The Full Moon of Capricorn is arriving in the sign of Cancer on July 8th, 9:08 PM Pacific, July 9th 12:08 AM Eastern and 04:08 GMT bringing forth the Wheel of Rebirth.



This moon is considered to represent the Wheel of Rebirth as the Higher Ego (Higher Mind) becomes intertwined within the Lower Ego (the Physical Mind). Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel of the Ascended Masters in Oneness through Walking Terra Christa, transmits the higher spiritual message to humanity for this full moon cycle. The message is in preparation for the channeled transmissions in the public global online ceremony that is held to celebrate these energies and for participants to receive the higher spiritual blessings actively. (Details to listen for free are below).

If you have not already noticed the subtle energies of this moon, you will very soon, as some equate it to be like the Phoenix Arising Out of the Ashes as the new essence is being born within each of us.

Capricorn represents the Mental Mind, the part of us that wants to achieve wealth and prestige in the world from the third dimensional thought process. This is the part of us that we as, the Initiates of Ascension Mastery, are desiring to transform into the Higher Mind of realizing these third dimensional constructs no longer serve our world.

Cancer brings to us the Emotional Self, the heart wants what the heart wants. But within that statement it brings to the surface only the physical emotional heart and not the true self of the Feminine Divine representing Love.

The polarity between Capricorn and Cancer is bringing everything to the surface to allow for the Masculine and the Feminine of our Higher Mind to be realized within our physical existence.

The process of this pathway is never easy and this month it is pushing us to purge, and purge, and purge until we realize within ourselves that the old self needs to be reborn into a portion of what our Higher Self desires to happen within our consciousness.

This represents the ability to step into a completely different paradigm of light to allow the higher part of our soul essence to be realized by the physical self.

This creates the dying away of the Lower Ego, little by little.

I believe that these energies this month are substantially another step of allowing each of us to step further into our destined roles upon this planet. We all know as the Initiates that we must change our thoughts and feelings from the old self, the old energies that our Soul has experienced in the many lifetimes that need healing.

We have to remember how the Festival of Wesak and Humanity that occurred in May and June set the stage for this month so we would be ready to accept a new role within our existence. It can be very subtle like within your own personal pathway of changing something in the way you think or feel. Or it can be a bigger change to make a stance with the outside world that you desire to only allow the integration of the energies to set the stage for your physical life meaning your career, relationships, and family.

This moon is helping each of us to move into that new existence that we have been feeling is just around the corner. Well, you have arrived at the crossroads in which you must make a decision within your life that this is the change you desire to create. It is time to take care of your emotional, mental and physical bodies so they can align with your Higher Ego, the Higher Self, and the Higher Mind.

During this time, my suggestion is to create a ceremony for yourself.

What is it that you desire to change in your life? Is it something that you feel in your meditations or awakened state?

Make it a reality to experience the Phoenix Arising Within You. It does not have to be traumatic or life changing, but it is something that you are now ready to see that needs to be healed. Isn’t it time that you take the time to walk through the fire and allow this moon to help you realize your true potential as a human being embodied with your Higher Self.

Sit down and write through your Higher Self (utilizing your breath) to fully decide what it is that is coming to you from your Higher Mind that can help the Physical Self to accept the change? Have an intention before your ceremony. It really assists to appropriately prepare yourself within all your energetic bodies beforehand to make it a very sacred event.

Then go outside, either in the day or night, call upon the energies of the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, and the Sky to assist you. Along with any other Masters that you work with and send them your intentions. Ask the Higher Beings of Light to assist you to become this new self that is occurring within you. If you have a drum, use it – let the purging begin, yell out the old energy, let it be gone. Then feel the power of the healing that will come to you afterwards. Sit on the ground or stand in water as you ground your new-found self within you. Send it to Gaia through your Earth Star as she will also feel the healing you have created.

Allow yourself to be the new essence that you desire to be as you accept more of your Higher Mind to flow into your Emotional and Mental Bodies. Notice the change that happens within you as you have just created it with the help of the Higher Ascended Beings of Light.

This is true Oneness and then you become part of it. I think this moon energy is the push that humanity needs right now.

Master Djwhal Khul shares his message for the Full Moon in July:

“The elements that this moon of Capricorn in the sun of Cancer is truly a gift to this Earth and all of humanity. It is important to realize the potential that every soul has at this time to allow themselves to change who they have been in order to find true Oneness of the Self.

“The transition of the present energies is to allow each individual upon the planet to find a part of themselves that is essentially important to their survival upon this earth. If every soul was able to look deeply within themselves and allow the old issues to surface, then there would be a shift in consciousness not just in the individual but within the collective whole.

“As we move into this moon, it is important to reflect upon the higher essence that you are becoming. How often is this occurring within your emotional and mental bodies? Are you able to ascertain the positive parts that you can embrace in order for the healing that needs to occur?

“This process of Rebirth is a very important one. The entire planet is going through an overhaul of the old energies in order for the acceleration of Gaia to be created.

“As each of you experience this energy, please know that you are assisting humanity to do the same. The process of renewal is right at your fingertips as the change is occurring as we speak.

“Look deeply within yourself to truly find the spark of beauty that is trying to come within you. This is why you are going through the Rebirthing process ~ you are being challenged to see your Highest Good in order to allow the rest to be purged. It is a process of stepping into the fire of renewal in order for the light your soul inhabits to become one within your physical self.

