Decree ~ The Balance of Alpha and Omega within my Consciousness


Helios VEsta Alpha Omega
I call upon Helios & Vesta,
Our Solar Logos,
Who Represent the Alpha and Omega.

I am a human upon this planet,
You call Earth;
I ask to walk with you,
As I integrate the balance within me.

You created this Galaxy that Earth is a part of,
You have assisted in the balance of Masculine and Feminine Divine;
You brought to us the 49 Ascended Masters to bring forth the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light,
They have honored this planet and all its inhabitants to the full realization of our I AM.

I have forgotten at times who I AM and why I came here,
I want to remember,
I ask that you help me with my transformation,
I am healing deeply through my personal expression,
Of the Divine Being that I AM.

I now feel your essence,
Blending within mine;
It helps me to recall the times I have lost.

I honor the Cosmic Law;
I express love within and share with others,
I am truthful, honest, compassionate, and most of all loving in all deeds I perform,
I share the responsibility of showing others the way.

I Am One with You,
Helios and Vesta,
Alpha and Omega,
Our Central Sun.

I return to my original State of Being,
I Am One With You,
In this Moment and for all of eternity.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah