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How Do You Access The Deepest Part
Of Your Soul’s Pathway?

One thing we know is it certainly takes courage.

As humans each one of us exists within a wider mass consciousness that is tainted or flawed. Keep in mind it is critical that mass consciousness is that way, otherwise there is no point in being a human on planet earth.  It is not new news to you that you did not incarnate on earth to visit “easy street”.  When you were born into the 3rd Dimensional Earth Plane you came here to get some work done. Spiritual Work.

As a Lightworker You Came Here to  Transform Humanity.

You came here to make a difference, to shine your light.

You came here to transform a 3rd Dimensional World into a 5th Dimensional World.  We know it takes courage to seek out the finer distinctions of truth so that you can begin to shed the flaws that lie within. So that you can make your light shine brightest for the light that is dim, shaded or hidden serves no one. We know that facing the illusion that is the 3rd Dimension is not for the faint of heart. This is the single most courageous path one can step upon.

It Is Nothing Less Than The Journey Of The Master.

In undertaking such a journey it essential to have the right guides.

It is crucial to assure that the process of taking on The Self Discovery Of The Fifth Dimensional Master is done with the utmost care, compassion and expertise.

Mel and Mike are those guides.

They work hand-in-hand with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascended Masters / Lady Masters. Not one thing they teach or do originates from the human ego’s of Mel and Mike. And that is what makes what they show and demonstrate so transformational for you.

You Can Only Achieve Mastership With The Assistance Of The Spiritual Masters.

For 30 years Meleriessee has been trained by the Spiritual Masters to be their Voice.

This is why the messages and vibrations that you feel through her teachings are so incredible for the mind while the heart and soul receive only clarity and illumination.

2012 boldly birthed the essence of the 5th Dimensional Physical Reality which is nothing less than every human being given the opportunity to walk in the New Earth of Terra Christa as a Master, a Fifth Dimensional Master.

Few will take that walk. Are you one of the few?

With Mel and Mike’s dedicated guidance, you can choose none better individuals to be your best support system in taking that walk.

They are proud to be here to assist you to walk upon Terra Christa.  Mastership is the most courageous and challenging path one can traverse. Yet the rewards and benefits bestowed upon one’s earthly life is unmatched in the level of personal revelation and the resultant feelings of peace, joy and centered-ness.

In the New Earth, new frequencies must be integrated in the Physical Body.  Many call this Ascension, but the process of Ascension is not automatic, it must be diligently grounded. Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Divine Love are the prerequisites of Walking Terra Christa and Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden use Universal Harmonics to bring Vibratory Communications that assist you in creating your 5D Light Body.

Both transmit required vibrations via voice communication, channeling, and energetics so you realize the I AM presence and your Higher Self within.

Meleriessee is highly skilled in Shamanic Healing and Mike incorporates these elements to deliver transformational teachings that ground these mysteries into your life and onto Gaia.

These Master Teachers are conscious channels of the God Force of the 144th dimensional realities: The Cosmic Source of Oneness/Great Spirit, the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, Inner Earth and Inter-Galactic races, Ancestors and Guides of the Ancient Shamanic Pathway.  Mike has done rigorous training as a vibratory master with over a decade of knowledge in metaphysical research, has a quarter century of grounding in the 3rd Dimensional world as a businessman and former organizational management consultant. In addition to certifications in Organizational Science and Psychology, he is Light Master certified via Steve and Barbara Rother of Pathways to Empowerment and writes for Bringing over 30 years as a visionary healer and master vibrational communicator Meleriessee is ordained by the late Dr. Joshua David Stone, has traveled for over a decade to the root chakra vortex of Mt. Shasta CA to work with the energies, and has authored over 300 in-depth blog transcriptions to date that have educated tens of thousands with the teachings of the Masters.

Meleriessee, a Master Teacher and Shamanic Healer, was named White Raven in a vision by her spirit teacher Native American shaman woman No Eyes which represents the ability to be the raven, the animal who walks in the spirit world and the earth world conveying the magic. Through No-Eyes guidance, Mike was given the name Great Spirit Eagle which represents the ability to be the eagle, who is the messenger of heaven being grounded on earth, acting in accordance with only the energies of Great Spirit (the Oneness, the Prime Creator).


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  1. Namaste’ to both of you! I recently rec’d an email through StarDoves and felt deeply connected to you, esp. Mel:) We speak the same language.
    I am drawn to perhaps having a session.
    Sounds thrilling, and this is a big year for me, and our Brethren.

    Deepest Love from The Hierarchy, We are One.
    Thank you very much for your writings:)

  2. Hello Mel and Mike
    I been to the application form about the Dissertation of 22 Rays of GOD Learning.
    I think that I will need an ID.
    Is it possible to tell me how much does it cost please?
    Love and Light

    1. For anyone like Angala looking for the courses and seminars, just go to the TEACHINGS and SELF-STUDY menu items and scroll down through the listings! Many Blessings.

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