An Understanding of Correct and Pure Ascension Mastery Training


What is Ascension Mastery?  What are the Initiations? What is a Higher Dimensional Crystalline Structure? What creates a Pure Transmission of Spiritual Energies?

As Walking Terra Christa, We Teach Ascension Mastery for Each Individual to Learn to Begin Creating the Fifth Dimensional New Earth. We bring forth the Purest and most Complete High Frequency Training that is Currently Being Transmitted to Humanity on the Understandings and Processes Required to Raise their Consciousness and Build the Light Body by Increasing the Crystalline Structure Vibratory Rate of the “Full Body” System.

In order for individuals to raise their actual consciousness to a higher dimensional rate, (and not just be thinking or feeling they are doing so), it is important to gain a more complete understanding of what makes up the conditions required for performing or undertaking real Ascension training.

The overall context of the “Ascension Process” and the qualities and abilities associated with successfully putting real Ascension training into practice are to: 

• Raise your Vibration,
• Increase your Frequency,
• Heal your Body, Mind and Soul,
• Incorporate the Crystalline Body of Light,
• Transform your DNA structure,
• DeAscend and Merge your Higher Self into your Personality,
• Protect your Energy Body,
• Progress Successfully Through your Initiations,
• Create Sacred Space in your Life,
• Elevate your Ego,
• Align your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine,
• Understand your Full Soul’s Essence,
• Remove your Karma,
• Properly Increase Earth’s Light Quotient,
• Clean and Purify your Etheric Body,
• Balance your Emotional and Mental Bodies,
• Access your Spiritual Gifts,
• Identify your Purpose and Contribution,
• Discover How to Spiritually Become a Twin Flame,
• Incorporate the Super Consciousness of the God Self I AM PRESENCE into your Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical Energy Bodies.

Before continuing to read more, please keep in mind that without proper Ascension Mastery training, the reality of attaining an actual shift in a person’s consciousness and vibratory rate such that this list of attributes begins to substantially manifest is extremely uncommon (at least as of this writing in 2017).

There are many popular writings, channelings and social media shared stories about “Disclosure”, the “Inner (Hollow) earth”, “Extraterrestrials”, with many even discussing the appearing of a “second version” of earth. (Including the claim that “this New Earth” will be the “Fifth Dimension” but only for those who have raised their vibration and consciousness). 

Unfortunately what most people do not realize is that these many popular sources have misleading information, are mistaken, or are just plain shared outright intentionally, and specifically, in order to prevent humanity from actually practicing true Ascension training.  

In this document we share the facts about real Ascension training. 


The Higher Dimensional reality that many call the Fifth Dimension is based on a Spiritual Truth that All Beings are in Oneness. However, it is much more encompassing than just a concept. All the beings in a Fifth Dimension have a shared consciousness and shared belief system that is actually founded upon their Spirituality first and foremost.

This means, they do not pursue material status or an outwardly success based lifestyle as their life priorities. They do not pursue wealth or technology.

Instead they have a primary sacred, profound, dedicated and purposeful focus on practicing their Spirituality within their physical life. It is 100% a life of service to the community and their spiritual system.

It is this high level of Spirituality that brings them a high degree of what we would term as life comforts and advanced technology, not the other way around. This simple fact is lost on most people who identify with the overall concept of “Being in Oneness” and like to share “the Love and the Light” with others. Most all of humanity does not live in the full dedication to a spiritual life in the manner that a fifth dimensional consciousness requires.  Yes, many desire to do so, but most everyone fails to accomplish it.


Attaining dimensional change, making a real dimensional shift is intensely challenging. Everything you feel, think and do, everything you know (and have done) must be fully reinterpreted or completely discarded. Your sense of self must become completely rewired. 

Humanity as we know it is currently in a soul state of karmic consciousness that consists of hundreds of lifetimes of individual “moments in time” experiences. Each experience includes an emotional and a mental construct that shaped and, most often, dictated the actions and reactions that we created for ourselves. This cycle process repeated itself in recurring cycles over and over. Without a true Spirituality that taught us how to not do so, we essentially became “lost souls” repeating karmic life lessons over and over again.

More importantly, the consequences of those actions and reactions not only reverberated out into the fabric and structure of the space and time that then created our unified consciousness reality construct, but… we each incorporated the actual frequencies and vibrational structures of those experiences within our auric light bodies. That is, into our Etheric Body of Light. 

The Etheric Body of Light is directly attached to our Physical Body. The practice of true Ascension Mastery is learning how to clean and rectify karma within the Etheric Body so that the Mental Body, the emotional Body and the Physical Body all return into a state of balance. Someone who is determined to do so is called an individual practitioner (also referred to as an initiate, adept, chela or student) of Ascension Mastery.


It takes a special person to set forth on a path of undertaking such a process because it is extremely contrary to the life most humans live currently. It takes sincere dedication, persistence and diligence. This dedication is to entirely shift who they are as a person.

When compared to a spiritually advanced race, given the fact that we each have lived many years this lifetime learning the “incorrect way of living” (not to mention hundreds of lifetimes on top of this one that are embedded deep in our DNA and etheric body), it is unreasonable to imagine we can “correct ourselves” easily or simply. Quite the contrary, it requires intense focus and effort to put into practice the tools and techniques that a higher level of spiritual existence requires.


The teachings and training to do so do exist. In fact, they have existed for millennia but very few have sought them out.

When we speak of these types of teachings, it is important to realize that each generation of humanity carries with it a “signature vibration”. Within that unique signature lies the vibrtory rate of the mass consciusness of that particular time and space within that overall fabric of reality. 

This is important to realize because the words of the “Ascended Masters” (those whom you may know under the names of the Prophets, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or even those that were directly associated with the original formal Ascension Mastery teachings such as Saint Germain, Master Djwhal Khul and Master Kuthumi), shared their wisdom verbally or in letters, to those who were living in those times

We are now in a time and place of existence when we are attempting to make a dimensional shift in consciousness. If we only rely on the past information shared by the great ones (the Ascended Beings of Light), then we will only be able to attain that specific level of dimensional existence. And even that is assuming we can put into full practice the tools and techniques they shared in those times, (which many readers of those material could not actually do).

Which means that our task today is to make certain that we use proper and correct Ascension Mastery teachings that specifically teach to our level of reality and consciousness, and to actually accomplish making real bonified progress.


