Preparation for the Spring Equinox ~ Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos

Spring EquinoxThe Spring Equinox will be another three-day gateway into the Christ Consciousness energies which could be very powerful and has the potential to create an imbalanced state of equilibrium for individuals that may not be prepared.  Lord Adama shares a very powerful meditation to work through the 12 Rays of God into each of the 12 Chakras helping to ground the Christ Energies into each of us individually and collectively for GAIA.

We gather in our group Merkabah to the City of Telos underneath Mt. Shasta. We arrive in the Garden of Telos as Lord Adama meets us on the pathway into the forest to the Lemurian Retreat House.


I AM Lord Adama.  Please follow me as we walk together to the retreat house with the Telosian Council of Light and all the beautiful beings of Telos.  Let us walk through the forest as we see the Retreat House walking down the steps into the entry way and down the spiral staircase into our meeting room.  Each of you know where it is; walk into the room that is set up like a living room.  Find yourself a very comfortable seat.  We have the chairs in a semi-circle facing the stage.  I am going to step down onto the podium.

Welcome.  Let us take a breath and feel the energies that are occurring in our retreat house in this moment.  We have asked for the initiation for all 12 Rays of God to be placed completely on the border of the room.

Straight ahead, which is behind me, you are going to see the Blue Ray.  These are columns of light with vibrancy of energy of the Ray.  We will follow the room in a clockwise manner.  The Blue Ray represents the Will and Power; feel that igniting.  The Golden Yellow represents Love and Wisdom; the Deep Pink around the right, is the Creative and Active Intelligence; The Crystalline Light is Ray 4 with experiencing Pure Joy with Harmony and Balance.  Ray 5 is the Green, Gold and White colors all blending together.  There is probably more of frequency of the green than there are of the Gold and White.  This is the Science of God and accessing our Higher Knowledge.  Ruby Red inflected with Gold is our Inner Devotion.  Deep Purple with Violet represents our Divine Structure and Ceremonial Magic.  This is a very important ray.  Ray 8 represents the Sea Foam Green.  We are now all the way around the circle right behind you perpendicular to the stage.  Sea Foam Green is the Higher Cleansing Ray and it helps to resurrect at a higher level.  Ray 9 of the Blue-Green represents attracting the Body of Light.  Ray 10 is Pearlescent and that represents our Integration of the Masculine and Feminine.  Ray 11 is Pink-Orange which represents our Bridge to the New World, walking from the old self to the new self.  Ray 12 is the Anchoring of the Christ Consciousness.

Now what we want to do is feel these column(s) of light igniting their energies.  Feel that essence of the activation of these rays swirling and swirling around the room.

I want to really explain to you some of the aspects before we get into activating the energies of the rays.  Take a moment to feel the swirling of colors within your Chakras from your Crown all the way to the Root centering in your Heart with all these essences.

We have come together this evening because we want to assist each of you as deeply as we can to allow the balance of the higher energies to come fully within your physical existence. Some of you may think that you are doing so but with the energies of the Spring Equinox it is going to become even more challenging.

During this trimester we have been experience a leveling off period, if you can believe that statement.  I know each of you feels the energies of each New Moon, and Full Moon along with the Rainbow of Lights Dispensation that has been occurring is really accelerating you in a deep way.  What happens for each of you is that those timelines or aspects that are in your Etheric Body are being ejected into your consciousness.  Now it can be entered through your physical sense, you may have been going through ailments. It can be ejected through emotional feelings or mental thoughts because the Etheric Body holds all these elements.  It is your Soul’s Essence to travel from timeline-to-timeline.  This is why it is very beneficial to come into an Earth body, because you have the availability to work through these aspects of yourself that you want rid yourself of what some would refer to as karmic debts.  This is exactly what is occurring but now in this timeframe, the karma is rectified almost in a moment-by-moment basis depending on where you are in your spiritual thought process and believe system.  It depends upon each initiate and each person on the planet.

Let us take an example by thinking of someone that is very spiritually unaware, but they go to church.  They believe in someone else telling them in what needs to be done.  They are not stepping unto the path of awakening but they are a God-expressing soul within their physical body.  Their karma is going to move into a level that is much less accelerated than each of you, because you have chosen to go through these acceleration phases by allowing yourself to be awakened.

As you see, there are good and not so good aspects of being an Initiate upon the Pathway of Light.  Your soul has chosen to walk through these processes and to experience them.  It is almost like having a movie screen in front of you and your thoughts and feelings are flashing on the screen as a mirror image.  They truly are not sustained in who you are presently, because you have been working on those elements.  If you have not been processing the issues not as much as you would have liked to, they are still going to come up for you.  The important part is for you to acknowledge what they are and look at them as we have been sharing by being able to ascertain, “Is this something I need to understand more or can I use the Violet Flame; can I utilize the Unified Whole; can I use the White Light; or can I express the Pink Light within me to feel the compassion and balance?”  This can be a very confusing cycle and this is exactly what you have been experiencing in this first trimester.

