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How common is “Seven”? It is the Colors of the Rainbow. It is the Days of the Week. It is the “Seed of Life” symbol which is seven circles forming the pattern of the “Flower of Life”.

The numerology of Seven is “Spiritual Enlightenment”, it is Spiritual Awakening and Awareness. Seven is Alchemy and Manifestation.

It is the Seven Chakra’s.

In our class about HIGHER FREQUENCIES Rev. Christine Meleriessee transmits MASTER VYWAMUS as he takes us through understanding how to evolve the 3rd Dimensional Chakra system into the 4th and 5th Dimensional Frequency using Rays Eight (8) through Twenty-two (22). (see class description below)

Balancing Chakras 1

As the Cosmic Frequencies have been hitting the Earth, we are already changing. We are being restructured in our full body system of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical. The octave of vibration within us is shifting from a 3rd Dimensional energy into being the higher resonance of both the 4th and the 5th Dimensions. Many individuals are feeling this directly like a punch in the gut. Literally. Our Solar Plexis, being the center of gravity for the body, is feeling these energies in the form of discomforts, disturbances, pain, bloating, and other gastrointestinal issues. Most often they are issues that are unexplained through diet specifics or other lifestyle circumstances, and they leave allopathic physicians at a loss to explain how to remedy or treat. (Please see the class description below.)

Participant Comments from this Series:
“…At the end of the class I was in a new state of mind and I felt very clam and relaxed. It was like seeing the world through new eyes and I felt more emotionally balanced. It took 20 minutes to ground before I started to feel like I was actually back on Earth. It was a very powerful class!”
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“…Felt lightness again and a sense of higher part of my essence within, not struggling on the physical level so much any longer. Just did the 2nd time, and it was very powerful…Excellent. After the class, feel like cleansed with ocean wave, clarity, calmness and hope about my future, a sense of totality. Still fighting a little with the deep breathing, but as I try to focus as much, I think it really assisted through the process as well.”
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“I enjoyed how everything was broken down and made really simple for us to understand, the creating a sacred space, journaling, crystals, breathing techniques, and spiraling energies. I also loved connecting with the higher spiritual energies although I need to work on that more. I would change nothing …By the end of the experience I felt light radiating from my arms and I was overcome with a cool crisp temperature…could feel the energies…”
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“I very much felt the energies. I knew that all of our bodies are all interconnected; but now I understand so much more about ascension symptoms and that they are not just within the physical body as I previously believed. I enjoyed this class immensely.”
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“Very good. I was able to relate to some of the things that were brought up. The class helped me to see new perspectives. It has also helped me to be more patient and accepting with the healing process.”
ο  ο  ο
“Excellent…provided more clarity. It helps to understand what the energy does to our bodily system, and why we experience certain symptoms, and how to deal with it better”
ο  ο  ο
“Fascinating… Much of the lecture was very helpful to me. The explanation about why we feel ascension symptoms I found very helpful. I used to think that when I had strange feelings in my legs or my lower part of my brain and teeth tingling or whatever, every week something new, that I was being downloaded but that is not true. It is my body assimilating and integrating my new crystalline body meridians and energetic light pathways. A great deal of value…I would recommend it.”

Master Vywamus is a Higher Aspect of Lord Sanat Kumara who has never been embodied as a lower density being. (image source: Nasa Nebula Hd)

Series Background – The Whoomph Factor.

Every Spiritually Significant date (and every Equinox, Solstice, Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse, Solar Flare, Planetary Alignment) is full of Cosmic Energy being directly guided from the God Force to assist the evolution of Earth. Even what some are calling ‘WaveX” comes jam packed with tremendous power to affect Humanity. It is a BIG electromagnetic whoomph.

As we prepare for the 11:11 of 2015, we need to know what these energies mean for us individually and collectively. If you are keeping pace with the “not very mainstream” news sources, you will already know many are talking about the months of September, October and November of 2015 and the shift of energy that will happen to humanity. It is said to be a glorious and magical event.

That does not mean an ‘easy’ or ‘smooth’ event, but it does mean every single soul upon the earth will get an opportunity to embrace the Cosmic Energies, or by contrast, perhaps choose to consciously ignore or even fight against them.

Free Will is always the key. So what you should also know, as with all shifts in Energy Transference that hit our planet, the outcome to bring forth the most magic and acceleration of consciousness, is not always a certainty. It is not a given that we will fully ground the energies within each soul.

Why is this important?

Yes, earth is a place of mass consciousness where the group as a whole tends to dictate the level of consciousness (or behavior) attained by the many, but the tipping point, (as author Malcolm Gladwell had so pointedly demonstrated in his book by the same name), is created by the few. It does not take a majority to create a shift.

When we speak about Energy Transference, it does take conscious focused action to take the Cosmic Energies that are hitting the planet in these events and kick them into high gear within our own electromagnetic field, that is, into our full body system of the mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and physical (and by extension our etheric) body. This is a quantum level experience when it is fully activated consciously because it is the Crystalline Body and DNA structures that are enhanced.

And since grounding Higher Octave Energy is not something Humanity has done very well before, to make it occur now we need specialized guidance and teaching from beings who understand Higher Octaves of Dimensional Reality.

The Ascended Masters.

This is why at Walking Terra Christa we work extensively with fringe esoteric concepts and teachings. As Albert Einstein’s wisdom held, our current problems cannot be solved by the minds that created them. We therefore need access to the “Higher Mind“. And that can only be done by harnessing the power of the Higher Cosmic Frequencies. Fortunately, this is exactly the opportunity that is being given to us right now as we experience the Equinox and Full Moon this week.

In our opinion, the best available wisdom we can access is to directly tap into the wisdom of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Ascended Masters. It is, quite plainly, a perspective not available from more traditional sources.

We are kicking off a new teaching series on How to Transcend Energy. Specifically we delve into understanding why the Wayshowers, Torchbearers and Lightworker Pioneers, (that is ‘the few’ amongst humanity at large) are experiencing the Shift and how they can learn to “Transcend” those energy conditions.

With the level of applied wisdom from Spiritual Masters, combined with the level of consciousness that a few souls can make, this clinic will increase the amount of Higher Light Frequency that is brought into the Crystalline Body of each participant, and therefore, the amount that goes into the Earth.


◊   SHIFTING OCTAVES: HOW CREATING A HIGHER BODY OF LIGHT INTEGRATES THE SELF OF THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PERSONALITY. In this class within our Ascension Clinic Series, the advanced characteristics of the Seven Chakras for the 4th and 5th Dimensional Chakra Grid is explained by MASTER VYWAMUS. We also bring in the Higher Rays 8 to 22 from the RAYS OF GOD to instruct on how to initiate and activate them in each participant and then once we are prepared for it, Master Vywamus has a special energy attunement for us.

We expand on the prior class with Lord Saint Germain of the first Seven Rays in the Seven Chakras to now properly use this Higher Ray Frequencies to assist in the transition from the 3rd Dimensional Chakra grid to that of the 4th and 5th.

This Ascension Clinic begins with a review of what we learned with Lord Saint Germain so we can see the link of why infusing the Chakras with just the first Seven Rays (1 to 7) is not sufficient to equalize our frequency to that of the 11/11 Event. We then go into how the Higher Rays will become intertwined into the same chakra system allowing for the accessibility of balancing the four-body system for the 5th dimensional (5D) creative process. (In the next Ascension Clinic Class, we conclude this series as LORD METATRON demonstrates how the overlay of the Metatronic Seals (or Keys) connects directly to the Higher Chakra System’s 5D enhancement to lock in and stabilize the Higher Octave Frequencies of Light.).


Live Class Date: Tuesday October 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM PACIFIC / 4:00 PM EASTERN


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The Future Destiny of GAIA


As transmitted by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Note: Master Vywamus is considered a World Teacher; he is the Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, and is here to assist us with our Light Body Technology. He is our teacher in our class on HIGHER FREQUENCIES in The Ascension Clinic series,
(click the link for the details).

It is my pleasure to be with each of you in this moment.   I Am Master Vywamus and my role is to assist each of you in understanding how the higher levels of chakras are being activated within your physical body.

We would call this the Light Body Technology which is the cornerstone of my expertise.

I want to also help each of you to understand the depth of what is occurring presently within the Earth and each of you.

I know that many of you are very aware of the challenges of what is occurring within Gaia and each of you presently; but what happens after the exchange of the higher energies within your physical body? I also am apprised of the fact that many souls truly have a misconception about what is occurring presently and how it is all going to come into fruition for Gaia and the New Earth.

Let’s first talk about Ascension Symptoms. Why do you have to experience these elements within your physical body?

Well, of course, your carbon-based body is not prepared to go through an ascension process. That is why previously on this planet that when one received the 7th Initiation of the 8th dimensional body, they had to ascend and transform the physical body into pure light.   There was no question; a soul within a higher light body could not exist on and within this planet.

That has all changed in the last 15 years. Gaia is readying herself to receive more just as each of you is doing the same.  You, as a soul, have chosen to walk through the doorways of density into pure Openness. But, that transition is the hardest journey that any soul can experience within the physical body. So the process of the body to first become crystalline was birthed.

The energetic exchanges of this year have taken this planet and each of you into a purely new existence than you can ever imagine. I know you have felt them personally but collectively, it takes the element of acceleration in a physical existence into a new level of understanding. That is why I want to emphasize how important it is to fully embrace the changes that are happening, allow the body to accept the transformation, and be honored that you have chosen to be on this ride of your personal metamorphous.

Your bodies are feeling the exhilaration, the changes in both of your emotional and mental bodies, along with your consciousness changing into a higher level of understanding.  Your four-body system is allowing the acceptance of your higher bodies to be grounded within you.

This takes great courage and tenacity to keep moving forward through the renewal of the planet.

So it is doubly important to take advantage of the planetary changes and challenges that are presented as they are a gift to accelerate the four-body system into a higher Light Body.  Presently the next Super Moon is appearing within the planet on the 27th of October. This third Super Moon is taking the energies you have already experienced and allowing them to be fully grounded into your four-body system. It is a time of high emotions but also a time when the darkness is being purged out of your Etheric body so that your experience of 11:11 will be like stepping onto a train at warp-speed.

The power of the present energies cannot be measured by anything you have experienced on this planet as it is taking each of you into a space and continuum of a higher dimensional frequency. It depends on how you deal with it and bring it into fruition into your physical body that will determine how much you can hold and how little will be realized.

Yes, it is all up to each of you personally to decide how to take these frequencies of light that are occurring that will allow you to walk through a new doorway within your physical existence.

But, the challenge in that journey is how are you going to assimilate the higher energies within your physical body?

It is important to realize that the Rays of God are truly your guidepost into allowing your physical body to become the Higher Body of Light. It will not happen automatically. You will need to cleanse, purge, and remove elements from many timelines of the Etheric Body that are being put into the light. It is important to understand that it is a time of complete healing on all levels. The programming that you have held onto in your previous lifetimes will appear and try to challenge you. It is important that you have healing work done by a professional that is experienced to see, know, and feel what you are experiencing. Yet it is also important that you understand how to get there through your Higher Body of Light as knowledge is very crucial as that brings understanding along with the wisdom that will occur.

The Rays of God become your higher chakras. That is how you learn to command elements in your life from the perspective of the God Source and not from the physical way of existence. The first seven rays become intertwined with your present chakras to prepare your body for the higher rays to become the chakras.  Every soul upon this planet must adhere to these standards in order to sustain yourself within a fifth dimensional frequency. It is not something that is a choice ~ but it is a requirement of living in the New Earth.

That is why the acceleration of this Full Moon is preparing each of you further to walk into the doorway of 11:11 which will be the actualization of light upon this planet. It is not taking you into the 5th dimension but it is carrying you within your bodies to receive that light. You see, the planet does just not become 5th dimensional and then everyone is safe and secure. First, every soul must accept it within themselves.

That, in itself, is a huge challenge.

But it is a blessing being given to each of you. Those of you that know what I am saying is true, will understand within themselves that the destiny of this planet, Earth, is in your hands. That is one of the reasons that you have come to Earth, as you are the future destiny of GAIA.

It is so beautiful what your role represents as it brings more acceptance of whom you are as a Soul with your Higher Self and I AM Presence to be fully activated upon this planet. It pleases me deeply to be part of these energies with you as it has always been a dream of mine to see this earth flourish as it should have been many eons ago.

I look forward to walking with you into the New Earth.

I Am Master Vywamus at your service of Light Upon this Planet.

Master Vywamus is considered a World Teacher; he is the Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, and is here to assist us with our Light Body Technology. He is our teacher in our class on HIGHER FREQUENCIES in The Ascension Clinic series, (click the link for the details and ordering).

