January 27th, 2014 ~ Unity Number “8”

Unity Number 8 In the Science of Numerology the number “8” represents the Universal Karmic Law “As you sow, You shall reap”.  It is the number of great success in any endeavor that you step towards and is the infinity symbol. 


Keywords are:  personal power and inner-strength, inner-wisdom, manifesting abundance and prosperity, giving and receiving, self-reliance and dependability, achieving success, connects spirit and matter, developing confidence to follow a vision, breaks down barriers to transformation, reality, and courage.

The number derived on this date comes from “17” equaling “8” which reflects good fortune, giving and receiving, understanding the need to unify, gifts of Spirit, and sharing talents.  It is a perfect base as we come into the numerology of “8” which is when we actually see our gifts being acknowledged by others.

The energies of the previous day on the 26th of January were a true example of allowing our Higher Self to be more in charge of our lives.  Then we experience those results coming into the infinity of “8”.  All you have done on the previous days will be revealed to you on this day.

Stepping into our personal power is essential within 2014.  As this is the last day in January you will receive the combination of these numbers, it is very important to reflect back on what you have done to create your reality.  If you have worked through each day to see where you need to change and accept the new part of your essence that is being acknowledged, you will see this month of great achievement.

So take time on this day to move deeper into what you desire to create within your life.  This is the day when the energetics of the date will assist you deeply.  Have courage to share what you know and you will see the greatest rewards coming to you.  Stepping into your personal power and allowing yourself to realize deeply that you are a success.   That achievement cannot be measured by anyone else but yourself.  Allow the balance that you have achieved to shine within you and you will receive it back ten-fold from each of us.

The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

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