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Activate the Venusian LOVE STAR within (Sanat Kumara)

Posted by on July 13, 2012

The Venusian “Love Star” Light Can Now Shine Within Each of Us!

Join Us As We Rediscover the Kumaric Teachings in a Very Unique Seminar / Personal Session Combo-Series!

WHAT: A 90 Minute Group Tele-Seminar with a Kumaric Teaching to activate the Love Star. 

During This Introduction Call Sanat Kumara Discusses The Seminar Series Combo-Sessions and Bring In The Energies of The Holy Kumara’s For a Teaching.  Sanat gives an overview in which he discusses each of the Kumaras, their roles with the rays of God, how they differ with each individual’s essence, and how they apply the Venusian knowledge to the Spiritual Hierarchy levels of initiations.This is a powerful MP3 recording and introduces the Seminar Series while also giving a great gift of the “LOVE STAR” activation.






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