Praise for our Ascension Mastery Spiritual Teaching/Healing Energies


I know well the benefits of bringing in the higher energies, and I am deeply grateful for all that has assisted me so far. I don’t think I would be where I am without them! It resonates the most with me and seems to be the one that I have already been walking in my years with you. I am grateful for the teaching of the 144D and the Unified Whole, and all your hard work on our behalf.
-Cleo M. Northern New Jersey USA

Our session was overwhelmingly good. I felt like a huge boulder was lift off my shoulders and my body felt and feels lighter. I also noticed that my body posture reflects the shift I made on our session. I stand much more confident, shoulders back and not limping forward like little poor me. 🙂 These are some of the physical changes that I have noticed.
Now there are other changes I feel and I felt immediately as we were doing the clearing. I felt a huge relief and so much at peace. I felt loved and cared for. I feel now super motivated to fulfill my mission and I have a sense of responsibility that I did not have before.
I was very surprised to find out about my essence and the importance of my mission. Since child I knew there was something more for me, a sense that I have a different purpose beyond the common human daily life, but for example, I never imagine that I am related to the Seraphins and that I am pivotal to help the animals in this process of creating Nova Earth. It humbled me and at same time, it taught me that I should really never belittle me and I should love myself.
In sum, not only I learned about myself and my mission and purpose, but I became more enlightened, closer to the Ascended Masters and Angelical realms, closer to Source and closer to that new life that we are all creating for us in the 5th dimension. Our session was a wild ride in which I could meet and blend with my soul and my soul friends and it’s an experience that was not only life changing, but also vital. We really need to take care of us first, if we want to seriously commit in helping humanity and the Kingdoms.
I am looking forward to keep working with you and I thank you again for everything you did for me. You guys are the best! Much love and a big hug,
– Patricia T, South Africa

My totally experience is that [the Healing] have support me very efficient in the process of creating my Merkabah Light Body, daily I activate these Light Diamonds that support me to clear and balance my chakra system and connect me with my Higher Self, Monad and I AM Presence and the beings of the Higher Realms which all result in an expanded consciousness. And I have to express, I just love my beautiful Light Diamonds! Shared in deep Love, Gratitude and Blessings for the Service from WTC/Mel&Mike and the Beings in the Higher Realms.
– Gunilla C. Sweden

I just wanted to thank you so much for the session yesterday! I think it’s always difficult to express yourself when something has such a powerful impact, and this session definitely did for me. I was amazed at some of the things I felt, and the snippets of information that came through about my timelines both resonated and were exactly what I needed to hear at this time. I am so grateful to you both for the amazing work that you do and it was SUCH a pleasure! Thank you again and much love!
– Nive M. United Kingdom

“…Mysterious negative energies and attachments plagued me for years and I went from healer to psychic healer. I found no one who understood what the problem was, much less how to help me until I met Christine. My case was difficult, multi-leveled and extremely challenging. Christine fearlessly took on this challenge and put her heart and soul into working with me. She is a healer of the highest caliber of lovelight, combining various healing techniques which are as multi-leveled as my attachments. Her depth of vision is incredible, she sees inside the body and is therefore able to remove negativities, utilizing her shamanic training in the process. Her work is also effective over long distance on the phone if a personal session is not possible. Thank you Christine, for giving me back my life.
-B.M.S., Oklahoma USA

The session with Master Thoth was a whirlwind of remembrances which brought me closer to an understanding of my cosmic destiny than I have felt in any other moment during my present life. Unlike a traditional past life regression, what was brought forth was an integrative experience threading through the soul’s journey through many essences: the physical, etheric (angelic), into the highest formlessness and ultimate unity. Among these moments we see our own Being as the golden thread, the unity of it all brings profound peace and Love to the heart. Christine was an amazing facilitator and the pace of the sessions was perfectly calibrated to my understanding. There was also a moment for feedback and questions at the end, although the pure torrent of cosmic information made it a bit hard to think with the lower mind in that moment. Overall, I strongly recommend the Timelines session to anyone who is curious about their Soul’s role in the cosmos. The information conveyed is not just academic: it will open a portal for profound future healing. Blessed be!
-Christopher B. Paris France

