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Universal Law of Exchange – Our Terms of Exchange

Welcome to our website. As you can see we have a great deal of teachings and sessions to offer you.

Our site conforms to the Universal Laws of Exchange as best as we are able. The Universal Laws of Exchange for Spiritual Teachings are based on the Ancient practice of the Tithe. This was instituted so that each person could place a real value and a personal responsibility on their own learning.  It was a level that was 10% of the person’s earnings and showed that they placed a 10% value on doing their daily spiritual practice, (for the average person who sleeps 8 hours a night, that is about 1.5 hours per day of Spiritual Practice).

Tiered Exchange Levels

Since we offer many modern products, it would be complicated to figure out the appropriate Tithe amount for each person. Instead we have a Tiered Exchange Level that attempts to approximates what is the appropriate exchange. Here are the levels we typically use:

Normal Means – For those who have a typical modern lifestyle level of income.  (i.e.: Not on a fixed income, are able to entertain themselves by going out to movies or events, and/or shopping when they desire, can afford to take trips away from home, etc.)

Abundant Means – For those who live well-to-do in a modern lifestyle.  (i.e.: Can afford fine goods and services, travel frequently, dine out at fine restaurants, etc.)

High Net Worth – Those of greater wealth who own luxury goods and services, multiple homes, etc.

Modest Means – Those on fixed or limited incomes who have to track each daily expenditure.

We work with the Unified Whole and The Spiritual Hierarchy so we have asked them to access your Higher Self as your guide for the level at which you participate.  This is the most honorable and forthright way to comply with the Universal Law of Exchange so that you get the most benefit from our work.

For those who are not able to Tithe due to their circumstances, we do encourage you to make regular or occasional donations to support our work.

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