One fact of “Ascension” that many do not grasp is that it is the process of elevating the Soul’s existence to return to becoming the originating Source of Light from whence it was created.

It is an idea that children have that Angels are eternal and magical beings who watch over them. Many of us as adults do not ever question this view and carry it forward even as we mature. The truth is that all beings grow and mature, including Angels.

Ascension means consciously raising vibration. Going “Higher” does not stop once you leave the physical body. It does not stop even if you are an Ascended Master. For example, for many years Saint Germain has moved higher in his Ascension and is now Lord Saint Germain. Those who follow his older teachings are tapping into his former level of reality, and do not gain the benefits of all that he has become within creation. This is one example of many that illustrates how humanity gets stuck within time and space at a certain level of dimensions. Another example is referring to the Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos as just “Adama”, as his essence is now that of Lord Adama.


Are you ready to take the leap off the cliff


“On another occasion Babaji’s sacred circle was disturbed by the arrival of a stranger. He had climbed with astonishing skill to the nearly inaccessible ledge near the guru’s camp.

“‘Sir, you must be the great Babaji.’ The man’s face was lit with inexpressible reverence. ‘For months I have pursued a ceaseless search for you among these forbidding crags. I implore you to accept me as a disciple.’

“When the great guru made no response, the man pointed to the rock-lined chasm below the ledge. ‘If you refuse me, I will jump from this mountain. Life has no further value if I cannot win your guidance to the Divine.’

“‘Jump then,’ Babaji said unemotionally. ‘I cannot accept you in your present state of development.’

“The man immediately hurled himself over the cliff. Babaji instructed the shocked disciples to fetch the stranger’s body. After they had returned with the mangled form, the master placed his hand on the dead man. Lo! he opened his eyes and prostrated himself humbly before the omnipotent guru.

“‘You are now ready for discipleship.’ Babaji beamed lovingly on his resurrected chela. ‘You have courageously passed a difficult test. Death shall not touch you again; now you are one of our immortal flock.’ Then he spoke his usual words of departure, ‘Dera danda uthao’; the whole group vanished from the mountain.”


We share the story of Master Babaji and what it takes to be a student of Ascension to give you a firmer idea of the level of dedication required to take on the Ascension Mastery path. Over the past years we have had many students approach us who desire a magical life. Lord Saint Germain is known as a Great Master and Alchemist, and therefore it is believed by many that one can just step forward and receive the love and gifts of the Ascended Masters by becoming a student of Ascension Mastery.

The long list of attributes and qualities we list above that can be achieved within our teachings is not about magical thinking, having the best intentions, or that by just believing in something, that will make it so.

Not one of those characteristics will occur for anyone without the most extreme level of dedication, persistence and diligence on the part of the student. Creating a NEW EARTH out of the current earth is first and foremost ONLY done THROUGH each INDIVIDUAL and takes GREAT WORK.

We have seen various statements by many well known “New Age” authors or spiritual channels who share information claiming the “New Earth” or “Disclosure” or “the fifth dimension” are either now happening or are just around the corner for humanity.

Knowing exactly what is required to create a higher dimensional frequency in a person, and knowing it first MUST be created individually within each person, and that there MUST also be a great many souls on earth who do so; we are here to say that ANY information claiming the new earth, disclosure, or a higher dimensional reality now exists, is FALSE INFORMATION being shared to insure very few actually DO the level of work required to actually raise vibration. Afterall, if you accept such statements that the “New Earth” is here, you don’t really need to do your part to create it.

Well we ask you: If it takes years of study and practice for an individual to learn how to raise their vibration and increase the Light Body, how can the New Earth be happening so easily and quickly?

Our answer: It simply can NOT. Read on to find out what it actually takes for an individual.  


As a SOUL each person is multidimensional and eternal. As a HUMAN person each individual is flawed and prone to allowing themselves to be influenced by their own history of mental thoughts and physical feelings (which is what is termed “the ego” or “personality self” and actually refers to the dysfunctional psychological self). In this work it is more accurately termed “the lower ego” as a healthy ego is one that has learned to not give into the “lower” or “dysfunctional” aspects of the self.

All the past experiences, interactions, training and programming passed onto an individual from others is included in what makes up the total personality of the physical self. In short, a strong component of ASCENSION MASTERY is MASTERY of the lower/ego self.

But this work is also so much more. It is also about incorporating the wisdom of the “higher ego” which is the HIGHER SELF. The Higher Self is so much more than we know. It is a part of the SOUL but it is not the complete essence of the SOUL.

We tend to think of the SOUL as Pristine, Angelic. The Divine Supreme Being of Light. This idea is a very poor misconception of Conscious Existence.

Instead the SOUL is a collection of experiences from each and every existence of a lifetime spent in a physical body, or lifestream spent as a non-physical entity.

So it is ALL EXPERIENCES that make up who each person is as a SOUL. Restoring all those experiences (what we call Timelines) into WHOLENESS is a GRAND undertaking. It requires constant and careful diligence within the LIGHT to resurrect the DARK experiences to become part of the LIGHT. Dark experiences are not “bad” from the viewpoint of creation as each soul learned much by choosing to have them. It is just now time to stop relearning those same dysfunctional lessons over and over.

Our HIGHER SELF is the “SELF” that has not experienced dysfunction or fallen into that darkness, it is the SELF that has remained in the Light. Since we are “in the lower frequencies” when we are in our lower self, our Higher Self is not able to do much to assist us in our current condition.

But through the practices of ASCENSION MASTERY, we can, little by little, bit by bit, step by step, learn to remove enough of our own inner darkness, our own “lower ego’s psychology”, so that we begin to allow the communication with the Higher Self to happen.

Ascension Mastery is the PATHWAY of a person delving into their own SOUL PSYCHOLOGY and restoring the DIVINE PRISTINE STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS using the HIGHER SELF, MONAD and I AM PRESENCE. 

It is a PATHWAY that most individuals upon earth have neglected or have actively chosen NOT to follow in order to pursue more material goals. To clarify something specific about this PATHWAY, it is not only paying attention to the SPIRITUAL part of ourselves, it is bringing the SPIRITUAL realm level of vibration into the PHYSICAL self. This is what the term “Raising Vibration” actually involves.

