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Lord Ashtar-Ashtar CommandLord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.


~ Please Share These Free Teachings in Service to All ~


As part of the ASCEND EARTH PROJECT please join in with Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda of the Galactic Federation of Light as they bring forth frequencies of Healing for Earth that are the Highest and Purest available. (Free preparation materials are at this link: ASCEND EARTH PROJECT.)

WHEN: Second Saturday of the Month 10:00 AM Pacific time / 1:00 PM Eastern – NEXT EVENT: check our calendar here

WHERE: From Your Location anywhere on Earth via Internet or phone

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2018 brings in the energy of the “11” meaning it is time to step into MASTERY of our Dimensional Reality. It takes the energies we experienced of 2017 and moves them into RIGHT ACTION for our DIVINITY as SOULS. The birth of the ASCEND EARTH PROJECT paves the way for that consciousnesses, that awareness, to come into actions that make a real impact energetically for Humanity and Gaia. Through this work, the Inner Earth/Hollow Earth populations of the Agartha Network* have aligned fully with Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation as part of their actions to assist. This is the Unified Whole Galactic Agartha Alliance. It marks a huge level of advancement for us as humans as it means that they collectively feel we are now beginning to grasp our part in Healing Earth.

(* Not all sources of information that reference being part of the Inner Earth / Hollow Earth of the Agartha Network are in spiritual alignment and connection with Lord Ashtar. Some very popular internet sites and many public channeled sources are from beings that do not accept the Unified Whole of Christed Beings of Light. Despite seeming to be accurate to our mind and ego, we do not recommend you engage with information from those sources as there are sub frequencies within the content and messages that are dangerous to an individual who desires to only bring in the Highest Light Vibrations of Ascension Energy.)

2017 is the Push to Oneness as each soul is making choices consciously as to if they desire to Learn to Become a being of higher existence or stay in the lower physical energies of the 3rd/4th Dimensional issues. As in ALL THINGS it takes training and persistence to change who we are. For the past 3 years some groups of individuals have taken on that new role.

2014 was the year of Grounding Unity where all soul’s desiring the creation of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth work diligently to bring the Higher Christed Energies down into the body through the Rays of God within the chakra system and consciously grounded into the planet. 2015 created the opportunity to EXPAND what had been grounded. Our first step was to use the Crystalline Ray of Harmony and Balance to insure we expanded the highest elements of our higher octave frequency grounding. 2016 opened the ability to take our SPIRITUAL Selves and use what we have learned (or are still learning) into the realm of TRUE RESPONSIBILITY for our personal energy signatures.

It is also at this time that those who oppose the grounding of the Higher Frequencies of Light are working extra hard to make sure they keep the global energy at a lower vibration. Weather modification (HARRP) technology is one of the more advanced methods being used to cause fear and disharmony.

To Assist the Earth Energies in the most powerful way possible, we will be experiencing Divine Light Language Coding teachings from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda as they join with us to effect vibrational changes. These group light gatherings occur every month (usually on the second Saturday of the month) to clear the planet of lower frequencies and raise the collective vibration. The next big step for humanity is, by setting aside non-spiritual pursuits for one hour a month, will more individuals join (actively that is) with them as they do so? We are and we hope you will join the live group gatherings too!




~ 2017 ~

(Fyi – these older audio recordings still bring in the connection to the Higher Light Healing for Gaia and assist if you desire to listen to learn and help more).



OCTOBER 8, 2016 ~ REMEMBERING THE WEB OF LIGHT. To assist the earth energies to heal, Lord Ashtar begins with the blessing from Lord Sananda to bring forth calmness to sooth the frequencies of turbulent areas all around the earth that are intended to bring fear and disruption. Lord Ashtar then asks us to reconnect to the web of light that we have already worked with and created in these gatherings. He speaks about shifting our awareness to be more aware of when energies do not feel proper and in those moments to connect with the blessing of Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar’s energies to bring the calming that is needed. We each must become that frequency ourselves in order to make our part of the web. To make the circle complete, we then connect with the Whale and Dolphin communities for the Oceans. They hold it forth with us to bring the calmness to the earths waters. 


AUGUST 13, 2016 – LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – BEING THE CONDUIT ~ The focus of this connection is to enhance our understanding of the role of the Christed Beings that Lord Ashtar and the Command includes. We see how we are the conduit and how they are here to enhance, not replace, that role.

JULY 9, 2016 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – GOING THROUGH THE UPHEAVAL INTO THE ONE HEART ~ We embrace the energies of healing to be brought within and then expanded out to all areas of the planet. Lord Sananda brings a blessing of the joining of our hearts. We also connect to the energies of the Whales and Dolphins bringing forth the connection to the earth’s wisdom and holding the joy.




MARCH 12, 2016 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – POWERING THE WEB OF LIGHT – JA WHOO AM HO. A very crucial energy transfer takes place because of the participation of each individual assisting. We receive instruction on taking upon ourselves the responsibility to power the webs of light of the Galactic Federation around earth using the phrase “JA WHOO AM HO” repeated 3x and consciously blending our own energy into the phrase and the grid. This will deeply accelerate the energies of peace and love to cover the earth through the connection to the Federation and the Whales Dolphin community. Use it for not just earth weather patterns and chemtrails, but for any event such as political or societal upliftment.

FEBRUARY 13, 2016 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ ANCHORING YOUR COLUMN OF LIGHT. In this transmission Lord Ashtar gives another status update about how the energies of the earth, and all the kingdoms are doing with respect to the forces who do not desire a New Earth to be created. He shares that the Galactic Energies of all the Christed Beings are aware of James Twyman’s Global Peace efforts within their consciousness to assist the earth. They join with us in extending that frequency. We then bring in the Divine Light codes with Lord Sananda and the Whale-Dolphins to take the Columns of Light within ourselves to be anchored into the lands and the waters more effectively.

JANUARY 09, 2016 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ ENTER 2016 ~ Lord Ashtar brings us a transmission about the current Light quality of earth and where we are with Disclosure. He expresses gratitude for us being able to share and anchor these higher frequencies for earth and humanity. Lord Sananda gives a blessing of Divine Light Language to bring the opening of these energies to be and, the Whales and Dolphins take that blessing into the global waters.

DECEMBER 12, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ PORTAL 12:12 RIDING THE LIGHT ~ With the 12:12 Gate Portal of Light entering Earths field, we join with the Intergalactic Federation of Light in a special meditation journey with Lords Ashtar and Sananda to etherically board one of the fleets large communication lightships to feel the energies of this portal directly. A very magical experience to embrace the Divine Will and the Divine Love of the 12:12 energies. 

November 14, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ASSISTING PARIS & THE WORLD ~ Lord Ashtar with the Galactic Federation of Light and Lord Sananda bring forth a deep healing for all souls to connect within their Heart Essence as we learned to expand it to Gaia’s Core. The healing light was sent to Paris to assist the area but also around the globe to all locations that are experiencing turmoil as we heal together.  GAIA gave a beautiful speech of the healing she is receiving with deep gratitude as she ignited to each person the frequency of Light she has been holding since Dec 2012 to come into each of us.  The Whales and Dolphins showed their appreciation as we expanded this energy around the globe.

October 10, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – BE THE STAR ~ The Galactic Federation of Light with Lords Ashtar and Sananda bring forth an energy frequency to assist with creating a higher vibration in the Root chakra of Mother Earth (GAIA) to cleanse the debris and raise the frequency. As humans, we are the first root race of the planetary consciousness, so we first must anchor these frequencies using our awakened consciousness in our own physical vehicles so that they can be effective in anchoring within GAIA. The Divine Light Language Transmission from Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar (via Rev. Christine Meleriesse and grounded by Rev. Ara) activates the higher octave within us. The energy is then targeted to be geographically at Mount Shasta in the northwest of the United States. The Whales and Dolphins also assist in the transference of energies.

