Explanation of “Means” —

To be fair to everyone we use a sliding scale / tier approach that is based on your level of lifestyle, (which may ~ or may not ~ relate to your income level).

The teachings we perform are of a very high spiritual value to humanity and GAIA. It would not be fair to those who are financially stressed to have an exchange rate based on the going “market rate” for our work.

Many current Personal Development seminars, (some of which claim they are spiritually based), can cost $1995 for a 5-day course. That translates to about 30 to 35 hours of instruction, or about $57 to $66 per hour.

Instead we try and make our work accessible to everyone by at least halving that amount. Our public Mastery courses are typically TWO hours of instruction at that same rate, or about $33 per hour or even 1.5 hours. (Packaged teaching offers such as our Student Membership are much less).

Since we are not a seminar corporation, we do not reach masses of individuals but instead, serve only those who are more vibrationally sensitive to understanding and have an innate knowing that Ascension Mastery is the path to Ascension for GAIA.

This means we earn much less than the more publicly engaged companies and so we could therefore charge more per class hour then even they do. But we are here to be of true service for the earth. This pricing structure of our exchange rates is our service to each of you so that you can be of service to GAIA and Humanity.

We expect that service to be reciprocal of course. And in order to make it fair, we do ask those who are more financially stable and thankfully gifted to offer rates that do fall more into the range of what they would pay elsewhere. (That is, the current lifestyle they are accustomed to living). Of course, this requires “responsible-self-selection” on our scale/tier as we leave it up to each person to choose their own level of financial means.

In general, each person is different depending on their unique situation and who else they are financially responsible for (such as other family members) however, we do provide some guidelines as to what our standard four different levels could entail.

 So what does this mean for you?

Normal Means:
The PEW CHARITABLE TRUST defines “middle-class-income” for the USA as starting in a range of $25,000 to $48,000 (figures vary by state).
While we don’t go by the exact dollars, we do define “Normal Means” as those who live a middle class lifestyle; do not live extravagantly or above their means and are able to meet their regular monthly expenses each month. This could be a single person living in a small apartment moderately but comfortably on as little as $20,000, or a family of four living off $60,000. It also could apply to someone being supported by another while attending formal school or working to save up their own money. Simply put: it is one who has discretionary income after meeting basic expenses; responsible with their finances and may look for the best deals on where and how they spend their income to feed, clothe, transport and house themselves (and their family). Normal means applies, for example, to those who live in moderate homes or apartments and cannot afford the latest model automobiles but must hold onto models 5 or 10 year older or prefer to take public transportation in a city. Other examples are a college student being supported by parents and student loans, and living a more normal student lifestyle with a smartphone and computer, or a person who is retired but still engaging at a normal level of spending activity, even though they are technically on a “fixed income”. The key point is that “normal means” allows for moderate discretionary spending on automobiles or transportation, restaurants, clothing, electronics and travel.  It may be that “transferring” (and thereby sacrificing) some of these discretionary expenses/items so that one can take up formal study of this work may be necessary, yet still remain within a “Normal Means” range.

Modest Means:
Looking at where we scale “Normal Means”, we reserve “Modest Means” level for those on a very fixed income who have to watch every dollar they spend each week on life’s necessities (food, shelter, clothing) and have almost no discretionary income. Any non-essential items must be saved up or budgeted in order to be procured. This category is intended to be for those who do not have the funds to eat out at restaurants, engage in travel, going to movies or entertainment venues or buy smartphones or electronics, large screen TV’s etc.

Abundant Means:
The richest 20% of all income earners in the USA are those who earn over $100,400 a year (as of this writing in 2014), but a single person earning $60,000 a year could also be quite abundant.
So depending on family situation of number of individuals to support, actual dollar amount could be less or more. This is the level at which one enjoys a comfortable and secure lifestyle. At this level there are no concerns over meeting basic monthly bills for food, clothing, transportation and housing. Typically living is a finer home or living situation and having sufficient discretionary income to pursue their desires. Abundance does not mean unlimited income or “lifestyle of the rich and famous” but instead a lifestyle that provides a well-to-do environment and belongings, for example, afford to dine out when desired, use spa centers, clubs or gyms, buy or trade-in a vehicle for a new one, and travel as desired within their schedule. Unique examples would be an adult with a family stipend or savings who does not work full-time themselves but has all their needs and wants met at this level of lifestyle.

High Net Worth:
The top 1% of earners, typically those with assets worth $1 million.
Our definition is those who live with luxury goods and services and are considered very wealthy, may have more than one home and own luxury cars. This is not just defined as what the media terms “super rich” with personal jets and multiple vacation homes like we see in sports celebrities and Hollywood. We ask those who have a million in Net Worth to consider setting up philanthropic charitable trust and or sustainable giving donations for this work directly with us.

*No Means are individuals with little or no income of which is not enough to live on week to week. We have an extensive MP3 Library of very powerful free teachings that can be used in this case, as well as offering monthly free Full Moon Gatherings.

According to our terms of exchange, which is governed by your Higher Self, each person is asked to pay a fee that allows them to fully receive the energies being transferred in balance with their lifestyle. This is in keeping with Universal Law.

Note: The practice of The Tithe is an alternative method we also hope that you will embrace as your guide to using our programs and services. For those with steady income in the Normal Means Level (or above), we can individually set up such an arrangement for our Enrollment. Please email us.

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  1. This is really interesting…and it gives me some ideas as to my own courses. Many ppl don’t even know that paying a fee for this kind of courses is actually required for them to “receive”!

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