Decree: I Walk Amongst The Holy Kumaras


I am walking upon the pathway of Leadership for the Golden Age,

My essence is deeply rooted into the confines of healing and truth for humanity,

I have walked this Earth many times searching for the time of renewal,

I walked in Lemuria or Atlantis;
Possibly both,

I lived in an era where love was beautiful, balanced, and blissful in many moments,

I walked with many ascended beings learning the ways of truth and pursuit of happiness,

It is now time for me to renew myself through these energies of light,

I have walked with the Kumaras within the old cultures of this Earth,

I traveled to Venus to continue the work I have started,

I have been asked to take on this responsibility which will assist in my pathway into the New Earth,

I am now ready to remember all that has been given to me previously,

I call upon Sanat Kumara and all of the Holy Kumaras,

To assist me in remembering, accessing, and sharing the knowledge’s of the Word of God,

Through their essence within the Temple of the Great Central Sun;

I am deeply honored to be in this juncture of time of my remembrance,

As the love I experienced in ages long gone by

Is now ready to be fully enhanced within my Being

At this time of renewal of 2012

Thank you, Sanat Kumara and all of the Holy Kumaras for believing in Me.

I walk in beauty, love,  bliss, and share the word of God as expressed,

Through the Venusian way of being,

We walk into the New Earth as we change what was lost into what is rediscovered;

I fully accept all That I AM and share with others,

So Mote It Be in the Light of the All.


Channeled for the Holy Kumara Program

By Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Video: Sanat Kumara Speaks About Our Acceptance of The Venutian Rays of God

More information on what the Holy Kumaras are teaching and a channeled message from Sanat for us:

Activate the Venusian LOVE STAR within (Sanat Kumara)

The Venusian “Love Star” Light Can Now Shine Within Each of Us!

Join Us As We Rediscover the Kumaric Teachings in a Very Unique Seminar / Personal Session Combo-Series!

WHAT: A 90 Minute Group Tele-Seminar with a Kumaric Teaching to activate the Love Star. 

During This Introduction Call Sanat Kumara Discusses The Seminar Series Combo-Sessions and Bring In The Energies of The Holy Kumara’s For a Teaching.  Sanat gives an overview in which he discusses each of the Kumaras, their roles with the rays of God, how they differ with each individual’s essence, and how they apply the Venusian knowledge to the Spiritual Hierarchy levels of initiations.This is a powerful MP3 recording and introduces the Seminar Series while also giving a great gift of the “LOVE STAR” activation.






The Summer Solstice and Ascension

On Walking Terra Christa Radio Friday June 22, 2012!2012 summer solstice and ascension

The late Dr. Joshua David Stone is probably one of the preeminent authorities on the higher science and esoteric knowledge of the spirituality of Ascension.  His teachings significantly expanded on Alice Baily who incorporated the writings by Madame Blavatsky and other early theosophist.  The mainstream of society still is very much unaware of the significance of this body of knowledge in accelerating one’s degree of spiritual maturity.  Walking the spiritual path today, if done outside the confines of formal religious doctrine, places one in the position of seeking knowledge from many various sources, and heavily relying upon intuition as the main point of your compass.  This is why the work of Dr. Stone is so significant, because intuition alone can be very haphazard. In this episode we will discuss how the 2012 Summer Solstice is progressing our spiritual growth more than any other, and how it is impacting each of our levels of initiation as indicated by the science of Ascension.

Join us as we talk more about the Om Wave and the science of Ascension at 2 PM pacific (5 PM eastern / 21oohrs UTC) on Walking Terra Christa Radio! (click here to link to our show page).







Marc Eden 7th Dimensional Artist on WTC Radio

Inspirational art is visual music for the eyes.  marc_eden-7thdimensionenergyLike any song or symphony, a work of visual art can be as simple or complex as the melody and arrangement of the composer.  Is a true work of art any less than a great musical masterpiece?  The artistic works that come from Marc Eden are not created in your typical medium of oil, ink or canvas; his art reaches the heights of our comprehension by using the heights of technology to blend colors, lines and shapes that capture the eye and press the imagination to seek new footing on ground never before tread.  Marc works with an entire canvas of colors, fractals, and geometric design fueled by his own hand and the computers on his desk.  His works evoke a frequency of energy that deep inside we feel is familiar, yet still can’t quite be explained.  Join us on this episode of Walking Terra Christa Radio (Friday May 25, 2012 at 2:00 P.M. pacific daylight time / 5;00 P.M. eastern Daylight time / 2100hrs UTC/GMT) as we allow our minds and imaginations to explore the 7th Dimension with visual artist Marc Eden (

Click here to listen to the show 

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Activate the Metatronic Seals of the Golden Illumination Within (new sessions)

Metatron by Artist Tony Pinfold.
Metatron by Artist Tony Pinfold. (click image to buy)

Are you aware that new energies are now available to Humanity from the Spiritual Hierarchy?  There are three main reasons for this:

  • The Universe that Earth resides within is now physically moving back into alignment with The Divine Will of The Creator.
  • Due to the Work that many Humans are doing in seeking out and holding the Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy has petitioned The Divine Creator to allow the Angelic Realms (and others) to Assist Humanity even more than before.
  • Individual Humans who have been Diligent and Honorable on the Path now hold enough Higher Frequency Light to be able to transmit the Frequencies within Humanity on the Physical Level, thus accelerating all these elements dramatically into Divine Wholeness.

Lord Metatron, with our assistance, now offers specialized personal sessions that are unique to each individual’s Life Path Timelines to Activate the Metatronic Seals for the Diligent and Dedicated Bearer of Light Within. This will assist the anchoring of the Golden Era upon the  Earth and your own Acceleration toward Becoming Your Divine Self. Click here to read more about this exclusive session and how it can benefit you.