“I ask you to call upon the Keynote for this month:” As I rebirth my four-body system, I build a house of light in which I think, feel, and act upon in my world.”

“The rebirth of your physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies will allow you to hold a higher frequency of light within you. Allow the energies of this cycle to help you do so. You are being prepared for a magnificent journey of the Higher Self.

“I walk with you each moment,

“I am Master Djwhal Khul at your service”.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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Super Moon of August 29th, 2015 Ceremony

i_am_presence_479x600Giving Love of Service to Humanity

This article contains channeled excerpts of our Ceremony on August 29, 2015 with Master Djwhal Khul, the Native Elders, and Native American Elder, Lady Master No Eyes.

[This ceremony including high vibrational energies.  If you would like to download or listen to the recording, the link is listed at the bottom of this page.]

We call upon the Rays of God to be with us; spinning chakras and chakras within your joints which spin towards the Heart bringing in colors upon colors. We put our intentions to move through the Merkabah Vehicle of Light; visualize yourself moving from the space you are located to the northwest United States in California to the Summit of Mount Shasta. As we arrive in this space, Master Djwhal has shared that this is the location where many of the Masters do their ceremonies continuously on the mountain including the Telosians, Inner Earth Beings, Inter-Galactic, and ask they join us within Oneness.

We find ourselves walking into a beautiful Amphitheatre that represents all the 330 Rays of God. This connection also goes to the Etheric Golden City of Havalanchee which represents the 22nd Ray of Platinum and the God Source. We bring those energies into this space.

As we enter into the amphitheatre, into the Eastern direction just like walking into a Medicine Wheel. We walk in a clockwise direction to each of the directions, the South, the West, and the North and state our intentions for each elements of Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spritiual bodies.

We now connect to the Crystalline Structure in the middle of the circle represents the Great Spirit, the Creative Source of Oneness of the energy we are all a part of with our I AM Presences’ and the Divine Being that we are.

We now bring forth Master Djwhal Khul:

It is my divine pleasure to be with each of you at this time. I Am Master Djwhal Khul. Many blessings for coming forward in this Circle of Unity in these moments.

Allow your breath to take you to the highest part of your existence to bring that essence into your physical creation. This is the essential quality that needs to occur for this moon, all full moons, and all cycles of life but especially at this time in the sign of Virgo with Pisces.

This moon represents Giving Service Of Love To Humanity.

Some may say that represents a physical service, which it can, but the first element that must be brought forth is the Service to Yourself. That represents the element of allowing the highest level of your existence, which represents your I Am Presence with your Higher Self, to come fully into your body, to assist you through this process. This is truly giving service to Humanity and to Gaia by bringing forth these elements within yourself.

You have no idea the capacity you have to help heal this Earth and all that exists upon it within Gaia’s Heart. That is why each of you steps forward as Initiates, as Students of Mastery to fully embody these essences within yourself for your own healing. I also know that each of you desires to assist the Earth, but first I want each of you to allow these energies to come fully within your Being through your breath for the existence that you are of the Lightness, of the Sincerity, and of the Imaginative Elements that flow into from your Higher Mind. Allow your breath to take you there, as this is your role in this moment as we gather together.

I have chosen Mount Shasta to be our place of origin today, because it is of a high frequency of light. I hope to travel to other areas around the world in our future months. This assists in bringing forth the energetic exchange through each of you into the planet. Mount Shasta is not only a high frequency especially the place that we are presently sitting upon, but it is also known as the Root Chakra of the Earth. This means that there are many elements within the lands of Mount Shasta that do not accept this higher frequency of light that we are bringing forth in these moments.

We are truly giving Service, each of us as Beloved Brothers and Sisters together accepting the role that we have desired to take on from the beginning of our existence. I ask each of you now to allow these energies to flow into through your breath. Look at the crystalline structure as it represents all 330 Rays of God; it represents all the initiations; it represents the God Force and it represents the Creative Source of Oneness. It represents all of our angelic presences and all of our existences of creating this planet along with other planets within the many universes. Allow the totality that you are to come forward within you.

Bring forth these elements into your existence. This is my role today to bring forth the higher energies. Our dearest Native Elders will assist in allowing the other disruptive elements to be purged.

But first, we must fully incorporate the higher essence within ourselves. As of you know, many of the Rays of God assist to purge and regenerate; I bring to you in these moments through all my colleagues of the Spiritual Hierarchy, all my colleagues of the Christed Intergalactics, and all my colleagues of the Agarthian Network, to be with each of us today in Unity of Love as this is truly what we represent together.

It is my pleasure to be able to bring forth this essence unto each of you.

This moon is powerful if you have not already felt it previously. I don’t mean by just looking at it but internalizing within yourself what this moon represents for you. As the Piscean energy brings forth the totality of your Spiritual Self to come within your physical existence, that physical body is going to be need adjustment. This process is a continual motion that never ceases to stop and will assist you to go into a deeper part of yourself through your breath, and through your understanding.

Allow the Illumination of your Higher Mind to take you into the depths of your lower mind. Do not allow any fears or lower energies to stop you from this process, because this is a powerful moment in time with this moon to assist within the process.

The movement of these moons through the next few months is going to catapult the energies through each of you and within the earth to assist in the process of moving towards the 11:11 phases in November. You will go through the process; you will allow yourself to be gifted in so many ways if you surrender to the moment of whom you truly are on the Higher Essence of your Beingness and allow that to flow within you in these moments.