A few years ago I realized that the healing modalities I was practicing such as Reiki were good but not giving me the assistance I needed to make steadfast inner progress, I was struggling within myself and had very low self-esteem. Once I discovered Walking Terra Christa I finally felt like I had some real guidance and support. The Divine Light encoding was by far the highest vibration I have ever encountered, at first it was quite shocking and hard to grasp that it was possible, but In the calls, I could feel lower energies being removed, and my consciousness always became much higher. Over time and with my commitment to surrendering to the Divine Energies, I have transformed on a very deep level. This healing has changed my life completely, and I have truly blossomed and gained so much more self-confidence. I am more mature and growing into my Higher Self with more grace as I have learned to open my heart and utilize the tools given. I believe Christine and Mike do bring forth the Highest Vibrational Energies and teachings which has been proven from my personal transformation and my experiences at their retreats. They are not teachers that sugar coat the truth, they share what is real because this is vital information that all Lightworkers need to know to be able to create the Peace this Earth needs and this is their love for Humanity. Walking Terra Christa teachings have helped me understand the energies the Earth is experiencing and helped move through my personal challenges/life lessons with more support, tools, and courage. I love the weekly calls as they always help me find understanding to my personal truth they are my weekly must have!!
– Rochelle Aluria M. New Zealand

I thank you so much for the work you did with little Maggie. She had been experiencing night terrors for months, her parents were so sleep deprived they were exhausted. Maggie would wake up each night between 2 and 3 am screaming and crying. She is pre-verbal, so she could not express what scared her. It would take an hour or two to calm her down and get her back to sleep. After you worked with her, she is now sleeping through the night with no problems. She hasn’t been up once since then (about a month ago). So a great big Thank you for helping out this little girl and her parents. They are breathing a sigh of relief. I am so grateful that I know you, and knew you would be able to help her on the inside. With much love and gratitude. – C.G., NJ USA (Absentee Healing for 1 year old)

I’m so excited about both of these sessions (my soul is singing when I tune in to this upcoming work). I also hear the Dr. Martin Luther King saying, “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!” That’s the kind of power around this work (thought you’d want to know what comes out of your work…and we haven’t even had the sessions yet!).
– V.S., Bend, Oregon USA

I wanted to tell you that two weeks after your treatment (Chakra Balancing) there is a HUGE difference in the quality of my voice…it’s clear, strong…it flows…even my lousy singing voice has improved, LOL! LA-LA-LA-LA!! Thank you and GREAT JOB! There was alot of stuff that was in my throat. I still have more work to do but the lump is no longer ‘controlling’ me and that feels wonderful to say! Love,
– Monica, N.J. USA

I did the attunement, not expecting to feel a whole lot because I don’t have much energy sensitivity and no spiritual sight. I live primarily by intuition. But I was surprised as it was a very beautiful experience. As I was finishing, an angel was instructing me about what to do next and what to expect. I’m not sure I remember everything she said but I think I have most of it. The rest of the day I definitely felt different. I can’t really describe it, just a shift of some sort. The emptiness was gone but I wasn’t feeling quite full yet. As I walked my dog through freshly fallen pure white snow, I was guided to expand my heart and breath it all in whenever I feel “empty”. It felt so sweet. I made fresh new tracks in the untouched snow, mindful that the future is whatever I make it, and the past has been wiped clean. It was a precious gift for my birthday. Thank you so much for your hard work. I appreciate how difficult it can be in addition to your daily “human” responsibilities. With love – L.L.

