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Instructions for the Cleansing Shower or Bath:

The ingredients are:
Combine: 1.) Epsom Salt or Sea Salt, 2.) Apple Cider Vinegar* (natural, not imitation), 3.) Baking Soda
  • bath – 1 cup each or,
  • shower – 1/4 cup each in a bucket or pail
  • water
    * There is an option instead of using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that we now only use for ourselves. We discovered that our energetically charged Sacred Space Spray (which we have available on our ETSY store) has the advantage of not causing irritation to the skin (which some individuals may experience with frequent use of ACV cleansing). Plus we are convinced that using the spray is more potent for the Auric cleansing process when used within this protocol.
If doing a bath, you can soak in the tub of water having added the dry ingredients but don’t put the vinegar in until you are ready to get out (Sacred Space Spray can be put in along with the dry ingredients). When ready to get out, add the vinegar and dunk 3 times under the water (your head along with submerging the rest of your body in stages if needed: head first then legs) then get out immediately and allow the water to drain out completely. You may then use the shower to rinse off if you wish.
If doing a shower just put all of it in the bucket, fill the bucket with water and then pour about a third of the bucket on the top of your head, let it pour down both the front (forehead and chest) and down the back of your head (back of neck and down the upper back). Fill the bucket up again with water, then pour out half the bucket again on your head, and then repeat filling up the bucket to the top and do a final time, so you have 3x total. Rinse off or use soap and rinse off.
This is very effective in clearing your auric body.

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