelt advice on Preparedness as he acknowledges that the next few months will be ones of great transition for all. (Advice that is still relevant today). Duration approximately 1 hour 17 minutes.
♦  Mastery Begins at Home”  –  Maha Chohan Saint Germain – A teaching from the Clarion Temple of Oneness – The Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God assists us to bring in each of the first 7 Rays to demonstrate the foundations of mastership. Maha Chohan St. Germain speaks about our own ability to direct the transformation of Gaia by using the first 7 Rays. All the Ray Chohans and Spiritual Masters join in the Temple to use this occasion to thank each of us for working on ourselves with this work.  Duration approximately 1 hour 8 minutes.
NOTE: THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE EDITED SET IS $95.00 Normal Means (or $16 per teaching). THIS OFFER IS GREATLY REDUCED. We offer a sliding scale to best fit your situation. The MICROSOFT ONEDRIVE CLOUD (a free service) is used to immediately deliver the mp3 files.

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*References or quotes from non-WTC sources does not imply endorsement of any information not specifically referenced.

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