The Crystalline Structure is now being raised above hundreds and hundreds of levels of creation beyond where we are sitting to go up into the heavens above, to connect to the Golden City of Havalanchee which will truly be the New Earth.

Feel the magnificence of the God Force that you are a part of, of your own God Essence, allowing the Masculine and Feminine to fully come within you in the purity and the Light. As we connect to Grandmother Moon of the Piscean energies coming forth, she brings to you and each of us that are experiencing this moment, great sensitivity, great love, great flowingness, and being able to move through the creative process that you have been desiring to have in your life.

Feel that coming deeply into your Heart and your Solar Plexus. Allow it to blend fully into your entire Beingness, into the base structure that you are, allow it to come into your Cellular Structure, allowing it to be physical, allow it to be emotional, allow it to be mental, allow it to be spiritual, allow your four-body system to expand in ways that you never have experienced previously. As the crystalline essence starts to vibrate within its many different points of rainbows representing a beautiful cluster of light, you feel this essence coming into you Now as it is part of the Earth just as you are.

Breathe deeply and allow these essences to fully come within you.

[Divine Language Light Encoding]

Allow it to settle deeply in your Solar Plexus. Feel your Love. Feel the Divine Power and the Divine Love that you are. Allow the creative process to be fully within you. Allow your body to accept.

It is my pleasure as Master Djwhal Khul to bring forth these essences unto you with this moon. We thank Grandmother Moon for bringing forth her existence unto our hearts today as I extend the rest of the service to the Native Elders and the Divine Lady Master known as No Eyes.

Namaste, my Dearest Beloveds, Namaste

We now introduce the Group Consciousness of the Native Elders:

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters,

We come forward as the many Native Elders, indigenous peoples of all realms, of all existences, especially those planetary existences that we have worked, lived, and communed as one family keeping close to our hearts the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Many times we have spoken about what it is to be a human upon this planet of Mother Earth. We have always spoken of how frequently one can become lost in the many different forms and elements that are within your world such as you forget that to be human is to be a spiritual person.

The way of the native was that spirituality was part of your daily life as you went about all the tasks, and all the accomplishments that one needed to do in any given day. But, it was also in the experiencing the simple pleasures of seeing the wind upon the grass, within the trees, across the plains, and enjoying the waters as they flowed, feeling the sun upon your face, the warmth of the day and coolness of the night as the seasons changed.

In the modern world these are just elements that you notice but they are not elements you embrace.

This is the frequency of light that we want to remind you of, once again.

You cannot be a spiritual being upon Mother Earth without fully incorporating all her elements within you. The spiritual realm is not something outside of us; it is not separate that we can travel to and sit enjoy it and then return to our normal lives. It is one that must be within us so that we resonate directly and connect fully with each of those elements so that when we are in the waters, we are part of the waters. When we feel the breeze, it is part of whom we are. Many do not understand what this means.

This ceremony today working with the spiritual energies to become more physical within your body is exactly what we mean. If you can remind yourself to bring forth this remembrance within every waking moment and call upon this connection before you go to sleep, this is what we need. This is what we need.

This is what we call upon from all of our brothers and sisters, for we are one family.

We love you so deeply and we honor those of you that understand that they need to be in a place like this as many others are doing earthly things but non-spiritual things. There is a subtle difference; but it is that subtle difference that makes all the difference in the changes and the elevation which you can bring to your world.

We, as the Native energies including all the ancestors that have walked upon Mother Earth but so many more are here to assist you. The Star Brothers and Sisters that have brought us to this planet who are truly the mother and father ancestors are walking with us everyday as we are in the Spiritual Realm. Tap into our essences, call upon us, within the Unified Whole we are here to assist you, to remind you to help you to feel these energies throughout your day, throughout your life, so that connection you have with each other becomes more glorious, more luminous, more expansive. It is not a limiting moon that we experience now; it truly is a grand occurrence.

We thank you for walking this walk, for sitting in this circle. We are One. Ah Ho

We introduce the essence of Lady Master NO EYES:

Ah Ho, Ah Ho, It is I, NO EYES.

Let us all rise within this circle and feel the vibration that Master Djwhal Khul has so beautifully brought forth. We thank the consciousness of all the Elders for bringing forth their energies at this time, as it is so essential for each of us and each of you.

What is it now that you feel within yourself?

Allow the vibration of the crystalline formation and all its main points, come to you now to assist you in what needs to be removed.

This moon is so very powerful and is only the first of three to be in this highest frequency. It is actually a gift unto each of you upon this Earth to receive these energies at this time with all of the other amazing activations that have occurred within your life through this year. The power of these energies can only be as powerful as you allow them to be within yourself.

So go deeper, my dearest ones. Go deeper into your core. Allow your empowerment that you have from your highest sense to assist the lowest sense in removing elements within yourself that no longer fit your present consciousness.

In this moment, your consciousness is shifting ~ it is changing into that higher element that you are.

Are you going to allow it to be? Are you going to allow it to occur? Do not continue your journey in the way you have done previous to this ceremony. One small increment must be changed within you, and that is why I am here to assist.

White Buffalo Calf Woman joins me as she comes to everyone in this circle and points her pipe towards you to allow your prayers to go into the heavens and be answered within yourself. Allow yourself to take the pipe and smoke the sacred tobacco. As you blow out the smoke, allow that smoke to move up above into the Creative Source through this crystalline formation. Allow the power of that energy to be ignited out of you and then go deep into your core now. Allow yourself to bring up any angers, hurts, frustrations, or uncertainties within your world. As you are shifting and changing in this process of your walk, you will feel the energies differently.