With the introduction of many of the energies, your Lower Self does not have a choice.  Your Higher Self is the commanding agent for these elements to happen within you so within your Lower Self you are activating your Higher Self as much as possible.  The events that are occurring within your physical body may seem like it is an old ailment but it truly is not.  Your emotions may feel like something you experienced previously.  It is not something that you need to hold onto.  Your mental thoughts are coming up to the surface, but yet, a part of you knows that you should not have those thoughts.  So you are walking a tightrope in which one side represents the dark energies of yourself, the other side represents the light energies of yourself.  As you are walking that tightrope you can fall into the abyss of the dark side on the left but then you find that the rope has a glowing energy so you reach for the rope in which you find yourself aligned once again.  When you fall on the side that is purely light located on the right side, you feel the bliss, ecstatic, or excitement with an essence that you can do anything that you choose.  But yet, you still continue to walk along that tightrope which is what you are going through this trimester.  Whatever your Higher Self needs you to look at, you will be faced with it.  This represents your present awareness of accepting the Light and Dark within you.

We want to assist in bringing forth the highest possible experience for each of the activations that are occurring.  The Spring Equinox is just another phase.  This is the first acceleration of the highest point of energy of the Christ Consciousness for this year.  There will be others.  In truth, if all the elements of the Christ Consciousness were embodied upon this Earthplane from the 49th dimensional frequency, most individuals would not be able to survive.  You have to understand that souls come to Earth to heal as each of you has done.  If you can be compassionate towards others, as they are going through their timelines and not knowing how to get through them, it will assist you greatly.  You have tools to work through and there are more coming every day to assist you.

The more frequency of light that comes into the planet, the more availability of modalities appearing, energy systems, and vibrational frequencies are all part of the open doorway that is now occurring for the Year of Synchronization.  Previously, we have not been able to bring forth these energies onto the planet.  So it is a wondrous thing that is occurring, and I am very happy as, Lord Adama, that I have been given the opportunity to work with each of you through this process.  We, in Telos, have learned so much from each of you.  We have learned what it is like on the 3rd dimensional realm when you were previously in a higher realm from Lemuria and Atlantis.  We have learned the struggles that you go through, the personal experiences, and how much a challenge it is for you to receive this frequency of light in your physical bodies.  We, in Telos, have not always been on a 5th dimension; Lemuria was not on a 5th dimensional level but it was a land of purity and light.  So we still had our issues to deal with which is a lot of your timelines that you are going through presently.

As Gaia ascends into the higher frequency of the 5th, the 4th dimensional represents the duality which is so apparent right in society.  So many changes are happening upon the upper planet that need to made.  They cannot be done all at once as many would like them to be.  So each of you walking this pathway are becoming the leaders for the New Earth, but you are experiencing what it is like to go through these trials and pathways.  What happens when you are walking along a road and all of a sudden a huge tree falls in front of you.  You cannot go left and you cannot go right, so what do you do?  You break up the branches, and this is exactly what you are doing right now.

If any of you have been part of the Methuselah Teachings, this is exactly what we are assisting with.  We are breaking up the old roots that no longer serve an individual’s purpose in order to incorporate the depth of the God-creation within each of you to be activated.  So the roots that you have are not dying away can be nurtured, healed, and rejuvenated with your God Essence.  To explain, as a body ages, this is what happens; because each individual has the death wish coming into a human body which is part of that process.  So each of you are going through that availability not to have the death-wish, but to have the wish of eternal life within yourself which can be created within the physical body.  If you choose not to extend your life, that is your choice.  But those who want to do so, like each of us in Telos have the availability to create those aspects.  But you must allow yourself to let go of the aspects that are happening for you presently.

I will tell you that as you move along your pathway and ascension process, changes result within your life.  What you experienced a couple of months ago, can be completely different than what you are experiencing to your previous timelines.  Until they are activated by thoughts, feelings, other individuals, or remembrances in your dreamstate or day-to-day living, they cannot be removed.  This is due to the fact that they are put in that holding pattern until you are ready to fully look at them, change them, and create new timelines to come in.  We also want to create those timelines that will replace the old ones.  Just like when you release an element, you need to bring something inside your Heart of a compassionate nature so it fills up the space.  Otherwise, there can be a loss.  This is what happens with many individuals when they go through changes and they do not allow themselves to feel the purity of Light and what that transformation does for them.  There is an imbalance for them that cause the timeline to be ignited in the Etheric Body.  What we want to share with you is how to go through the Wheel of Rebirth, and not have to do it the way it has been done for eons of time.  You now have all the availability to be in complete harmony of your Eternal Self within the physical body just as all the masters have done.