September 12, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCEPILLARS OF LIGHT – Lord Ashtar gives an explanation of the Pillars of Light that have been appearing around the world, what they mean, and why they are occurring.  Additionally, Lord Sanada gave forth a message of Love from his Heart to each of us; the Whale and Dolphin Community extended their essences to the group consciousness so that we are all connected as we help GAIA to embrace the Love from the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Galactic Federation of Light, to the Agarathian Council of Light (Inner Earth Cities) into the group consciousness of Oneness we created together.

July 11, 2015 LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE EXTENDING JOY – In this transmission we focus on the many areas around the globe that have excessive heat, rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, too little rain, drought including the waters of the seas being too warm. Lord Ashtar explains the current state of energies upon the earth and Lord Sananda brings us a heart connection blessing light code to bring calm and balance. We also receive the Whale message and the Dolphin message including their Joy vibration.

June 13, 2015 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – WAVES OF LIGHT – After WESAK and the FESTIVAL of HUMANITY, Lord Ashtar informs us the Light Infractions [Cosmic Central Sun] that are reaching the earth are of more powerful concentration than ever before. With Lord Sananda’s blessing, we work to extend the Light Frequencies within all her areas with the Whale and Dolphin Communities. Use this teaching meditation to extend this energy to specif areas that you may be living near to assist the animals, plants, minerals and all of humanity.

April 11, 2015 – Lords Ashtar & Sananda with the Whales and Dolphins  – INTERSTELLAR WESAK To better prepare Gaia’s global body to receive the Cosmic Christed Energies that the next full moon of May will bring at the celebration of WESAK, we join with Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, and the Whale and Dolphin communities to anchor more of the current frequencies. We accept our individual Love Vibration and extend it to each of the land mass areas of the earth together to once again create a formal triangulation of the energy from our point upon the land, within the Oceans, and with the Christed Intergalactic’s of the Federation of Light. This is an important process that many can participate in to assist.

March 14, 2015 – Lords Ashtar & Sananda with the Whales and Dolphins – “ENERGY GRID

~ Lord Ashtar speaks eloquently about how much the Dark Forces have built up layers of that lower frequency within GAIA’s waters, mountains and land masses. It is now our responsibility to be the pioneers and ignite the Higher Frequencies within ourselves, incorporate that light with our consciously grounding it, and then expanding it to the areas outside ourselves. We join with the Whale Dolphin community to do just that, as Lord Sananda teaches us how. [This transmission felt even more powerful as the number of live participants doubled from prior gatherings. It really made a significant increase in the energies that could be brought forth as it is really about us (Humanity) and our collective actions.]

February 14 ~ Lord Ashtar and Ashtar Command with Lord Sananda and the Whale Dolphin communities – SONG OF THE HEART

~ In order to bring forth the full vibration of the Power of the Heart to assist Gaia, we join again with Lords Ashtar and Sananda with bringing our energies to blend with the Whales and Dolphins for the waters, surface, and atmosphere of earth. A very special “Valentine’s Day” event that can be used anytime to elevate the earth’s frequencies.

 January 10, 2015 ~ Earth Assistance Lord Ashtar & Ashtar Command – TRINITY GROUNDING OF THE CRYSTALLINE RAY
~ On December 31st, 2014 the Spiritual hierarchy gifted Mother Earth’s atmosphere with the 4th Ray of God in the elements of Harmony and Balance through the Crystalline Ray’s Frequency. We gather together to blend in the Crystalline Ray with Lord Ashtar, the WHALES and the DOLPHINS to assist anchoring the new energies within GAIA as these frequencies of the Cosmic level are now being gifted to be grounded into GAIA. This brings the trinity of grounding upon the lands through us, in the waters through our marine mammal brothers and sisters, and in the sky’s using the Galactic Federation of Light. Please assist by your active participation in these energies. (for more detail on the new earth grounding see )

