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With this WESAK CELEBRATION you have an opportunity to personally make this experience magnificent by physically participating with others to initiate and activate the frequencies we bring forth.

A group energy is always more powerful than one’s individual energy. Especially when all gather together for the same purpose. When that purpose is of the highest Spiritual Energy, it is the best of all possible situations.

We are asking for individuals to organize a local gathering for others to attend your local event to listen live as a group when we conduct our worldwide teleconference. Alternatively, if you are in a different times zone, you can also gather as a group to listen to the audio recording for the energies of May 3, 2015.

 If you feel the call to serve is this manner we invite you to participate personally and receive our CREATE SACRED SPACE COURSE at no cost to you* (see item #2 below).

In the spiritual practices that we have been guided to share in the pathway to Ascension Mastery, WESAK is actually a trinity of three events. The full moon of April is the preparation of the event (Festival of The Christ), May 3rd full moon is the event itself (WESAK CEREMONY), and then the June full moon is the sharing of the energies to Humanity (Festival of Humanity).

In actuality, the WESAK event is first and foremost, personal. It is opening the door to your next level of accelerating in your initiations. But secondarily, having a group celebration is essential, as we each celebrate each other in doing so with many people from around the earth. This is why we all celebrate Lord Buddha at this time. He has taken on the role of the Planetary Logos which is responsible for guiding the Spiritual Pathway of all Initiates upon earth to elevate themselves within their own soul’s development.

We encourage you to become a host for our event so that you can also gather as a group of like minded souls to celebrate together. Having others with you will only assist in making the energies even more powerful for everyone.


1. Check your schedule to make sure you can be a host in your time zone on May 3, 2015. This applies if you are hosting a live event, or a recorded event. We want you to have ample time to prepare and participate, including scheduling time off work if applicable. This is because the energies are very powerful and you want to have your full day remain as sacred as possible. See this link for your local time: http://tinyurl.com/WESAK-2015

2. Get your own Event Ticket as an Event Host: do not forget to sign up for the event yourself (click here). The Spiritual Donation for this event begins at just $11 per person ($11 modest means, $22 for Normal Means). When you perform step 2 of the registration, make sure you check off the box “I would like to be an Event Host“.

This will pre-register you to be contacted about our Creating Sacred Space Course. For any hosts with 2 or more additional registrations (besides their own), we will provide the class and MP3 audio at no cost. (Please make sure all persons attending your event register unless they are children age 16 or under. Children do not need to register but their names should be added to the Blessings Altar in step 2 of the registration.)

Set up your space to be sacred: use our written guide Creating Your Sacred Space and the recording of the audio attunement to prepare the space before your guest arrive. (The guide and attunement are provided as part of the Creating Sacred Space class).

3. Print out the WESAK EVENT HOSTING POSTER if you want to share/publicize your gathering in your favorite locations (coffee shops, yoga studios, health food stores, health practitioners, etc.) There is a space at the bottom to add your first name and contact email or phone. You are asking each person attending to RSVP with you (so you know how many people you are having; for this reason we do not suggest giving the private home street address of your event location out on the poster.)

4. Ask those who are joining you to also share your local event. Once you connect with interested individuals, ask them to also share the event to their local like-minded friends, or also put up posters with the appropriate contact information, (either you or they can be a contact for your event if you are comfortable with that). Again, be sure to require everyone to RSVP with you beforehand if they want to attend. Explain to them this is because there is limited space.

5. Other suggestions: Maybe also arrange and ask your gatherers to bring a healthy snack, or everyone do a pot luck meal together before or after our broadcast, or if you are providing items to them, just ask them to bring some money to give you as a “host donation” to make your event more enjoyable.

Want to give more service? Why not have your local group also gather again for the Festival of Humanity on June 1, 2014 ? Our Ceremony is at 4:30 PM PDT, and if your time zone is not compatible with meeting for the live event, your gathering can be flexibly scheduled in your own time zone as the recording of our teaching will be available for free in our MP3 LIBRARY for you to listen to as a group.

Thank you so much for helping to co-create a New Earth!

– In Oneness,

Mel and Mike

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