The ASCENSION MASTERY PATHWAY is, therefore, the MOST challenging form of living upon earth that can be pursued. It requires full integrity and adherence to “Walking the Talk”.

There is no hypocrisy or hidden messages within our teachings. Not all teachings of ASCENSION are equal. We have followed a very strict protocol and path of practice that maintains the teachings of ASCENSION MASTERY that we offer as being the purest and most pristine available on earth today.


Earth is truly a school for the SOUL. Every human is in the school even if they are not consciously aware of it. Those who AWAKEN to this truth are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that await them. 

The process of AWAKENING is also layer by layer, and involves a grand Journey of the SOUL. It is not just about becoming aware that there are hidden secrets in societies and governments that may not be in the best interest of the people. It is about discovering the hidden secret layers within yourself. The Ascended Masters have taken this walk of discovery personally. They have been in physical form. Many of them have been human upon the earth. That is why they are uniquely qualified to be the teachers of how to take the walk.


The WALK is not something they designed for you to take. They just have been there themselves. The only BEING that has set up the conditions for the specific type of WALK you will take is your SOUL by way of all your unique experiences over all lifestreams you have been.

The WALK of ASCENSION is about being formally aware you are in the school of earth, and that you consciously desire to ASCEND HIGHER than you have ever done before within a physical body. (Yes, as a non-physical SOUL you have progressed HIGHER many times). The thing is, remembering that wisdom within the physical existence is a whole other matter. And that is why a school is needed.

There are specific levels of advancement that each person must attain as they walk upon the MASTERY path. These are called the INITIATIONS. At this time within the WALKING TERRA CHRISTA ACADEMY OF NEW EARTH MASTERY we are concerned with the initial seven Initiations. That focus may change in the future but it is essential that individuals be assisted in this area first.

Most individuals on earth are not even at the First Initiation. As our teachings are within the direct legacy of Dr. Joshua David Stone, we share his descriptions of the Initiations below, but also point out that much has changed since he transitioned into light a decade ago. One of the main differences is that the energies after 2012 upon the planet have changed significantly with regard to the light frequencies hitting the planet. Dr. Stone states that the Seventh Initiation is when an individual attains the level of “A Beginning Ascended Master” (A Fully Integrated Ascended Master) so our work is to assist you to get to that level as it means you have attained the status of becoming not only well balanced, but a truly integrated SOUL on earth.

This means the Fully Integrated Ascended Master can resonate the Fifth Dimensional Frequencies wherever they go and in whatever they do. This knowledge of how a SOUL’s process of full remembrance only happens as a result of going through the Initiations up to the start of the Seventh should give you a better idea of why, (despite what many people blog about and share on Facebook and social media these days), that the Fifth Dimension has not yet been anchored upon earth. Such a reality can only happen when a majority of individuals actually raise their vibration using the Science of Soul Psychology and the Ascension Mastery Initiations. Again, given that most people have not taken on the First Initiation, it gives you a firm understanding of why our work is so important. 

While in the past history of humanity, one could stay in the Second Initiation for a whole lifetime, this is one of the benefits of being part of the 2012 birthing of energies on earth while pursuing this pathway. It is very exciting to now realize one can move through the Seven Initiations over the course of years and not lifetimes. The excerpted information below was written in 1994. It is no longer word-for-word accurate in all aspects but gives a very good understanding. (We have put a line through any text that is not quite accurate any longer). For example, in this excerpt Master Joshua writes about taking his Seventh Initiation and states one cannot take higher Initiations in the body. At his transition into Light over a decade later, he had reached the 28th. (Once reaching the Seventh, moving into the higher Initiations one can occur much quicker.)

About that time of the 1994 book, Dr. Stone shared a quote by Master Djwhal Khul, “It is potentially possible for a person to move from the third to the sixth Initiation in only six years.” We have personally seen the progress through a single initiation as being accomplished in about a year, though that is in the case of only the very dedicated initiate. While Dr. Stone has said he personally moved through a whole Initiation in five months and we have seen it for ourselves as well, it is not practical for students to expect that going through the Seven Initiations is about being in a race to the finish line. It is a very personal experience that cannot be rushed or compared to any other person’s path. We have also seen well intentioned but non-diligent students make very little progress over a two year time span. 

Also keep in mind, there are many paths of learning on the earth that while they do not come across as being specifically about the Initiations, they are actually assisting in that learning. If you have been an avid or accomplished student in the areas of authentic native/indigenous shamanic healing, energy healing that focuses on healing the self first in order to be the healer, personal development, self development, empowerment coaching, addiction recovery or inner child recovery, let alone formal study of the “Three Fold Flame, Higher Self, Monad and I AM“, all these paths may have assisted you within your Initiations.

If you are that person, you may well already be moving through the Third Initiation onto the Fourth. While Ascension Mastery is a worthy pursuit for any soul, in such a case, you would be ideally suited to take your learning experiences and maturity to a whole new level of service for the earth by consciously studying with the Ascended Masters. You are ideally suited for this work as you have already done much of the early stage heavy lifting and can begin to influence real vibrational changes. 

If you are someone who is just discovering Ascension Mastery and what it can do for you in your life as a person, and as a SOUL, there is no better way to begin than with Walking Terra Christa because we know what it takes and are in the best position to share that with you from the Highest level of Purity and Accuracy.

It is crucial to know that within these teachings you must learn how to negotiate “yourself” through many “Levels of Initiation” in order to achieve the status of “Ascension”. (And in truth, there are 100’s of levels). But the most important for humanity right now are the first Seven Levels. Attaining this “status” is what the esteemed Ascended Master Dr. Joshua David Stone, (now “higher” himself as “Master Joshua Stone”) termed “the Fully Integrated Ascended Master”.  In his words:

The Seven Levels of Initiation

Physical Self
First initiation

Astral (Emotional Self)
Second initiation

Mental Self
Third initiation

Buddhic (Spiritual Self)
Fourth initiation

Atma or Atmic Self (Higher Self or Collective Soul) = 12 Extensions (Souls)
Fifth initiation

Monad or Monadic Self (God Self)  = 12 Souls = 144 Extensions
Sixth initiation

Logoic (Cosmic Self)
Seventh initiation

Follows in an excerpt from the book Beyond Ascension by Dr. Joshua David Stone

In this chapter I am going to give a brief synopsis of the seven levels of initiation. For a more detailed account I highly recommend reading my first book, “The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime”.

