This Universal Law states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite. We can suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the opposite pole. It is the Law of Mental Vibrations.

In experiencing the two lecture teachings in this seminar (Lord Sananda and Master Thoth) strip away the common misunderstandings of the Law of Polarity through a teaching on Focusing of our Higher Mental Powers to assist us in steering our life into our best path of the Soul. Mastering this law brings about a condition of not needing to go through cycles of relearning the same lessons.

We also provide a GUIDED MEDITATION for use after the class to be used to reactivate and continue the attunement process of raising your vibration.

MP3 AUDIO SEMINAR: (approx. duration 2+ hours). For individuals desiring to Learn How the Higher Frequencies of Ascension Mastery and Soul Psychology can be used to activate and direct a life on Earth that is in flow with all things.


As you have reached the tenth Universal Law, it is time to realize that all the other laws have been giving you a platform in order to fully accept the understanding of what each law may mean to you as an Initiate.

We previously have talked about the First Sacred Principle of Mentalism:

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. This is considered a Mental Art as an Initiate allows for the Higher Consciousness to assist the Lower Consciousness to become One.”

How does this statement reflect everything else you are doing within your Higher Mind vs the Lower Mind?

This may become a confusing influence but you must understand the ability to access the Higher Mind through the Lower Mind. That is truly how you will become adept in learning the Universal Laws while applying them within your physical reality. It is the only way that you are going to understand any of these concepts.

During this phase of the program it is necessary to truly reflect upon each of the other Universal Laws as we have stated previously. As you come to the Law of Polarity, you should now have an awareness within yourself realizing that you have had the answers, but you just were not sure how to apply the principles. At this stage, you should be able to see the lessons you are learning by applying all the other laws that you are incorporating within yourself.

If everything is within the All, then the states of conditioning that perceive that Law come into Oneness. Let us think about that for a moment. When you are in a state of sadness, there is always the opposite polarity that can be achieved.

How often within your experience have you been able to perceive that reality?

You can have happiness when you allow yourself to realize that sadness is not a permanent condition. Within your mind you should be able to perceive that it is possible to feel happiness even ever so slightly. It is like a rainy day and then the sun comes out. You probably would start to feel delighted because the sun is shining again as it makes you smile and you feel happiness within you.

It is the same concept within yourself. Each initiate has the choice to feel sad or to feel happy. What constitutes that sadness is part of why you cannot accept the happy thoughts, but deep in the confines of your mind, you know you can find it. We take this as a pole-to-pole or vibration-to-vibration so that you can find the balance between both ends of the spectrum.

Without sadness you would not know what happiness is and vice versa.

So this statement is true with every element that you experience in your life. It is the Yin and the Yang, the Dark versus the Light. In order for all things to come into Oneness you must realize the opposite end is due to you not being in balance, or in wholeness of the Self.

This represents the Law of Polarity.

It is imperative to look at the previous laws especially Oneness, Vibration, Perpetual Transmutation of Energies and Relativity as they will help you to understand this process from your Higher Mind vs. the Lower Mind:

It is at this stage that an individual must realize the potential that they have to obtain a new reality within their existence.

As you sit in the lower thought process, you then think about the characteristic you would like to embrace. Say for example, you are experiencing Low Self Esteem through an interaction that you had with another individual. You may be criticizing yourself for not communicating the way you truly desire to be. So you look at the defining word that you want to aspire to, say for instance, Being Empowered. You think about that word and what it may mean for you. Then you envision what it would feel like. You bring that essence into your consciousness, with a breath you start to become the energy of Being Empowered. Let it sit within your thought process, then within your feeling level. Finally, you will start to become Empowered. Now this process may take some time but in order to be balanced within your psychological self, it is important to realize the potential that you have within yourself to feel both poles that need to act within each other.


Mastery of the Law of Polarity allows the initiate to learn how to maintain balance, focus, and detachment in order to fully allow the Art of Oneness to be within themselves. It is not one pole or the other but a combination of both. This is how you gain the wisdom and apply that knowledge into your physical pathway.

The realization that occurs for the Initiate is that both ends of the spectrum need to be experienced in order to find the balance. It cannot happen without each other. In order to find the opposite pole each initiate must accept the fact that what they are feeling and thinking is very real, and that they have the ability to change that thinking process into a positive one.