This class explains the 4th and 5th dimensional chakra grids that become aligned from the Rays of God from the 8th through the 22nd. This allows for the grounding of our 5th dimensional body. 

You may be interested to experience our FREE TEACHING MEDIATION CELEBRATION on this SUPER MOON with Master Djwhal Khul to assist with these Higher energies. Access the INSTANT REPLAY or the MP3 AUDIO in our FREE LIBRARY

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What’s Happening at Walking Terra Christa

Teaching Events for this Week

Walking Terra Christa mtn banner

Monday @ 4:30 pm pacific- CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS – Order the MP3 AUDIO of this powerful Healing for All Souls in Body and Beyond. With your order, add the names of any individuals you request healing for (living or transitioned) in the notes to seller section. This can include individuals from public events and situations around the globe. We are working with the Ray of Inner Devotion with Divine Mother Father God and the Temple Teacher.

Wednesday @ 4:30 pm pacific – DIVINE UNION OF THE SOUL – Live participation available or order the MP3 AUDIO of this class and learn the true understanding for creating a Divine Partner relationship. Lady Master Mary Magdalene and Lady Isis are the main teachers. Full five-part series also available at a discount.

Thursday @ 4:30 pm pacific- LORD ADAMA DISCOURSES – Live participation publicly available to everyone. We are working on the topic of the ART OF FORGIVENESS this week. (Due to the personal interaction during the class, an audio mp3 is only available to live participants.)

Saturday @ 10 am pacific – ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT PROSPERITY CIRCLE – In this free open public event, the ELOHIM MASTERS continue to assist us with their unique teachings on manifestation.




Winter Solstice 2014 Global Gathering

Free Audio – Winter Solstice Sacred Ceremony


Join us for this free connection for these amazing energies we are experiencing in 2014. Walking Terra Christa has been holding their Winter Retreat in Mount Shasta with Saint Germain and this is our last ceremony together for 2014 to anchor the Higher Octave Frequencies within GAIA to form the foundatin for 2015.


We hope you will join us in the energies of this very important gathering!

Many Blessings for an amazing Holiday Season and New Earth Wishes for your New Year!

(If you have not seen our Holiday Gift to You, go here.)

Visiting the Etheric Temples of Light

temple_lightwtcWalking Terra Christa is facilitating their Winter Solstice Retreat in Mount Shasta starting December 18th through the 21st, 2014 which will be hosted by Mahachohan Saint Germain and Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos. It is a journey into the heart to learn how to initiate, activate, and then actualize the seven Rays of God. It is also initiating the energies to be grounded within GAIA from this point forward. Each person that is participating allows these frequencies to be within the planetary structure to prepare for 2015.

Each year we hold three retreats annually, Spring (Wesak) ~ Summer/Fall ~ Winter which are guided by the Ascended Beings representing our Team of Light. In 2014 we have taken an intensive journey through the Seven Rays of God. Retreat participants have found that the information and teachings that have been provided by the hosts of higher beings has been very profound within their life when they stepped away from the Shasta energies back into their own environment.

For our December excursion into the world of Ascended Mastery we are being gifted with the work of Saint Germain who is now the Mahachohan (Leader) of all the seven rays. He and Lord Adama will work with us daily to assist each participant in their personal journey along with the other ascended Beings of Light that work with each of the Rays, i.e., Chohans, Archangels, and Elohim Masters.

Each day of the retreat we will have a special journey into an Etheric Temple of Light hosted by the specific leader for the day. We are providing the availability to receive an MP3 download on each of these meditative journeys from the retreat for those that cannot attend physically in Mount Shasta. We believe that these journeys will help to release old karmic debts and impart new knowledge’s through our I AM Presence.

December 18th ~

We will be working within the energies of the first six rays which represents an overview of the teachings that we have done in the previous retreats in 2014. Saint Germain will guide us to the Royal Teton Retreat located in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. [Note: This retreat is open twice a year (June 15th and December 15th for 30 days) to all initiates that would like to come before Master Confucius and Lanto along with the Karmic Board to converse about their mastery pathway; this can be done in a meditative or dream state.]

During the journey we will meet with the Spiritual Hierarchy within the retreat which is housed underneath the mountain. We will work with the Karmic Board on any timelines or karma that needs to be rectified for our present pathway along with receiving special attunements from the Great Divine Director on the initiation of this journey.

December 19th ~

We will continue working with the Six Rays of God to transmute any elements from the previous day’s journey. Saint Germain will guide us to Table Mountain, Wyoming to the “Cave of Symbols” which is a cave in the mountain lined with pink and white crystals that gives way to a gigantic chamber covered with rainbow colored stalactites that form symbols representing sacred geometry.

Each participant will work through the revelations they received from the Royal Teton Retreat. This retreat houses the “Cosmic Mirror” in which an individual will see the cause and effect of their karma along with the “Atomic Accelerator” which brings forth electrons in the Light Body to make the necessary changes, and lastly, the “Sphere of Light” which is a room that will help an initiate in their ascension process.

December 20th ~

We now start the work within the 7th Ray of the Violet/Purple Flame with the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst along with the Elohim Masters Arcturus and Virginia.

Our first visitation on this day will be “The Cathedral of the Violet Flame” in the Rocky Mountains which includes all Violet Flame Angels and Priests and Priestesses of the Violet Planet representing elemental life. This retreat represents to ability to be cleared of human burdens and densities.

Our second visitation will be the “Temple of Purification”with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst which is located over the islands of Cuba (previously known to be the location of Atlantis). Part of the initiation for this journey will represent the work with the Order of Melchizedek as training as a Priest/Priestess along with learning the true meaning of “spiritual freedom.

The third visitation will be the “Temple of Freedom” with Elohim Masters Arcturus and Virginia which is located over Luanda, Angola; they release the violet, purple and pink flames of mercy, forgiveness, transmutation and freedom for the entire planet, as a giant fiery pillar. We will be utilizing the Violet Flame to overcome difficult situations on a personal and planetary scale, to transmute darkness into light.

December 21st ~

We will close the energies of the 7th Ray with Saint Germain and Lady Portia by visiting the Golden Etheric City of Wahanee/Fronlamm which is located in the 5th dimensional earth over Atlanta, Georgia and North Carolina. This city represents the 7th flame of Ceremonial Magic and Freedom. We will work with Lady Portia, Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio (representing the Elders of this flame). Lord Sanat Kumara will make his presence known opening up the energies for the Venusian Rays of God for 2015.

Solstice Celebration ~ Available via Open Tele-Conference at no cost to Everyone Worldwide

Our last excursion will be with Lord Sanat Kumara in the Golden City of Havalanchee (in the 5th dimensional earth over Mount Shasta). Included will be a holiday blessing from Lord Sananda (Jeshua) with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. (We do appreciate donations for these kinds of events from those who are able to do so. Your donations are a generous gift in service of these teachings and are noticed by our Spiritual Board of Directors.)

If you feel aligned with this work and our teachings, Walking Terra Christa is happy to provide the Retreat Audio MP3 downloads of these amazing journeys to all those who are unable to attend our retreat in person. Please see our Journey Retreat website page to receive these recordings for a nominal exchange.

We also have a free Holiday Gift for all those who want to assist in creating the New Earth through Ascension Mastery using one of our most recommended meditations.


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Divine Alchemy of the Heart



The Solstice Energies for 2014

Due to the intensity of the energies that December of 2014 will bring, we are offering a selection of our Journey Retreat teachings to everyone.

Our Distance Learning Option:

Use this form to order the AUDIO of this special event (Retreat attendees receive the AUDIO as part of enrollment). We will make every attempt to provide the audio mp3 as downloads during the actual retreat, but we can only guarantee you will receive them by December 23 (48 hours after the retreat ends) for you to use them to assist grounding the Higher Octave Frequencies of Light.

There will be at least four (4) teaching sessions offered as MP3 downloads. This breaks down to just (Normal Means) $44 Per Session. However, as we are also going to be doing MORE sessions than 4, please be prepared to receive as many as six (6) Audio Teachings for the same exchange. (See our write-up here.)


Divine Alchemy Journey Retreat Audio MP3 – (4 sessions)



Divine Heart Alchemy

Embody the Essence of Ceremonial Magic and Transmutation
Grounded Within the Earth Plane



Who doesn’t want to be able to discover the Truth within their Heart and Transform it into Full Divinity so that it becomes Who They Are? That is Divine Alchemy. This is the Journey of the Soul Manifested. On December 18, 2014 we begin that Journey Within.

In 2014 Walking Terra Christa has taken students on a journey into the first 7 Rays of God and what they mean to each individual on a personal basis. We have gone through the first phases of what many are calling the Initiation of the Golden Age (as the transference of energies could not actually occur strongly enough in 2012). This meant we now had the opportunity to ground the Rays of God into actualization upon the planet during the year in ways we could not attain ever before.

The Solstice Event

This day marks the “darkest day” of the year when the sun is at its lowest point, crossing the threshold of moving from that singular moment into the pathway of rising once again to shine brighter and brighter with each progressive moment of Light. It is therefore associated with the time of rebirth, transformation, deep gratitude and celebration.

Over the ages this has represented spiritual rebirth at its most sacred meaning. Ancient Temples across the earth were constructed to honor this moment, some have inner chambers that are only illuminated by the first light of the Solstice sunrise as it breaks upon the land.

Throughout history, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Masons and others may have gathered in dark corners of ancient rooms to discuss the coming event. They spoke in low whispers lest anyone not of the fold hear them speak of turning dross into gold. Should someone over hear them, the subjects they spoke of held a hidden meaning that only they knew how to decode.

Turning Dross to Gold

Even these followers of ancient practices did not realize that the tenants they so nobly strove to follow and inhabit within themselves originated in times beyond antiquity, in lands long ago covered by the deep oceans. Even they could not grasp that the secrets they protected once flourished across a once vast continent called the land of Mu, so named as travelers to the paradise realm shortened the full name of Lemuria for ease of use.

Legends of why Mu, and it’s smaller cousin Atlantis, disappeared into the seas promulgated the belief that it was the carelessness of not protecting the truth of the land and its sacred spirituality. For in those times, there was no secular life as all manner of livelihood was lived in strict devotion to being a spiritual being in a physical body.

The secret they did not reveal was that they first worked upon their spiritual selves in order to facilitate growth in their physical lives.

When those followers spoke of turning dross into gold using the secret of alchemy, ever cautious of unwanted eavesdropping,  their words may indeed have alluded to smelting metals and special formulas, but that was a ruse within a ruse to protect the real truths. For the most precious and sought after treasure was for them to remove the darkness within their own hearts and rejoice within their own Divinity as free and majestic beings.

Upon GAIA to Continue this WORK

As Initiates, we are here inhabiting the physical body to become once again, our Spiritual Essence within the Physical Body. We are here to learn as we expand our light within our body and ground it through our Earth Star, that we can become each of the Rays of God within our actual physical vehicles (Rays=Light=Light Body=Light Being). This is truly what Ascended Mastery represents on a physical pathway. As such, this goes beyond ‘spirituality’ into being a physically manifested reality that is spiritual and returning to they way of life as practiced in Lemuria and Atlantis by those who knew the secrets.

The goal to having the Fifth Dimensional New Earth created is having a world where the current paradigm of achieving earthly success prior to engaging in the deep work of spiritual alchemy is reversed.

Many still believe they can have the time to pursue their spiritual life in earnest once they have first mastered their material lives. That was the old paradigm. Now that we are officially within the energies of the birth of the Golden Age, that pattern of existence must be reversed. That is the darkness within man’s souls that the Solstice Light acts to reveal and remove.

We are once again being given Divine Cosmic Light by the Spiritual Forces to assist Earth and ourselves to Raise Our Vibration. This does not automatically create the New Earth, instead it is what now gives us the ability to create the New Earth. The pattern of thinking within the ‘New Age’ community that the New Earth is being created and will automatically appear, is one of the many levels of misinformation that circulates, but that idea that it is now time to build the New Earth is very accurate.


We are here to not only continue the ancient ways but to expand upon and anchor within the planet the new frequencies of Light. It is our job to consciously shift our own resonance to attune ourselves to these Higher Level Octaves of Frequencies. Otherwise the energies are not held at the rate to which they can potentially be anchored, which results in both ourselves and GAIA not advancing at the optimal rate of acceleration. Which means the lower frequencies of the 3rd/4th dimension do not shift as quickly as they could into the 5th and higher dimensions. In fact, in the dire case scenario, the earth does not shift much at all until we each do so, first individual and then collectively.

Hence the requirement for us to learn True Alchemy.

