Sacred Heart Flame

Activation of the Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness Within – The Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness is a frequency that each of us embodied at the time of Our Creation.  We have forgotten how to access these memories within us but it is our Divine Right to fully embody this element within our physical existence. The Shamanic and Angelic frequencies are brought in to facilitate accessing the 144 Dimensions of reality from which the Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness originates. The Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness Within represents the full remembrance of your Souls Essence from the Beginning of your consciousness.  Integrating it fully is the highest attainment a Soul can experience to achieve completeness of the Higher Self and I AM Presence within the Physical. This is one of our most unique and transformative sessions.

To Arrange a 50 Minute* Session, please chose the “Level of Means” that fits your situation:

Click here for those of Normal Means
(i.e., someone having an average living standard of cash flow; one who can pay all required household bills and have discretionary income each month).

Click here for those of Abundant Means
(i.e., someone having an above average living standard; an abundance of discretionary income, may travel frequently, may own/buy finer goods and services).

Click here for those of High Net Worth.
(i.e., someone in the high income brackets; can act freely toward personal spending; may own/buy luxury goods and services).

Click here for those of Modest Means
(i.e., someone on a minimal/fixed income/very limited income each month).

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