I ask each of you to walk around the wheel presently. Feel the power of this land of the summit of Mount Shasta. Allow dearest blessings of Lady Shasta to come into your feet. Allow it to be ignited up through your full body system; allow yourself to breath it and as you walk, you walk with strength and courage. This is the power you want to bring to yourself, not the other insecurities that have shown their light to you in different times of your life.

So what is in these moments you are experiencing.

It is coming from your Mental Body, is it coming from your emotional, your physical or your spiritual? Walk the wheel and allow yourself to be balanced in these energies. Allow the power of your walk, the strength of your walk as everyone walks together to bring forth the balance into each and every one of you upon this earth because you are those beacons of light. Allow us to drum while you are walking ~ if you have a drum, use it; clap, or stomp your feet. It will help to ignite the energies within you.


Now, now feel the regeneration. Step up to the crystal formation; walk around it, feel its beautiful essences. What are you experiencing? Allow what Master Djwhal has brought forth to you let it become you into the souls of your feet. Allow your body to become completely changed; allow yourself to become transformed in this moment.

It is my pleasure as Lady No Eyes to bring forth these essences to you, and to remind you, continually remind you this is what you must do. You are upon this earth and the changes that are coming are going to be great within the next few months. Be present with what you are experiencing. Allow yourself to journal the part of you that needs removal, so you can reflect back on the changes that you have made.

Because if you don’t see it, your will repeat it again, again, and again. You must command within yourself that this essence you are experiencing in this moment is you. It is the power.

As now we call upon the beautiful essences of Lady Shasta and all the indigenous peoples that have been upon this mountain for eons of time to bless each and every one of you for what you have experienced and what you are embodying. We take this energy into the core of the crystalline formation into GAIA.

As the crystal formation now swirls in a clockwise manner that bores a hole deeply, deeply through the mountain. It goes beyond the Telosian City and it goes into the oceans and into the waters, and into the crystalline formations into the Heart of Gaia as she now receives the light energy from her beloved above to her core existence below.

This brings forth the Unity of Light that we all are together. As Above, As Below ~ as all of these energies combined with the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchee into the beautiful crystalline City of Telos and way below that area. It expands outwards around the globe. Take a moment to reflect in your part in this experience because you truly have stepped forward on this day.

I thank you deeply from my heart as Lady No Eyes to bring forth these essences just to remind you “You Know”. It is just a reminder.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, Namaste, So Mote it Be, in all languages
We are One

Let us now take a moment as we stand together, hand in hand, with all these beautiful beings of light, the Masters, the Intergalactic Christed Beings, the Telosians and all of the Agarthians. The crystal formation that was rising above has now moved below but it is not gone. There is a beautiful vibratory energy in the middle where it was being held. We thank master Djwhal and our Lady Master No Eyes, and White Buffalo Calf Woman, with all the Elders, all the Masters, and all of you for participating in this circle of light with the Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon to celebrate this magnificent energetic exchange.

Let us take a moment to feel these energies within each other and bring forth the sound of OHM three times.

The MP3 recording is available for download, New Earth Sacred Ceremonies, which includes the attunements and drumming which add to the high frequency of light that the ceremony brings forth. (please scroll down to middle of page entitled, “2015”).

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Teachings of the Full Moon of the Lion, February 2, 2015

full_moon-fbOur full moon ceremonies are now being extended with the beautiful energies of Master Djwhal Khul as he is working with Walking Terra Christa more deeply to help initiates to become Ascended Masters.  Part of his teachings through Alice Bailey was to invoke Festivals each month during the full moon.

Master Djwhal (as he calls himself) is very clear that he wants to have a festival each full moon including the Festivals of the Christ, Wesak, and Humanity.  Walking Terra Christa has always provided these three festivals each year.  Since Djwhal is working with them very personally, they want to invoke the other festivals within their full moon teachings.

So each month Master Djwhal will be participating within the energies as we invoke not only our usually full moon ceremonial energies within the direction of the monthly festivals.  This month represented the Festival of Aquarius.  We hope you enjoy reading the teachings that these amazing Beings of Light shared with us on February 2, 2015.


It is I, Master Djwhal. I am deeply pleased to be with each of you in these moments. Since this is my first time participating in the Full Moon Ceremonies, I would like to come through at the beginning and the end, so that you can experience the energies and frequencies as you usually do with the Native energies with Dearest No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman, to assist in this process.

The Festival of Aquarius represents the faculty of bringing forth the energetic exchange of what Aquarius may mean. Aquarius means openness. It represents fluidness, the ability to move from one place to another without any restrictions. We allow these energies to come fully within the temple this evening and within each of your Hearts. I connect with each and every one of you in these moments.

Our role is not to change what you have been doing, but to enhance it and bring forth the higher dimensions in an active role of continuation. What this festival represents is to allow your Heart to be totally free of any constrictions, of what your physical self may try to bring forth within your Beingness.

We bring forth the energies of Love and Wisdom of the Golden Yellow, feeling this Ray within the temple in this moment. It circles like a strobe of Light, moving into all areas of the temple from beginning to end. Feel the illumination of your Mental Mind. Allow your Higher Mind to fully come within you. We call upon the frequency of the Crystalline Flame. Utilize some sparkles of Green within the ray to assist you with Harmony, Balance and Beauty, as you go through the conflicts. The conflicts are always a lesson to help you get through the part of yourself that truly does not want to accept.

