Telosian Ambassador Certification Program

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First off we ask you to reflect upon the deep impact that this program will have on humanity from those of you who are called to be energetic leaders of the New Earth. We along with Lord Adama and the Telosian Council of Light truly desire you to accelerate in your dedication to co-creating and anchoring these frequencies for all of humanity to be able to access.

The Telosian Ambassador program is open to anyone who has participated as an ongoing member of our Student Membership Teachings for at least 30 days. This is essential to make sure we are doing everything we can to assist the creation of more individual expertise and experience in gaining wisdom regarding what the New Earth will be like.

This is a rare opportunity to formally be inducted and initiated into becoming an official Telosian Ambassador acting in formal association with the Telosian Council of Light and the Inner/Hollow Earth leadership.  

The Telosian Ambassador role is very important within the creation and expansion of the Terra Christa energy grids and frequencies.  The Telosian Council of Light and Mikos of the Inner Earth City of Portho Logos have asked Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos to create and initiate with us this position of responsibility so that the 5th Dimensional Frequencies of the Inner Earth can be more fully anchored in the various geographical areas of the Upper Earth.

Attending one of our Journey Retreats in Mt. Shasta, CA is part of the requirements because this is a position requiring the initiate to diligently represent and hold the 5th Dimensional Frequency Grid in their own area. The energies must be physically intertwined in you from the physicality of the Telosians who are in the 5th Dimension within Mt. Shasta. These Journey Retreats are held a few times a year. For those new individuals enrolling in this program, attending at least one retreat within the first year of enrollment in the Level 1 Telosian Ambassador program  is required. (You do not have to attend a retreat prior to enrolling but must have the firm intention of doing so within the successive 12 months.)

Lord Adama, who is the High Priest of Telos, has been Mel and Mike’s personal guide for their own pathway for a decade. He has molded them into being Leaders for the New Earth consciousness by adapting to the Telosian way of living personally and within their living environment. This is a rigorous training effort as part of the true New Earth but quite required and very rewarding in unforeseen ways.

In 2012 Lord Adama asked Lightworkers to step up to the same challenge as Mel and Mike so that more individuals can affect a change. This program, along with the live Journey Retreat consists of accessing shamanic soulpath clearing, Inter-Galactic connections, and learning how to walk as an ascended being in the 5th dimensional state of consciousness does just that. This certification will consist of five levels which will each be accessed physically at each Level of Completion here in Mt. Shasta.

Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda GreenIn Adama’s words, “We need to start to vibrate the present earth of the 4th dimension into the 5th dimensional level around the globe.  This certification will give you, as the Ambassador, the ability to transform your personal life, environment, and the area that you are living in.  You will be taught how to live in the same world as we do in Telos, and will have direct access to our energies day and night.  We know that this comes with great responsibility as you will be asked to share your knowledge with others, but if you have a call within your Heart to expand this world into the New Earth, then it is time.  You will work directly under Meleriessee and Mike and be part of their community that they have already established.  We give you this opportunity through them as we feel it is time to be more fully active within your pathways.  If you feel this call unto you, then it has been deemed appropriate to step forward.”

Telosian Ambassador, Level One

  • Benefits
    • Learn how to live fully in love, grace, and acceptance with the assistance of the Telosian Council and being assigned a Telosian Guide to work with you either through meditation, your dream state, or conscious awareness.
    • Will be given an open doorway to Telos through a special area that has been designated for Walking Terra Christa participants.
    • Lord Adama, St Germain and the Beings of the Team of Light will be at your disposal.
    • You will learn how to create your 5th dimensional environment, teach others to do so, and assist your present location by conducting grid-work ceremonies.
    • Will be assigned a New Earth Golden City (of the first seven) to work with the energies, the Masters and Light Beings that are associated with that Ray, and assist in healing the 3rd/4tth dimensional level of earth geographically.
    • Will be taught how to create grids on the Etheric Level for your designated city.