Becoming the True Alchemist within is about creation, beauty, joy, freedom. More specifically, it is about removing all the elements within your personality, your ego, your subconsciousness, your consciousness, that prevent you from holding the frequency of vibration that True Alchemy requires in order to create True Manifestation.

This initiation of energy transference now continues and culminates with the Solstice of 2014. As we have shared, it is the opportunity to consciously ground these higher light waves. The key to actual earthly transformation is in how many have participated at the level required to ground these energies in full enough force to actually see a change occur. Obviously, more individuals are required to do so. We are entirely hopeful and anticipate that you will be one of them.

Since we are constantly changing, the Rays assist us to understand more about ourselves in order to utilize that change for our Highest Good. This can change from week-to-week or month-to-month. What we need in strength today may have been different six months ago. As we change, we need to understand what the transition has been for each of us through our feelings, emotions, and physical existence. It is this understanding that is the basis for all alchemy, and this is one of the truths that are not widely understood.


THE SOLSTICE of 2014 – Our Next Grand Opportunity

The ‘HEART’ of Mount Shasta

The Heart of Mt. Shasta

On DECEMBER 21st we have the opportunity to demonstrate the Foundation of Alchemy of the 7th Ray.

Ray 7 is the Flame of Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic. So first we must learn to apply the powers of this Ray, of the Violet and Deep Purple Flame, within ourselves and who we are being. Doing so opens the doorway to making the changes we desire to make within our lives so that we do begin to experience the passion, joy, and freedom from lack and struggle in all areas of our reality. However, it must start from within first.

With utilizing the 7th Flame, we now have the opportunity to build upon the elements in first 6 Rays to make our creations more sustainable and flowing. In this powerful inner journey event, we will:


On this four-day inner excursion with each other Saint Germain is our guide for this special intensive journey to bring out our own individual Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic. We will work with all of the Rays of God to find out exactly which areas an individual may need to address in healing for their present situation. The focus will be on the Violet/Purple Flame of Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic but as the Mahachohan, Saint Germain, will help each individual to understand the process that they are undergoing by using his Mastery of all these Rays.snowscape

Weather permitting we will visit the vortex power spots in the Mount Shasta area to activate and actualize these teachings within us.

Thursday December 18 and Friday December 19:

The beginning of the journey will include an overview of the first six rays of Will and Power, Love and Wisdom, Creative Actualization, Harmony and Balance, Science of God, and Inner Devotion.

Friday December 19 and Saturday December 20:

The remaining time we will work with the Violet/Purple Flame of Transmutation and Acceleration with each of the beautiful Beings that represent this flame. Meditative journeys will be provided with the Elohim Masters of Arcturus and Virginia, Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst along with the Elders of Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio, with special appearance from Lady Portia, the now appointed Ray Chohan. In addition there will be time spent with Lord Sanat Kumara who holds the Violet Flame for the Venusian Rays of God as he will be hosting our retreats in 2015 to work with the Venusian Flames representing a 7th Dimensional Light Body.

We will etherically visit the Temples with Luanda Angola (Elohim), Temple of Purification over Cuba (Archangels), along with the Cathedral of the Violet Flame in the Rocky Mountains with Saint Germain and a special visitation to the Royal Teton Retreat, in Wyoming to work with all the Ray Chohans focusing on the lower vs. higher aspects of the Soul Essence. Another exquisite journey will be within the Golden City of Wahanee/Fronlamm in the 5th Dimensional Earth to connect with all the Beings of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Each of these journeys will present opportunities for spiritual, emotional, and mental advancement within each person’s four-body system which will represent the accelerated energies of this retreat.

Sunday December 21:


Continuing the above teachings, we will celebrate the Solstice Energies as we embrace the acceleration that each individual has acquired through this process of Light, Love, and embodiment of grounding it within the physical creation with Lord Sanat Kumara. We will also be conducting our Annual Christmas Celebration Gathering via Tele-conference with others around the word to celebrate the Energies of the Christ with Lord Sananda, Lady Mother Mary, and Lady Magdalene.

Teachings will include understanding the reflection of the lower self and what has you reliving out the same lessons while accessing the Higher Self to be fully activated. We will assist participants to learn when they react within themselves from the lower mind. Exercises will be given and group participation with each other to command the ability to receive Love and Guidance which will assist to change our inability to accept our Divine Essence within the Physical Body.

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos (Lemuria), is also our co-guide for each of our Journeys as he or Saint Germain will communicate with us each morning and evening to get an overview of each day’s activities and the energies that we will be experiencing.


Enrollment is Closed to Attend this Important
Spiritual Awakening Journey Retreat in Person

For those individuals that are unable to travel to Mount Shasta, we are offering select Retreat Teachings as an AUDIO MP3 option.

Accessing Your Higher Essence with Lords Metatron and Sanat Kumara


Academy of New Earth Mastery Special Fall Ascension Mastery Series*

*Special Mastery Class with open enrollment | Academy Students receive as part of the student membership.

Part One:

  • Monday October 13 @ 4:30 PM – LORD METATRON: THE GOLDEN SOLAR ANGEL PT.1
  • Wednesday October 22 @ 4:30 PM – LORD METATRON: THE GOLDEN SOLAR ANGEL PT. 2

Part Two:


Revealing the Higher Essence Within

How does one come to understand what the Ascension process is all about if they have never experienced it before?

Both Lord Metatron and Lord Sanat Kumara understand this human challenge and desire to assist individuals upon earth who are searching for ways to create a higher dimensional world to live within.

Walking Terra Christa offers a new series of classes that will prepare individuals to access their own Higher Dimensional elements so they can use that awareness as a guide post towards creating their own personal Ascension foundation.

Building upon this foundation is what will enable an individual to begin to personally experience the beginnings of the Ascension process. Specifically, this series assist an individual in working through the first 5 levels of the Initiations in a more flowing and direct manner.


Lord Metatron is an Archangel who has walked as a human in the being we know as Enoch. This gives him the unique ability to assist us in following in his footsteps. Prior teachings that we have given about the Metatronic Seals, or Keys, has been to instruct individuals in the basic knowledge of those 12 keys. We then offered personal sessions for anyone desiring to have Lord Metatron determine the frequencies to be accessed for the specific keys relevant to that specific individual. (As each person will not access each Seal in the same order as another person).

What we learned was that individuals had the impression that they could simply be activated with the Seals and that would be all that was required for them to reacquire their own Golden Solar Angelic essence. Part of the reason for this belief was that there are poplar teachers/channels who have been offering activations in the Metatronic Keys for some time.

The missing piece that makes the difference within the New Earth energies after 2012 is between passively ‘activating’ the Seals by the hand of another and actually activating it by the power of your own understanding. In the first situation someone else is acting in the capacity of the authoritative source. In the latter situation, you are acting as the authoritative source.

As the soul that you are pursues the Mastery pathway, very early on in the initiations process it becomes essential to take full personal responsibility and authority over your own pathway of Light. What this means for the development of the New Earth is that the Metatronic Seals, like any other spiritual element not of the earth plane, can no longer simply be activated by an outside force or authority for you. While this still can assist in the old 3D plane of existence to awaken souls to a greater understanding of themselves, it does not create the full development and actualization to ground the elements within you, and therefore, within GAIA that is now required.

The Golden Solar Angel is the Christed Self of being fully integrated with the Solar Angelic Being, the Higher Self, and the Monad; all representing aspects within the soul’s existence of becoming both the angel and the master within the physical. It starts with the element of the Christed Self being aligned with the Solar Angelic Being, which acts as the intermediary between the Monad and the Personality (physical self). The process of consciously blending the angelic essence in this understanding within the process of the Initiations of Ascended Mastery enables one to better accelerate through the Initiations in a consistent and continuous manner.

In this first half of the fall series, Lord Metatron will assist students to:

  • Learn why the Metatroinc Seals came into being and the purpose they serve
  • Receive the knowledge of how the Metatronic Seals act to ground the Solar Angelic Body in the physical and what that means for a
  • Gain a better understanding of how each Seal can accelerate the process of going through the Beginning Stages of the Initiations.
  • Attune to the Metatronic Frequency of the Seals to accelerate their own initiation pathway.

This teaching will be a requirement level course for anyone desiring to enroll in the next phase of Metatronic teachings where Lord Metatron gets into the specifics of attuning each individual to the appropriate seals that they are ready to access within the Initiations pathway.


The Ascension Mastery pathway is both unique and specific compared to all other forms of spiritual advancement and study. It alone requires one to raise their own frequency in order to then bring that higher frequency back down into the physical body and to also ground it within the planet so that others can access it.  No other pathway requires this particular level of accessibility be accomplished in order to progress farther in Mastery.

Part of that progression is not only accepting the role and responsibility of fully gaining command of ones known earthly human consciousnesses but also accessing ones multidimensional consciousness from other planes of existence. Just as Lord Metatron teaches us to reacquire our Solar Angelic Self in order to assist us to progress more efficiently and effectively, we have many other levels of the self that may be reacquired in order to assist us.

Lord Sanat Kumara has an invested interest in the pathway of the Earth.  He has been known as the Father of the Spiritual Hierarchy since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.  In 1956 he journeyed back to his home planet of Venus as his role upon the Earth was finished in its initial stages.  He has worked with the Planetary Logos, now Lord Buddha, to assist the planet in allowing the frequencies of light to expand within GAIA and each of her inhabitants especially the initiates of the Mastery Pathway.

Sanat Kumara is now able to once again step more fully into assisting each individual on the mastery pathway to go deeper and further within their acceleration. This assistance allows for the grounding of the higher energies to be focused within each initiate as they grow through the process.

Preparations are needed to be made for each Chela (or initiate) so that their work upon the New Earth of Terra Christa can be achieved.  Each of us within these roles have traveled to Venus to work with the Holy Kumaras to learn more about our own pathways, the healing of our wounds from the past in order to assist GAIA in her ascended state of Beingness.

Sanat Kumara desires with Walking Terra Christa to assist each individual to access their past elements in order to achieve the desired outcome within the Earth.  Each of us wants to assist GAIA through this process, but it is a known fact that we must understand more about ourselves.

In 2015 Sanat Kumara will be taking on a much larger role to assist lightworkers to understand their pathways while helping each individual to access their ability to expand within their consciousness and awareness.

This two-part course will assist in opening up doorways unto the work that has been done previously for each person.  When working with the Holy Kumaras we accelerate within the Seven Flames of the Multi-Dimensional Pathway.  Each of the Flame Holders will be working with the group consciousness to expand their awareness, tap into their history of the soul, and be able to learn how to ground the 7th dimensional frequency of Venus into each of our chakras for the balance of the Seven-Body System.

In the second half of the series Lord Sanat Kumara will be our guide to:

  • Delve into the world of Venus and Discover our own Heritage
  • Understand how the Venusian Light of God has always held the role of assisting Humanity and its Importance for our Future
  • Provide specific Tools and Techniques of Acceleration that will assist Higher Frequency Vibrational elements within the Physical being to Reveal the Parts of ourselves that are Ready to be Acknowledged.
  • Learn how to Ground Higher Dimensional aspects that have been put in safe keeping until it was time to fully accept the role of Being the Multidimensional Self.


To enroll in the Series (consisting of four class sessions during our fall semester) choose one of the option below depending on your prerequisite status.

For those planning to attend the course live on the Global Telecasts there are two options depending on if you own the Protection Protocols Course or not.  On the day of class prior to the start time, the Unified Whole Protection Meditation is required to be done along with the Cleansing Shower or Bath procedure as linked in the course handout.

For those ordering the Audio MP3 recordings only, use Option 1 also.

We have a sliding Scale to better fit your situation. Details here.

OPTION 1: For those who own our Protection Protocols Course materials or are ordering the Audio MP3 recordings only. Chose pay in full or the payment plan.

FULL PAYMENT: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)



OPTION 1: (Payment Plan – 3 equal payments)

PAYMENT PLAN: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)


OPTION 2: For those who require our Protection Protocols Course materials. (Your order includes the Protection Course at a 25% Discount). Chose pay in full or the payment plan.

FULL PAYMENT w/PROTECTION COURSE: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)



OPTION 2: (Payment Plan – 3 equal payments)

PAYMENT PLAN: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)

Initiation of Light ~ Lord Metatron


Autumn Equinox ~ September 23rd, 2014,

UTC 02:29

September 22nd, 2014

US Pacific 07:29 PM

US Eastern 10:29 PM


I AM LORD METATRON with the Source of Light of the Unified Whole Command speaking to each of you from my Heart unto Yours.

We are at a very auspicious time within the Earth Energies.  Elements are changing quickly within GAIA’s core to allow for the entryway of more heightened energies to arise with all Sentient Beings of  Light.

It is my pleasure to be with each of you during this amazing and powerful exchange of energies.

As we embark upon the Equinox of September ~ Fall for the Northern Hemisphere and Spring for the Southern Hemisphere ~ we will be experiencing the higher levels of energies that have ensued for the past three months.

I ask you to recall of the Super Moons of July, August, and September that allowed each of you to go into a deeper part of your existence that you experienced previously.  There is a process that occurs with each new level of awareness that comes into the consciousness of every living being which includes all planetary existences of plants, animals, minerals, along with all landmasses around the globe.

These moon cycles that have occurred allow for the entryway for more acceleration within each person and living organism upon the planet.  Each of them represented a new step towards accepting Divine Interference of Light to come into your physical existence.  They also brought forth many areas of debris and darkness that need to be purged within your awareness.  As the Earth revolves in its planetary form, it creates more light frequency to come into wholeness within the planet.  When this occurs, each individual must work with the lightforce within them to either accept or deny the new essence that is trying to be acquired.

It is up to each individual person to understand within themselves what is occurring for them so that they may be able to find their new grounding cords to be fully active within themselves.  So as Gaia is changing, each of you are doing the same.

As these energies intertwine within your physical being, it is imperative to consistently understand that your Higher Self is guiding you into more acceptance of this world as it changes.   The only way that you are going to feel the full acceleration is to accept the fact that you are changing as a physical being, and your Spiritual Self is assisting you in the process.

So I ask each of you to consider within yourself what is occurring within your own framework of feelings and thoughts?

How are your meditations evolving and do you feel a dramatic difference within the changes that have occurred?

These are important questions to consider so that you, within yourself, can find the true answers that will help you acknowledge your Spiritual Essence within your Physical Existence.  Without it, you will be swimming in a pond of water that makes many twists and turns so that you feel as if you have no idea of what you are experiencing.  Within this process you cannot ground the energies that you are receiving.

Change is inevitable and each individual soul has a contract upon this earth to uphold their bargain to go through the changes and accept the movement so that Gaia can continue her journey forward.  Without it, then the abyss of darkness that you have been under for eons of time will continue.

Did I say this was easy?  No, of course it is not but that is why you, as the Lightworkers, Star Seeds, and Gifted Ones have come to Gaia’s aid at this time.  You are here to assist her in the process.

This means, that every time there is a new acceleration, you have a duty to fully accept it within yourself first.  Allow it to be within your chakras and full body system of your physical, etheric, emotional and mental fields in order to receive your Spiritual Body of Light.  Go deeper than you ever have done before; look at the mirrors in front of you and see where the core of your issues are lying.  They are not in someone else’s field or consciousness; they are right in your own backyard.

I share all of this groundwork, as we of the Spiritual Hierarchy within the Source of Light that have removed all of our pantheons, truly believe that now it is time for each of you to do the same.  When an issue arises in your presence, look at it; change it with your breath, with your higher essence, and utilize the Rays of God to assist.  These are the spectrums of light from God’s Source through the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace through the Office of the Christ and into each Ray Chohan to come to every individual person.  I also ask you to realize that if someone tells you they can attune you to a specific ray or rays, that this is not so.  That is their lower ego talking as each person on this planet receives the same amount of frequency through God’s Light.  No one is the intermediary for this work.

Okay, so now we can get to the real information at hand.  This Equinox of September 2014 is going to rock your energies.  I shared the groundwork that needs to be done as these energies affecting every living organism of this planet will assist in bringing forth the higher realms of light to be accessed into Gaia’s core of Beingness.

This will occur at the onset of 02:29 UTC, September 23rd, 2014 (September 22nd, 2014 ~ 7:29 PM US Pacific, 10:29 PM US Eastern) and will last for a 24-hour period.

It is within this timeframe that the Sun will light up the Earth’s atmosphere through the 10th dimensional frequency of Light.  This will be guided by RA the Sun God, and Helios and Vesta of the Solar Level.  Through this acceleration the frequencies of light will increase up through the 144th dimensional Level (Source of Oneness) and then it will slowly decrease back to the 10th   enhancing the frequency into the Earth so that it settles into GAIA’s core.

Please understand that this is an Initiation of this light.  One must go through three stages of acceleration of Initiation, Activation, and Actualization.  This is just the beginning stage to be ignited within the planet.

Each of the Great Central Suns of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic will assist in this frequency of light to be sent through each individual upon the planet.

This is just a small sampling of the energies that will be occurring for each of you and Gaia as she accelerates through all three phases.

Some may think that all is going to be healed within this process. There is great capability for that to happen but it is not an actualization.  It all depends upon each and every person within the planet of what they do with it.  It is important to allow this initiation phase to flow within your body to help you with the challenges you are experiencing.

This means to fully look at our soul’s growth up to this point.

Have you dealt with psychological issues within your subconscious? 

Are you changing your thoughts and feelings to move into Oneness? 

This includes judgments, aggression, and looking at all of the archetypes that you have been in your soul’s past to change them.  Yes, I know it is deep work but it is part of the process; otherwise you will get lost in the shuffle of your delusions as they are not your true reality.

Each of you must understand that this frequency of light is going to change you, but you must be part of the process.  It is not something that is being gifted to this planet, because it is time.  It is occurring because Gaia is accelerating and each of you is a major part of this.   Everyone must do their part within themselves to help create the change within.  It then expands out of you to fully accept your Divinity of Light through your physical existence.

This is not a one-time occurrence either.  There will be more of the same.

So let’s speak about the positive aspects of this Initiation of the Light.

Wherever you are presently in your awareness, it will help you to ground it more fully.  You will accept yourself in a completely different manner than you did previously.  It will affect you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

If you presently have any pockets of debris that you have not worked through,, it will bring them up into your consciousness.  But I promise you this ~ this Initiation will be the most powerful frequency of Light that you have experienced and then walking through the new doorways will allow you to feel a better part of your Divine Self.  It will be easier to process the painful realizations that you have not wanted to face previously.

Changes can occur in many ways; go with your intuition of flow and accept the rebirth that you are experiencing in a completely and different way.

Ground the energies within the Earth; help Gaia to also receive.  Connect with the elements of the earth and all sentient beings.  Command what you are receiving to go to the lands, the waters, the mountains, and all particles of Gaia’s existence.

The best part of this Initiation is now you can accept your new essence and ground it. But with that comes the ability to manifest your Heart’s Desire within you.  I am not talking about your material possessions but the areas within your life that you need to change.  Open up your heart unto the ability to see the miracles of your life to enfold within you.  Hold your bounty of light and see it manifest into the earth’s reality.

Your harvest is about to begin.  Embrace what you have gone through, see the challenges and how they have helped you to know more about yourself.

In Blessings and Love I walk with you,

Lord Metatron within the Source of Light of the Unified Whole Command

We, at Walking Terra Christa, held a special OPEN TELECALL to celebrate the Equinox energies.  Lord Metatron along with Sanat Kumara were our guides for this journey. Click here to listen and receive the blessings.  If you would like to register for these FREE transmission teachings, please use  Additionally, we are holding a special Tele-Series with Lord Metatron, “The Golden Solar Angel”,  in October to assist with understanding how you can accelerate your Ascension Path using those frequencies.  Please see our calendar page for details.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Mel and Mike

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J.Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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 Walking Terra Christa Summer 2014 RetreatFlyer

Focusing Our Inner Truth

To Understand Who You Really Are.








What is an “Journey Retreat IntensiveSM“? It is a Journey into Rapid Transformation. In our teaching guidance offering these specific knowledge’s we go far beyond psychology, coaching, motivation, spiritual formulas and feel-good channeling. We touch your very soul and have it recognize itself. Can you imagine what that is like?

It requires the deepest level of personal commitment to discovering your own truth that you can muster. You do the work, not us.

If you are not able to fully FOCUS on who you are in each present moment, you can truly not ever know who you really are being. The illusions and myth of who you think you are will forever confuse you and cause you to go around in circles in your life.

In this  Journey Retreat Intensive, we begin by going deeper into why and how the Rays of God of the Inner Power (1st Ray of God of the Deep Blue), Inner Devotion (6th Ray of God of the Ruby Red and Gold), Love and Wisdom (the 2nd Ray of God of the Golden Yellow), each not only assist us in our physical Ascension process into the Fifth Dimensional New Earth but are an essential foundation to it.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

“The only journey is the journey within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

As our second Intensive Journey Retreat of this year, it will entail working with the Ray Chohan Masters to bring these rays of light into our full body system and focus it toward our Inner Truth. Like every retreat, throughout the Journey we will work with the Ascended Beings that are represented by each Ray but with a firm governance in moving the energies from our Higher Essence into this incarnation vehicle (our physical body).

Via Rev. Meleriessee’s exceptional ability as the Fully Integrated TransmitterSM being “The Voice” for the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings, we will then be taught by the Elohim Masters and the Archangels of the next three Rays of God so that we work within upon using all of the first six Rays of God to unlock the door to our true reality. The only way to access the key is to face the hidden self that masquerades as being our Inner Truth. No illusions can withstand the reflection of the Truth of the Rays of God as they become grounded within each of us.

We will use the grounding elements of Mount Shasta’s Root Frequency and journey to the vortex areas around the mountain to reflect and imbue each of the ray qualities on a physical level.

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos (Lemuria), is our guide for each of our Journeys. He will communicate with us each morning and evening to get an overview of each day’s activities and the energies that we will be experiencing. Saint Germain, being the Maha Chohan for each of the first 7 Rays, will also be offering his assistance throughout the three and a half day event.

This Journey Retreat Intensive will also include Lord Sanat Kumara as he gives us an overview of how the Venusian Rays of God are now about ready to be overlapped within the Earth once each person achieves grounding the first 7 Rays.

The August retreat will fully sets the stage to prepare us for our December 2014 Journey Retreat Intensive of grounding the 7th Ray, the Violet Purple of Alchemy and Magic as we step into 2015. This will give each December participant the ability to then utilize the transformation and transmutation elements personally to shift their essence upon this earth as they have never done in any incarnation.


~ ENROLL NOW (Enrollment Cutoff July 30 EXTENDED TO AUGUST 2 for 25% Discount) ~


Mt. Shasta by Siskiyou Lake
Mt. Shasta by Siskiyou Lake

We all know that we have come to this Earth to assist but first we must make the necessary adjustments within ourselves to overcome the blockages of past timelines that ignite through our Etheric Body. This is the major work that needs to be done by each of us to fully feel complete within all aspects of our Beingness.

The Psychological Balance within our Soul Essence is the most important focus that we need to address. Everything else will come into place once this alignment has occurred through our Higher Self, Monad, and I AM Presence. Understanding what that focus may need to be is the key to understanding and embracing our True Self.

Since the full moon occurs on August 10th, at 18:11 GMT in the sign of Aquarius, it will be preparing us to better engage in the energy of fluid change as we approach the New Moon of August on Monday the 25th @ 7:13 AM Pacific.

Are you one who will journey with us as we travel deep within our Soul’s Core Essence to find the parts that do not align with our I AM Presence and the elements that need to be ignited to receive our fullest potential upon the New Earth?

This spectacular intensive retreat starts on August 22 through the 25th; four days of deep introspection working with the Ray Chohans of the first six rays along with the beautiful beings of the Elohim and Archangels. Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, is our guide for this amazing journey with a special appearance from Saint Germain and Lord Sanat Kumara.

Each day starts with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony at Mel and Mike’s to initiate the energies. Lord Adama will connect with the group each morning and night to reflect on the changes that have occurred and help individuals to see their achievements from the day’s activities and interaction with each other. There will be excursions each day; the specific location will be announced each morning so that we can take advantage of the sacred vortex spots that will assist us the most. Included will be deep meditations, channeling, chanting, and higher accelerations.

The Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace will illuminate the teachings for the entire journey. We will asking for the assistance of each of the Archangels to bring in the element of our own angelic self with the essence of magic but will also work with the energies of all the Ray Chohans, and the Elohim Masters to delve deeply within our Heart Center to focus upon what needs to be addressed from our Higher Self’s perspective. Interaction with each participant and deep cleansing from the perspective of the Lower Self to accept the Higher Self’s integration within the Heart Center will be a necessary step. We will be focusing upon the energies of our “LOVE, WILL, AND POWER” while learning to access our I AM Presence more fully.

Remember that the energies you receive in person are an order of magnitude greater than you can obtain from one of our classes. This is because physical connection is one of the Laws of Creation for the New Earth and all of Humanity will be required to connect through direct active physical consciousness in order to create Terra Christa, Gaia’s Higher Self.

ENROLL NOW in order to prepare yourself prior to the retreat; we have updated our pre-retreat requirements making them simpler.


