January 26th, 2014 ~ Unity Number “7”

Unity Number 7In the Science of Numerology the number “7” represents connecting to your highest level of spirituality, i.e., your Higher Self, Monad, and I AM Presence. 


This number is reflected in the energies of being very “magical”.  Keywords are: spiritual awakening, accepting and developing spiritual gifts and enlightenment, intuition and inner-knowing, introspection and understanding others, determination and persistence of purpose, good fortune and inner-wisdom

Today’s number is derived from the base “16” to equal “7” which means that what you thought you would experience may be completely the opposite energies.  Sometimes we do not understand why we experience elements in our life until they have happened and then we say “My, why didn’t I think of that earlier so I could circumvent this event from occurring.”  Understanding your energies from the start is important so that nothing is lost in the process.  Native Americans would call this “coyote” medicine as he represents the “trickster” to make us laugh at our mistakes and tripping over ourselves.  Understand what you are experiencing from your highest perspective so that it can be grounded with your inner truth.

As we look at the number “7” for January 26th, 2013 we take the energy from “16” into “7” to access our spiritual divinity.  As each of you are transforming, it is important to have the realization of the pathway of transformation and what it means for you physically.  When you meditate on this day, allow the purest reflection of your Higher Self to be embodied within you.  Understand the pitfalls in the crooked road you are walking upon so you can fully accept yourself in a completely and different way.

Allow yourself to be in silence; get to know your Higher Self and allow him or her to be fully within you.  Ask for their guidance to be in your physical world so the creative process you are going through is not just in your meditation but a physical and grounding reality.

The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

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