Accessing the Blue Flame through Lord Sanatka, Holy Kumara

blue_venusian_ray-fb-1Our featured guests for the Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together call for the next seven weeks will be the Holy Kumaras as the Seven Flame Holders of the Venusian Rays.  We started our first connection with Lord Sanatka who is the Flame Holder of the Will of God within the Blue Flame.


It is my pleasure as Lord Sanatka to be here with you, oh!  We are all so excited to be included in this prosperity circle that you are participating in each week.

Thank you very much for including the Holy Kumaras as I speak for every one.

As we bring forth the Will of God today, allow the energies of the Blue Flame to be fully within you.   Some of the aspects that we are going to be addressing is to understand that we have the Will within us which is not the physical self, not the mental self, not the emotional self but the true essence of our Higher Self and I AM Presence within that frequency of Light.  You cannot do anything else without having the Will of God within you; you may try on a physical level but that is when you usually when you falter, when you will forget to do things, and when you get frustrated that things are not happening for you.

We start with the Will of God to make the changes necessary for this creates the structure of our world.  We, in Venus, bring forth the energies of the flame holders and they must be a step-by-step process because unlike your planetary Rays you are already incorporating those Rays of God in your physical structure, within your chakras.

Let us take a deep breath and connect with that chakra system that you are incorporating no matter how may Rays or how many extra chakras you are fully incorporating within you.  Let’s just intend for them to be fully active now and take a deep breath in to that moment.  So your chakra system is completely balanced to receive the higher realm of the Venusian Ray of the Will of God for this is an all encompassing ray which is very similar to your Will of God on the planetary level.  So it is quite different because we don’t separate the ray through the chakras; we don’t look at the different divisions of the ray; we look at the complete total-ness or Oneness of each flame.  So if you think about how we are coming in from a tenth dimensional level, allowing those energies to fully be within us, then there is nothing that can falter because everything is in place.

As we sit here in this beautiful garden and feel this flame flowing through the entire garden and let it go through your chakra system and breathe through it.  Think of your chakra system that you are as one body of Light with your Physical body, your Emotional, Mental body, your Etheric body all one body of light so then you bring in these flame of the Blue.  What this will do is it will help you to see if there are changes that need to be made in that structure.  Feel that essence now fully being within you because we can be the ones that push forward but we can also have the compassion of Love.  This is what working with the Venusian Rays represents of allowing these energies to be in complete wholeness of all that is.

I stand here with each of you as the flame holder, but I am not any different then each of you.  We have traveled far and wide on different paths, and I stand here with you to assist you with this.  We are greatly excited to be able to share our essence because it is going to be part of the New Earth energies.  So why not allow this frequency of Light to fully come within you to intend to become that tenth dimensional person.

In this moment we call upon the energies of RA the Sun God and Helios and Vesta who represent the Solar Logos of the tenth dimensional frequency to come into each of your bodies.  Then feel the Blue Flame.  Feel the deep Blue as it swirls within you and around you because first before we do any commands or wishes for desires, we must be strong within ourselves to hold that desire.  This is where this Ray comes in first and foremost.  It is our Will to bring in these essences to create a beautiful life for ourselves in compassion, in love, in acceptance, in joy but also with the Power of God’s Will to move forward and surge ahead allowing these essences to fully be within us in this moment.

I, as Lord Sanatka, bring forth these energies of the Blue Flame to fully come within each of you.  I stand here with my Blue Flame over top of you individually to allow it to swirl around you and within you as you become the Blue Flame.  As you become the Blue Flame, you feel your Will; feel your Divine Essence to fully be accepted in your four body system even though it is not a separate function, it is one.  As the feelings (Emotional body) work with the thoughts (Mental body) they become one.  Just think right now what it is that is out of balance for you in your structure.  What is that is stronger than the other and allow the Blue Flame to bring it into balance; think of these thoughts now.

I am a Divine Being of Light. 

I have the Will of God within me as I fully intuit the Blue Flame of the Venusian Rays.

I allow the Will of God to be my guide as I connect fully with the Divine Mother Father God that have created me.  That essence has now opened up fully within my Solar Plexus, within my Heart, within all aspects of my being as I become it as I truly have always been.

I call upon the Blue Flame to make the changes that are necessary so that I may manifest my desires in my world.

Now see the Blue Flame swirling within you almost like a small tornado; it will move and flow within you to create those essences that align with this frequency of Light.



I Am the Blue Flame.

I Am the Will.

I now know my Will, and I fully allow it to create the structure of my world.

Feel it moving into your Earth Star; feel it being part of your entire structure.  Now see in front of you your desire in this moment.

What is your desire? Allow it to come into the Blue Flame so it is part of that desire.

As you bring forth the Will of God within you, it is always within balance of service to God’s Will so anything that is out of alignment with that energy will not blend within you.  So we ask now to correlate all the frequencies of Light that you are to come into the wholeness that you are.  Now you are able to move through structures, through obstacles, and through changes; you would say that you are able to move mountains to find the pathway that you desire within yourself.

I am now a creator of the Blue Flame.

I allow the essence of Lord Sanatka to be fully within my Being as he guides me in each moment and is guided from the Venusian Rays of God of Peace, Love, Joy Acceptance, Compassion and Love.

I Am all of these and more.

Now see your vision and fill it with the Blue Flame of the Will of God; let us take a moment to do that.



Now feel the peacefulness of the acceptance.  Allow it to fully enfold within you and be your guide in all aspects of your Being.

I am Lord Sanatka at your service.  Blessings and Love from the Holy Kumaras as we work together more closely with you.  


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