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We love to support you in discovering how to properly and correctly raise your vibration to accept a Fifth Dimensional creation. To do this work, we at Walking Terra Christa require earthly support as One Family of Light to bring forth these unique teachings.

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We are in service to each of you who read our articles and experience our teachings. You are our source of earthly compensation. If just 11 people a day took a moment to donate $11 it would make a significant impact on easing our daily expenses. 10,000 of you read our articles each month but during the year 2015, we only received 23 donations for the whole year.  Please consider making a recurring donation by checking the box on the donate form if you also feel our work is vitally important to humanity. You may also take a look at the other support options below.

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Receive the following each month as one of our Partner Members. All Partner Members not only receive the MP3 AUDIO TEACHINGS at the end of each month, they also formally receive entry into the Walking Terra Christa Inner Plane Ascended Masters Teaching Academy as well as the rights and benefits granted by the Unified Whole Command for being an ongoing part of these teachings.

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Each month listen to on average at least 6 (but sometimes up to 10) hours of High Frequency Meditation Teachings. At normal means that is under $8 per teaching hour which is universally affordable by anyone and everyone.

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Contributing Partner Members receive two (2) Audio MP3 selection from our private Academy Student Member Teaching Meditations each month.
This level is to assist in a very real way in the transmissions of our teachings to the public for the ongoing free monthly teachings, articles and transcripts of our Academy teachings including the New Earth Frequency updates.

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