Beloveds- I am SO very grateful for my session with Lord Melchizedek today; think avoided it for so long- and even today came dragging my feet- because I was afraid of being told I needed be due diligence with myself/path (which only throws me into a place of simply not wanting to do anything any more). Thank goodness Lord Melchizedek knew just what I have been needing. I am so grateful. I have for years now felt a kinship with Melchizedek and as of today it has now gone even deeper. I love him… but then I do love all of the Masters….
Thank you both for serving as you do and make available to us interaction with the higher realms and Masters with the opportunity for each of us to tune in more deeply to our heart with a deeper understanding of our own unique preciousness and Lovelight knowing that we are all One. Living love
~Gail K., New Jersey USA


And your channelings, dear Christine, are completely different. There is a “tune” which absolutely has found its way to my heart. That’s really great!
– A.L., Germany

I have had some really amazing interactions with a few Masters through Christine (Meleriessee) and Michael (Ara). During my session with Master Hilarion, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I was also able to open my heart centre more fully. The love in my heart shines. My session with Lord Kuthumi was extremely powerful. Even writing these words the tears flow with the Love in my heart. He assisted me with realizing just how far I have come within my life and not to rush myself, thus creating more challenges than I am prepared for. He also assisted me in allowing the acceptance and healing to occur for me to make me feel the Golden Christ Consciousness that is within my I AM Presence. Master Djwhal (Master DK) has greatly inspired me. He has assisted me with recognizing a lot of lessons and achievements within my life, in leaving lower timelines behind me, and moving forward in my life and finding the Love, Compassion, and the Power that is within my Highest essence. Blessings and Love,
– Brenda S. Canada

Walking Terra Christa has been a life changing part of my existence. I have been a part of their teachings for almost two years now. In that time span I have learned the 22 rays of god within my chakra system. I have learned about how to activate my merkaba vehicle of light. As an initiate in this program I have been introduced to the Universal laws and how to utilize these laws within my day to day regiment. So combining the 22 rays of god with the use of the Universal Laws this path of true Ascended Mastery I like no other. The hands on method of teaching Christine Meleressee and Mike Hayden provides to each student is second to none. I would highly recommend Walking Terra Christa to anyone who is serious about walking the path to true Ascended Mastery.
– Kevin J. Texas USA

To be in communion with the Unified Whole carries with it profound implications for the Self. I feel there is no part of my-Self that has not been awakened by the presence of the Great Divine Director and the Blessed Ones who were part of the Entering the Gate Workshop classes. And it was in the Divine Director’s session that The Book of Purity was presented to me by the Beloveds in the Hall of the Akashic Records and this precious gift is beyond my ability to express its significance. My path is forever strengthened and realigned in the most sacred way and the blessings received are treasures of the most profound nature and blast through the veil of my 3-D reality. In-gratitude,
– Pearl G. California USA

I found the Law of Gender class and visit to Aslaanetair provided by Walking Terra Christa to be soothing and exhilarating all at the same time. The visit left me feeling more centered and balanced within my masculine and feminine divine energies. The previous laws- (Law of Polarity, followed by the Law of Rhythm) were much more challenging for me. I feel like this was the “heavy lifting” my soul needed in order for me to prepare for the gentler energies of the Law of Gender. The Law of Polarity lifted the “roots” of some elements in my mental and emotional bodies, while the Law of Rhythm allowed me to continue addressing and transmuting old elements that prevented me from achieving the Masculine/Feminine balance of energies. I found with Master Voltar of Andromeda to be very productive in allowing these energies to continue to balance and integrate. The attunements and encodements brought forth from the Overlighting beings, including AA Ariel, were energetically powerful. During the guided meditation I could feel the energies coming into the right side of my body, followed by the energies coming into the left side of my body, followed by a balancing in my central canal and chakra system. I can now visit the Temple of the Eternal One at any time I need more balance within my Masculine and Feminine Divine Energies. Thank you WTC, Mel & Mike, for this teaching and energetic exchange!
-Tricia S. Washington, USA