This first level represents your awareness of your own initiations and moving that into a role of 5th Dimensional stewardship, sharing it with Gaia in your location, and preparing for more Telosians to co-habitate with us. A “Level” in this program does not equate to a calendar year as it all depends on our collective ability to advance.  As Lord Adama had stated to us during the first year, this program is to be taken in the context of a “startup venture” meaning we would not know how well it was working until we dove in and began.

There is no other program like this upon the planet. Moving into the second year, we learned a great deal about how 3rd Dimensional beings seeking to raise their vibrations into accessing the 5th Dimension are able to interact and engage within these energies of a more focused personal responsibility. Currently it is  “Level One” is  a multi-year process much the same way that preparing to be an important leader of higher responsibilities in the old “3D” world requires more than a year or two of experience.

As you have no doubt already experienced, much of the New Earth Mastery Teachings stretch the four body system to reach into very new types of dimensional awareness. The lower mental mind, and the 3D lifestyle often act to keep you from the fullest experience whereas this program assists you to obtain the higher frequencies that open up your awareness.

  •  Responsibilities
    • Upon enrollment, you are taking a serious oath with Lord Adama through Mel and Mike to assist in creating the New Earth frequencies. This self declared oath must be taken as an earnest and genuine responsibility which is not done lightly.
    • First, to fully create your 5th dimensional state of consciousness, then your environment, and sharing with others how to do so. We work in an accelerated manner above and beyond the other Academy Students to insure progression in the Ascension Mastery Initiations.
    • Grid work is a necessary component; you will be taught by Mel and Mike through example how to do so at the retreat starting with your own local living space.
    • Your assignment to one of the seven Golden Cities is a requirement in which you will be asked to fully understand what the city is about, how it can help others, and working with the geographic areas of the city. (You will switch assigned cities every program quarter).
    • Monthly conference call with Lord Adama, along with Mel and Mike to talk about status updates, both physically and spiritually about what is occurring.
    • A monthly group conference with your fellow Ambassadors.
    • A Total time commitment of about 10 hours each month of study and conference interaction.

Due to our collective experience in the initial year, year 2 has a focus on accomplishing more in depth areas of learning. We have specific guidelines that will help fine-tune the program for each person. Some of the guidelines will be to utilize the decree for the first week, then utilize the meditations, visit the city and talk with the over-lighting Beings, sitting within the temple, utilizing the Ray through vibrational chanting, etc.

The format includes using the Telosian Way* teaching program so that each Ambassador can continually access the process of going deeper within themselves as they utilize the Ray and Frequency of each City.
* This program is provided to each WTC Academy student member upon enrollment.

In addition we assign cities to each participant to work within along with a study partner. We meet in a group conference once a month. Prior to that meeting each pair of study partners will have a conference meeting between themselves to assist each other in gaining feedback and a better understanding of what they have experienced.

We expect to spend about 4 months working with each City before we switch to another. Every person may not end up working within the same City but study partners will always be within the same City.

  • Requirements
    • In taking the actions required for Enrollment as a Telosian Ambassador you consciously request the Telosian Council of Light and Lord Adama (along with the other Inner-Earth Masters) be authorized fully to work with you in your wakeful, meditative and sleep states to prepare you and coach you for this role.
    • Willing to step fully into your Fifth Dimensional power.
    • Utilizing a crystal (of your own) that will be attuned through Lord Adama, the Rays of God, and your I AM Presence activated within the crystal.  Please bring the crystal with you when you attend a Journey Retreat.
    • Accessing the New Earth Consciousness of Light Golden Etheric City teachings and the Telosian Way of Being* teaching series.
    • Walking into the 4th Level of Initiation, moving into the initiations of the 5th, 6th, and beyond.
    • Studying the first 7 Rays of God.
    • Learning to be fully integrated with all four bodies of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
    • Willing to move beyond your present awareness and access your I AM Presence.