This teaching seminar is in a teaching in two parts, plus an additional Guided Meditation. We begin with an instruction teaching and attunement from Master Thoth and Lord Sananda with an additional Divine Light Language Codesm attunement. The Guided Meditation is to assist you to connect in your Higher Essence with the frequency of the Laws so you can then filter it throughout your full body system. This will better prepare you to experience the benefits of these teachings. The Meditation can be used after the teaching to assist in continuing to work with the elements this teaching is assisting you in developing. While you participate in the teachings, please use the below information to go deeper into your personal understandings as you heal your Soul.

As we take a look at the Sub-Laws of the Universe, it is imperative to fully embrace them through the Mental Vibration, then they can be accessed through the Emotional Essence.


CHARITY Kindness, Giving Aid to Another
COMPASSION– Having Empathy for Others
COURAGE Able to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
DEDICATION- Willing to Do Whatever Is Necessary to Achieve the Desired Goal
FAITH Having Hope, Being Confident
FORGIVENESS Acceptance of Any Given Situation
GENEROSITY Being Open Without Having to Explain Oneself
GRACE- Possessing Dignity, Having Poise and Ease Towards Others
HONESTY– Knowing Your Truth or Truth of Others
HOPE– Having Optimism, Knowing All Will Work Out
JOY Embracing Delight, Glee, Excitement
KINDNESS Being Gentle, Possessing Sympathy
LEADERSHIP Having Skill and Expertise to Guide Others
NON INTERFERENCE Exhibit The Qualities of Live and Let Live
PATIENCE Being Able to Stay in The Moment Especially When Challenged
PRAISE Recognize Self or Others – Give Recognition
RESPONSIBILITY– Knowing The Importance of Staying True to The Self or Others, Obligation
SELF LOVE Accepting That You Are Deserving to Receive
THANKFULNESS Being Grateful to Others or Yourself, Acceptance of an Act or Given Situation
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Accepting Affection Without Any Restrictions or Reasons Why It Is Occurring

It is important to realize that you will never be able to embrace each of the Sub-Laws in an entire day or within your life until you realize why you have not achieved the ability to maintain the energy of the law(s).

Instead of taking you on a journey of looking at your negative response, we want to you to acknowledge which sub-law you want to bring forth into your life. Look over the list, acknowledge what is most important in your life pertaining to the opposite energies that you are experiencing in your life.

As you look at the following characteristics that are either Inferior or Superior Attributes, notice which ones you have a tendency to think about yourself in any given situation. Then, look at the Sub-Laws. Which Sub-Law is the opposite of what you desire to think, feel, or create an action within your life?

Superior Attributes:

Intolerance; Aggressiveness; Grudge Holding; Self Criticism; Resentment; Selfishness; Gossiping; Impatience; Pridefulness; Arrogance; Disdainfulness; Conditional Love; Contempt; Attack; Anger; Victimizing; Vengefulness; Manipulation; Hate; Self Inflation; Judgmental Thinking; Self Righteousness

Inferior Attributes

Loneliness; Feelings of Rejection; Sickness; Insecurity; Low Self Esteem; Depression; Defensiveness; Martyrdom; Approval Seeking; Jealousy; Lack of Confidence; Worry; Self Pity; Attachment; Fear; Indecision; Guilt Hurt; Powerlessness; Sadness; Sensitivity; Laziness

In order to fully understand how to achieve the Sub-Law an Initiate must realize the opposite pole of energy that they are experiencing. You may wish to acknowledge each of the sub-laws in your life, but how easy is the process to embrace and be that energy.

It is Not Easy At All.

In fact, as an Initiate you must acknowledge both sides so that you can find the wholeness within yourself. It is the Law of Polarity – there is always an opposing energy to what you are experiencing.

In Order to Come into Oneness, both sides need to be acknowledged, felt, and expressed.

You cannot have Loneliness without feeling the opposite experience of Love.

It is important to realize the potential that you have as an Initiate to heal and grow into ascended mastery but knowing all sides. This will create the Wisdom from the Knowledge that you have gained.

Everything we have spoken about comes down to one particle, one element: ACCESSING YOUR HIGHER SELF or ASPIRATION TO A HIGHER POWER.



Allows me to fully have COMPASSION and PATIENCE for what I am experiencing,

I step forward with COURAGE and DEDICATION to receive my highest aspirations of my-self,

I incorporate FAITH, GRACE, HOPE, and CHARITY each step of the way,

I learn to FORGIVE myself and those that have hurt me,

As I allow HONESTY to be my guide,

I am learning how to have JOY in each moment,

As the element of NON-INTERFERENCE is my guide,

I am deeply THANKFUL for the RESPONSIBILITY I have shown to myself,

As I have learned how to allow GENEROSITY to teach me the ways unto SELF-LOVE,

I now know that I need to PRAISE myself and others,

As I am learning how to be a LEADER of my own world,

Is giving me the beauty of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE within all parts of my life.