December 13 ~ Earth Assistance Lord Ashtar & Ashtar Command – “JOINING WITH THE WHALES AND DOLPHINS

~ The end of 2014 is bringing in light frequencies that could not be anchored in 2012. In this transmission we experience the essence of joining together with the Whales and Dolphins in grounding these higher light elements. By incorporating the Higher Octaves into our Three-Gold Flame, just as the Galactic representatives in our oceans do, we can combine our flames in a larger sacred three fold flame with the Galactic Federation forces in our atmosphere acting as the completing flame. The totality of engaging in these energies consciously with our larger family is what will assist Gaia deeply to ground the desired future New Earth.

All one person has to do is listen to this trnsmission to be part of the expansion of these energies of assistance.” Lord Ashtar explains the partnership of assistance and how it it possible only through accessing our multidimensional selves. The higher frequencies are not only about the galactic spiritual forces here to assist earth but also our own consciusness within that defining light of who we are in the Oneness. We recieve Divine Light Language encoding to help us connect to our full selfhood. Lord Sananada using his connection from earth (as Jesuah/Jesus) to the Christed Galactics, brings forth his role in a blessing as well.



We join with both Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda of the Ashtar Command Galactic Federation of Light to experience the highest level of meditative energy exchange by becoming the Christed Self in our hearts and minds. This is the most important energy we can consciously create and participate in as human beings who are ambassadors to planet earth from other star systems. Please use this energy meditation exchange regularly in your life and share it with anyone who desires to co-create the New Earth fo the Fifth Dimensional frequency in Wholeness of the Oneness we are together. This specific format removes all lower ego agendas of the corrupted programming that is so prevalent among well intended (but often uninformed) individuals who desire to share Love and Light upon earth at this crucial time. (a video version will be posted on our youtube page: )


A special message from Lords Ashtar & Sananda regarding the summer energies of 2014 in the northern hemisphere (winter in the southern). We have 3 SUPERMOONS this summer and these energies are about illuminating what is normally hidden. This is a full message bringing in the Unified Whole frequencies to assist each of us find the balance between the feminine and masculine guided by our Higher Heart and Higher Mind. Many are feeling the stress and emotions of not being able to find the balance within as the energies of the Cosmic Source are now hitting us in order to reveal what must be changed in order to have us step into peace and flow with our lives. It is crucially important to FEEL the energies the Intergalactic Federation has waiting for us (if we accept them) and to stop being in Warrior mode against the dark. We must look to the “dark” within first, or noting can change in order to create the New Earth of Terra Christa in the Fifth Dimension.


July 12 2014 WTC Full Moon Celebration – Changing the Pattern to Ground the New Frequencies – We go to the Unified Whole Command Temple of Oneness to connect with the energies of the July Full Moon of CANCER/CAPRICORN which is occurring at 12:25 GMT, 4:25 am Pacific, and 7:25 AM Eastern.

This Full Moon represents the balance between unconditional and conditional love, in the reference of home & family vs our career goals. If we take this moon cycle and bring it into wholeness, it represents the ability to love all aspects of our-self in our home and our work. It may also create pathways for an individual to do both at the same time. Transformation of the Self will allow the embrace of love in all aspects of life. Meditation/Activation/channeling from the Tribal Elders. This ceremony will include the energies of ASHTAR COMMAND with our monthly connection with the Christed Intergalactics.  We also hear from No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman.


June 14, 2014 Teaching: BEING THE CHANGEOn this group gathering we begin (as we do on all teachings) by elevating our own state of being to the highest level of awareness. Lord Ashtar once more acknowledged to us this is exactly how we BECOME a higher dimensional being that can then act to alter the earths energies and he assists us to experience and understand these elements with the Galactic Federation of Light members.

