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full moonThe Full Moon Within Virgo  ~ The Festival of Pisces

The full moon of March 5th, 2015 occurs at 10:05 AM Pacific, 18:05 GMT which is bringing the energetic push of allowing our Higher Selves to be more fully active within our daily lives.

With this new vortex of light, it can also cause us to look at elements in our world completely different.  As humans, we have a tendency of looking at things through the way it has always been accomplished through our physical and lower self. This month we are taken into a new part of essence to be accepted.

This moon is represented within the Sign of Virgo which reflects our daily activities especially in the “need” for order within the Sun Sign of Pisces giving us the essence of our spiritual selves of vision and wanting to change the order into freedom of the self. This can also cause some kind of crisis within our consciousness as the merging of the sun and moon at this time brings us illumination and enlightenment of what has been and what needs to change.

Since the full moon represents a time of purging and removing old elements the old part of ourselves is being asked to step aside so that more of the spiritual self can be accepted within our physical body. It is a perfect time to fully look at what needs to be removed out of our consciousness and lives in order for the freedom of our Higher Essence to be the rule within our world.

With this activation of light comes a huge shift of allowing more light energies from our Soul’s Essence to become the deciding factor within our world. It may cause elements within the physical existence to change and we must change with it.

Planetarily, this is causing more light infractions to come into the Earth at this time. This means that another phase of darkness needs to be removed; but in order for this to happen, we must learn to shift with the energies of the change. There are still large areas within the planet that are holding onto these phases of darkness within an individual and the entire earth. So there could be great shifts being felt through this process.

Sometimes it comes as a flow of energy into our consciousness where we feel that the change must happen, like a feeling of moving forward but yet it has not happened within the physical world yet. That is when it is time to fully reflect in the change so that as a physical being we can be prepared for the shift from consciousness into the physical.

2015 has represented the essence of Allowing Peace to be our guide by calling upon our strength to weather the storms of darkness. This will allow each of us to feel the Love from our Higher Essence into the Physical Existence not only personally, but globally. Compassion of the Self = Love for all of humanity.

But how do we get there on a 24-hour basis, every day of our lives?

We can think about love, feel compassion for others and what they are experiencing, but do we embody it completely?

That is a huge question. This moon takes us a step further into that existence of allowing the Light that we Are from the Source to come into our consciousness, our full experience on a physical way of existence.

This process cannot but pushed before it is ready to occur. That is why we are still in so much darkness upon the planet. As Gaia receives this light from the essence of the Sun this month, the essence of the Moon is going to create change for each individual person. We are all in a state of transition of allowing these light frequencies to help us to be the embodiment of our Soul from the Source of Light.

Take time to reflect how deeply this is going to effect you and help yourself through the process. Notice the little differences that do not fit the feeling of compassion and love of the self.

Master Djwhal Khul calls this the Festival of Pisces in which it represents the Source of Light coming into each person to allow a process of “redemption” to occur. It is a time to right all wrongs that are eliciting within our world. It is a beautiful experience of feeling the totality of our light to be so strong that it illuminates the truth within the mental mind allowing it to be free of all constrictions that have kept it in bondage.  It is a time to allow the regeneration of the Self to occur; in other words, right our past deeds, our Karma so that we can reap what we have sown from our highest perspective.

Pisces represents several Spectrums of Light in the Rays of God; first, calling upon the Crystalline Flame representing Harmony and Balance through Conflict of purging elements that do not fit the present experience to allow regeneration to occur. Then, the Ray of the Violet/Purple Flame, of Ceremonial Structure, allows the transformation to take place to hold the new essence. The Ray of Inner Devotion is then utilized through the Ruby Red and Golden flecks to fully embrace the Spiritual Essence to be embodied within the self allowing Peace and Tranquility to be the important factors of acceptance.

It is at this stage that the initiate, the individual being of Light can fully house the purity and joy that they are meant to be as it comes from the Source of Light, the beginning-ness that we have been and now can be accepted in the physical form.

Each of these steps will take us closer into our higher selves into the Creation of Light that we are and then be expanded into the planetary structure, allowing it to be accepted by the Core of Light within Gaia.

As we come closer to the upcoming Ascension Festivals, the Christ, Wesak, and Humanity, this moon is helping us to understand within ourselves how far we need to go and what the resulting energies will be for us in the next step. Be strong, continue your journey, and you will acknowledge many milestones of Light within you through the process.

Walking Terra Christa is holding their full moon ceremony on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 4:30 PM Pacific. All individuals are encouraged to attend as this is an Open Tele-Call. The recording will be available in 24 hours. Please click the link above to register for the call.

Many blessings for a beautiful full moon experience.

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