Part 2 ~ Focus ~ Learning to Master Your Thoughts and Feelings ~ Telosian Way of Being


Lord Adama continues his discussion of creating the Masculine and Feminine balance  of the Telosian Way of Being:


I am sharing these details as I want you to realize how quickly one can become lost within themselves- into something else.  So when you’re looking at those elements, the TV, the computer, the videos, or the sports are not you unless you enjoy so much that you see a reflection of yourself within that entertainment.  Now that’s true entertainment because that is a mirror image, you see that reflection.  Movies that make you laugh are wonderful.  Movies that make you cry are wonderful.  Movies that are full of blood and destruction, completely ruin our brains.

I’m getting into this now, because it’s important to realize how much the outside world affects our inside world completely.  I am not saying that you are to give all these things up, but you do need to give a portion of it in order to find yourself.  Parts of the matrix are entertaining and are helpful, because we can learn from them; but the other parts are very damaging.  They are damaging to our soul’s essence, because let’s face it, we all know it, the matrix is programming.  The Lemurian and the Atlanteans are coming together which means the matrix is part of that.  The individuals of the matrix are fighting within themselves because of the past timelines that need to be rectified.

Technology is a very wonderful thing which is powerful in Telos, but it comes with balance.  Technology in your world is not balanced; it’s knowing what to do with it that causes the balancing act.  I am going to ask you how often do you spend watching this entertainment.  When you work so deeply on your inner self and then you go watch a movie or you go somewhere with individuals that are not aligned with the frequency that you have already brought in, this is going to be damaging to you.  So it’s important to know what being true to the Self represents.

What is our own inner truth?  What is it that we need in our lives to assist us through this process.  You’re all going through a deep cleansing process with this program.  The work that you’re doing with us after just our weekly segment is that you’re fully activating yourself with each of us, so it’s important that you understand that your blind spots are going to be opened up.  And it’s not just the fact that you are too masculine or too feminine.  I first wanted to get into this concept of your environment and how much it molds who you are.  This is where the mastery of thoughts and feelings come from.

If you’re being geared from another controlling factor, your thoughts and feelings are going to be very confusing.  There will be no clarity.  You will not be able to tell who you are and what they are; this is why I pose the question.  Are they yours or are they someone else’s?  They can be someone else’s without you even realizing that they are someone else’s.  So we are going to do some work this evening to assist in this process.

I also want each of you to realize that you have been on both sides of the fence.  I know Michael has spoken about this and it’s a very true fact.  If you hadn’t worked with the darker energies in other timelines, you wouldn’t be on the Upper Earth.  You would be here in Telos, you would be in angelic form, or you’d be in mastership form working through the masses.  You are also here because we need you.  So that process that you’re going through is balancing out your Soul’s Essence very deeply, but in truth you’re going to assist others with learning about this.  So whatever process you’re going through in this learning experience, know that you have something to add to that learning experience to assist someone else.

You have moments of thoughts and feelings which can be a fear factor, anger factor, they can be jealousy, or they can be envy.  These are all part of the lower ego issues that occur and you fully have to rid yourselves of those elements.  You may not like to think that you have any of those thoughts so we’re going to make sure that you don’t.  That is our goal in assisting you in this process as we don’t have any of the lower essences in Telos.  You cannot hold onto those elements within the 5D body.  It is not possible.

The first thing you are going to learn is how to do it yourself within yourself.  To be true to yourself, you have to think of yourself as both masculine and feminine.  As we do this, we can begin to dance with each other.  The aspects within you are two different personalities within.  We want to blend that personality into the Oneness that you are.  Until you do so, you’re not going to be able to have the balanced relationships you desire because there will always be issues, elements, thoughts or problems that arise.  So let us go deeply into those parts of yourself that fully do not understand each other.

At this moment I want you to think of a name for your feminine side.  You could call her Hazel, you could call her Joy or you could call her Happiness, you could call her Miserable if you want, so you’re going to go deep within yourself and feel your feminine side to fully bring her out and I am sure you’re going to pick up the names that is relevant to how your feminine side is.  I’ll use Meleriessee as an example on this one.  Her name for herself on this is Miss Sensitivity.  Think about that for a moment.  What does that mean, sensitivity?  Now we each could have a lower aspect and a higher aspect within that personality.  Within her aspect of her sensitivity as a child she was told that she was too sensitive because she felt things, she saw things, experienced things from people and family members, and they did not like it most of the time.  This caused her to feel very hurtful and she was insecure about that.  Now if you take that sensitivity~ it’s a good thing that she is sensitive on her feminine side, because that enabled her to do the work so deeply ~ that we, as the Team of Light, can work through her.  So she has allowed that to blend although at times she can still feel that inner insecurity of being too sensitive.  Although she is a whole lot better than she ever was before, I’ll say its 95% but it’s always a work in progress.