Many do not understand engaging in this kind of preparation prior to connecting with him, and other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, is essential to doing ascension work correctly. Many instead just want his messages, and Lord Ashtar desires to share his essence so we can meet as equals in our Christed Selves. Please take the time to share this page audio recordings but also to encourage those with whom you share to know that joining in service, in live group consciousness on the next gathering, is more powerful than simply listening to the audio afterwards. This is because it is the active consciousness within a physical reality that has the power to change most effectively.

May 10, 2014 Teaching/Light Group Gathering – Lord Ashtar has Meleriessee first activate the Higher Consciousness Energies because it is from that state of being that we can each accomplish a more coherent connection to the Ashtar Command. We then gain a deeper understanding of what our role and energies are doing to assist GAIA. A special message from Lord Sananda provides access through his blessing and prayers for our galactic awareness of our pathway.

April 12, 2014 Teaching/Light Group Gathering – Lord Ashtar acknowledges us for our active role in assisting Gaia. We focus on the calming energies of bringing ease and a natural flow to the rains and thunderstorms that are too forceful due to the tampering. He also reminds us that the combined light that we are creating with these gatherings, is also about bringing the Christed Consciousness to All living forms upon earth. This is why he and the Spiritual Light Beings are so very pleased and thank each of you for active participation in this work. Please look to the skies to have the starships acknowledge you personally.

In the March 8, 2014 Teaching / Light Group GatheringLord Ashtar explains the process of how the lower frequencies operate to control weather from an energetic viewpoint and how it is designed to affect humanity. The discussion focuses on setting up a grid and expanding it through live group activity across the globe, and how we are the grounding rod for this to occur. It is not simply the Christed Intergalactic’s who are contributing to the greater good of earth alone. We are then given Divine Language Light Codes to assist.

[ Comment from Mike: We recently had someone say that they help Gaia by sending Love & Golden Light energy to her to assist with the weather and earth’s healing. The question was then, isn’t that enough? In relationship to this work, our response was:

Please understand that Ashtar Command is not just a collective of advanced beings who are Extra-Terrestrials, meaning not from Earth. We highly applaud the accomplishments of Dr. Steven Greer and his work to establish open contact with our star brothers and sisters through CSETI, especially the CE-5 Initiative and The Disclosure Project ( We also want to acknowledge David Wilcock ( and his very valuable information as will as others who seek to bring light to these matters.

However, we also need to keep in mind there are significant Spiritual considerations to such contact that many people are overlooking. The Ashtar Command has Lord Sananda as a top leader. Lord Sananda is a Spiritual Master. Lord Sanada is an Ascended Master. The same is true for Lord Ashtar. What this means is they are Masters within the Brotherhood of White Light, under Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara. Which basically means they have achieved full Christhood status.

There are several factors involved when connecting with a Christed being, some are more accurately powerful than others but the short story is that we are now required to “step up” and also engage in creating our Christed self so that we can interact fully with them. It is almost as if we would be more correct to add the catagory of CE-6, which would be engaging with them as fellow beings of Light who have activated our own Christed Light Bodies, for this is actually what will create the closest connection. In fact, this level of connection is what we teach.

And it can only be accomplished from within an individual’s own creation. Even if the non-spiritual 3D earth related CE-5 and Disclosure programs are successful, they are not programs that will create the New Earth and the Golden Age of Light. For that to happen, we must also take full responsibility for elevating ourselves up to the level where we can engage with the Christed Galactic Beings “face to face” so to speak. Some of the factors involved are:

First – Intention: Call upon them to assist you in your current state of existence for an intention. This is what individuals practicing traditional religion are doing. It is basically the act of praying. Prayers can work. New Age Lightworkers who send Golden Light up to the heavens or into Gaia do assist to some extent by sending these prayer forms out. If they are specific, as in, asking Ashtar Command to assist with the weather “where I live or where my friend so and so lives”, is a good intention to set. It is creating the words that begin to create reality. This step is required in order to make a change.