The Crystalline Flame is so very powerful, as it has that resurrecting energy. We bring that forth now within this Temple of Light and allow it to move into your full body system, your Physical, your Mental, your Emotional and your Etheric Bodies. Let it flow fully through all aspects of yourself that need to be purged.

The energy of this moon, as Michael has shared, is so very powerful to allow these energies to exist. We then call upon the Ceremonial Order, Magic and Structure to sustain all that, to be able to bring forth the Violet Purple Flame within your existence. It takes what you are experiencing with the other two rays, balances them out and grounds them to share with others. Allow yourself to see this flame fully coming within this existence. These flames are taking us to the 49th dimensional frequency. Allow it to come within your system through your breath. Allow the rays to flow and go wherever they need to be. Do not center upon a specific focus within your mind.

What you may not realize is that when you focus on one specific area, the other areas are not accessed and not being healed. We have to heal through the full-body system, which is what we would like to try teaching you to bring forth these efforts.

Take a deep breath in this moment to bring forth unto me what it is you desire.

What is it you need assistance with through the process of this moon?

Where are your deepest challenges coming up for you?

Some of the words I hear are “I do not understand where I am going. I am confused with what I am experiencing. I am lost. I have a hard time stepping into the ability to move into this frequency. I do not how to ground it. I am ungrounded”. I would like to bring forth some comments and Light energy to assist you in this process. Do not focus on any specific element, as I shared a few moments ago.

Your Higher Self knows exactly what you need. You fully need to accept that role within your life to surrender onto your Higher Self. It is the first stepping stone to your Monad and I AM Presence. You cannot jump to your I AM Presence from your physical. You may feel it, but what it does is create an over encompassing energy as it is 144 Souls of Light. Sometimes within your lower self, you will not be able to assess it. You are trying to locate what the reasons are, how it is done, and how you can get there. I ask you to not focus on one element and just allow these frequencies to come into you.

Say onto us now,

“I desire change within my Physical Body. I desire to do this in my life. I desire to feel differently about this. I desire to remove. I desire”.

About the other elements of being lost I will say that part of the Mastery Pathway is that you will feel lost. You are alone, physically. It is why we come together in this way. It is why I am stepping forward through Meleriessee and Michael in order to assist each of you to go into a deeper part of yourself. It is time.
The work that needs to be done must be more concrete. It needs to be more physical. You cannot be floating in the higher realms any longer. The teachings have been brought through many different individuals. What I would like to bring forth is a practical experience for each of you. The other element I would like you to see within yourself, are the changes you are making. Thus, it is important to reflect within yourself.

Journal; if you are not journaling, to allow these energies to come to you so that you can get it grounded. The ones who do not feel grounded, you are dealing with your higher Chakras. You are not dealing with your lower Chakras, as you do not want to go there or you are told by others that you do not have to go there, that everything is Light and Love, that you are just a Divine Being of Light. It is true, but within that Divine Being of Light, you are not fully accessing that energy within your physical self. You are accessing it within your Higher Mind. That is why the lower initiations can be so very difficult.

This is what we bring unto you tonight through this moon, to assist you in this process, and bring this energy fully down into your Earth Star, into the Earth. The more you do so, the more you will help others. This is where it needs to be, concrete. Not concrete in your mind. Allow the Illumination to come to you. Allow the regeneration of the Crystalline Ray and then the balance of that magic to flow within your world to create structure. Not a physical structure, but a magical structure within your world. This is what we are bringing forth in these moments.

Let us take a deep breath.

Acknowledge your Higher Essence in this moment for whom you are.

Acknowledge what you have become. Acknowledge who you are as we bring forth the illumination of the Light, ease your mind.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

We now bring in the Crystalline essence to purge what needs to be released. As you illuminate your mind, you allow your Higher Essence to fully be within you. You have to go into the deeper parts, into that Root Chakra, into the deeper core of your Being you do not want to look at. Let it be regenerated through the Crystalline Flame.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Now we bring in the Violet and Purple to ground those energies and create structure through your higher essence into your physical essence. Allow them to merge.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Breathe and allow whatever is coming up for you to be illuminated through the Love and Wisdom. Allow the Violet Purple Flame to transmute it, while the Crystalline Flame allows you to resurrect from the old into the new. It is my divine pleasure to be with you. I will return at the very end, as now you have worked through the elements of your true native ceremony, your true physical essence, to allow it to expand.

All my blessings. Namaste.


It is I, No-Eyes. Aho, Aho, Aho,

It is my pleasure also to be part of this miraculous ceremony with Divine Being Master Djwhal. I come with the frequency of the many elders and teachers that are here. The teachings that are coming into the Earth at this time are assisting each of you to go into a deeper level of your existence.

I say to you, do not be fooled by words and by pictures. Do not be fooled by anything but listen to your own true self. That true self is going to change. It will change as your acceleration changes. You will be able to look at yourself and say “Why did I think that way about myself at that time? Now I see things so differently”. That is the beauty of allowing the illumination of Light to come fully within the planet. I love the essence of the moon this month. It brings in the essence of power, strength, and courage that the lion gives to us.

It brings forth the availability to come in a softer manner. We all know that struggles occur in many different ways. Some individuals are very addicted to those traumatic experiences. They may not understand that they are addicted to those frequencies, but it seems like when you are in the state of turmoil, you feel like you are doing something. When you are in a state of silence and feeling peaceful, the physical essence can be very uncomfortable within that. You are not taught to condition yourself to the silence, to the healing, and to the serenity. Yet, when you do go in there time and time again, the more often that you do, you say to yourself “Why have I not done this for myself previously?”

I say to each of you about this month, there are many great changes within the Earth that we still have to go through and that you have to experience physically.
Each of you is doing your part to make it better, just by being here in these moments.

I look forward to the day when we can all be together, do a full ceremony and embrace one another physically. Right now, my Heart is very open to the transference of energies you are going through especially, the younger ones who are newer on this pathway. Many of you have large egos. You think you have a better way of doing it. Yet you will learn through your own processes and your lessons, it truly is not the way to go about your lessons. There will be a great amount of lessons for those that step into the lower egos, who think they have many of the answers, when yet it is only beginning. This is truly what you and the Earth are experiencing. If we take all those unawakened individuals with the egos of their physical selves very intact, thinking that things are just going to be fine as the Earth is going to change on her own. They do not do anything about it for themselves.

This causes confliction to go out among the environments, to the lands of the people and the animals. We have a class of those who want to heal and are working against each other. You are doing the healing. You are bringing that essence unto the lands of the people and the animals. The others are doing the same thing. They do not know that it is what they are doing, but in truth it is so. The duality of this planet is very strong right now. The best way you can get through this process is to know yourself and continually go deeper within yourself. It is what this month represents.

The winter is always a time, just like the bear going into the cave, to go deeper and deeper within them-selves to see the visions for their future when they come out of the cave. Take advantage of this time. Go deeper into yourself. Allow the beautiful purification of these essences that are coming forth of what beloved Master Djwhal has given us. The Lion gives us within the sign of Aquarius representing the fire energy, but it is diffused.

There is still fire within this essence, yet it is coming in at a different rate than it did before. The process of understanding what is occurring must come from the Higher Mind. It must come from the Source of Light that you are and bringing that forth into yourself, into the planet, to allow it to extend onto others. You do not have to do anything physically. It is not the purpose in these moments. The Earth will change with each of your help. She will strive to be better, because you are striving to be better. This moon represents that. There will be changes. There will be different weather patterns.

There will be environmental patterns that are going to try and make you stop. Do not stop. Allow the fire of this Lion to be fully within you. Keep purging and give yourself compassion and love. That is what he is giving to the planet at this time. It is the purification of your essences coming into full balance. I ask you to go into your core. I ask you deeply in these moments. Reflect within the balance that needs to be acquired upon this Earth.

We call upon the energies of the East and the Eagle, the Mental Realm, to be fully revealed through the Lion. We call upon the energies of the South, of the Coyote and the laughter, to bring forth the Emotional Balance. We call upon the energies of the West, of Raphael and Physical Healing. We call upon the energies of the North, of the Buffalo and the spiritual essence to allow the Higher Ego to be in all these aspects. We call upon the Source of Light, the Great Spirit. We call upon the energies that bring forth the Light into our world, into our existence in each moment. Let us breathe and bring forth that essence now.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Let us dance, let it burst out of you into this beautiful temple of Light. Allow these beautiful rays and these beautiful essences of the four directions, so that you can come into the middle and be all the directions. In balance and Light, allow it to be your guide. Allow it to be your role of existence. It is your divine right.

With deepest gratitude, Aho!


Aho, and Greetings,

It is our deepest desire to connect with each of you as you sit within the energies of this circle together with us. We are the Native Elders of all races upon this Earth.

We find ourselves here with all souls of many dimensional levels. Each one has walked the pathway of what it is like to be within a bodily structure of a planetary existence. What you experience within these essences of energies is indeed for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illumination.
Taken as a totality of Beingness, that is what gets you closest to your truest essence. It is the only pathway, which can bring you to experiencing what it is like to harmonize and commune within the energies of the Great Spirit, of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Self. As most Native traditions and indigenous ways have taught you, it is by bringing these elements into your daily life, into the way in which you carry yourself within your morning, your afternoon, your evening and your night and being one with all the elements around you. Be one with the four directions and the four elements of the wind, the earth, the fire and the water. These are not just words to recite in your ceremonies.

The fire represents purging. The water represents healing and soothing. The air represents your newness, your regeneration. Bring those essences within you and then expanding them without every moment that you walk upon the Earth. There is much beauty in this way of life. There is more joy, there is more harmony, there is more connectedness to your fellow human beings. Within this connection is your true family, your true heritage. It is where you bring forth that love and compassion, as it extends from yourself and being within yourself. It cannot be any other way. You cannot look outside yourself for that which you do not have. Those are the elements these ceremonies bring you.

You know everything that we are saying, but it is our role and our honor to remind you. It is so easy to get lost within your modern world, to forget who you are and to forget how you are a being of Light. We know that there are many elements within each one of you. They arise to the surface because it must be made aware within your consciousness what they are.