The spiritual path really begins prior to the seven levels of initiation. This has been esoterically called the “path of probation”. It could be likened to the nine months of gestation in the womb prior to birth. This is one’s spiritual gestation, of course. The actual birth is the taking of the first initiation.

The first initiation deals with developing mastery over our most dense body or vehicle which is the physical body. To pass this initiation one is required to develop a beginning level of mastery over this body and its appetites, requirements, sexual urges, sleep habits, and so on in service of the soul or Higher Self, which at this point would hold the ideal of balance and moderation.

The second initiation deals with the need to develop mastery over our second most dense vehicle which is the emotional and/or astral body. To pass this initiation one must develop mastery over one’s emotions, feelings, and desires to a certain degree, in service of the soul and/or Higher Self. It is not so much the perfection in this regard that is required, but rather conscious intent and continual choice-making to move in this direction. Material desires are beginning to be transformed into the spiritual desire for liberation and God realization. The disciple is learning to not be a victim of their desires, feelings and emotions, but rather a master and cause. (See my second book called “Soul Psychology” for help in this area.) This is the level of initiation in which most people stay stuck the longest.

The third initiation is mastery of the next most dense vehicle which is the mental body. To pass this initiation one must develop some level of mastery over the mind and one’s thoughts in service of the soul. This initiation is the first more major initiation, for this initiation leads one to achieve what is called “soul merger”, or soul infusion. The mastery of the physical body, astral body, and mental body allow the disciple and/or personality on Earth to merge with their soul on Earth. This can clearly be seen in the disciple in their desire to be loving, forgiving, and to be of service, as well as to begin the process of liberation from the “Wheel of Rebirth”.

It must be understood here that initiation is a process. It doesn’t all happen in one moment. There is one moment when you receive the Rod of Initiation from the Lord Maitreya (the “president” of the Spiritual Hierarchy), however there are seven sublevels between each of the seven major initiations. When one takes any given initiation they become a kindergarten disciple or initiate at that level. You must then move through all seven sublevels to fully complete that initiation. This is what I was referring to in the introduction when I said I took my sixth initiation or ascension, however I really didn’t fully complete it until I realized the seventh sublevel of the sixth initiation and then took my seventh major initiation. It wasn’t until then that I really felt as though I had graduated and fully mastered my ascension.

Once one merges with their soul at the third initiation things begin to speed up very rapidly. The fourth initiation is a major marker point. It is at this initiation that the soul body, which is also esoterically referred to as the causal body, burns up and the Higher Self or soul, which has been your guide through all your incarnations, merges back into the Monad and/or Spirit. The Monad and/or Spirit has also been referred to as the “Mighty I AM Presence” in some schools. From this moment on, Spirit is your guide and teacher, not the soul. The soul was serving as an intermediary teacher until this moment.

The soul body and/or causal body previous to this initiation serves as the repository for all your good karma from all your past lives and your current life. This repository is burned up over a period of time as one moves through towards completion of this initiation.

The fourth initiation has also been esoterically referred to as the initiation of renunciation. This is so because, prior to taking it, one is required on some level to renunciate or let go of all attachments to the material world. This means the letting go of one’s attachments to fame, fortune, money, power, selfishness, people, family or reputation. I often think of this, myself, as the “Job initiation” in the Bible where everything is stripped away as a test to see if one remains righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

Even though in previous teachings we were told that the fourth initiation meant complete liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth, we now know that while this is an important step, initiates continue through the reincarnation process into another body at the close of this one or through the continuation of this life until full ascension is achieved. I, personally, have not felt fully freed from the Wheel of Rebirth until I completed my sixth initiation and/or the seventh sublevel of the sixth initiation. It was during this initiation ceremony that I finally felt fully freed for eternity. The fourth initiation requires 65% Light quotient in your four body system.

The Fifth Initiation

The fifth initiation is, in a sense, similar to the third initiation. In the third initiation one begins the process of soul merge. The fifth initiation is the beginning stage of “Monadic merger”. This could also be called “Spirit merge”, and/or “I AM Presence”. It is for this reason that this initiation might be considered the very, very beginning glimpse of your actual ascension which is the sixth initiation.

What ascension really is is where the personality on Earth, the soul, and the Monad all become one unified being on Earth. The fifth initiation merges the Monad in consciousness, however not in full actuality yet. At the fifth initiation one has to have 75% Light quotient in one’s field.

Another thing I want to say here about the initiation process that most people don’t understand, is that these initiations occur on the inner plane and are very subtle. I would say most people are not even consciously aware they have taken them. This is true very often even in the case of those people who are theoretically aware of the seven levels of initiation and are working on them consciously. This is even true of taking one’s actual ascension, which, I am sure will blow apart most people’s fantasies and conceptions of what ascension really is. I speak from direct knowledge and experience in saying these things.

I must admit that the process of completing seven levels of initiation was much different than I expected. I, personally, happened to be quite aware of all of my later initiations and they were all quite wonderful; this is rare as I am learning. I am acquainted with a great number of people now who are beginning to take these initiations. Everyone agrees, however, that the actual initiation experience is more subtle than they expected. This is not to say that they are not profound. I was profoundly impacted by my fifth, sixth and seventh initiations, but not in the way that I expected to be, and was most deeply affected by the seventh initiation. This is where I felt the largest and most extraordinary transformation took place.

The Sixth Initiation and Ascension

The taking of the sixth initiation is the actual ascension experience for which everyone is waiting and working. In the past, when a person took their sixth initiation they usually left their bodies and passed on to the spiritual world. On rare occasions they were able to dematerialize their physical body and take it with them; however this was more the exception than the rule. The new push of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Sanat Kumara is to have people ascend (take their sixth initiation) and continue serving on Earth to help bring in the “new age”.

Ascension is full merger with the Monad or I AM Presence, or Spirit on Earth. There is a ceremony that takes place on the inner plane involving Sanat Kumara; however in my opinion, most will not remember it. The actual experience is subtle, while the implications of taking this initiation are quite profound.

There are seven planes through which each of us must evolve. Each of these seven planes is connected with each of the seven levels of initiation.

As you can see from this little diagram, ascension is movement into the Monadic and Logoic planes. Each initiation you go through stabilizes you at the “next higher plane”. I am using the word “plane” here rather than dimension because there are seven planes and nine dimensions with which we deal here on Earth.

Ascension and/or the sixth initiation is movement into the fifth dimension. The seventh initiation is movement into the sixth dimension. As you can see, the dimensions are different from what we call the seven subplanes that make up the Cosmic physical plane. There are also seven Cosmic planes of which you can read more in my first book, “The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime”. Even taking the seventh initiation is less than one inch up a ten inch ruler in terms of how far we still have to go to fully realize God at the highest Cosmic level. Evolving through these seven major initiations is a major step, however.

The first Cosmic initiation, from the point of view of the higher university on Sirius, is the fifth initiation. The second Cosmic initiation from the point of view of Sirius is the sixth initiation and/or one’s ascension. The third Cosmic initiation being the seventh initiation. There are two more initiations that can be taken after we leave the Earth. These are the eighth and the ninth. The completion of the ninth is the movement and doorway to leaving the Cosmic physical universe altogether.

Getting back to the sixth initiation, when you take this initiation you are considered a kindergarten Ascended Master. You do have a choice as to whether you want to leave Earth or remain here and serve. Most are choosing to stay at this time. Just because one ascends does not necessarily mean that one can walk on water, raise the dead, or turn water into wine. These are potential abilities that can be developed, however most people won’t develop these abilities until some time after fully completing their seventh initiation.

You will also be happy to know that one does not have to have perfect health in order to ascend; one can even have chronic health lessons. I know this for a fact because I did. One also does not have to be totally free of all negative emotions and/or totally free of the negative ego and lower self. This may surprise some of you; however, I also know this for a fact.

I, personally, know people who have taken their ascension whom I would consider to be emotional victims. Now, they also happen to be extremely gifted in other spiritual areas. Their victimization by their emotional body and desire body, at times, did not prevent their ascension. Again, one only has to balance 51% of one’s karma to ascend.

After you ascend you will basically feel exactly like the same person you were before you ascended. You will just be at a higher octave or plane. You will be carrying more Light, and you will be more connected to Spirit and the Ascended Masters.

I had been under the assumption that freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth was at the beginning or taking of, the sixth initiation. If this were not the case, then why would people over the past centuries physically die when they took this initiation and ascension? Djwhal Khul said that the discrepancy here comes because freedom from the necessity of rebirth was actually at the completion of one’s sixth initiation. In my own personal experience also, it felt like true graduation was at the completion of the sixth. What I do know is that liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth is somewhere in the sixth initiation, either in the beginning or the end. It is also somewhat individual, unique to each person, with some even choosing to return again to resolve some of the small percent of remaining karma or strengthen some aspect of their being while continuing to serve the Earth and humanity.

Djwhal Khul has suggested that if you happen to physically die just prior to taking this initiation or during the middle of the sixth, that you should call to the Ascended Masters to help you to complete your initiation process. They can work with you on the inner plane to help you finish up. I should also emphasize here that, yes, you can physically die even though you are ascended!

Ascended Masters are not invulnerable and, in truth, are far from perfect. There are many different kinds of Ascended Masters. Some Ascended Masters (one may call themselves this officially upon taking the sixth initiation), will be emotional types, some mental types, some physical types. The same strengths and weaknesses you had in your four body system before your ascension will be there after you ascend. You will, however, have greater Light, energy, and consciousness with which to heal yourself more quickly.

To ascend and take your sixth initiation you will need 80 to 83% Light quotient in your four body system. This issue regarding the Light quotient is extremely important and I have dedicated the next chapter in this book to show ways of building it. The ascension ceremony most often occurs in a group situation, often at the Wesak festival which occurs at the full moon of Taurus (May).

As I wrote about in my first book, we are now entering a planetary window for mass ascension on this planet between 1995 and the year 2000. Ascensions will continue on a large scale after this, however this is the main window. In the past, it used to take whole lifetimes to just take one initiation. I know for an absolute fact that a person can move through whole levels of initiation in as short a time as five months because I did it. I am not saying everyone will evolve at that rate. It is all up to your commitment and focus. If you are really committed and super focused, I would intuitively say that, during this most extraordinary time in which we are living, if you use all the techniques in this book, and my first two books especially, it is reasonable to expect that you could move through initiations anywhere from one to five years per initiation. I am putting myself out on a limb by saying this because people are so different, however, if you specifically use the tools and ideas given herein, I think this is a reasonable prediction; especially given what is happening to our planet at this time.

The issue then is how one knows one’s level of initiation. Study the material in this book and in my first book carefully and your intuition can tell you. If you are proficient in the use of a pendulum, that can be a useful tool. Ask in your meditations. Ask for a dream to tell you every night before bed. As a last resort, you can ask a qualified channel of the Ascended Masters. This is not my favorite method because it is always better to get it from within yourself; however this can be useful at times.

In terms of the initiation process, I also recommend that you be very discerning as to whom to talk with about this subject. There is the great tendency to compare and compete and this is not good. It is totally antithetical to the whole process. There also is the tendency to judge yourself and others. It is essential to understand that all are God and the Eternal Self regardless of their level of unfoldment and should be treated as such. I am not saying that you can never talk about it, however, be extremely discerning and examine your motives for doing so.

This book is actually the first time I have openly discussed my own initiation process. I have not talked about it in our classes, workshops or seminars at all. I just kept it to myself and tried to be it instead of talk about it. My inner guidance, however, told me that for the purposes of this book and the benefit that might come to you, my reader, from my personal experiences it would be appropriate. The key question is always, “Is there a service purpose for sharing this information or is it for the gratification of the ego? Is it serving the Spirit to share or serving the negative ego?” If it is of service to the soul and Spirit, then so be it; do share. Just be discerning in this regard for we do not want others to feel “less than”. As the Bible says, “After pride cometh the fall”! In the Brian Grattan system of initiation in his “Mahatma” books, the taking of one’s ascension is still the sixth and the completing of one’s ascension is the ninth initiation. The seventh initiation, in Alice Bailey system of initiations, is the 9 1/2 level of Brian Grattan’s system. The completion of the seventh initiation would be the same as saying that one has completed the seven sublevels of the seventh initiation. It is at this point (or at the twelfth initiation in Brian Grattan’s system) that all initiations stop for the rest of the incarnation. One’s total focus from that point forward is service and helping humanity and the lower kingdoms share in this grace.

