Learning How to Receive the Chalice of Divine Love ~ Wesak 2017

The Festival of Wesak arrives on May 10th, 2017 which means this two-week period before the full moon is essential for each of us as Initiates on the Mastery Pathway to prepare for these energies. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden shares some tips on how to prepare for the upcoming energies.

It is important to realize that if you are aware of what you are experiencing in your pathway, like your emotional feelings and mental thoughts and how they affect your daily life, then you will be able to have a more powerful experience for the Wesak Moon.

This year we are being blessed with the Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence representing the Pink Flame to become grounded into the core of Gaia.

This means that that Spiritual Hierarchy has decided it was time for the Earth to fully be able to incorporate this flame within the structures of the planet, the outer and inner dimensions of the Earth so that all kingdoms would be able to receive this light frequency. To read more about how the Pink Flame is the focal point of Wesak 2017, please see our blog: About Wesak and the Pink Flame.

As Wesak represents the infusion of the highest light arriving into the planet, it makes perfect sense of why the Pink Ray will be the focus of this magnificent event. We also want to make sure the other rays are grounded within the earth also. We cannot forget about how important these elements are for humanity to actually realize the potential they have to hold these frequencies within themselves and within Gaia.

This is the most magnificent Festival of Lights that Earth has experienced. Preparation is necessary so that this flame can be held within the consciousness of all Lightworkers, Aspirants, Initiates, and World Servers.

So it is at this time it is important for each of us to truly reflect on our inner self, who we think we are and who we want to become. Having a concrete knowledge of the rays is essential and also understanding where you may be holding your energy within the initiation levels.

A 2nd degree Initiate is working within their Emotional Body – this is where the core work occurs of understanding who you thought you were is not you any more; it is about understanding your childhood fears or elements that may keep you stuck from moving forward. The emotional body needs to be open so that the Feminine Divine can flow more freely within as it connects to the Mental Body.

A 3rd degree Initiate is working within their Mental Body – this is when an initiate realizes the potential that their thoughts have within their life and desires to change them. It is also when a person comes to realize how they over rely on the mental mind of the masculine rather than the intuitive nature of the Feminine Divine in the way they deal with life. A person moving through this initiation starts to have movement toward self-mastery over their thoughts regarding the Mental Level.

A 4th degree Initiate steps into the world of renouncing their Personality. The initiate is tested for their convictions, how they live their life, and renouncing the old self to die completely.  It has to do with freedom from all self-interest and the renouncing of the personal life in the interest of a larger whole.

A 5th degree Initiate connects more fully to the Monad as the Higher Self becomes more fully grounded within the body. This takes great effort especially during the present times on Earth. The adept becomes more conscious of their Higher Self within their Physical Self.

A 6th degree Initiate is probably the most challenging physically to experience. This is when a person fully realizes the potential they have within themselves to make changes in their life; old forms of existence leave them, friends, work they have been involved with, sometimes family members in order for a higher level of existence realizing they have service to give in a new way. This level can take several years to get through depending on the consciousness that the person brings forth into their life.

A 7th degree Initiate now steps into the world of ascension in a new way. It brings forth a liberation as becoming a Mastery in the body and is only the beginning of a new way of existence.

Most lightworkers are still in the lower initiations of the second and third levels. Just because an individual has exhibited wonderful spiritual gifts does not mean they have acquired their ascension process. We must remember that this is Planetary Ascension – bringing forth the Higher Essence into the Physical Self which can be challenging in many ways. When an individual reaches into the 8th Initiation, they are stepping into higher levels of ascension. The planetary pathway has been experienced and now moves into the Cosmic levels from the Solar into the Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and then the Cosmic frequency of the 49th dimension. This process is like starting over into each new dimensional level, learning new ways of experiencing the higher realms within the physical self.

At this time, there are very few individuals that have achieved the 7th and beyond as it takes great diligence and concentration to allow the higher realms of light to be grounded. The process we are learning presently is to hold this light frequency physically so that we can walk as a master in the physical realm and create the New Earth to become a reality.

I have shared this knowledge as I think it is important for individuals to realize where they may be holding their initiation process. There are seven “sub-levels” within each Initiation which are considered major steps that represent lessons and acquiring the ability to ground that energy into the physical self. Utilize your Higher Self in meditation to get an understanding of where you may be holding your energies presently.

Take time to make an inventory list of how you perceive your life with its challenges.

Take a journey into your Emotional and Mental Bodies to see where you may stand with issues that you have been dealing with throughout your life. Put elements into wholeness but change your thought processes through affirmations. Work with the Rays of God to assist you to change what needs to be addressed in order for this Wesak event to be a positive experience within your full body system. This is the most powerful time to walk through changes and see yourself as a New Being of Light. (Please see our latest writing on the 22 Rays of God, Accelerate Your Four-Body System By Accessing the Rays of God, which will assist in learning what they represent, the Beings who work with the particular ray, and how to meditate with them.)

In order to fully allow the full effect of Wesak to assist you in your transformational process, it is important to understand who you are from the Emotional Self as this represents the Feminine Divine flowing within your consciousness. The Emotional Body needs to go through a huge transformation in order for the Divinity of Light from the Feminine Essence to be fully realized within your pathway.

It is not an easy process but this time before Wesak is imperative to try and move through the challenges that you are being faced with. It is important not to take this time for granted; thinking that the Universe is going to provide you with the right ingredients to create the manifestation you desire is not the right way of thinking in mastery.

Learning that the Universe is providing you with an opportunity to see your Inner Truth, is exactly what walking the Mastery Pathway represents.

Know what needs to be changed, work with the energies to help yourself get through the doorway that seems to be blocking you.

This is imperative because the Pink Flame represents Divine Love and Adoration, but it will bring up elements that do not align with that energetic exchange. So the more you look at yourself, the better your experience will be.

This is truly becoming the Master; knowing what needs to be addressed in order to move to the next step of your acceleration.

Wesak brings forth “The Force Of Enlightenment” to allow all souls to receive the Divine Compensation that is sent through the Heart of God (Divine Mother). Lord Buddha receives his next level of initiation along with each of us as Initiates and Masters of the Christ Light. This occurs exactly at May 10th, 2017, 21.43 GMT, 2:43 PM Pacific, 5:43 PM Eastern.

Individuals that want to receive the highest opportunity to receive these light infractions are suggested to connect with others, in meditation and connection with the Ascended Masters and Lord Budda. Walking Terra Christa will be holding a ceremony and guided deep meditation to connect with the Masters in Shamballa on May 10, 2017. For details, please read our information:  Wesak Festival of Light.

We are also providing a two-day workshop following the ceremony to help individuals to ground the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence which will allow for true manifestation of the Divine Consciousness to be created within your life.

The Masters are extremely pleased to work with each of you especially during this time of great acceleration. Thank you for stepping forward and seeing that change occurs first within and then without as we all walk together to experience the Wesak Festival of 2017.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Wesak Festival of Light 2017 occurs on Wednesday, May 10th, 10 AM Pacific. To be part of these amazing energies please click the link.

Our current blog on the 22 Rays of God is now available to read: ACCELERATE YOUR FOUR-BODY SYSTEM BY ACCESSING THE 22 RAYS OF GOD.