About WESAK 2017 and the PINK FLAME

Mount Shasta image © Walking Terra Christa

The Grounding of the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence

This year of 2017 represents ONENESS.

It is more of a time of New Beginnings to be realized and achieved than ever before as Humanity is awakening to new levels of awareness within their Spiritual Self Essence more than was previously accepted.

The Pink Flame will be the focus for Wesak this year. This focus is not our idea as the instructors of Walking Terra Christa, instead this is a reflection of the status Humanity is stepping into within the Cosmic Forces of Light, a status that has been increasing since 2013 with the beginning of the Grounding of the Seven Sacred Flames (Rays of God).

These Rays have created a huge benefit to those that were actively involved in their grounding and to a lesser extent they have miraculously assisted humanity as a whole to spark the path of attaining more Spiritual Awareness within.

The Divine Essence of the Third Ray of God brings to the planet the ability for individuals to gain and have Deep Compassion accessing the ability to Devote the Essence of Love within the Self. It will also bring forth the creative aspect to allow it to be more active within the consciousness of all Sentient Beings of Light.

As our students and those who read our information know, there are other Rays that have already been grounded into Gaia in the recent past. This does not mean that every individual is accessing those Rays to the best of their advantage yet it assist others to awaken with every increment of light.

It is important that we as the teachers bring forth the announcement from the Spiritual Hierarchy that while these Rays are here to help Humanity to understand more of their own Soul’s truth, it is not a matter of what the Cosmic Energies of the Creative Source of Oneness may be giving the planet, but more crucially the movement of making these elements a reality for every person to do so consciously within themselves.

As Wesak represents the infusion of the highest light arriving into the planet, it makes perfect sense of why the Pink Ray will be the focus of this magnificent event. We cannot forget that we want to make sure the other rays are grounded within the earth also. We must all come to embrace how important these elements are for humanity to actually realize the potential they have to hold these frequencies within themselves and within Gaia.

In order for this Earth to move towards a higher dimensional vibration of light these Rays need to be grounded within each lightworker and aspirant of divinity to move into a higher realm of understanding within themselves and in their world.

The other rays that are already embodied within the earth are:

1s Ray of Will and Power of the Blue Flame

2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom of the Golden Yellow Flame

4th Ray of Harmony and Balance through Conflict of the Crystalline Flame

6th Ray of Inner Devotion of the Ruby Red/Golden Flame

7th Ray of Ceremonial Structure of the Violet/Purple Flame

The Pink Flame will bring about change that is needed for each soul upon the Earth as it represents the aspect of feeling Adoration and Love from the highest frequency.

Within that element as the flame is increased within the earth, the first feeling will bring about Divine Love as that is what the Ray represents. It also brings to each aspirant of light and master the ability to see more clearly from their Mind’s Eye what was not shown before. In other words, it brings forth Illumination to allow the Higher Mind to surface within the Physical Mind. This is where the first stage of Creative Intelligence appears. It is a flowing energy to bring forth the Source of Light that each individual represents within their Spiritual Body. The second step would be the Active Intelligence where the first part of the energies is a flowing essence, the second step is fully allowing it to be physical and grounded. It helps to create the manifestation that is desired for each Initiate and Master that is willing to fully go into the depths of Core Love within themselves.

This, in turn, can create a great change within the planet as it moves into Gaia’s Core. But we must share that it can also bring forth elements that do not fit that energetic exchange. It was decided through the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace that this year would be the focus for the Pink Flame to assist in creating a new wave of thought, energy, and action within Humanity.

The year of 2017 represents Unity as it brings forth Unconditional Love, The One Heart, the Source of Oneness of ALL THAT IS.

It is because of these elements are coming into place that the Spiritual Hierarchy with Divine Mother and Father God, Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos, and the Office of the Christ with Lords Maitreya and Kuthumi have deemed this Wesak as the most powerful initiation of light that has ever been experienced upon the planet.

It is the most magnificent Festival of Lights that Earth has experienced. Preparation is necessary so that this flame can be held within the consciousness of all Lightworkers, Aspirants, Initiates, and World Servers.

Wesak brings forth “the force of enlightenment” to allow all souls to receive the Divine Compensation that is sent through the Heart of God (Divine Mother). Lord Buddha receives his next level of initiation along with each of us as Initiates and Masters of the Christ Light. This occurs exactly at May 10th, 2017 at 21.43 GMT, 2:43 PM Pacific, 5:43 PM Eastern.

Individuals that want to receive the highest opportunity to receive these light infractions are suggested to connect with others, especially in meditation. Ideally we recommend for those that are seeking the highest level of participation to join with Walking Terra Christa as we will be holding a ceremony with transmissions from the Ascended Masters along with deep guided meditation to connect with the Masters in Shamballa of the Inner Earth, where they join together to commemorate and celebrate the rebirth of Lord Buddha and each Soul through the Wesak Festival of Light.