~ ENROLL NOW (Enrollment Cutoff July 30 EXTENDED TO AUGUST 2 for 25% Discount) ~

Retreat Schedule Energies:

Friday, August 22nd  ~ Initiation Day
We start the festivities within the Medicine Wheel with a welcome introduction from Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  We will include an overview of the Rays of God representing the Blue Flame of Will and Power, Ruby Red Flame of Inner Devotion, and Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom.  Included will be a Cleansing Ritual; utilizing each of these three rays to understand the depth of our own illusion within.  Archangels Michael and Faith, Uriel and Arora, with Chamuel and Charity will overlight the teachings of the day.

Saturday, August 23rd ~ Crystalline Ray of Harmonization
The lesson on this day will include the Spectrum of Light creating harmony and balance through resurrection of the dis-ease and replacing it with Purity and Hope. This represents the Crystalline Flame with Archangels Gabriel and Hope with Master Serapis Bey and Elohim Purity and Astrea.

Sunday, August 24th ~ Activating Wisdom of the Self with the Ray of Scientific Knowledge
Each person will learn how to go to the depth of their Heart with the reflection of light with the Cosmic flame of Green, Gold, and White as one spectrum of light. In order to access our wisdom we need to accept the knowledges from our past history (or timelines). We will work with Mother Mary and Raphel as the Archangels represented within this flame of light. Additionally, Master Hilarion and Elohim Cyclopia and Virginia will be assist each individual through the process.

Monday, August 25th ~ Creative Actualization of Love, Will and Power
On the last day we arrive within the Flame of Deep Pink allowing our Divine Love to be the guide into mental illumination of Adoration and gratitude for what we have achieved. We will work with the energies of Archangels Chamuel and Charity with Master Paul the Venetian, and Elohim Heros and Amora.

We will have a closing ceremony to bring all of these rays of light to be integrated within wholeness of the Self. Additionally, we will work with Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras to activate the Venusian Rays of God from the first flame through the 6th. The Venusian Rays are a very integral part of the New Earth energies as they reside within the 7th dimensional frequency. This last attunement will assist each individual to be able to access the Venusian flames through their full body system.

Information will be provided to each participant on the Rays of God which will include the first 12 rays so that each individual can study the information and access the essence of each of these beautiful rays before arriving in Mt. Shasta. New retreat participants also receive our Protection Protocols Course which is very powerful in clearing and raising your vibration.

ENROLL NOW in order to prepare yourself prior to the retreat; we have updated our pre-retreat requirements making them simpler.

Please share this special event as it is a very important one for those who desire to co-create Terra Christa (the Fifth Dimensional New Earth).

We look forward to having you join us in person to feel the energies that only Mount Shasta and The Academy of New Earth Mastery can bring.

Please Join Us for This Important
New Earth Journey Retreat Intensive


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NOTE: Many groups and organizations share the elements of Saint Germain’s teachings (I AM DISCOURSES) and “The Great Work” of Ascension Mastery. Regarding their individual acceptance of the Initiations Pathway, very few are able to transmit the actual physical vibrational frequencies from the Pure Octave of the Ascended Realm as a Fully Integrated TransmitterSM. It is this electromagnetic transmission from one physical being to another that enables the teachings to be understood within the full body system at all levels of acceptance, not just from the spiritual or the intellectual bodies.  (This is not a statement of criticism or judgement about the many teachings/teachers that currently abound upon earth to assist humanity, it is simply an acknowledgement of the level of initiations of higher frequencies that must first be attained in the full body system in order to become fully integrated with the Ascended Masters and Higher Spiritual Beings while one is transmitting their individual essence. Through extensive life-streams of training, and with the support of Reverend Michael Aranathanara, Reverend Christine Meleriessee is able to do so at the highest level of accomplishment without being interfered with by any of the lower frequencies that are not within the Unified Whole Command of Light).

WESAK 2014 – Gaia’s Light Body Creating Love and Wisdom



Please Join & Share: GAIA’s Merkabah Body of Light Now in Full Activation


As the Body of GAIA is enforced within her Merkabah Light Body the physical threshold is enforced to create all Universes to join in the Unity of Terra Christa. Wesak 2014 is a time to allow the unification of all sentient beings to stand in harmony for the family of light to be embraced. Light Beings around the Universes meet yearly to stand in the presence of Lord Buddha’s ascension to the next higher level of existence. We, as the initiates on Earth, celebrate this occasion by gathering together at the time of the full moon of Taurus.



RAYS OF GOD being infused within GAIA’s Light Body

During 2013 GAIA was infused physically with the first two RAYS OF GOD on a planetary level to help in her own spiritual acceleration. Her body vehicle, just like each of us, requires the rays to be Initialized, Activated and then Actualized within her in order for the Ascension process to occur.

The first two Rays of God that have been initialized and activated are the Blue Flame of Will and Power (which teaches us to know that Strength and Power Allows for Tolerance and Patience to be Within us), and the second was the Ruby Red Flame of Inner Devotion (expressed as “the Pathway of Peace is the Forgiveness of the Self”). This means that we as a planet can now walk through the doorway of Power to receive Peace for humankind. These two rays represent very powerful energies that were infused within GAIA to help with her ascension into Terra Christa. This means that as sentient beings we are also infused with these rays to assist GAIA in her process.

2014 is the year of Unity and Balance of Energies within GAIA and each of us. The power of these energies together is taking us into a new level of awareness within many individuals around the world. This is just the beginning for each of us. We now act in unison to induct the third ray, the GOLDEN YELLOW FLAME OF LOVE & WISDOM (representing completely allowing the lower mind to surrender to the Oneness of Universal Love, accepting our Divine Mind and Heart to access our Divine Wisdom).

As we stand as initiates to collectively Ascend Mastery for the New Earth, we are embracing each of these energies within us but so much more. As the Torch Bearers for the New Earth, it is our responsibility to allow the unification of our Divine Essence to become manifest within our physical existence. This is helping GAIA to continue her journey.

Wesak 2014 promises to be a massive step for GAIA as she arises to the occasion, each of us will be doing the same in our own mastery pathway. The alignment of the spiritual forces of the many Universes represented by the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional level of Oneness will be standing with each of us to receive our next divine dispensation through Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, Lord Melchizedek, Saint Germain, and Lord Maitreya, who will each give us a personal message and blessing along with Divine Light Language Codes through Reverend Christine Meleriessee and grounded through Reverend Michael Aranathanara.


The date of WESAK is a very important event to those upon the Mastery Path of Initiations with the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Brotherhood of White Light as we celebrate the ascension process of Lord Buddha of his death and rebirth into the next elevated step of creation. As Lord Buddha is the planetary Logos, every being is also given an opportunity to embrace the work they have accomplished as an evolving soul and once again can formally step into another progression of experience. We, as initiates, are able to intimately experience the life remembrance and current status of Lord Buddha to engage in the process of spiritual death taking place up to the Wesak energies each year. Our initiation level is elevated within ourselves just as all other Chelas and Masters of the world are doing.

The WESAK Trinity of Events

Taking us to a new level within our Light and Love Quotient due to the work we have done within ourselves from the previous year, the WESAK energies actually involves three festivals as part of spiritual doorway that reopens annually. Each Festival is celebrated on the Full Moon cycle of the month in which it occurs. This series of doorways begins prior to the WESAK date of May 14, 2014 with the Festival of the Christ in the month of April and then the Festival of Humanity in June following WESAK. In the first festival, which like the other two festivals falls on the full moon, we realize and release the old that did not work for us in our pathway and begin to resurrect our purity and grace. The resurrection elements then cumulate in the acceleration of our ascension process in the Festival of Wesak. The following month is the Festival of Humanity in which we share with others our knowledge and expertise of who we are as realized beings bringing the gifts from within to being without, thus completing the cycle.

For 2014, we are connecting with everyone worldwide who wishes to join us using our global tel-conferencing teaching line via SKYPE or using the international access numbers. Please join with us for a very special ceremony on May 14th, 2014 as we will gather here in Mt. Shasta to join together with our Soul Family of Light to celebrate our next acceleration with GAIA as our guide.

We will recite the sacred WESAK ceremonial prayers and receive divine Blessings from the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Brotherhood of White Light. We anticipate doing a 2 hour ceremony however as the energies are from the Cosmic level, keeping to a schedule for such events is not always possible so we have allowed extra time and invite you to do the same.

To celebrate with us in co-creating our Highest Purpose, and receive these wonderful blessings, please register below. (Those attending the 2014 WESAK JOURNEY RETREAT do not need to register as this ceremony is part of the retreat.)


Please use this button to order the 2 hour recording including the message blessings, prayers and decrees.


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Invoking the Full Power of Rebirth ~ Lord Sanat Kumara with Lord Metatron

upward pathwayCHANNELED EXCERPT. Walking Terra Christa hosted a tele-call with Lord Sanat Kumara and Metatron for the SPRING EQUINOX on March 20th, 2014.  RA the Sun God and Helios and Vesta of the Great Central Sun offered their blessings for this magnificent doorway of light into GAIA and each of us.

The following is a small transcript of our meditation with each of these magnificent beings.  You may listen to the MP3 file via our free library,  We offer free teleconferences on the full moon and powerful energetic times of acceleration.  Please join us live for the next full moon call which also represents the Festival of the Christ, the first of the three ascension gateways for 2014,



We are Helios and Vesta with RA the Sun God.  We are here to allow the frequency of the 10th dimension to come fully within your being and help you be acclimated to this frequency of Light.  Feel our essences embodying the entire temple, every one of you experiencing this power within yourself.  Allow it to flow within you.  It is a very powerful time and we understand what you are experiencing.  Not in the way that you understand, but from our level of existence.  Let us all be One for the next few moments within this beautiful temple, so that we can assist you in holding this frequency on a much deeper level than you ever thought you could.

The power of the energies in the present moment is to allow the frequency of Light of this Equinox to fully come onto the planet as best as we can.  We know that each of you understands that you are the Torchbearers.  You are the holders of this frequency.

Yet, within that process, the intensity of this Light can be so strong that it may deter you into different directions.  That is not what we choose it to be.  So at this moment we will hold this frequency for you within this temple.  We will hold it from the base of your Earth Star, as the Crystalline structure underneath you will infiltrate up through your entire field and move up to your Soul Star.  Allow it to spin within you in all different directions and to be within you as best as you can.

Be completely comfortable through this process.  Only receive what is ready to be accepted within the internalization of your entire existence in the Now, as it is changing in each moment.  During this fluctuation of the Light upon the planet, the ability for more electromagnetic energies to be balanced within all the electrons of Gaia is increased.  This essence is coming into the frequency to allow each of you to hold it as deeply as you can; but only at the bare minimum of acceptance.

We know that you are overloaded.  We know that you have been challenged.  Let us have some moments of exultation for this Light.  Let us embrace the ability to dance in the sunlight, to dance in the moonlight, and come into complete balance during this creative space.  This creative space is occurring presently.  We know that the full acceleration of the Equinox is not completely taking place until tomorrow.  Yet it is happening everywhere around the world.  As you can see it is already happening somewhere around the world within your present timeframe in little pieces of Light.

So what is it in this moment that allows you to accept a different part of yourself, that you had not fully realized previously?

It is the power of the opening doorways.  It is the power you being able to remove those essences that are no longer part of your creative process.  In fact, they are not creation at all.  They are actually the embodiment of dysfunction, the embodiment of trauma, the embodiment of lack of understanding.  It cannot be felt on the level that you are experiencing presently, so we want each of you to filter this Light frequency slowly into your essence.  Feel all forms of Light slowly coming into your entire Light Body.  If you bring it forth into your Light Body and allow it to come into the etheric essence and the physicality that you are, you start accepting it.  It is when you try to do it too quickly and all at one time that it becomes a problem.

Experiencing this Light in the frequency that You Are, allows you to be in the full composition of all that you are bringing forth; with a breath, with a thought, with an emotion.  You are all these experiences in this moment.  The Divine Light will be infused upon you at this time, to assist you with your next level of creation.  Breathe deeply and allow our essence to be embodied within you and help with the electromagnetic structures of your Feminine and Masculine Divine, for the balance of those frequencies of Light to come within you.  Not just one or the other, but allow them to be fully balanced.

You see, you cannot receive them separately.  They must come into balance through this structure we are embodying onto you in these moments.  Breathe deeply and allow these essences to fully come into your existence.

{Divine Light Language Voice Transmission}


It is my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sanat Kumara.  I am deeply honored to be within your essences at this time.