There is also a correlation between the initiations and the anchoring of the higher chakras. When one ascends, their 16th chakra has descended and is anchored in one’s crown. The 16th chakra is the beginning of the fifth dimensional chakra grid. This is chakras 16 through 22. At the completion of one’s seventh initiation the 36th chakra has descended and is fully anchored and actualized in the crown chakra. One of the most important ways of accelerating your spiritual progression is to call forth the anchoring of the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional chakra grids during meditation (and, I would say, before sleep every night). In a later chapter in this book I will give detailed explanation of how to do this.

At the time of writing this chapter I have installed all of my 36 chakras, however, I am currently actualizing up to the beginning of my 35th. The reason I bring this up is to share with you that the anchoring, activation and actualization of these individual chakras and the entire chakra grids are scientifically connected to the initiation process. In other words, each chakra can be associated to one of the seven sublevels between each major initiation. As each individual chakra is anchored, activated and then actualized, one is basically moving up another sublevel.

For a more detailed account of this whole process I have dedicated a chapter to explaining it. For the time being I will say that, prior to your ascension, during every meditation, you should call forth the full anchoring, activation and actualization of your 22 chakras, and your fourth and fifth dimensional chakra grids. The Masters will do this for you upon your request and invitation. Though there may be one, I don’t know of any technique other than Light quotient building that will accelerate your evolution more quickly.

It is at the sixth initiation and/or ascension that we also make the choice as to which of the seven paths of higher evolution we will follow upon leaving this plane. These seven paths are:

The Path of Earth Service
The Path of Magnetic Work
The Path of Training to become a Planetary Logos
The Path to Sirius
The Ray Path
The Path on which our Logos is found
The Path of Absolute Sonship

There is very little information on this plane about these seven paths. Djwhal Khul, in the Alice Bailey books, is almost the only Master to bring forth any information at all. One of the services I have tried to render in this book in a later chapter is to share with you my research, in easy to understand language, about what these seven paths are. This may be one of the most important chapters in this entire book.

Ascension is basically merging with the “Clear Light of God”, much like what is recommended that one do during the Bardo or after death experience. The only difference between this experience and the after death experience potential is that ascension is merging with the “Clear Light of God” while still retaining a physical body. The Monad, at the time of ascension, is able to fully anchor Light at the 80 to 83% level. As one completes their ascension the Light quotient is up to the 92 to 94% level. At the time of writing this book my Light quotient is currently at the 94 to 95% level. I have been guided that within three and a half months time, which falls on the 12:12 ceremony (December 12th, 1994) my Light quotient will be at the 97% level and I will be at the beginning of the seventh sublevel of the seventh initiation, and/or at the beginning of the 12th initiation in Brian Grattan’s initiation system. I have also been told that by the Wesak festival on May 14th, 1995 my Light quotient would be fully stabilized at the 98% level and I will have fully stabilized and completed the 7th initiation or, in Brian’s method, the 12th initiation. I share this personal information with you to give you a sense of how this process works and a feel for the time frame of how taking these initiations and building one’s Light quotient can work.

The Seventh Initiation

The seventh initiation has to do with the movement from the Monadic plane of reality, up to the Logoic or seventh plane of reality. Where the sixth initiation deals with merger with the Monad, the seventh initiation deals with greater merger with Sanat Kumara and Shamballa. Djwhal Khul told me that the seventh degree initiate is usually one who becomes a teacher on a global level in a very visible way.

Sixth degree initiates and Ascended Masters often have this service path, however it is not required. Djwhal Khul also said that much has been given and much is now expected. This is fine, for as A Course in Miracles says, “True pleasure is serving God”.

After taking my sixth initiation I asked Vywamus how long it would take for me to achieve my seventh initiation. At that time, He said from one to five years. He also said that the taking of our seventh initiation might be affected by planetary events. One element was the geographic location in which I live. (I live in Los Angeles at the time of this writing, energetically not the best place in the world to do this!)

Vywamus also said that a second factor is the fact that an asteroid is heading toward our planet that will not directly hit the planet but will pass very closely by. The exact timing was not clear; however He said that September 1997 was what He was seeing at the time of the conversation (early in 1994). Vywamus said it would cause a spiritual quickening for the planet. He said that a good metaphor for understanding its effects would be to imagine being in a car parked on a high speed highway. All of a sudden an 18 wheeler truck goes speeding by. I don’t need to explain the effects. This is the effect this asteroid will have on the Earth.

Vywamus said another planetary event that could have an effect on when we take our seventh initiation is the alien situation. He said that extraterrestrials will begin making much more overt contact with planet Earth, around September of 1995. Depending on how overt this contact is, this could send shock waves reverberating throughout the entire planet. I share these personal conversations with you because they may also affect you, my reader. Until now, I had never considered that these planetary events might have any effect on my own initiation process. As it turned out they did not. I took my ascension on March 23rd, 1994, and I took my seventh initiation on August 23rd, 1994. In my forthcoming autobiography, this book, and “The Complete Ascension Manual” I share exactly what I did in detail to move through this entire initiation so quickly.

The seventh initiation causes a complete implosion of energy in the heart chakra. It creates a whole new chakra system. All the chakras become one column of Light, connected with the Antakarana and the ascension column. This whole new chakra system is metaphorically like the creation of a new star system where ascension of the sixth initiation is centered in the throat center. The seventh initiation occurs in the heart chakra; it is a merger with the Monad at approximately the 94% Light quotient level.

The seventh initiation is not truly complete until the Light quotient is stabilized at the 97 to 98% level. Djwhal Khul told us that the very beginning stages of the seventh initiation can occur when one reaches the 89 to 91% Light quotient. One really isn’t into the seventh initiation until one reaches the 94% Light quotient. I, personally, took the seventh initiation when I was at the 94% Light quotient level, Djwhal said that some could take it when they are between the 92 to 94% level.

The seventh initiation is truly the beginning of transcendence of all physical laws. It is also a complete and total commitment to service and a relinquishment of all negative ego. Djwhal also told us that even though the Monad is fully anchored into the four body system after ascension it would not be completely merged in its full totality until after taking the seventh initiation. The seventh initiation is merger with the sixth dimension of reality, and merger with the seventh dimensional chakra grid, or chakras 30 through 36.