It is at this time in the history of your world, that the energies of Great Spirit, which encompasses all of the frequencies of your spirituality within the masters who join us within these ceremonies to assist you greatly. In past times you have been mired into accepted ways of being that prevented you from seeing the entirety of whom you are. This is what we want to bring you. This is what we want you to be more aware of. It is truly wonderful that we can do so at this time.
As we take up the drums and bring about the energies and frequencies of these elements within words that we bring you, celebrate with us. It truly is your Divine Right upon this pathway of being within a physical body, to actually transform not only yourself, but the entire planetary structures. There are many, many, many Beings who watch you and hold your endeavors deeply within their Hearts because of what you do and because of what you will accomplish.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}



It is my divine pleasure as White Buffalo Calf Woman to be with each of you in these moments for another moon ceremony. It is so very exciting to see the energetics that are being experiencing by having Master Djwhal with us in this ceremony. We all know that We Are One. We all know that we are within the Unified Whole essence. Yet to hear the knowledge from each individual and to bring forth their frequency of Light within this beautiful temple, within our ceremonies this month, to me is such a gift onto myself.

We, as Natives, have a tendency within our timelines to think that we are the only ones who can achieve the end results of what we desire. Yet here we are within this consciousness, within this frequency of Light and communicating with one another. Our messages may be a little bit different, but they are very similar as what your thoughts are in this moment. We all desire to achieve Oneness upon this Earth, upon Gaia, to walk onto Terra Christa together. This is what each of you is learning every moment of your days.

Are you making reflections of what you are experiencing?

You will want to reflect upon them in years to come. From the beginning times, when duality was still so very strong and when the beauty of all that we are together will come together. That is my prayer for each of you, for you to remember and reflect, to journal and write about what you are experiencing in these times. It is a book that will be remembered by many.

In this moment, I would like to share with you the ability for you to have the magic within your world, to state your prayers and to see them coming back onto you. See them and do not be waiting for many years in between. The energetic exchange of the planet, yes, in that is great duality and conflictions within weather patterns in all different parts of the world and conflictions within people. Yet, if you believe, you shall receive. That is what I love so deeply. It is to see within the Hearts and minds of the souls that I work with what they have achieved.

When you achieve something in your life, no matter how big or small it is, it gives you hope to continue the process. The more hope we have, the more hope others will have. There is a way. You are finding all the ways to do what you need to be doing. Let us reflect unto each other in these moments in this beautiful temple of Light with all these colors swirling around.

The directions become one within your Heart, within your Four Body System, accepting the beautiful animals that represent these energies. Let them come into your Heart. Let them come into your mind’s space. Your mind is being illuminated. You can feel the Harmony and Balance within your world. You are purging. You are allowing the essence of the Lion to come through to you in these moments. Let us connect with this beautiful Lioness. Allow her to come into you now to remove the aspects you no longer need and to have compassion and love for what you are going through.

When you put compassion into your removals, it helps to process them. It helps for them to be released through the entirety of these essences. Call upon your Higher Self in this moment to bring onto you the essence of the Lion.

See the Lion now within this beautiful temple. She is not fierce, but she is strong. She is not aggressive, but she is assertive. She is full of love and wants to bring forth that love and compassion onto what you need to purge to come through to you now. We call upon the energy of the Lion, the essence of the Lion, to come fully into your existence.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

I am the Water, I am the Air and I am of the Earth. I extend onto you the ability to feel the power of my Light through this moon to find the harmony and the delight of what you are experiencing.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

I am One with each of you.

What do you ask? What do you desire in this moment?

Give it to me.

I, as White Buffalo Calf Woman, will take your prayers and eliminate all your worries, so that you may achieve your desires. I feel the purging occurring now. I feel the Light that you are. I see the gratitude. I see the prayers you desire. Let me take them. Let me take all your worries. Let me take all you do not desire any longer, so that you may achieve your purest essence within the physical existence that you are.

Feel this essence coming unto you now.

Feel the power of what you want to create in your world. Be it. Be this essence. Be all that you need to be, as the clouds are eliminated.

Grandfather Sun is shining brightly upon each of you, grounding it deeply into whom you are. Let it come into your full existence, into every cell, every molecule and every part of your physical existence. Let it come to the soles of your feet into your Earth Star. Become the new essence that you are. I walk with you in beauty.

I AM White Buffalo Calf Woman.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

It is I, Djwhal Khul, once again.

Allow your mind to be illuminated to feel the Higher Mind. Allow the Lower Ego to dissipate. It does not matter what it has been. Allow it to dissipate, as you bring in the Harmony and Balance. Allow that to flow within you. We feel the resurrection you have become. You create the Ceremonial Magic in your world. Feel the Purple Violet essence of the Cosmic Frequency of this Ray to fully be with you.

Walk with it, experience it. Put it deeply into your physical existence through all that you are. As you see what we have done, we have allowed the Higher Essence to be initiated. You walk through the process of your ceremony with these beautiful beings of Light, the beautiful elders and Native teachers that help you to ground this essence. We bring that frequency back, as you see these amazing colors of the Golden Yellow meshed with the Crystalline and the Violet Purple. You become these essences within yourself. Now we have fully activated them. Allow that activation to come within you now.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

I am bringing forth the essence of your I AM Presence and the HUM represents it blending together with your physical essence.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Breathe deeply. Ground it fully within all aspects of your being, activating all these essences that you are. The next step will be for you to actualize them, which may take some time. The effect of activation does not mean that it will hold it physically, although you can when you are willing to remove all the lower aspects of Love and Wisdom of the Crystalline Flame and of Harmony and Balance, to remove the conflict, and Ceremonial Magic, which represents your Crown Chakra, your Root Chakra and your Sacral Chakra.

