Decree ~ Removing the Mask of Perfection to Create Sacred Thinking ~ Elohim Arcturus & Victoria

We are continuing our current study of Owning Our Power to Embrace Oneness of Self Parenting Steps 6 and 7 along with the Metatronic Seals for Ascension Mastery Training. We are working within the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm (residing over Atlanta, Georgia & North Carolina) bringing forth the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order & Discipline. We share the decree working with the Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria.

“Removing the Mask of Perfection to Create Sacred Thinking” is the focus for this teaching class.

As we work with the Elohim we concentrate on using the Violet to remove the Mask of Perfection (opening up to the true self of love) and then accessing the Purple to create Sacred Thinking to become active within the Physical Mind. This, then becomes the foundation of living and thinking through the Higher Mind.

Elohim Master Arcturus is the Elohim of Invocation, Rhythm and Freedom. With the Use of the Violet/Purple Flame he raises the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the substance of every created form.

Lady Victoria brings forth the intensification of Purification through the flame into the four lower bodies of mankind. She expands the light within the electrons and dislodges and transmutes the dense, discordance substance packed tightly around them – the wedges of discordantly qualified energy. This action raises the vibratory action of the four lower bodies. The flame restores them and brings them in tune with their own natural keynote – allowing for the Divine Structure to be created in the foundation.

Qualities of the Violet/Purple Flame – exhibiting the ability to access your Higher Mind skillfully with Precision, Being Diplomatic, Exhibiting Grace, Dignity, and Tact. Allowing the element of Gentleness, Love and Tolerance to be the main factor in life – which brings Synchronicity and the flow to be the result of accessing these energies.

Removing the Mask of Perfection to Create Sacred Thinking

I am journeying to the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm,

Which resides over Atlanta, Georgia and North Carolina of the United States,

It represents the 7th Flame of Ceremonial Order & Discipline,

Bringing forth the Violet Purple Flame;

As I arrive in the City, I am met by Lord Tessian & Lady Teesio,

Who are the Elders from the Throne of Grace who elicit this beautiful light essence;

They surround me with the most beautiful energies I could ever imagine.

I see now Lady Portia and the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst,

With the Elohim Arcturus and Virginia,

They are standing around the Fountain of Purification.

They ask me to step forward and put my hands under the magnificent healing waters,

As I do so, I feel a surge of cleansing occurring within me.

The Elohim Masters come forward and tell me how they are so happy to work with me,

As they are my guides for this visit to the City of Fronlahamm.

We walk together through the Garden of Purification,

I feel myself removing particles of uncertainty within my aura,

The flowers are beautiful with little elementals dancing everywhere.

I see in front of me a Tram in which we all step upon it;

It then takes us on a journey through the Magical Forest,

It feels so serene and calming to my soul.

As the tram now takes us to the edge of a beautiful flowing river,

They call it the River of Movement.

I step out of the tram and the Elohim guide me to unto a bridge that lies over the river,

I feel the sensations of the river pushing me to continue the journey,

The energies I am feeling are magnificent,

But yet I sense I am changing very quickly.

As we walk together, Arcturus tells me that in order to receive the gift of Sacred Thinking,

I must allow my Mask of Perfection to be gone.

Feel the wind coming up from the water,

It is washing away all that you no longer need.

Lady Victoria tells me that this river is allowing the electrons to be shifted within my energy field,

I think she is right,

As I feel different than I ever did before.

We continue our journey and we walk to the other side,

I feel a shift in my thoughts, they are becoming more positive,

And I am ready to accept that I can create Sacred Thinking.

We walk through a waterfall and all is being washed away,

We then step into an opening in the mountain,

The walls are filled with beautiful amethyst stones that are sparkling back at me,

I feel the energies of the Violet Purple permeating into my full body of light;

In the middle of this magnificent cave is a chair,

I see above it the frequency of the Violet Purple flame,

It is emanating from the highest light from the 49th Dimension,

It is called the Seat of Sacredness.

The Elohim tell me that this chair is very vibrational,

It will help me to recreate all my thoughts into the sacredness that I desire.

I tell them I am ready and step unto the chair,

I sit down and already feel the change within me;

Vibrations and vibrations of light coming within me and around me;

I start to feel the change in my consciousness,

As my thoughts become purely divine.

It is now time for me to change the way that I am experiencing my life,

I feel the purification, the transmutation, and the full transformation that I am becoming.

I AM that I AM that I AM

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