Bless yourself for arriving in this state of Beingness.  Bless yourself for your challenges.  Bless yourself for your accomplishments.  Bless yourself for everything.  It is my divine pleasure as the Father of the Brotherhood of White Light to see the existence of each of you and so many more who are not with us at this time, to come into alignment and to be that being of Light that you have been asking yourself to be.

I know, I know, I know it has been so very difficult!  And in the process of your divinity having challenges will continue.  However, let us think about what occurs for you when you go through a challenge.  You gain more wisdom.  It is ironic, is it not?  It seems that you cannot gain your wisdom without having to go through many doorways of fear, of not understanding.  But yet, when you break down barriers, what occurs for you?  That is your wisdom.  Your knowledge is already there.  It is the wisdom that comes with it.  It is within your knowledge that you are aware of what you need to do.  And then you break down those doorways, those electronic doors that have kept you from the full totality of your Beingness in a physical structure.

Then you begin to understand; that is your true wisdom. 

I truly know what each of you is going through in this present time.  I know what some of you are experiencing.  And I know that some of you may not even understand what you are experiencing.  Yet you continue along the pathway of the enlightened ones.

Is that not truly who you are?

You are bringing forth the frequency of Light to be more upon this planet than it ever has been previously.  We can talk about Lemuria.  We can talk about Atlantis.  But let us not go there.  That is behind us now.  That has formed our foundation of what we knew we did not want to do.  Yet, some of you still strive to be in that old space.  It is very important you bring forth that knowledge of the past for the New Earth, but your wisdom allows you to understand so much more in the frequency of Light that you are.

Presently, this Equinox is a very powerful element.  Many do not realize that.  There was so much hoopla put out about December 2012 and theories of what could have happened.  So now individuals go about their lives just as they always did, thinking that things are simply going to be status quo.  Well, each of you and I know that that is not true.  What you are experiencing is so very true to your Heart.  In the envelopment of the full totality of the existence of a higher plane of living upon the Earth, the Earth has to shift into that frequency as each of you are learning to do.

Your lives are changing greatly through this process.  This spring brings forth the ability to refresh your-self anew.  Yes, it is another rebirth.

Remember we go through these periods of rebirth, so that we do not take with us into the new cycle what we had before that no longer works.  We must always readjust ourselves to the new frequency of Light and move into the purest essences.  This is what I am here to assist you with, and help you with these beautiful Rays of Light; to bring in the essences of the Holy Kumaras of Venus, as Venus and the Earth will be intertwining their energies on such deep level that has never occurred before.  Each of you has traveled to Venus.  Each of you has been in that space.  Otherwise, you would not be prepared to be here in this moment and to be listening, to be feeling this energetic exchange.

I bring to you the essence of Venus that is on the higher dimensional frequency, to assist you in having the essence of your purity, your love, your ability to connect to the essence of God in a different format, to be able to flow with your energies, to be able to ground them deeply, to have you wisdom, to have your power, to have your will and to have your freedom.

That is truly what my essence represents for the Brotherhood of White Light.  We created the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light to keep everything in its prospective form.  Each of you is acknowledging that essence within yourselves presently.  It is the power of allowing this knowledge that you have to come fully into your entire Beingness.  We stand on the threshold of a new world in the next 24 hours.  The purity of your Light cannot be matched by anything else, or else we would not be arriving here in this juncture of time.  We would not be feeling these essences as we have.  We would not be challenged as we have.  You would be going along your day as if nothing ever occurred for you.  Yet we all know that is not true.  Each of you has awakened to a new part of yourself, and it is a continuous process of this rebirth experience.  Each of you is being prepared for the most amazing Wesak.  And this is the beginning for Earth, to allow her essence to expand into her Light Body.  Each of you are an important participant in this event, and many events upon events.

If you feel disillusioned at this time, allow my essence to help you with that.  If you feel excited, share it with others through your electrical exchanges.  If you are feeling unsure of elements, let us change that.  At this present time, as we are moving into Equinox energies, the changes that are occurring on the other planetary systems are all in alignment with Gaia.  You are being protected.  You are being guided.  You are being assisted in so many ways.  Fully allow yourself to be the Ascended Master you want to become.  Allow that responsibility to be fully within you as we step upon a new world.  It is the beginning of allowing these essences to fully come within you and assist the planet.

What we see is that each of you impart these essences onto yourself, and then they go down into the Earth.  It is much like a movie; you see the twinkling of lights that move down into the roots of the Earth and flow into other areas.  This is exactly what is occurring for you.  The blessing of these essences is about to be acknowledged by so many others.  Not so many humans, but everything else that matters.  All that you connect with; the elements, animals, the frequencies of the trees, the clouds, the sun, the sun and the sky.  All these essences matter, because at first in order for the Earth to shift into this higher frequency, it has to be filled with these light formations which is just as you are experiencing it.

Let us equate it to each of your personal experiences.  As you bring the Light frequencies into your Physical Body, you allow your Light Quotient to change and shift.  Do you not feel it on a physical level?  You feel it in your vibration, you feel it in your sensitivity, you feel it in what is occurring for you, and allow those essences to be grounded.  Well, this is exactly what Gaia is experiencing.  It is going to all of her communities, all her land masses, all her frequencies of Light to allow those energies to shift and change.  Eventually the people will accept these energies.  This is what we truly want.  And this is where each of you comes in with your responsibility.

You chose to awaken at an early age, so that you could bring forth these energies onto the Earth.  Without each of you, this could not be done.  We could not to it this way.  The planet would not exist in the way that it is now.  We ask each of you to take whatever it is that you no longer need, and allow each of us to help you remove it.

We are here as the Hierarchy for the New Earth.

Each of you stands in the forefront for the training that you are undergoing.  You have all been here many times.  We have all been together.  You have all been to planetary systems.  And now you have come to Gaia to be this creative force.

What is happening on the outside ethers is not your problem.  It is the problem of the Intergalactics.  They are the ones stepping forward to move through the battles.  Each of you is to incorporate this Light onto yourself, fully in all areas of existence.  Feel the essence of Helios, Vesta and RA the Sun God as they infiltrate these frequencies of Light.  Feel the essence of these beautiful Rays.  The Rays are being sent for you to receive your 5th dimensional body.  It is taking time, as the Earth has not shifted enough for you to truly accept that 5th dimensional body unless you live in higher places of sacredness.  This is very important.  Even in those higher places of sacredness, individuals cannot exist as much as they would like to, but we are all here to exist together within that consciousness.  And there is a movement of change that is happening within the next 24 hours.  Allow yourself now to see this beautiful essence that is occurring.

As you look in front of you, the space that was the altar has now changed.  There is a beautiful Rainbow Bridge.  This Rainbow Bridge will take into that new role of existence.  It is not taking you to another planet.  It not taking you to the Upper Earth yet.  But it is taking you into your own world; the space that you need to create within yourself.  As Meleriessee would say, it is a shift in consciousness to allow that energy to move from the space we are in now.  I call upon Lord Metatron in this moment.  The two of us will escort each of you across this bride.  Let us hear from his essence presently.  I thank you deeply for walking with us through this process.


{Divine Light Language Voice Transmission}

I AM that I AM!  I AM Lord Metatron at your service.

I am here to assist you in the divinity of your Light, and allowing the balance that you so desperately ask for to come fully within your physical existence.  I know, my children, I know.  I know how difficult it has been for you each of you.  We honor you deeply for continuing the journey, for being in this space in this moment, for each of us to commune together, to be together to feel the frequency of Light that we are, as we all shall be physically in our future times.  Let us breathe deeply into the Heart Center, and allow what it is you are experiencing in this moment with all these beautiful Rays of Light coming down through the entire Temple.  Ways of energy are flowing down into your essence, you feel a breeze of the frequency.  You can see colors.  You may see these red, large pieces of fabric blowing around and against you, allowing yourself to feel the balance.

Let us all arise from where we are sitting and stand on top of this beautiful Crystalline structure.  It is multicolored with all the different hues of the Rays.  The Rays are now merging.  When you first walked in, they were all those different frequencies.  Now allow these frequencies to blend fully within you.  You blend with the lower Rays, with the middle Rays and the higher Rays.  Understand the transition you have been going through.  Feel these beautiful essences flowing within you as I speak a little bit more.

The depth of your healing has been a very important pathway which is not only for you, but upon this Earth.  You see, this Earth has been riddled with so much darkness for so many years, eons and eons of time.  You are here as a healer.  You are here to remove these essences within you and upon the Earth.  The more that you traveled in lifetimes to come to this Earth, the more difficult the travel has been for you.  The amount of times you have spent on other planetary systems assisted you to be here at this time.  However, sometimes that can be a detriment for some of you.  You may expect things to happen much easier than they have.  You have forgotten what you experienced in the previous timelines.  And that is okay.

Right now we want all timelines that have been coming up for each of you to be fully removed through the essences of this amazing temple of Light.  As we stand here now, the base structure of the temple is now going to spin very slowly in a clockwise manner.  We are like a kaleidoscope of Light energies and frequency, allowing the full body system to accept the codes of Light that are associated with your DNA.  Allow yourself to be activated in a completely different way.  It is up to you and your Higher Self what it is that you need to bring forth within you at this time.  Allow the experience to come fully within you.

{Divine Light Language Voice Transmission}

Allow yourselves to now ground what you have experienced.  This process of coding we are bringing forth helps you to be purged of anything that is necessary.  Some of it you may not know, and that is okay.  We ask for the purity of Light and the Love that you desire in this moment, so that you can be a full channel of Light, a vortex of Light, coming from Helios and Vesta for the Spring Equinox.

Allow that energy to fully come within you now.  You are ready.  You are fully ready.  I stand here with Lord Sanat Kumara and myself.  Sanat Kumara will come to the right side of your body, and I will come to the left.  We will escort each of you across this beautiful Rainbow Bridge.

As we start to walk across the bridge, feel your essence starting to change.  There may be some resistance, because you are coming into a new existence.  This new existence will help you, yet your Lower Self may want to hinder you a bit.  We step one step at a time, feeling the essences of the steps.

Continue as we are at the middle of the bridge.  How does it feel?  Turn around and look back.  See the old self now dissipating.  Dissipating into Wholeness, dissipating what you no longer need, as now you step further into this beautiful doorway.

The beautiful doorway consists of many colors of Light.  It is the part of you that has been waiting to fully come within you since what you have been experiencing these past few months.  You are now ready to be the conduit of Light, to receive this frequency, to assist Gaia and everyone else.  Each of you will do it in your own manner.  It does not matter where you are within your pathway or what you are bringing forth.  Your responsibility at this time is through your Higher Self.  Whatever that is, it is not an earthly thing.  It is a vibratory energy.

We now expand as we walk through this magnificent doorway that has just opened up from side-to-side.  We feel the frequency of Light of all the many colors streaming forth into our beings.  It is blowing away!  We feel it across our face, blowing our hair, blowing our clothes.  It is a beautiful essence as we now walk into the divinity of Light that we truly desire.  There is greenery, there are flowers, there are beautiful essences.  We have walked into this beautiful experience of spring.

What is it that you see?

Are there streams flowing through?

Is there a pond of water? 

Are there flowers growing in the most beautiful gardens? 

It is not restricted.  There is no garden with any walls.  It goes on for miles and miles and miles.

As we step into this spring oasis, you see the elementals.  They are dancing all around you, so very happy.  There are rocks that want to talk to you.  There are trees that blowing in the wind.  Everyone is feeling the exultation of the most beautiful experience with Light frequency upon this Earth.  Please walk around this beautiful space, this beautiful land, meadows, hills and mountains on the distance.  We feel this beautiful enjoyment of the spring coming onto Gaia.  We now expand ourselves deeply as we feel our feet go into the Earth.  Feel the extension of this Light coming through each of us and onto Gaia.

{Divine Light Language Voice Transmission}

We feel our energies.  This is the pure existence of Light upon the planet.  Feel it in your Heart.  Feel it in the extension that you are, as now you have changed.  You have walked into spring.  What seeds do you need to plant?

Think about this now for the next event of Wesak.

Allow the energies to come fully within.  Please know that this is a period of adjustment, allowing the balance to occur for a three-day process.  Allow that to come within you and within the following week, you may begin to feel the change that you have created.  It may cause more elements to come into adjustment, and sometimes that takes change.  Sometimes that takes energies to shift.  But let us enjoy this exultation in this moment, allowing these frequencies you are embodying to be part of the planet’s existence.

I, myself as Lord Metatron, with Sanat Kumara, embrace you deeply.  We embrace you so deeply for the responsibility that you have taken on.  Those of you that have read my material through Meleriessee will know that I have put forth the word of this work taking great diligence.  And this is your blessing from us.  We are completely honored and enamored by the work that you are doing and continue to do.  We know each of you is on a different level, and that is okay.  This is all part of the process.  But please know that you are needed so much in order for others to understand in times to come.  This is the celebration of your Spring Essence fully manifesting within your physical being.  Allow the blessings to come to you in the next few days.  Hold your hands out and allow yourself to receive.

