Session: Chakra Balancing With the Rays of God

Balancing Chakras 1

The intent of this session to assist an individual to access their full body system by aligning each of the chakras and the Rays of God are utilized to help create the balance.

Since it will be done long distance, it is important for the client to set up their space.  In a quiet place that is sacred by utilizing sage or clearing energies, contact your guidance for assistance, and utilize any crystals if you have them.  If you have two of them, it helps to hold one in each hand; clear quartz is preferred but you can use Rose Quartz or Amethyst also.

Christine utilizes the Shamanic technique to be in two places at the same time so she will guide you through the session along with the Ascended Beings, Masters, and Healing Angels and Shamanic Guides.

The session includes deep breathing both by Christine and the client whereby each of the chakras are opened through the breath and intending to visualize the color of the chakra.  Christine is very careful to make sure that the chakra color aligns with the highest frequency.  She also utilizes each of the Seven Rays of God to be intertwined with each chakra to assist in the balance.

There may be clearing emotions or thoughts in which Christine will guide the client to delve deeper into the blockage to help find the balance.  Many times inner child issues will appear or past traumas either from this lifetime or other timelines.  Christine makes sure that whatever surfaces gets cleared.  She may utilize vibrational chanting or drumming to help in the process.  If the blockage is deep, she may decide to do a shamanic journey to go deeper into the issue.

This process occurs for each of the chakras from the Root to the Crown.  She will then do Integrative Healing through the entire structure of the body so that it becomes realigned.  If the client has the ability to turn over, she will work with the back of the chakras to make sure they are completely aligned.  It is important for the client to be able to converse any issues or problems occurring physically so that her intuitive self can fully perceive what needs to be done.

The session will end with a balancing energy of all the 7 Rays of God and attuning the Thymus Chakra with the Client’s Higher Self as this represents the Seat of the Soul and thereby connecting with the Earth Star and Soul Star activating an Axiatonal Alignment.

It helps to have crystals to enhance the session.  Ideally, a quartz crystal for each hand; crystals placed around the place your are lying or sitting for the front, back, and each side.  Additionally, if you have any colored gemstones that match the chakra color it would be helpful.  IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THE CRYSTALS IF  YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE THEM.

The session should be done either lying down or in a recliner position.  It helps to have a headset so as you don’t have to have a phone in hand; if using Skype, the sound quality will be better with headphones.

An Overview of the Chakras and the Rays:

  • The Root in the color of Red is integrated with the Ray of Harmony & Balance – Crystalline
  • The Sacral in the color of Orange is integrated with the Ray of Ceremony Structure & Magic – Purple/Violet
  • The Solar Plexus in the color of Yellow is integrated with the Ray of Inner Devotion – Ruby Red/Gold
  • The Heart in the color of Green is integrated with the Ray of Creative Intelligence – Pink
  • The Throat in the color of Light Blue is integrated with the Ray of Wisdom & Power – Deep Blue
  • The Third Eye in the color of Indigo is integrated with the Ray of Science of God – Green/Gold/White
  • The Crown in the color of White Light/Violet/Lavender  is integrated with the Ray of Love & Wisdom – Golden Yellow
  • The Thymus is integrated with the Ray of Higher Cleansing  Sea-Foam Green


Choose Your Level:

Please know that this session is not a replacement for medical care from your approved medical professional. It is to be used in conjunction with any other healing techniques that you are using.  These sessions are not meant to treat or diagnose any illness.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee is a trained healer with several modalities that utilizes the vibrational healing energies from the God Force and Creative Source of Oneness. She incorporates the ability to access the four body system through Shamanic Techniques, Medical Intuitiveness, and accessing all levels of awareness to make the necessary changes. Your session may include Shamanic work through Sacred Drumming or journeying, along with deep breathing techniques, and crystals. If you have any crystals that you would like to use, have them with you for the session. This session can be done through the telephone or Skype.

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