Second – Specific Action: Actions speak louder than words. The first step of intention is required but it is not sufficient to actually create the change you desire to see in your world. Stating exactly what you are feeling and observing about the weather in your own area and sending out the corrected vibration that you desire to feel instead, is far more accurate than a prayer thought form of Golden Light.

Important points:

  1. Notice we are not saying ‘assist my friend so and so who lives in such a such place’. This is because it is your own vibration that is important. Your own vibration is physically located with and around you. This is why raising your own vibration first is essential. You must first create a shift in your field, then ground it into Gaia, then send it up to the heavens. You friend needs to do the same thing in their own area, as they are the conduit for the energy there, and responsible for their own creation. It is a three step process. But it still requires more specifics.
  2. It is important to also direct this energy you send up specifically to Ashtar Command to use it to then expand upon it and send it back to your area. So just ‘Sending Love and Light’ is not enough, in this situation, you must also declare how you desire it to be used.
  3. You may need assistance in raising your vibration. The exact frequency of your energy field is the battery power you are using. If you do not have much battery power, your creation will not be of as much assistance to the Ashtar Command. This is why Walking Terra Christa works directly with (among others) Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command live and in direct connection in a group format. It insures participants can raise their physical Light Body vibration first by receiving the Divine Light Language Codes that assists them in doing so. Once this vibration is created and grounded, it can then be taken by the Command and expanded upon.

We hope that helps with an understanding of why active participation is needed from those who desire to be of the greatest assistance. ]

The February 8, 2014 Teaching / Light Group Gathering – Lord Ashtar emphasized why we each need to raise our vibration first before doing this high frequency energy work to effect correct change within Gaia.

[ Comment from Mike: this recording is almost an hour and we know not all those who call themselves the Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Torchbearers, Awakened or Enlightened ones are currently able to allow themselves to be in a role where they accept the deeper responsibility of doing that Light work. We know it requires devoting such an amount of time, effort and energy to carry out this practice. In time we hope this will change and more will be able to clear themselves of the lower dimensional frequencies that hold so many in distraction, and even judgement and fear.  As Lord Ashtar asks us in this teaching, “allow yourself to just experience”.  Divine Light Code Language brings frequencies of Light into our physical domain, something that we do not understand, and are not used to doing. For many, the lower mind interprets the experience and, since it is unusual, classifies it as strange and therefore uncomfortable. And this is why there still exists many forms of lower frequencies upon Gaia: because we are comfortable with them even while a part of us wants them to go away. It takes work however to make change occur, and we ask all who are even a tiny bit drawn to this level of work, to go farther and access that deeper level of responsibility.  ]

Selected Prior Messages:

Click this link for the January 3, 2014 Teaching: Changing the weather patterns on Gaia.

Click this link, 07-30-12 CTO Ashtar Command Olympic Light Infusion for an audio recording of the message from Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light regarding a crucial element in time and our power to ground the light during the summer 2012 London Olympics.  (We were asked to take this responsibility very seriously at that juncture in time to bring a higher vibration to the messages being disseminated.)

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  1. Dear Mel, dear Mike,

    still impressed from that extraordinary channeling I want to thank you both for your great work.
    I’m deeply moved from the depth of the vibrations – especially from the dolphins and whales. As I was allowed to be with them and one with them during a meditation last year I feel so blessed to experience that now again. Even the whale’s love song you channled so wonderful dear Mel, was a heart caressing rememberance I don’t want to miss. 🙂
    It’s such a great feeling to be able to reach and feel that overwhelming oneness. There are really no words in language to describe.

    And yes the whole world is undergoing great changes. They are very hard and uncomfortable. But they have to happen. It is some kind of a turning point in mankind’s history. Many people are awakening to the everlasting truth of their own divinity. And for some of them it is a shock to recognize it. Our additional beloved work is to catch them so they are able to stand this shock. 😉 – I love this job! 🙂

    I love you and send you the flowers of my heart –
    Ash-Li (from Germany)

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