Accelerating the Path


We recently held two F.R.E.E Open Tele-Ceremonies. We hold these open teachings so that the messages and high frequency vibrational attunements can be accessible to everyone.  Both of these were each very powerful and transformative in assisting humans to access the blending of the three-minds (subconscious, conscious and super-conscious) and the Three-Fold Flame of the blending of the masculine and feminine divine into the oneness of the I AM self.  This blending along with a special attunement to release 3D programming will greatly advance your mastership path.

First off last week was the SUMMER SOLSTICE CEREMONY OPEN GROUP TELE-GATHERING as we have passed through the Wesak Moon energies in which the veil to higher dimensions have become very thin allowing greater access to the Spiritual Realm. This was a great 90 minute ceremony and attunement.

Next was the completion of the 2013 WESAK triple full moon cycle with the FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY OPEN GROUP TELE-GATHERING.  Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain assisted with our understandings of the opportunities and gateways of the full moon representing the Festival also known as World Invocation Day.  While we offer these Open Calls freely to individuals that have no income; for those that do we gladly accept donations to support these teachings. You may download the MP3 files for your own spiritual advancement but please share only our website with others so they can explore what we offer.  more

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