  1. Commitment to a Full Year of participation as a serious initiate desiring a formal role of stewardship upon the New Earth setting aside approximately 8 to 10 hours a month of additional study above and beyond the WTC Academy student member class requirements of a minimum of approximately 3 to 5 hours per week.
  2. The Firm Dedicated Intention to attend a Journey Retreat within the next 12 months to experience the physical frequency of the Telosians. (This is a one-time Level 1 requirement. Those who have already attended a retreat are not required to do so again at Level 1.)
  3. Devote 1 Hour Per Week to working with the City consciously and actively (includes the Decree, Meditation, and Telosian Way reference material). Visiting the City in the sleep state is to be done in addition to the conscious activity. You may break this one hour commitment into smaller time segments throughout the week if desired.
  4. (Optional) Discuss With Your Study Partner Once Per Month for 30 – 40 minutes per month. (Via phone or video conference. You may use a worldwide teleconference account for free at
  5. Lord Adama Conference Session is held normally once per month on the Second Saturday of the month. Meet with Lord Adama & Rev.’s Christine Meleriessee and Michale Ara to review progress. Each Ambassador is provided a report Format Study Guide that must be submitted a 3 days prior to the Monthly conference with Lord Adama. highlights from the report are shared by each ambassador. (Group conference meeting call is about 2 to 2.5 hours once a month).
  6. Group Conference Session is held once a month for only the Ambassadors (typically 2 weeks after the Lord Adama Session). Report and share your experiences within the City during the Group Conference giving approximately 10 minutes for each person to share individually. (Group conference meeting call is about 1 to 1.5 hours once a month).

Some themes and experiences to consider when giving your monthly report are listed here (you do not need to cover every suggestion listed here in your group report):

Initiating the Energies:

  • Describe how your connection with your Telosian Guide worked for you.
  • Have you worked with the Decree to feel the energies, and if so how has it helped you?

Connecting to the City:

  • How does the city feel to you physically; has it changed since you first started traveling to it?
  • Have you perceived how this city differs from the physical geographic area that it is over-lighting? Have you used the Golden Machete technique on the physical earth to help blend the energies along with the Ray frequencies?
  • How do you feel presently about the city?

Connecting to the Teachers of the City:

  • How do you feel about the Ray Chohan, Elohim, and Archangels? Describe your relationship with each of them separately.
  • Have you visited the temples of both the Chohan and the Elohim/Archangels? What has been your experience?

Connecting to the Changes:

  • Tell us specifically what changes have resulted; work up a complete description of the internalization of the ray within your life as you experienced it.
  • What is your present overall personal experience with this program and how is it affecting your life/present pathway of light?


We meet via conference system normally on the SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH at 12:30 PM PACIFIC TIME (which is 3:30 PM Eastern) and UTC -8 (during standard time). These meetings occur regularly at least 10 times throughout the year and may be occasional rescheduled to another Saturday during the month to accommodate retreat or holiday periods.

If you are not already an ongoing Student Member, you must join as a STUDENT MEMBER FIRST and be in the WTC Academy training for 30 days prior to being accepted into the Telosian Ambassador Program.

A live conferencing system (audio or video) interview with Mel and Mike and Lord Adama may be required. If required it will be scheduled after you make the Initial Exchange Commitment as listed in Step 1. below.

Here is the financial exchange procedure for this program.

This is a two step process which is in addition to any responsibilities and enrollment exchange requirements for being an active WTC Academy Student Member.

STEP 1. – First, for everyone enrolling the Initial Exchange Commitment starts at $133**. This places you into the program and shows that you are committed to this endeavor. It is a one-time applicant fee to be accepted into the program as a material demonstration of your level of seriousness. This Initial Exchange is not required again unless you withdraw and then re-enter the program. [**$133 is for those of modest & normal means; we are asking those of abundant means or higher to contribute a more supportive amount to this program].

STEP 2. – Second, a Monthly Dues Exchange payments of $25** to start with your first group conference. (**$25 is for modest and normal means exchange). This ongoing exchange subscription is due every month as part of being in this program as a demonstration of your ongoing commitment to the time and dedication required, as well as demonstrating your appreciation for the program itself and for the time and effort provided by Mel and Mike.

INITIAL ANNUAL ENROLLMENT: Due at enrollment (or re-enrollment).


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