"The key to life is a life of balance."

Long term students of our teachings have learned that creating a proper foundation within Ascension Mastery training is crucial to the successful progress of moving through the Initiations.

But it is truly more than that.

Students of our teachings have learned that the very best way of moving through Ascension Mastery studies is that the proper foundational environment is the BALANCE gained within WHO THEY ARE BEING mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Most individuals think that Spiritual Studies are very different than earthly physical pursuits. This is not at all true and is the single most detrimental reason that humanity is challenged in creating a world of true Oneness. It can only come through the God-Self of the spiritual Divine Essence of each of us.

If the human physical self (our personality ego self) could make sense out of creating Oneness, which requires us to increase our Light Quotient and Raise Vibration, we would already have accomplished it.

As any athlete knows it is not just participating in a training program that insures success, it has more to do with the method of training combined with the level of dedication and determination the individual puts forth.

Fundamentals of Nutrition. Flexibility. Hydration. Recuperation. Training Occurrence. Training Duration. Training Intensity. These and many other factors play vital roles for how well the athlete develops the proper Foundation, Structure and Conditioning.

Olympians are considered the top echelon of athletic attainment but by no means are individuals in other arts any less dedicated. The physical and mental skills and training required to be a great dancer or musician are just as demanding in their own way as that of any Olympian. Think about what it takes for becoming a great scholar, inventor, engineer, doctor or scientist. It is estimated that it takes 10,000 hours of training to be an Olympian and we are pretty sure that also applies to being the best in any earthly endeavor regardless of the form it takes.

What about becoming a great human being? A person who has become balanced in their psychological self, mental self, emotional self, physical self, is an individual who has moved through their lower ego elements, learned many lessons of who they are as a person. They have gone through the inner journey of Spiritual Truths and learned they can change and adapt themselves to taking on new understandings of themselves in order to be ever better.

Ascension Mastery is the ultimate Spiritual Training to attain this goal. It is like no other. And it is achieving this singular goal that will create a better world. In fact it is the only way to create it as a New Earth is a SPIRITUAL EARTH. Just as putting in consistent and dedicated training to attain success is a requirement of being successful as an athlete, dancer, or any accomplished individual, so it is with attaining the ultimate goal of the SELF: Spiritual Advancement,

This is earth.  Being constantly challenged and developing the skills to overcome those challenges is why we as Souls are here.

We as teachers of Ascension Mastery understand that humanity as a whole does not view their spiritual self’s advancement as requiring such a pure and persistent approach in order to succeed. We see daily the information shared on social media by many “new age” leaders and channels that earthly life is moving into higher dimensional awareness and healing change is being made regardless of how much spiritual training each individual soul has undertaken.

In working intimately with the Ascended Masters daily we ourselves see a vast contrast to those widespread public messages that are circulated especially within the Lightworker spiritual community. In all historical records from the Masters such as Lord Buddha and many others, no Master has ever said that deep and profound personal change is not required. When Master Gandhi stated we are each being asked to “BE THE CHANGE” he was referencing how we each address our internal growth, not how we change our external world. He meant the inner change must precede the outer change.

Because every athlete or student of the performing arts also knows that progress cannot be made by randomly practicing their skills once in awhile, we are putting forth a new format of study in Ascension Mastery so that everyone can begin to build the proper foundation to actually raise their vibration each and every month.


Since 2011 we have brought forth audio teachings that are designed to create the fundamentals and the structure required to rewire, recondition and reprogram each student’s four body system (mental, emotional, physical and etheric) by placing the spiritual body as the compass to guide that change.

Our teachings are unique because we bring forth vibrational frequencies of a higher dimensional level within each training class or seminar. Just as one trains 10,000 hours to realize what it feels like to win a gold medal as an Olympian, it may take someone a long time to be able to perceive the subtleties of these higher frequencies.

Ascension Mastery is something most all individuals in humanity have never accomplished within a physical body so the expectation that it is as natural and relatively easy as learning to throw a ball is not an understanding based in truth.

One must acquire a multitude of new skills. So called “Ascension Symptoms” become commonplace. Just as the athlete must totally transform the physical mental and emotional states of awareness, so must students of Ascension. And just like the athlete, it takes years of practice and training to demonstrate those gains at the higher levels of performance.

To assist each soul co-create the New Earth of the Fifth Dimension to first become created within each person, we are introducing our new Foundation's Library Study Plans. Each plan provide steady and consistent exposure to not only the mental understanding as taught by the Ascended Masters, but also the energetic transfer of higher dimensional energies for which the emotional, physical and etheric bodies must become accustomed. Each plan is given as a scheduled monthly enrollment to insure you keep learning. 

Each plan option is designed to meet your current financial situation and time commitments. Due to the SPECIAL FINANCIAL EXCHANGE and DISCOUNTS being offered in this new study program, as a condition of enrollment all participants in these study plans are asked to also take on the role of BEING OF SERVICE by providing written testimonial feedback for each teaching they experience by posting publicly on our FACEBOOK GROUP page.

Enrollment exchanges displayed are given at the Modest Financial Means level. All plans are priced exceeding affordable for the individual student to still also allow for the ongoing support of the mission of Walking Terra Christa. The plans shown are licensed for individual personal use.
If you have been waiting to see how the earth will progress on its own into a higher dimensional awareness, we ask you to seriously consider ending the wait and to begin your own training directly under the partnership and guidance of the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy themselves. They are enthusiastically waiting for you to show up in your full consciousness as a soul upon earth to begin to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see. Not only is this the ultimate pathway for every living soul, it is an essential pathway as stewards of planet earth. The wonderful being that GAIA also deeply thanks those who undertake these studies.

◊ The classes from the FOUNDATION’S LIBRARY audio teachings you experience are the same in all plans. The pace of how much training you desire each month is what differs. For example, the STRUCTURE PLAN ($27) is 2x the teachings of the FUNDAMENTALS PLAN ($15). The CONDITIONING PLAN ($59) is also 2x the number of training classes in the FUNDAMENTALS PLAN and also adds another 4 classes* from the ACADEMY PARTNER MEMBER program. (*Some months you may receive more than 4 additional classes).

◊ The CONDITIONING PLAN is actually a combination of audio teachings. You will also experience the PARTNER MEMBERSHIP which is the current MONDAY and WEDNESDAY Academy teachings given each week with the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS and THE NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES. For the dedicated individual, this is about 2 hours of study each week. Serious students are encouraged to listen to the audio teachings more than once during the month as this acts to improve the conditioning. 


You are enrolling in a training program that is a recurring monthly subscription. Each month you will receive in your inbox specific links to download the applicable teaching audio class or classes (via the email address you used at time of enrollment). Some of the teaching classes also include pdf documentation as part of the teachings.

Currently enrolled Partner Members and Academy Students may also enroll in this program. The FUNDAMENTALS and STRUCTURE plans can be enrolled in below. The CONDITIONING PLAN requires you to contact us via email to convert your current plan. 

NOTE: If you have previously enrolled in any Public Mastery Seminars or Academy Teaching taught by Walking Terra Christa, you may receive a duplication of those specific teachings at some point during your enrollment as those studies are part of our FOUNDATIONS LIBRARY. We offer this as a service opportunity to share these teachings with more individuals. This new training format is being given to assist the earth and humanity at this very important time and would not be possible without your prior enrollment. Thank you for your understanding and agreement in advance that substitutions are not possible with enrollment in this program. You may cancel at any time but refunds/credits of prior or partial months cannot be given.

If you are able to do a financial exchange for your enrolment that is greater than the Modest Means exchange shown, please email us AFTER enrollment so we can customize your exchange. 


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