The seventh initiation is divorced from all considerations of form and the initiate becomes a concentrated point of living Light. The seventh initiation gives the initiate the right to come and go in the courts of Shamballa. It has been referred to, esoterically, as the initiation of “resurrection”. Lord Maitreya took His seventh initiation on the cross at the death of the Master Jesus. Lord Maitreya, of course, shared Jesus’ physical body the last three years of His life. The Master Jesus took His fourth initiation on the cross.

The seventh initiation is where the son or daughter of God has found his way back to the Father and to his originating Source, or that state of existence known as Shamballa. The seventh initiation begins the full opening of involvement with extraplanetary existence with which our Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World is involved.

At this initiation Sanat Kumara is attended by two groups of beings. The first is called “Knowers of the Purpose, Custodians of the Will”. This is a smaller group. The second group is much larger and is called “The Wise Ones and Attractive Energies of Shamballa”. These beings operate on the high level of the Cosmic plane, correspond to the ajna center of mankind and embody the “Will-to-Good”. More succinctly, they are the ajna or third eye center for Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. In a larger context, Shamballa is the crown center; the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Heart Center, and humanity is the creative throat center. It is also to Shamballa that the seventh degree initiate goes for periods of cyclic recharging.

At the seventh initiation, an even higher electrical force is transmitted to the master through Sanat Kumara’s Rod of Initiation which signifies full completion. The master has become a full fledged seventh degree Melchizedek (as the ancient Egyptian teachings described the process). This, again, is the highest initiation that can be taken on the Earthly plane.
After taking the seventh initiation, work still remains in terms of fully realizing or completing this initiation. One has moved from being an advanced sixth degree initiate to a beginning seventh degree initiate. It is most likely in the seventh initiation that the more advanced and transcendent ascension abilities will be developed. That is to say, those which defy physical laws. At the seventh initiation one’s Light quotient is high enough (minimally 94%) to master these abilities with more ease.

The eighth initiation has been referred to as the “Great Transition”, and will be taken on the inner plane after leaving the material world. The ninth initiation has been esoterically called “The Refusal”. It indicates the Master’s last contact with what has been referred to as cosmic evil as it relates to this planet.

I took my seventh initiation sitting on top of a physical mountain with my wife, Terri Sue. Upon the completion of a brief ceremony, Djwhal Khul said, “Welcome to the eighth school”. Each initiation you pass welcomes you to the school above. Melchizedek referred to this seventh initiation as going through the final seal, which reminded me of the seven seals of which Peter spoke in Revelations.

There was a tremendous feeling and experience of celebration, joy and congratulations after this experience. It really felt like a marker point and like a complete graduation. My wife at the time, Terri Sue, had a dream about three days earlier regarding the completion of our ascension or sixth initiation. In the dream we were both meditating together under the full moon when all of a sudden a sniper shot Terri Sue in the heart and she died. I picked her up and took her to a more comfortable spot and then I was shot in the third eye. (It is very significant as to where we both were shot.) I died and we both ascended. The completion of one’s ascension and the taking of the seventh initiation is like a death. Physical existence is never again the same, for one has “totally ascended” and is not just remaining in the physical vehicle as a Bodhisattva for service purposes.

More Information on the Higher Initiations

Third initiation = “Desire to know one’s true self”
Fourth initiation = “Desire for complete knowledge of self”
Fifth initiation = “Complete unification with peace and harmony”
Sixth initiation = “Service”
Seventh initiation = “Complete liberation from Earth bound functions. Development of advanced and transcendent ascension abilities.”

Planetary Initiations

Just as we are going through initiations, so does the Earth Mother…, or the heavenly body known as Earth, has recently taken her third initiation or soul merge initiation. This is why Earth has moved into what has been termed sacred status. This is a more recent occurrence, for in Djwhal Khul’s writings in the Alice Bailey material, this had not happened yet.

Vywamus told me a fascinating piece of information on this process that I had never realized. I asked Vywamus what happens when the Earth Mother completes her seventh initiation. He told me that the Earth Mother will experience a “Nova” or in other words, turn into Light. This means to say that the Earth Mother will ascend. We see that the planetary body known as Earth will experience a similar type of ascension as we humans will upon our completion of the seventh initiation when our work is complete here…

…Vywamus said that the Earth Mother was still relatively young, rather like a radiant adolescent, and the Earth being is a very sought after planet for the incarnation process. He also said that before Her actual ascension, the life forms on this planet would probably return to a more etheric state before the actual nova, or ascension, effect. This is interesting for this is also how life began on this planet in the pre-Lemurian times. Life was not always physical in the way that we now know and understand it. Earth is a very tough school, Vywamus said. However the potential for spiritual growth and evolvement is enormous and that is why it is sought after.

Online source material shard under copywrite of originating author, All rights reserved:

We offer the above excerpt to assist in gaining a fuller understanding of the Ascension process required to create a Fifth Dimensional earth. Master Joshua (Dr. Stone) was the modern world’s most recognized foremost authority within the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Brother/Sisterhood of White Light on “All Things Ascension” until his earthly departure in 2005. He is now working alongside Master Djwhal Khul in the Office of the Second Ray of God of the Love and Wisdom just as he intended to do. 

While the above excerpt is not complete (which is why we refer one to read the actual books), it shows that the actions required for achieving Ascension and a New Earth are not accomplished without immense personal dedication to making that achievement as there are many levels to go through before a higher vibration can exist in a person.

Again, it is important to understand Master Joshua wrote these words over 20 years ago. He could not have known then the momentum and promise to create higher vibrational life on earth within humanity would fade over time.

He justifiably held a great exuberance and belief that many 100’s of thousands of individuals would follow his teachings around the world and put what he shared into personal action. While he lived, there were certainly ten’s of thousands that read his books. But the ability to get to the sixth initiation remained rare even then. He and his close associates who held Ascension groups did get there as he shares. And, as he states, it does not mean one then gains supernatural powers but instead still feels “like themselves” only with a much broader understanding of “the SELF” and the connection to “the God Source”.

