Accelerated Phase of High Frequency ~ Lord Adama’s Discourses

accel freq

I want to discuss today the changes that are happening within the earth and each of you.  The process of acceleration is continuing at a rate that is beyond the lower mind’s comprehension.

We are now in a blending of worlds with multi-dimensional aspects along with the Three Minds of the Super-Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Conscious to know have the accessibility to work as one unit.  On a global consciousness this has never been able to happen previously.  It is miraculous and amazing so there will be many challenges that will result from the essences of the Summer Solstice.

It is time to take self-inventory each day of what you are experiencing because as you allow your Higher Self to be your guide there will be other elements that YOU THOUGHT YOU NEEDED.  And, previously you did but that IS NO LONGER THE CASE.

Changes are happening rapidly and this season is going to be filled with many appearing in your world personally and around the globe.  You have wanted them to appear, now they are here, and it is up to YOU to understand how to comprehend the energies within your four-body system.

We are now at a stage in which the energies have resulted within each of us and it is imperative to understand the process on an inner level.  The lower mind does not understand so the higher mind needs your assistance – the consciousness of your physical creation is going through a major overhaul of receiving more light quotient than has ever been acquired before.  So we ask you to take moments of BALANCE WITHIN YOUR WORLD.

The way of doing things, working 8 plus hours each day, lack of sleep, and trying to exercise beyond your body’s capacity are no longer the realm within the higher dimensions.  As GAIA is accelerating, so is every individual person on the level they can handle.  But when each person steps into their Higher Mind, the process of acceleration changes.  It is like when a baby arrives into the world; he or she sleeps, is awake and then sleeps again to gain the ability to accept the new energies they are experiencing.

This is exactly what each of you are experiencing with your ascension symptoms.  So take moments in your day to reflect how you feel.  Work when you can and sleep when it is available.  This is going to help you through the ACCELERATED TIMES WE ARE EXPERIENCING.

Know that this is just the beginning so please become accustomed to taking self inventory each day to understand what will work best for you.  For those of you in the outside working world, know that it can change for you in time.  Adjust to the energies when you can by taking breaks and breathing the fresh air of GAIA’s light coming to you.

Ground what you are feeling and accept the light of your Three Minds to blend within you with Ease and Grace.

We walk with you as all Telosians of the Inner Earth City of Light.
I AM Lord Adama at your service, with the Telosian Council of Light.

Channeled by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.