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In order to acquire Mastership an individual needs to command all of the Rays.  Upon incarnating, each of us brings with us certain Rays within our Physical, Emotional, Mental, Personality, Soul and Monad as part of our divine pathway for this lifetime.  A Ray Reading will help an individual understand which rays they are working with in this lifetime. Djwhal Kuhl is the Ray Chohan of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom.  Having him assist through Meleriessee is an essential component toward fully understanding your full body system as it relates to your Soul Psychology.

In this reading Christine Meleriessee will work with each individual to discern their own personalization of the rays they have incarnated with or have already moved into during any prior Spiritual Ascension work (or inner plane work) during this lifetime.  You will learn how the rays integrate for you; learn the pitfalls you may have been experiencing in your life in order to increase the energies of that particular ray and reset yourself for command of your full essence.  Doing this will help you clear out the emotional, physical, and mental blockages that keep these bodies from fully being attuned with the Rays.

The Rays of God represent our existence within the totality of the God Essence.  They are spectrums of light that come directly from the Throne of Grace into each individual soul’s essence.  It can be a very extensive science to understand and learn about each of the rays and how they are incorporated within each of us as humans.

In the planetary functionality it was decided from the Creative Source of Oneness that each individual soul and their soul family known as a Monad (12 souls extensions within one essence of existence) be designated a Ray within both of these aspects of existence.  Then, upon, entering the physical world there would be four more aspects to designate the pathway of that individual’s existence as the PERSONALITY, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MENTAL.  These four aspects and the designated ray(s) would change from lifetime to lifetime as the soul learned to walk through their karmic experiences and would improve upon their physical essence with each lifetime.

In essence it is the Science of the Rays and incorporates the first seven Rays of God:

Will & Power
Love & Wisdom
Creative Intelligence
Harmony & Balance
Scientific Knowledge
Ceremonial Magic

So each person upon this planet is infused with at least 6 Rays of God (Soul, Monad, Personality, Physical, Emotional, and Mental).  There can be more than one ray infused within each of these aspects.

Learning about each of the aspects and which rays an individual correlates within your structure helps you to learn more about yourself.  There are lower and higher aspects of each of the rays along with specific characteristics.  It helps to see the whys and wherefores of what you have experienced, who you are and how to improve upon those characteristics within yourself.

We are now in an accelerated phase so we need to understand that we are integrating more than the above mentioned aspects.  Our bodies are moving into a crystalline structure and to assist in the process learning and utilizing all of the Rays of God are very important.  In fact walking into the Mastery pathway an initiate must be able to command all of the Rays of God within their life, personally and professionally, not just those with which they have incarnated.

We already are doing so by using color therapy.  They are spectrum’s of light represented in colors.  Previously the colors of the Rays were quite different because they related to the planetary levels.  That is now changing.  The work we bring forth brings in the Universal and then Cosmic Rays of Light.

Djwhal Khul says this on the subject: As an aspirant of the spiritual pathway, it is an essential component to understand the Rays of God.  It is a science that is not grasped easily because the lower mind does not relate to the information; it is not until an individual raises their energies to access their higher mind even in states of higher reflection as in meditation states.  Eventually the Higher Mind will work with an individual through accessing the Rays of God.

The Ray Reading helps an individual do understand their thoughts and ways of doing things.  We assist by accessing the Universal Rays within the first 7 Rays of God.  This is not being done by anyone else that I know of.  Meleriessee has traveled this pathway herself and learned to redirect the information as the frequencies of light has changed. 

In your session we will work together to look within your essence to see which rays you are commanding within yourself.  We will then decide if you have moved into the higher frequency of the Universal level compared to the Planetary level.  If not, we will help you to move into the higher aspect of each Ray.  This will help you to accelerate your physical body to match your higher self frequency that is trying to fully integrate within your Being.

The session includes a visualization to help you create the changes necessary.  In addition we are taking this session to a new level at this time.  Meleriessee and Mike are teaching about the Higher Rays of the 4th and 5th dimensional chakra grids being activated presently and I will help you to see where you are on that frequency level.  Usually this happens once the Higher Self is fully integrated within the body which is at the 4th initiation level.  That is just the beginning and learning to command all the rays is essential in keeping the body fluidly active through the process.

As an added note, we need to fully integrate the Cosmic Rays into our physical bodies to fully activate the 5th dimensional chakra grid.  When we move from the 7th Ray to the 8th, each of those rays becomes integrated within us at the same level and within each chakra.  The first seven rays correlate with specific chakras on the planetary level and then they change on the Universal level.  So it is a progression of our physical existence as we are changing into the Crystalline structure.

Given that information on the Rays is extensive, ideally it is best to at least have a more personal understanding of at least the first seven rays before you schedule your Ray Reading Session.  This is now required as it does make the session information flow easier.

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