Greetings and Love from the Telosian Command Center,
I Am Lord Adama with the Telosian and Agarthian Councils of Light.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the full moon energies and the transition that this cycle is bringing to the earth. We feel your frustrations but we also feel the beautiful elements that you are learning about yourself.
This is a very important lesson ~ to allow the physical self to go through the pain of the challenges but then to realize the beauty that can be born within you.
This cycle is huge and will help each of you to go into a deeper part of yourself. Take the time to step into the core of your emotions so that you can fully accept the change that needs to occur.
As your relationship to yourself changes, the outer elements will fall into place. The parts of yourself that you thought were always going to plague you into believing that you are not who you truly would like to be can be fully erased during this cycle.
We have to remember that it is the Harvest Moon also which represents the growth that occurs after the energies abrupt to make you look at the TRUE YOU. And this will change throughout your development of the Higher Self that you are becoming.
This is because you truly cannot just accept yourself in the way you have done before. Growth does not occur in that manner. Each soul must look within themselves to see the change, to allow this change to be part of a greater aspects that is trying to be realized from your Highest Consciousness into your Physical Consciousness.

Without this interaction, then the experience of feeling challenged is just that; it is not a lesson, it is a moment in time that felt very constrictive. But yet when you allow the Super Consciousness (of your Higher Self) to blend within the Physical Consciousness, then it becomes a heightened awareness that could not be realized before.

So take the time during this cycle to have some realizations about yourself. They are there for the taking; all you need to do is look at it as it becomes more apparent within yourself that all of your minds, of the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super Conscious are becoming One.
Healing comes in many forms but it must start here first through the Divine Mind. Allow this moon to help you realize the potential you have within yourself.
Blessings and Love,
Lord Adama, Your Brother in Telos
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Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
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Infusion of Light is Now Upon Us – Lord Adama Discourses

pathway of lightIt is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.  I am very, very happy to be with each of you this evening.  Thank you for joining us those of you that have not been with us previously.

Breathe in deeply.  Allow your Pure Essences to enfold within your being.

We are coming upon a very powerful time.  It is always very powerful – The Festival of the Christ and the first of the three Ascension Festivals.  But this year is different because the increased energy patterns coming into the planet are being directed from the God Force to assist Earth on a much deeper manner than she has been assisted previously.

I do not want to take away anything that Lord Sananda will be sharing today.  So I just want to say some elements from each of us from the Telosian Community.  Please know that each of you have chosen to be here at this time to go through these processes even though they may be very, very difficult and very, very challenging for you.  It is important to continually reflect onto your Higher Self and allow those frequencies of Light to fully come within you to assist you through this process.

This Full Moon on the 15th of April will be infused with so much Light infractions it is going to really make a difference with every human being upon the planet, not just each of you that are awakened and going through this pathway.  It is very important for you to have the realization within yourself of what it is that you are choosing to experience, what it is that you need to work through, and how you want to get there.  The highest easiest way to do so is through your Higher Essence because this energy is coming onto everyone within the planet.  There are those that are going to be deeply affected in many different ways.  So we want to make sure that each of you has the best experience possible to bring in the highest energies within your body so that they can be accepted within yourself.

It is going to be a time to actually know what it is you are experiencing.  Each day may be different towards the upcoming energies.  It is important to have reflection in yourself and what it is you are experiencing, what it is you are feeling, what you thought processes are and how is your consciousness changing?  The whole possible integration that is occurring is allowing the Higher Mind to be blended with the Lower Mind, allowing the Super-conscious to blend with the Sub-conscious and the Consciousness.  This is a tall order for some of you, especially if you have not been on the pathway very long and are not used to going through the purging cycles.  It is also very important that you understand that is all for the highest good of your being.  It is important that you stand upon this time on the planet as those Lightbearers to assist in the creation of the New Earth.

You may think of it as the same scenario as being part of the First Root Race that Archangel Michael was; coming down unto a planet that really needed to be reformed.  Although at that time, the planet did not have any other humans.  It is important for you to have these realizations as you are going through the changes because others that are not awakened, that are not within this pathway may be having a very difficult time of it and won’t show it.  There may be elements that occur on a much deeper level.  People are going to be going through physical symptoms that they may think they are very ill, but yet there are elements arising out of them.

Energies in the lands are going to change.  It is all part of the purging process.  So it is important for each of us being on this pathway together that we hold our Light in the deepest process that we can and to allow these energies to assist each of us deeply.  That is only going to make the strength of this planet stronger to allow the frequencies of Light to shift and to create a new way of living.

So yes, these upcoming Festivals, the Christ, the Wesak, and Humanity are going to be very, very powerful this year.  They will be infused within each individual.  Although the ones that are not aware of it will not understand what they are going through.  The Power of the Christed energies are so very strong.  You are allowing yourself to fully incorporate them within your being.  You may have moments where you may not understand yourself.  You may feel energies from a Higher Source of Light, but yet within your body it feels very low.

It will be important for you to continually heal yourself through this process; cleansing yourself, purify yourself, utilizing all the elements of the Earth that are to your availability – incense, sage, oils, herbs, whatever you need to utilize, please do so.

Allow yourself to be the Being of Light – think of yourself as a candle burning.  The top of your flame is your Soul Star and the rest of you as the base holding strong that Light with whatever is occurring.  If you look at a candle doesn’t it fall apart sometimes as it is burning down?  This is exactly what you are going to be experiencing.  Yet, there is a strength within the Flame that is so strong and deep that it will take you to many places beyond your imagination.  It will take you beyond a foot you are in this present circumstance.  So the essence of resurrection is the ability to take whom you are now and remove the particles of Light to resurrect yourself into a new space of Beingness.

So be very aware of what you are experiencing because you will become a new Being.  You will shift into a different consciousness than you did before but it all depends on how much you are willing to look at everything; to look at the mirrors around you; to look at the Light that is within you; and allow the mirrors to crack of the Illumination of Light That Is You.  This is truly what we are going through.

The exchanges are going to be pretty heavily of what the Earth is trying to ground herself with, what each of us is trying to ground ourselves with to allow the frequency of Light That We Are to come together because as your multi-dimensional personality is becoming more manifest within you every day you will experience new phases.  Some of those phases you will not like.  That is because they are the lower aspects that your Soul still has a remembrance of in your Etheric Body.  Those are the particles that just need to be cleansed, and need to be purified.  With the vibrational work that each of you are experiencing you can do so.

I truly am looking forward to walking with each of you during this exciting adventure together as we open ourselves up to a new way of existence; a particle of Light coming fully within your Physical Essence that has not been there before.

It is my deepest pleasure to be with each of you.

I AM Lord Adama, your Brother in Telos.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.


This is an excerpted transcription from the New Earth Golden Cities of Light – weekly class with Lord Adama as our guide as we visit the 22 cities of the Etheric Earth.  You may participate in April for only $11 for the month,

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