The process of utilizing this mantra will assist in raising your consciousness to realize that all things are created in Oneness by allowing your physical mind to accept your Higher Mind to move away from the confines of the third dimensional world. It is a step in realizing that all potential for life is right within your grasp of understanding it.

For each experience that you encounter you should look at this mantra. Make it your guide for your spiritual growth. Abide by the rules and your experiences within the Law of Polarity will be perfectly understandable.

To assist in extending these teachings even deeper within the Soul Psychology of the Self, we are working with the following Rays of God in our STUDENT MEMBER WEEKLY ACADEMY TEACHINGS*.

Throughout the weekly Academy Student Member classes (which you can also access as a Partner Member for self paced study at a reduced rate) make notations within your journals how these characterizations affect your life so that you will be able to achieve your desired results while understanding what you are going through in each moment. It is imperative to reflect upon each of the elements in order to attract the higher element and not the lower.

To help in this process we will be working with the following Rays within the weekly teachings. Take time before each class to focus upon one of the elements listed above that you are being challenged by looking at the Inferior and Superior traits that you may be displaying in your life. Go back to it after the meditation, write your thoughts, and then work with the Teachers of the Ray to help you heal the element you may be holding unto.

Suggestion: in your journal each day or week, state your gratitude of elements that have occurred in your life which include lessons, challenges, and successes. You may want to include the areas in your life that you want to change through your habits, your psychological programming, how you interact with others, etc (which falls upon the previous lessons).

Ray No. 5 ~Allowing Harmony Within to Guide the Knowledge of My Higher Mind – The flame of Green mixed with Gold and White Light with Master Hilarion represents the ability to access the Higher Mind within the essence of God’s Light. This ray assists in bringing forth what is called “Harmony of the Spheres” to allow the higher frequencies to blend within the Third Eye. Utilizing this ray within your Third Eye will allow the essences to make the necessary changes and open the psychic abilities more deeply by moving out of the Lower Mind and into the Higher Mind.  Each of us has a Scientific Mind from our Higher Self; it is just about learning how to access it and this is the ray for you to do so.  Master Hilarion is joined by Cyclopea and Virginia, the Elohim Masters with the Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary. The Elders from the Throne of Grace that bring forth this ray from the 49th dimensional frequency is Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia. Utilizing the Toning Sound of “OM, HUE” will assist in activating the Third Eye through the vibrational essence.

Ray No. 6 ~ Learning the Pathway of Peace is Forgiveness of the Self ~ The flame of Ruby Red mixed with Gold represents Inner Devotion and Spiritual Idealism from the perspective learning how to take care of oneself through Peace and Serenity. This ray is activated through the Solar Plexus chakra representing Inner Power. Working within the elements of Inner Devotion can truly bring an individual to a much higher state of peacefulness as we learn to forgive ourselves so much more than others.  We have a tendency to be so judgmental to the Self and forget to allow Mercy to be upon us.  This is where this ray will assist when an initiate cannot truly understand the process.  The frequency of the Ray will do it for you. Lord Astia & Lady Fratia represent the Elders from the Throne of Grace as they ignite the ray energies unto the teachers of this flame. Lady Nad is the Ray Chohan with Peace and Aloha as the Elohim Masters with Archangels Uriel and Aurora. Utilizing the Toning Sound of “AAH -EWWW-MMM” will assist in activating the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Ray No. 9~ Accepting Joy to Attract the Light I AM ~ The Flame of Blue-Green brings forth the Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light. It is activated within the Root Chakra as it mixes with the Crystalline light infiltrated with the Ray of Harmony and Balance which prepares the Root Chakra to allow for the integration of the Blue-Green essence of readying the physical body to fully accept the Body of Light.  This does not mean that an individual becomes the Light Body but it allows the Initiate to step into the beginning process. Lady Nada and Lady Mother Mary are the Overlighting Beings represented by this ray. They help to bring forth the elements of Joy by resurrecting the old self. It is the beginning stage of accepting more light quotient into the four-body system. The Elders from the Throne of Grace for Inner Devotion are Lord Aselow and Lady Aselay. Since this flame settles into the Root Chakra we utilize the chant, “LAM, OH” to activate the base chakra with these energies. You can also call upon the Ray of Harmony and Balance of the Crystalline Flame to assist in the process.

(*These additional teachings are an ongoing part of being a Student or Partner Member of the Academy of New Earth Mastery. Non-Students may order the above teachings for just $22 each at the regular price on our sliding scale.)

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