Know that you will receive in many different ways.  It is our divine pleasure to be fully with you.  We will now let Meleriessee guide you back to your home essence.  You may return any time you would like, and we will be here waiting for you and assist you.

All our Love, in so many forms of Light and enjoyment.

We are One with each of you.

Lord Metatron and Sanat Kumara


©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Invoking the Full Power of Rebirth



A Special Ceremony with Lords Sanat Kumara and Metatron

This equinox is being equated to the energies of December’s Solstice 2012 which means that we have been going through many moments of purging in order to hold the next accelerate phase of light for GAIA.

This ceremony includes channeling from Masters Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Metatron along with Divine Language Light Codes through Meleriessee to help in accepting the next phase of our accelerated self to be grounded within us. Helios and Vesta along with RA the Sun God will be holding the sun’s frequency to allow each of us to accepted our next initiation phase within us.

The official date and time of the Spring Equinox is Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 16:57 UTC; 9:57 AM Pacific; 12:57 PM Eastern.

Walking Terra Christa is sharing a ceremony we performed on Wednesday, March 19th to help align the frequency of light that is being planted within GAIA where we travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee which represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion (all 22 Rays of God).  It resides in the Etheric Earth (Terra Christa) over the physical geographic area of Mt. Shasta, CA.

Divine Mother Father God open the event. After Lords Sanat Kumar and Metatron give us a better understanding of the rebirth we are undergoing, Lord Adama of Telos gives a short message of gratitude. A very important teaching and Light Language Attunement.





To read the message from Lord Metatron mentioned in the teaching, go to Meleriessee’s recent blog article.

Lord Sanat Kumara ~ Venusian Flame Holder for the Freedom of God

Violet Flame Venusian RaysLord Sanat Kumara blessed us during our Abundance of Light ~ Prosperity Circle on November 9th, 2013.  The following is his message for bringing forth the Violet Venusian Flame of the Freedom of God.

Most of us know Lord Sanat Kumara pretty well.  He is the Father of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.  He worked with us in Lemuria.  He assisted the Goddesses to go into hiding when things started to go haywire in Lemuria so that the teachings would be safe.  Those teachings are now coming out.

Lord Sanat Kumara was the Planetary Logos for many, many years and in the 1950’s he returned to Venus and Lord Buddha took over.  It was quite a while after the New Millennium that he was not available for a lot of individuals, myself included.  He totally went into hiding.  During that time, he was working with the Venusian energies to assist us.

Now he and all the Kumara’s are coming out of that seclusion to assist us for the New Earth as the Venusian’s Rays are very important for the New Earth.  They will also be integrated and planted within Gaia, presently in a different level because of the higher frequency.  It comes from the Seventh Dimensional energies that will be grounded into the New Earth.  So we are not quite sure how that is going to work, but these energies are with us very well today.

Take a deep breath as we bring in the Flame Holders that we have been working with:

Lord Sanatka – Blue Flame, Will of God (so this call will be within this Flame also)

Lord Sa Ananda – Yellow Flame, Wisdom of God

Lord Sa Na Tana – Pink Flame, Love of God

Lady Sujata – White Flame, Purity of God

Lady Kapila – Green Flame, Science of God

Lord Sa Na Kumara – Purple, Gold, and Ruby Flame, Peace of God

Lord Sanat Kumara – Violet Flame, Freedom of God

Just to give a little background of what that Freedom means.  As we travel through each of the Flames we find within ourselves a new purpose that occurs for us because each of these Flames assist us in our full body system.  So the last Flame represents that Freedom.  As we travel through this journey in each of these Flames it assists us to understand more about ourselves.  I have learned more about how the other Rays that we work with from the Kumara Rays, because I have more of an understanding especially the Science of God which I did not have before.

This is a very powerful day because this represents our Freedom.  So what does that mean?  It helps to purify our thoughts, transform our lives, learn to walk with grace as a true master, exhibit great diplomacy, and find a pathway that exhibits service.  This also incorporates magic and helps us to work with the forces of nature being able to communicate on all levels of existence; the availability to create at will our thoughts; and being a true alchemist.  That starts within our Soul first then outside ourselves.

So let’s just take a deep breath as we are going to bring in the energies of Sanat Kumara.  If you feel a kinship to any other Flame Holders you may call upon them and they will assist you and allow their Essence to be with you.

Greetings!  It is my deepest, deepest pleasure to be here in this moment with each of you in this beautiful garden.

I thank you Meleriessee for sharing those kind words about my Essences.  I am very happy that we have gone through these processes with the Venusian’s Rays because they will be very important.  You may or may not understand how important it is, but incorporating these Rays will assist you in allowing your full body system which means your entire body, not just the four body, but the full field of all your spiritual bodies to come into Oneness.

I want you to just reflect right now upon the Violet Flame and of course you know the Violet Flame is the Transmuting Flame.  That’s why we call it Freedom, because it opens up the doorways to allow the Essences of true knowledge, the deepest heartfelt feelings, and allowing a person to fully activate their Soul’s essence within their Physical Body.

The Violet Flame is so predominate upon the Earth with Dearest St. Germain and the Venusians Rays.  We like to command the energies of the Violet flame through all the others, so yes; we do want you to feel the effects of each of the Flames.  Feel the Blue, feel this now, breathe in deeply the Yellow, the Pink, the White, the Green, and then the Purple, Gold, and Ruby because within that Violet Flame all these other colors are represented in that energy.  It represents the ability to fully look within yourself at a deeper level.  So I ask each of you to do that in this moment.  Breathe deeply into your Heart Essence.  Do you feel the balance within yourself of your Masculine and Feminine Divine?  Are there particles that may be out of place?  Or are there elements that you have not accepted yet?

Allow the Violet Flame to not just transmute but to bring elements together and that is what’s so beautiful with it.  So if we feel it from our Earth Star into the soles of our feet, feel it igniting all the way upwards through the entire body, through all your Chakras, through the ankles, the knees, the hips, and then going into the Chakra system of the Root all the way to the Crown.  Feel it in your upper joints of your shoulders, your arms, the wrists and the palms of your hands as it ignites all the way up to the Soul Star.  It creates this Flame that exhibits outside of you to allow these particles of Light that you are to come fully intertwined within your physical structure.  Feel that Essence now as it breaks apart anything that does not hold this frequency.

As we are intending to bring in that Seventh Dimensional Frequency through the Tenth of accessing these Rays and it comes in a physical existence, it is quite different then the Rays of God that are exhibited through the God Force because; they are assisting you to put elements in place of the higher dimensional bodies that you are trying to actualize.  What you are doing with the Venusian Rays we already intend that we have those higher bodies, and each of the Venusian Rays with the God Force Rays do work together.  So one is not better than the other but they complement each other.   I wanted to make that fact.

So breathe in deeply within that Essence.  I want you to think about what may be holding you back, any elements, any timelines, any feelings, any thoughts?  Is your mental mind too active?  Is your emotional body imbalanced meaning that you are vulnerable?  Let’s bring that into balance now.  Each of you have gone through major changes through this year so let us try to help you to bring all that into balance; because in order to be the alchemist, to create your desires, to become manifest in your world, you must start within first and remove the aspects and debris that are holding you back from the full potential that you are.  Feel this now swirling within you as the Violet Flame and all the other colors represented by the Violet of the Blue, the Yellow, the White, the Green, the Pink, and the Purple, Gold, and Ruby to make the Violet; as the Violet represents all colors within one color, all elements within one element.  That is the beauty of this Flame.  Feel it igniting deeply through your entire full body structure as now we call upon the Violet Flame of the Venusian Rays that represent all the Venusian Rays as one is not more important than the other as they all work within each other.

Feel the Purity that you are, feel the Knowledge that you have of the Science of God and your Inner Truth, feel the Love that you are, feel the Will that you have, and that Wisdom allowing yourself to have Peace and this is your Freedom.  Feel the Freedom within you, in your mental thoughts, in your Emotional Body, through all your consciousness as you move your frequency up to the Tenth Dimensional level.  Feeling the body change in this process and in your breath and think of these words and intuit them into yourself.

I AM the Violet Flame.

I allow the Violet Flame to bring me the Freedom that I desire.

I have acquired my Will.

I have seen my Wisdom.

I accept my Love, as I AM the Purity of the Light.

I AM the Truth of the Science of God and I bring forth the Peace.  These all represent my Freedom.

I allow the Freedom to be fully within me as all these elements make up my Pathway and I see this Pathway opening up in front of me because each of the Flames of the Venusian Rays represented by the Holy Kumaras are within me.

I allow these Essences to fully blend within my full body structure.

I feel it in my Heart.

I allow my Higher Mind of my Higher Self, my Higher Heart to be my guide as it blends within the physical self all these Elements that I worry about, that I am concerned about are all dissipated.

I have wonderful Health.

I accept my Wealth and I create my Well Being in this moment.

Feel this Essence now, feel the Essence of the Violet Flame fully intertwining within you, as you are the maker of your destiny.  Allow it to burn away any thoughts, any emotions, and any particles.  Allow the physical body to heal like it has never healed before.  Take that Violet Flame to any areas that fully need the healing.  Allow these Essences of your Divine beauty to be intertwined within you.  Feel, feel the beauty that you are, feel the Essences that you are because this is how you create.  This is how you have your Freedom.  Now see, see in front of you what it is that you desire.  Is it love?  Is it wealth?  Is it a specific element that you need presently in your life?  Allow your Higher Self to guide you if this is what you desire in the creation of your existence.  This brings you the Freedom; this brings you the ability to have all the other aspects within you to breathe in this Essence.

[Vibrational Chants]

Now hold it, hold it to your Heart.  Feel that energy that you are creating now because you have to create the energy first before you can manifest it physically.  Bring it to your Heart center, be that creation, and be that desire within you.  This is truly how you make the manifestation occur.  You breathe it, you actualize it, you accept it, and you mold it from your Highest Presence into the physical structure that you are.  Now just allow this Essence to be within you and say these words to yourself.

I AM Will.

I AM Wisdom.

I AM Love.

I AM Purity.

I AM Science and Truth.

I AM Peace and I have Freedom.

Mold this into your consciousness and allow it to be as you say unto yourself.

I AM that I AM.

I AM the Freedom of God manifested within my body as (and state your name).

Allow the Essence to enfold through all your cells, through all the structures of your full body system so that your spiritual bodies can be fully activated within your four body system.  Feel this Essence now spinning within you and blending as it is your Divine Right to be Free, to have Love, to have Will, to have Purity, to understand Science, and to have Peace.

It is my Divine pleasure as Lord Sanat Kumara to share with you the Flames of the Kumaras of the Venusian Rays and the Violet Flame to just put icing on the cake of everything else that you have experienced.

I walk with each of you in the Light of our tomorrows manifested today.

So Mote It Be.  We Are One.

The Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together is a weekly free circle available to all individuals.  Please use the link to sign up to receive the conference number and prayers to utilize on your own.

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Peace of God shared by Lord Sa Na Kumara of the Venusian Flame

Ruby Red Gold Venusian Flame PeaceLord Sa Na Kumara is the Keeper of the Ruby-Gold-Purple Venusian Flame representing the Peace of God.  

Lord Sa Na Kumara comes to us with quite a history. He lived many lifetimes learning the lessons of God and sometimes it was not easy and sometimes he said it was quite fun.  He loved the times when he was a monk and he worked with the Tibetan people. He is very close to Master Djwhal Khul.  He was taught by Djwhal quite a bit on how to understand life.

Lord Sa Na Kumara has walked with many Masters and it has been a requirement for him to do so.  He did not know how to acquire peacefulness within himself.  As we look at peace, we want peace in the World, but each individual soul upon the planet does not incorporate that peace within themselves.  We cannot ignite peace, so Lord Sa Na Kumara is here to assist us to find those dark places within us so that they can be fully opened to receive peace.

The aspects of this Ray represent:

Inner Truth, Tolerance, Serenity, Balance, Common Sense, Great Sacrifice of the Self, Developing our Inner Devotion, Assisting with Strong Intuition, Being in a Flow of Life as it is directed through the Source of Light

So let’s take a deep breath and we will bring his energies into the space.  Feel the fluidness of the Purple, the Gold, and Ruby.

Greetings!  It is I, Sa Na Kumara.  It is my pleasure to be here with each of you here in the garden as all of my colleagues have been talking about how wonderful this beautiful circle is and every one is so honored to have your presence at this time.

