5th Step of Precipitation for Abundance ~ Elohim Cyclopia and Virginia

cyclopea virginia wtcWalking Terra Christa hosts a weekly call for Prosperity and Abundance.  We have been honored to receive the energies of the Elohim Masters.  Cyclopia and Virginia represent the energies of the 5th Ray of Science of God and Knowledge of the Crystalline frequencies.

Cyclopia (also called Vista) with his beloved, Virginia (also known as Crystal) represents Concentration, Consecration, Healing, and Music.  They exhibit the force to allow an initiate’s manifestation to be created by teaching the ability to Concentrate on the desired goal or element and then Consecrating it by the blessing of God.  “If there is not concentration, there is only mediocrity, and only the bare surface is scratched.”

Cyclopia and Virginia shared:

“We are a crystalline structure of light to fully come into your Being.  We are here to assist you with the steps of Precipitation to assist you in the design of what you desire.  It is important to constantly affirm within yourself the higher essence that you are.  This is important as the lower self can forget. 

It is like telling a child that you must do something every day, like brushing their teeth.  We are here to remind you that these elements are very important.  We know that you need to do all these tasks but sometimes you need a reminder. 

We assist in washing away the inner frequencies within your brain, your soul, your inner body, and your physical body to free them from the wrong concepts and the untruths from all the timelines that you have kept within you.  In this process of manifestation, take one element that you desire right now to change and let’s concentrate on that thought for the ability to bring that manifestation into full creation.  We, then, fully bless this desire by fully Consecrating it into the Light of the Crystalline, Green, and Gold.”

They gave us the following affirmations:

I (state your name) call upon the frequencies of Light of Cyclopia and Virginia to fully allow my desire to be manifest.

I now concentrate on this desire and I concentrate on this from a higher sense.

(Breathe for few seconds allowing for the acceptance and merging)

Chant the sound of “AHHH”

I know feel the concentration of my desire to be manifest through my physical, through my emotional, through my mental, and activate my four-body system as the etheric now receives these essences.

There are no blockages to be received.

I am cleared and concise.  I represent the desire because I represent that desire

I am that desire, I am that desire to be all that I am I bring in my I Am Presence.  I feel the essence of Cyclopia and Virginia standing with me blending there energies within my essence as I am now allowing my desire to be manifest.

I consecrate this as a ceremony.  I bless myself.

I am the manifestation I desire.

I am the Crystalline Light ~ I am the Golden Light ~ I am the Emerald Green Light.

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I Am the Divine Being I AM

I have now washed away all karma that represents my soul not receiving what I desire.

I allow the Power within me to fully create because I Concentrate and I Consecrate in this moment my desire to be my will.

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