All these essences together with the energy of Aquarius being in this sun sign at this Full Moon, allows you to relax and bring them fully within you. Expand the love and compassion that you are to be within you and it will seep out of you. It is just like when you put something in a container, say a liquid. When you clean out that container, there are still parts of that substance in that container until you fully wash it out.

Now you are not washing the essence out of you. It is expanding out of your Four Body System. It goes into the world around you.

Let us intend what you have received today to expand this energy 144 miles beyond your own frequency, beyond your own Auric Field. Think about how beautiful that is. This is giving service. It is learning to give service on the Mastery pathway.

It is my divine pleasure to be with each of you. I look forward to our next meeting together.

I AM Master Djwhal Khul at your service. Call upon me for any assistance that you desire in your future moments.


Walking Terra Christa holds a full moon ceremony each month.  Details and recordings are available via their website, Free Mastery Teachings.

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GAIA’s Truth for the New Earth – November Full Moon

panther meadows1The Full Moon Ceremony on November 4th, 2014 brought forth a reflection of the changes we have been experiencing.  NO-EYES a special Native Teacher comes to us monthly to give her vision for our future.  These energies are still within us until the New Moon of November 22nd.

It is I, NO-EYES at your service. Thank you so very much.

Hau ~ Hau~ Hau~ Oh my heavens, in the purification of your light you can fully allow these essences to be within you that you have experienced within this beautiful circle of Light.

In this moment, if you remember what you experiencing, you can bring that essence onto yourself continuously. Yet you must remember to do so. This moon will bring forth quite a bit of emotional charges in individuals. So it is important to have the balance to bring forth those elements that have been secret inside of yourself only to be revealed. Your truth cannot be your truth if it is only within you. You must allow it to expand out of you.

As we have so many individuals walking around keeping their secrets within themselves, it is creating that frequency upon the earth. It cannot arise into the higher levels that way, which is what you are experiencing presently. With your Mind’s Eye, see a beautiful medicine wheel. See within this sacred circle so many beautiful beings sitting here among each other.

This is our truth of the New Earth. This is Gaia’s truth. Yet, her availability to access it is only through each of you. Realize that you truly have many gifts to give, that your lineage is strong, that the power of your energies is not just the Native energies, but the Galactic energies of the Starseed energies, of the Inner Earth energies, of Lemuria and Atlantis, all coming into Oneness.

It is so very important not to hold onto the particles that seem lost and undefined within your consciousness. They are not there for you to accept. They are there for you to remove, so that more can occur for you. I am so very excited that this Earth is becoming the New Earth, and that the changes occurring upon this Earth will allow you live on within the higher energies.

The processes do not evolve because you all just came here as the Lightworkers that you are. You have a role within this pathway to know that you not only came here to assist others. You came to assist yourself. The totality of what you are receiving is beyond the capacity you can comprehend. It is beyond your mind. It is beyond your feelings. It is within you in these moments.

I am happy to be here and to say that during this month, there will be more changes within each of you in order to help you understand yourself on a deeper level. It is because you are here now. You will allow it to be. You will bring forth this essence onto yourself, so that you can assist on a deeper level. You will do so. As I connect with each of you, I see your wisdom, I see your knowledge, I see the power of all that you are.

I extend that mirror onto you right now within these beautiful Flames, within this beautiful wheel of light that we are all connecting with. This is my dream. It has always been my dream to see people coming together in love, in compassion, and in joy. I extend this onto you now. Allow it to expand within you throughout this month. Allow this moon of Taurus to help ground all those energies within you, no matter what emotions you are feeling.

As we move more toward the solstice, it is needed. Changes are coming. The changes that are occurring presently are on a much easier level than they could have been. The defining energy of 2012 could not come to pass fully, so you are getting a portion of that now. It will come in proportional stages.


So to save humanity, to save as many souls as possible, to allow each soul to awaken onto themselves and to see that they are the light. The darkness they feel is only because of what they have been before. Each of you are the Ones that must step forward. You have the hardest task of all to fully ground this essence within yourself, to remove your lower egos about it. What happens when you start tapping into your higher frequencies is that you begin to receive knowledge and gifts. If your Full Body consciousness has not evolved to a point at which you are ready to receive those gifts, the Ego will result in the lower forms.

It is always important to attain the highest level within yourself. Do the cleansing and the purging that is necessary. Utilize the frequencies of the Universe to assist you.

The next six weeks are a very powerful time.

It will depend on each of you; how deep you are willing to go and how far you are willing to see the purification of your light within you.

I see it. It is magnificent. It is beautiful.

I send that essence onto each of you in these moments, to help you envision it for yourself. Do not only envision it, but acknowledge it. You then must accept it to let it become you. Let us initiate those energies, so that you can fully assist yourself and the planet. The time is coming when more is arriving.

I Am No-Eyes, A Native Woman That Sees It All

Hau! Mitakuye Oyasin! – To All my Relations

N0-EYES from the Chippewa Nation was a teacher of Mary Summer Rain as she wrote about her in her many published books. She comes to our monthly Full Moon Ceremony to extend her essence and teachings through Rev. Meleriessee (White Raven). She has been a teacher of Mel’s since the 1990’s when she came to her through the eyes of her cat “Chakra”. She taught Mel how to heal her body with herbs, native remedies and tools along with teaching her the shamanic way so that she could access her native lineage. Their work together has helped many individuals to find their own pathway of light.

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