The other element that I want to share is to prepare you to balance these energies.  Let’s go back to the old roots.  If you have all those old timelines that are still igniting within you, when the higher frequencies come in whatever your Higher Self feels you need to receive, you will be overloaded.  This is why some of you are having extreme problems in your physical bodies.  Because those parts of yourself, those dark spaces, those times you died in a certain way are now igniting some feelings in your physical body.  You need to be healed not through drugs; you need to be healed through herbs, elements of the Earth.  It may take a little bit longer to get through that process but what the drugs do is masking the problem.  What happens to that?  The energy goes back into the Etheric Body until there is another event for it to reappear.  So if you find yourself going through problems that you had in the past, this is why.  If you don’t work through the Earth oriented tools, then you are not going to be part of the earth.  This is because it is a manufactured product.  The basis of it may be at another time it worked to create the healing, but the chemicals along with the other ingredients that create the toxins within that drug will enter your system.  There is an automatic feedback that happens with this so we want to share this information tonight because many of you may be going through such symptoms.  It is very important that you utilize all your tools of healing to help you through the process ~ Very, very important.

We want to share with each of you the fact that we know you are having challenges.  Where are you having difficulty?  What areas do you see coming up for you still?  We want this experience of the Spring Equinox to be the most optimal available energy for everyone.  But we also have a dual purpose with this.  The more you can balance within yourself, the more you are going to help Gaia wherever you are located.  That frequency of light coming through you is going to blend into Gaia and to others that you are associated with, you have been close with, even others that you may think about but you don’t see any more.  Interactions with people that you see in your daily life whether it is in nature or in a store, office, or walking down the street in a city.  Individuals are affected by other individual’s energy.  This is why children are so receptive to the frequency of light in a highly evolved individual.  It is important for you to continually learn how to ground these energies.

As we move through this year, these increased frequencies are going to affect many individuals in adverse ways.  So if we can reach even just a small majority of people to help them to disperse through their own roots, into the ground.  If you think yourself as a moving tree; your branches represent the frequency of light that is in your auric field ~ the light frequency.  The more we help to activate your chakras with the higher rays of God, the more you are going to be able to expand those energies through your branches and leaves.  This is exactly what we want to assist you with to give you an understanding that the acceptance of Light is very important within you.

The reason we continually give you the 22 Rays of God is because you may not be able to take but a small portion of that ray energy within yourself because of the pockets of dysfunction and memories.  Some you may not even know that they are there.  The one thing that is important is to pay attention to your dream state.  It is very apparent right now upon waking or going sleep that you are going to be in both worlds very easily.  It is important to really pay attention to what needs to be transmuted and put into wholeness.  What needs to be accepted?  Because there can be elements that you need to understand.  Remember your dream state can be convoluted.  It does not mean that what you are dreaming is exactly true.  You need to take particles of those dream states and try to do a self analyzation of what it feels like which can be done through your Higher Self.  Allow your Higher Self to give you light forms, visions, or thoughts.   Working with your Higher Self is the most important communication that you can do through these transitions.  It is more important than trying to channel a master because your he/she is trying to give you ways to communicate with your physical self of how to best clear up the frequencies that are going on within you.

Remember, we are becoming multi-dimensional Beings.  This is an acceleration that has never been done except in small circumstances to other highly evolved masters.  So within this structure you are going to be receiving flashes, thoughts, and memories from all the timelines from good and bad.  You may even think that it is a good timeline when all of a sudden you see that the good is there but then there are particles of it that you need to remove through the process of allowing your Higher Self to work with you.

So I ask you to ask yourself, “How often do you connect with your Higher Self?  Are you working through your Higher Self daily?  Do you wake up in the morning and connect with your protection prayers and your Higher Self?  It is essentially important because your higher self is not going to become used to being in your physical body until you have an internal dialogue.  So that dialogue of your Higher Self becomes the dialogue of your Lower Self.  It has to be an exchange that is flowing.  This is why we are gathering before the Spring Equinox so that we can share with each of you how to activate your God-Self within the physical through the Rays of God.

Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda GreenI, as Lord Adama, with Lady Galactcia with the King and Queen of Telos embrace each of you for accepting your divinity further.  It has been my pleasure to be able to share these essences with you, because we believe through the Rays of God is the highest acceleration you can allow to be embodied within you.  You can try all the other processes; you can try to rid yourself of the thoughts and the emotions.  You can make yourself be frustrated by utilizing the 3rd dimensional ways, but we guarantee by working through these frequencies and energies, you will feel the balance, the love, and you will have great reverence of yourself and of God.  You will be able to tap into the higher knowledges, you will be able to have the harmony you deserve, and most of all you will be able to create and manifest your pathway and your life.

I AM Lord Adama your guide for this evening.

Many blessings and love.

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