In our discussions with the Spiritual Hierarchy, we verified that Master Joshua’s estimate of his teachings creating about a few 1000 Integrated Ascended Masters (seventh initiation Lightworkers) upon the earth was accurate at that time. Given the amazing advancements he brought to earth and shared about Raising Vibration, there should easily be ten’s of thousands of Integrated Ascended Masters today, but this is not the case.

It is important to know that despite the vast proliferation of “new age/lightworker” materials, books, movies and websites since his transition, those figures are no longer even remotely correct due to the transitions the earth (and humanity) has gone under in the last 15 years.

As of this writing in 2016, the Spiritual Hierarchy now estimates that there are less than maybe two hundred “Fully Integrated Ascended Masters” on earth. Considering the population of the planet was about 4.5 billion in the mid 1980’s, and is now 7.5 billion, this should be very much the opposite case. 

What happened? Like himself, many of those individuals have now left the earth plane. Also, the majority of those individuals who made that achievement were directly connected to Dr. Stone from the 1980’s and 90’s not just in his books and written materials, but through his personal correspondences, physical meetings and groups, and later through his websites sharings. 

He felt others could be like him but in truth, the Inspiration of Faith and Persistence that he embodied, which in and of itself was a Beacon for so many to continue to do the challenging and daunting work of Ascension, simply was no longer there to assist and propel them forward once he departed his physical body. Once that event happened, those individuals still on earth, to put it simply, fell back in their Initiations.

This is not something Dr. Stone wrote about often, but the Ascension process is not really like climbing a mountain, as one you get to the top of a physical mountain you always have that status and achievement of having done it. Without continued diligence and focus on the tools and practices of Ascension, one easily falls back into the lower levels of consciousness that are exhibited by those around them. A person may not fall fully, but this is another reason why there are so few still at that status.

You may ask, “But given what is now known about Raising Vibration, why are there not more people achieving earthly Ascension?”

One of the main reasons is exactly the immense proliferation of “new age/lightworker” material. While it would at first glance appear very helpful for being so positive and uplifting as to the potential for humanity, along the way it has also given most individuals the impression that Raising Vibration will happen automatically; that it is destiny and a natural part of human evolution. In other words there is a tremendous amount of information stating that not only will the earth evolve into a Higher Dimension by itself, but it is already happening.

Despite the fact that many higher vibrational frequencies are hitting the earth, it is not an automatic process, at least not in terms of human lifetimes. It takes a human consciousness to fully understand how to ground a higher frequency into earth for it to then become part of it. And then, for many humans to do it. And, for grounding to happen, that individual must already have incorporated the energies within them. Otherwise, about 85-95% of the energies of these Cosmic Rays just dissipate. So yes, there is some truth to the statements that the earth is evolving, but they must be seen in context. The 10% to 15% or so of higher Cosmic Energies being gifted to the earth from the Galactic Core that do ground without the help of human consciousness will bring about a higher evolution, but over a timeframe of thousands and thousands of years.

That “fact” is not at all shared in the overall gist of “A New Earth in our lifetime” messages one typically finds circulating the new age lightworker community. 

The earth is instead at a Pivotal point in history where it may fail to ground the higher Vibrational Frequencies being given to it by the Spiritual Forces of Light. 

A major momentum for the acceptance of this dis-information is found in our youth and young adults as well as the older generations of the first and second wavers. The younger souls do not feel diligence and persistence are what earth is all about, and the older generation of lightworkers feel they have already endured all the persistence and diligence that they could possibly have in them. In seeing all the overwhelmingly encouraging messages about how the New Earth is now here, both groups are irrepressibly drawn to take huge sighs of relief that they can now begin to enjoy earth. And so as a result, very few are left to ask “Am I doing this life right?”

We hope that if you are reading this page, you are still ready and prepared to dig in; to start with the person in the mirror; and make that change you came here as a Soul to make.



Esoteric Spiritual Teachings are typically not in the mainstream of society as the subject matter is both personal to each student, and also intangible in that it concerns the knowledge gained in the Spiritual Realm of the Self, which cannot be easily tested on a written exam. We do not teach students in the same manner of a third dimension traditional school structure, however, we still do perform assessments of student progress in discussions with the Spiritual Masters, especially those on our Spiritual Board, and in reference to each student’s Study Guide Reports.

Our teachings employ a familiar lecture component just like any teaching one is familiar with already. However, our format offers two levels of consciousness that are very unusual to what most individuals are used to experiencing. First, the teachings are in Integrated Divine Light Language Communication(sm) direct from the Spiritual Realm of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of White Light. This includes both the portions that we offer personally as preparation for the teaching, and the portions of the class that are given directly by one of the Spiritual Realm Masters.  Second, Reverend Christine Meleriessee, using the ability and level of Ascension she has attained, transfers these Higher Frequency Vibrations as Divine Light Language Codes(sm) attunements to the energy bodies of each student. The amount of Light accepted by the student is a combination of what the consciousness allows, the subconscious can accept, and the direction intended by the superconscious (which is the Higher Self) as to what the student can handle.

The pure connection of communication with the Spiritual Master’s benefits us personally as we are constantly coached to keep advancing in our own Initiations just as the Masters do.  Recognizing the special qualities she held, Master Joshua (who ordained Rev. Meleriessee in 2003) had requested that she take up the role of establishing an East Coast USA Ashram of his teachings. His vision of Ashrams was not to be and instead he began to establish his teaching website on the Internet to bring his WESAK Festival and instruction to many more individuals. By having our unique approach that includes accessing the Divine Light Language Codes(sm) we have taken his teaching legacy forward into areas he could not.  This includes being able to speak with him and the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy directly from spirit. Students can now benefit far beyond what he personally was able to do while in body with his teachings.

These three components combine to give each student an excellent higher vibrational holistic approach using a complete path of study that acts to effect all the energy bodies of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical structures to assist students in moving through the challenges of the Initiations.

We have looked around at many types of instruction and have not found any others that are quite the same as ours in comparison to the acceleration in all areas that we can offer. Even among other forms of Ascension Teachings that offer written or verbal instruction, such as those Dr. Stone himself created, there is not the strong emphasis on the energetic transfer of the actual higher vibrational frequencies that are so beneficial to student Initiates. 

Everyone on earth is in the school of awakening to who they are as a SOUL. We invite you to begin the FORMAL path to making those understandings an ACTIVE part of your life. To say that it will literally change who you are is not at all an exaggeration.