Let us all take a deep breath and I want you to feel the Essences of the Purple, the Gold, and the Ruby as they blend within each other.  They are not really separate colors.  There is a mixture of these colors spinning within them.  Feel that Essence coming in through the garden now as it emits these beautiful colors and allow it to come into your Heart center, into your Solar Plexus, and all parts of yourself that there may be hidden aspects that you have not fully looked at.

It is very, very important that we understand that we have been the dark and that we have been the Light that those pathways have molded who we are today.  As each of you stand here with myself, it is my deep pleasure to fully connect with your Essences because you truly are walking this pathway of allowing these beings of Light to guide you into your own experience from your past, to allow them to be ignited, to have the realizations within yourself that you are a Divine Being of Light, and allow that peacefulness to fully come within you.

So it is really important to reflect within yourself in the next few moments.  In order for us to really manifest our desires, we must be very strong in all aspects of ourselves as you are learning.  This takes great sacrifice because you fully have to look within you and see things that possibly you have not wanted to acknowledge previously.

In this moment I ask of you to just breathe deeply and feel the Essence of this beautiful Ray, this beautiful Flame coming within you to see your inner truth.  It is the first thing that we are going to step into because in order for us to receive the Peace of the Light of the Essence of the God Force and the Creative Source of Oneness, we allow these Essences to blend within the four body system.

Allow the Masculine and Feminine Divine to be very active and to open up any thought processes or remembrance to help you get through a moment of reflection.  Breathe deeply and feel the Essence of the beautiful Purple, Gold, and Ruby exhibiting within.

You have that breath coming within you, you start to feel particles receiving this peace.  Connect with the parts that cannot receive the peace to really expand that energy within us.  If you have a moment of remembrance allow this flame to go right to that memory, allow it to go to that reflection immediately as I am just extending this to you.  That is good.

Now let us fully receive the inner peace that we deserve as we stand here in this beautiful garden of the 144th Dimension of the Creative Source of Oneness.  Allow the Essences in this space to fully incorporate within you.  Feel the beauty that you are.  Feel the expression of your Divine Beingness fully manifested in your physical body at this time.  Ah!  Feel the blessings, feel the blessing of your own Essence being activated fully – your Higher Self, your Monad, your I AM Presence and the Source that We Are All together.  Let us feel that communion fully within the physical existence.  Think of these words.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM the Peace of the Light as I infuse the Purple, the Gold, and the Ruby fully within my Being.  It moves to areas that need it the most.

I allow it to go into my Etheric Body to remove all pockets that have been lost and allow all to be revealed.  As it does, the Essence of these colors now blend within those little doorways and passageways that I have not wanted to look at.  Now all the doors are open so that I can feel the Peace that I AM.

Breathe deeply and allow those Essences to fully be within you because it is your Divine Right of this Being of Light to accept all these Essences within you.  Feel the depth of your Highest Essence, your Higher Self giving you your inner truth.

What is your inner truth in this moment?

Expand it into your thought processes, expand it into your emotions, and allow it to be all of you as you express it through your entire full body system, through all the Chakras, through all the colors that you incorporate it in your Essence.  It is your Masculine and Feminine Divine, your full body system, your spiritual body as One.  As the spiritual body and those Essences are now being healed through this Flame it brings in the peace that you are.

Ah!  Feel the peace and expand it within you as you receive the AH and just receive that Essence of the AH within you.  It expands within you and allows you to fully feel the Essences of your Light and command these thoughts within yourself.

I now have my Inner Truth.  I see it, I see the passageway and all the doors opening.  I see the Power that I AM.  Part of it I have not wanted to see, but now the Ruby, the Purple, and the Gold are blending within it so now it is fully dissipated of the darkness that I have experienced in many timelines.

I now have Tolerance and within that I bring Serenity.  I feel a serene and balanced Essence within me as my Higher Mind is now activated fully within my body.

I see the sacrifices that I have made to get to this moment and I will continue with that drive because I know it will allow me to have the Inner Devotion I am desiring.

I AM Peace.

I AM Serenity.

I AM Joy.

I AM the expression of God’s Light in all that I AM.

Feel that now.  Now feel your intuition becoming stronger because it is coming from your Higher Mind and not from your physical self.  Allow it to be embodied in all parts of you, feel it now, feel the love being sent to you from the Source of Light as we all come together to feel that union within each other.

What is it that you desire?  Because now it is within your reach as you have the peace and you have gone through all these beautiful Flames to create the Divinity within your world.  There is nothing that you cannot achieve as long as you stay in this Essence.  It is all of you, all parts of you as you are the Multi-dimensional Being of Light.  Expand that within you and now see what you desire and fill it with the Gold, Ruby, and the Purple.  Hold it within your hands.

What is it?  Even if your desire is not of a physical nature (emotional balance, love, serenity) and you are looking for this Essence to be fully within you, accept it to be.

If it is tangible, see it, and allow your Third Eye to be completely open now as your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart are the ruling Essences within your Being.  Then take that and put it into your Heart and blend it with the Ruby, the Gold, and the Purple as it is you, it is your expression.  This is your Essence fully integrated within the Being that you are.

Now we commune with each other because now we are fully in a position to fully allow the Essences to be within Oneness.  This is how we create Oneness.  It must be Oneness of our Multi-dimensional Self and then it can expand out of us for us to share with others.

It cannot happen until we allow what we have experienced to show us the lessons we have learned, accept the challenges that we have gone through, in order to receive the rewards that we deserve.

It is my Divine pleasure as Lord Sa Na Kumara to fully be with each of you.

Namaste, Love and Blessings.

This was a presentation during our free weekly call, Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together.  You may join us Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific by registering via

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Lady Kapila, Venusian Flame Holder of the Science of God

Lady KapilaLady Kapila is the flame holder representing the Science of God of the Venusian Rays, which is the Green essence and is very close to an Emerald Green color.

Lady Kapila spent many years as a Tibetan monk and among many religious organizations so it took her some time to understand what the world meant for her. She said that it defrayed her from her full potentiality if she was to be human once again.  So she was given a chance to work with the Kumaras to help her with all these essences and has been in this position for quite some time. She represents to us these elements of understanding our beginning and this is what the Science of the ray represents in bringing these energies within.

As each of us as an individual can understand our humble beginnings from the source, it helps us to understand our pathway presently and the twist and turns that we have experienced in that pathway. So today as we connect with the Green flame.  It also represents the idea of money that represents growth, it’s about balancing all those aspects within us allowing the manifestation of God’s Light within our pathway so it can be projected to others; our inner truth remembering our beginnings; devotion to the self as a devotion to God’s essence.  Accessing spiritual psychology in this ray will assist in understanding the soul’s development to be fully manifested in our world.   We are God’s Light bringing that Godliness through our essence.

This ray really represents our truths, our beginnings, and our dedication to ourselves to allow these essences to be fully within us. It is also helping us to understand that whatever we desire and want to manifest has to come from the highest source

Take a deep breath as we bring in the essence of Lady Kapila.

Blessings and Greetings! I am Lady Kapila of the Green flame of the Venusian Rays.

I am very, very excited to be with each of you in this beautiful, beautiful garden as we connect with each other in the presence of these energies.  I want you to totally reflect within your own Heart Essence because it is the doorway to the soul’s history to helps us understand why we create certain things, and why we find obstructions in our way to open up the pathways to our desired outcome.

As we breathe deeply within that Heart, we fully reflect with the Masculine and Feminine Divine together.  This is really an important aspect which is something that I had to learn in my own studies since most of my lifetimes had been in a male-oriented role.

It was really important for me to fully embrace my Feminine Divine when I found myself incarnated upon Venus.  Some of you maybe able to relate to the same situation, because it is very, very important to understand what the male and the female aspects bring to us.  When they work separately it creates separation only allowing particles of manifestation to be created; together, when they come together in balance, we can fully allow our manifestation to be created in our world.

I just ask you to breathe within your Heart center and feel the Masculine self and the feminine self as they spin within each other.  Feel their beautiful energies coming together of the Blue of the Masculine and the Pink of the Feminine as they are fluid frequencies blending together as you stir them.  Feel the integration of both of them as you caress them and allow them to be fully within you.

This also takes you in to another part of your creation because when these particles of Light of the Masculine and Feminine are completely in balance it creates a direct line to the source of your Soul’s remembrance allowing that energy to go completely upwards to who you are now into that source of the 144th dimensional frequency through your Higher Self and I AM Presence. I ask you now to reflect upon that within your own consciousness as we open up the doorways for each of you to reflect upon this essence as it blends within you, through you, and then it becomes you.  You become that source, you become that I AM Presence, you become that Higher Self all manifested within the physical creation.

This also allows the Lower Self of the physical body to relax as these essences blend fully within you, because it is your divine right to have the direct connection to God’s Light, that is you.

So as we sit here in this beautiful garden and feel the Green flame assisting us with this creation; feel it blending in all parts of your body, all parts of your mind, and all parts of your emotions.  Your Heart allows the body to relax; if there is any constriction anywhere, use the Green flame as it is spinning around this beautiful garden and allowing us to feel it in a completely different manner then we have ever experienced before.  This allows us to have a complete pathway, a clear pathway to the Source of Light that we are.  This is how you fully accept your devotion with deep healing of love within this essence.  Feel the empowerment that you bring forth and not the physical being that you are from the source the Source of Light That You Are.

Breathe deeply and allow these essences to blend within you as I bring forth these words of truth.

I, as Lady Kapila, bring forth this essence of the Green flame to fully allow all obstructions from the physical self all the way through the Higher Self and the I AM Presence to the Source of Light that you are to be fully removed.  The only essence that you feel in this moment is the Source of the Green flame flowing form the highest level of the 144th dimension coming down into your physical existence through your Antakarana bridge into your Chakra column, into your Heart and expanding it into all essences, expanding it into all parts of your physical structure allowing it to go into the Etheric body, allowing it to go into the Emotional body, and the Mental body so then they become One.

Now feel this essence within your Heart, as you become all of these within the depthness of the Lotus of your Heart as it is expanding with the Green flame as you start to feel your inner truth and say these words unto yourself:

I am a Divine Being of Light fully embracing the Green flame of the Venusians Ray of God.

I call upon Lady Kapila to fully assist me through this frequency of Light to enfold within me.

I now feel my growth.

I feel the healing Love that I am and I deeply see my inner truth from the beginning source that I am just filtering in particles of Light through all the levels of creation that I have been that now fully embraces my physical structure of this moment in time.

I accept the divinity of Light that I am to allow this flame to burn away anything else that does not fit this creative source.

I allow the Light of God to bring forth to me my truth, my inner wisdom, my ability to fully embrace my moment of creation through all the levels that I have experienced into this moment in time.

I diffuse all aspects that are my obstacles.

I allow the flow of energy to be within me like a beautiful plant that is growing within the Earth and it gets higher and hi9gher as it reaches the sun the sun representing the source of Light.

I am all these aspects and I feel it deeply within my heart of the balance that I am of the masculine and feminine self.

Take a moment now and allow yourself to envision your desire.  See it in front of you, hold it within your hands, and allow it to be part of you.

Feel the essence of your desired outcome to fully come within you and take that vision and feel it as if it is something very tangible.  Even if it is intangible, see it coming into your Heart, and feeling it with the balance that you are of your Masculine and Feminine Divine of your I AM Presence as you are One full body of Light.  So the Source of Light That You Are through the Science of God it is now your lineage of Light. There is nothing left that obstructs you; you become one with the source That You Are.

Breathe in deeply and allow the Green flame to infuse within you and say these words unto yourself:

I am now embodied with the Green Flame as Lady Kapila stands with me and allows this essence to assist me in all my endeavors.

I am balanced within my masculine and feminine.

I have all the aspects of my soul in complete harmony.

I create the healing love that I desire, and I understand the process that I must go under.

I learn in each moment as I incorporate the Green flame to create the manifestation of my desires as they become my world and nothing else matters except this essence of the Being That I Am.

Breathe in deeply, feel that, ground it through your Earth Star, ground it through your entire structure, ground it through all the bodies that you are and allow the bodies to receive this Light so that it can now fully relax as you have a beautiful moment of understanding of what you have gone through.

Now the pathway is illuminated with the Green flame of the Light that you are.

I am Lady Kapila at your service.  Please do call upon me; it has been my beautiful desirous moment to connect with each of you in the Light that we are together.

Please call upon me. So Mote it Be. We are One.

This is an excerpt from our weekly free call, “Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together”.  We meet Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific to receive a special message from one of the many Light Beings in the Unified Whole along with stating abundance prayers as we work with each other in group consciousness.  You may  join us by registering on our site:

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