Mastery Thought of the Day

living_in_tao-fbStaying in the Tao is the most efficient way to God-realization, and the only way to God-Realization.  Never forget that faster is not better; nor is slower.


People who try to force the evolution of their Kundalini unwisely have sometimes set themselves back entire lifetimes because of the damage they have caused to their Etheric Bodies.  Always work within the realm of your Higher Self as they are the guiding rule of what you can handle physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Whenever you decide to receive an activation for your DNA, always connect with your Higher Self first.  Working through the initiations is the process that is necessary for these activations to be accepted through the physical body.  As each initiation is acquired, you will receive the 12 strands of your DNA in the way that is guided by your Higher Essence, not by your Lower Self.

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