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This Self Study Audio Download MP3 series covers all aspects of what it means to Awaken your Soul upon Earth and know that there is more to life than most believe. There are certain soul’s who know they are here to be the change they want to see in the world, to shift mass consciousness and co-create not just a better world, but a world where Global Peace, cooperation and outright compassion and responsibility towards all life on this planet is actually achieved in our lifetime.

These souls accept that they are here to be of Service to Humanity through sharing their own unique gifts, but also through encouraging and honoring the gifts of others.

They first understand that nothing can be created until they themselves have broken through their own illusions and perceptions of weaknesses before they can lead another.

These are the souls who are the Chelas, the Initiates, the reborn members of the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light who in prior timelines have stood steadfast and strong in their conviction to uphold the Law of One, striven for and fought for true Unity and Wholeness for all God’s Beings.

Lord Melchizedek himself is the Master Teacher for this unique series from Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery as he is the expert on the Path of the Initiate for an Ascended Master.

This is “The Great Work” that all Soul’s who desire to return to their True Essence must undertake. In this comprehensive 4-part course will cover the history of Humanity and the Light, why the Path of the Initiate was created, and how Humanity is uniquely qualified as Members of the Galactic Races to bring to Creation something that no other pathway can achieve.

Guest speaker teachings from Master Vywamus, Archangel Michael, the Creative Source of Oneness, Divine Mother Father God, and Saint Germain are also included. Each session is between 90 to 120 minutes in duration. The live event included a group Q & A session with Lord Melchizedek at the end of Lesson 4 that is very helpful.

This self study series also comes with the option to book a 30 minute session with Lord Melchizedek at a reduced rate. (Please Note: see this link for additional session preparation requirement instructions.)

Lessons covered include:

  • 1st Lesson: Is Earth A School?
    “Father Mel” covers many topics of understanding why we incarnate on earth in order to be here to work through the initiations. We visit his Golden Ascension Chamber for assistance and Master Vywamus lectures on our personal relationship of the dark and the light.
  • 2nd Lesson: The Path of The Lightworker: What Was Is Now Again
    Lord Melchizedek leads us on a special multidimensional connection to re-experience our origins as Beings of Light so that, as Lightworkers/Torchbearers upon the New Earth we can access those parts of ourselves that bring us the full ability to be in this role. Both Lord Michael (Archangel Michale) and the Creative Source of Oneness transmit teachings as well as Divine Mother Father God, all representing the levels of existence from formlessness through physicality.
  • 3rd Lesson: The Initial Initiations: Attempting To Shine Through
    In this lesson Lord Melchizedek brings forth the challenges faced within attaining the first 3 initiations in regards to each body of the emotional, mental and physical/etheric. He points out the soul’s acceptance of doing the mastery pathway in relation to the free will of the physical, and how it relates to the creation of the New Earth now. We return to the 24th Dimension to the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek to experience a special opening of the energies in Divine Light Encoding and also receive a teaching from the MahaCohan Saint Germain.
  • 4th Lesson: The Highest Hurdle: Accessing Your Higher Self in the Fourth Initiation
    In the final lesson of this four part series, we are guided by Meleriessee to access each of the 22 Rays combined with several Ascension Decrees. This made the teaching a tool in itself, as doing so prepared us even more for our visit to the Golden Ascension Temple to accelerate our initiations. We receive another special message from the MahaChohan of the first 7 Rays, Saint Germain, who speaks about what it truly means to reach the fourth initiation. Lord Melchizedek’s lesson is very relevant as he underscores the aspects of our personal intentions, the level of understanding we currently have gained, and the immense level of assistance we have from the Spiritual Hierarchy in reaching our initiations. This session also included the Q&A though the vast majority of attendees did not have any questions by the time we opened the line as the attunements and Light Language Codes were very strong. [Note: our internet service went down during the first minute of the call so we switched to using the phone. There is a blank section during the opening energies.]

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Chose Your Financial Means Level (Click here to see which level you are financially on our sliding scale.)



Chose Your Financial Means Level (Click here to see which level you are financially on our sliding scale.)
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