Do you think each of us in Telos does not have our problems?  But we help each other see and work through them.  That’s the process of community which is also seeing within yourself that you need assistance and that you can give assistance.  That’s a balanced personality within each aspect of the male and the female essences.  So now let us go to the male energy.

Take a deep breath and I want you to feel within your male essence, exactly what is his name?  Let it just come to you.  What does your male essence say?  And I am going to use Michael as an example.  I’m going to ask him to say what name he picked for himself?

Mike speaks: I was reminiscing through the old self and the new self.  The old self, even though I did not know on the outside but on the inside, it’s a tough guy but I would have to say, “Mr. Nurture” now.

Lord Adama: Well OK, so let’s look at that.  So, “Tough Guy”, what does that mean to you?  I’m going to add a little bit to the class format here to have an interaction.  “Tough Guy”, does that mean tough on others or you are tough on yourself?

Mike: I was tough on myself; I wasn’t so tough on others but I never shed a tear.  It was about getting through it all, taking control.

Lord Adama: So what does the mechanisms of that control do on your inside?

Mike: It creates a huge amount of stress that I just carried all the time, not realizing it which manifested in chronic fatigue that lasted from the age 16 to 35.  This was the inner self so the conscious self didn’t realize fully that this process was occurring.

Lord Adama: So you would say that’s your blind spot.

Mike: That was my blind spot.

Lord Adama: OK, so that was your blind spot on your male side.  So now you call yourself “Mr. Nurturer”.  How did you find the balance between being “Tough Guy” & “The Nurturer”?

Mike: The process of healing physically through the chronic fatigue was the beginning of nurturing.  In that I learned to nurture others.  The great service that I did not see at that time was just in the last six years or so, caring for my mother.  But then I had children, so caring for my children.  So that opened up another whole avenue into my existence that I wasn’t aware of.

Lord Adama: So how does that assist your masculinity, what happened to the control within you?  You allowed yourself to have self control or you allowed yourself to relax into what you were experiencing?

Mike: That would be the key, not looking for the question, I mean I was huge on the question of why is this happening, what does this mean and the realization that you face things as they come and you don’t know if you’re going to yield, surrender or it is going to be something you need to step up and accelerate through it.  So it was me much more in flow, and the flow required, just by its nature, to be able to access the balance of those sides.  It was not easy.  It was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.  But that’s what revealed to me what I would say is my true self, my true nature to be in balance.

Lord Adama: Thank you, Michael.  So I hope this gives some reflection exactly about Christine’s blind spot in her feminine side, I would say is not accessing her inner power, because of the sensitivity issue and her being told she was too sensitive.  Until in the later years she realized that sensitivity was her guide in this profession, in this pathway that she chose.  So her blind spot was not being able to speak up well enough which goes to the male side.  That’s what we want to look at here~ of how each side, like Mike explained of the “Nurturing” that’s actually a feminine trait.  You allowed the blind spot in your early days and are now allowing that nurturing to come back into your masculine side.  So you can see we talk about the Feminine & the Masculine Aspects but they need to blend together to assist each other.  This is how we become more intertwined as one being of light between the male and the female, so that we can feel those full aspects within ourselves.  So I want each of you to think about this now, possibly make some notes of where you have been previously and where you are now along with understanding that you still may have some blind spots between the masculine and feminine essences.

Mike: My external reality contributed to that greatly in the environment that I grew up in because there was not much nurturing.

Lord Adama: This is what happens also.  I think in Meleriessee’s standpoint is she became the “Nurturer” because in her circumstance she was one of the youngest in the family and had sisters with children and she became the instant caretaker.  So as a young child she did not know that she wasn’t being nurtured.  It’s the same thing with her too.  Her external circumstances made her to go inward.  So she learned through her own self awareness because she was not getting it from outside.  But in retrospect that can be a gift because then she saw that she needed to take care of herself although in the society, that era of the 50’s, 60’s, and the 70’s, individuals were not taught that you needed to nurture yourself especially in women because women were the nurturers.

So we want each of you to look at your mirrors, and see where the blind spots are; what parts of yourself have not been accepted or nurtured or allowed the growth process to happen because this really has a major component of allowing the feminine and the masculine to be fully active.  It’s very important that we can look at those blind spots and allow the other side to assist, to allow the male aspect because in Meleriessee’s point, she couldn’t be strong enough because she felt too weak, of being sensitive to other’s energies.

I want everyone to understand how this process can work within each of us individually.  These are teachings that we work with here, it’s not something new.  We’re not creating programs for third dimensional beings.  These programs are worked to assist. There are many souls that passed away and we allow them to come back into Telos into physical bodies for these reasons.  And there are many who are preparing themselves for the fifth dimensional New Earth; and these are the processes that we give to them to assist them.

This is going to help us to know who our true self is because as Michael shared, he now understands himself to be a nurturer and in those capabilities he’s starting to accept that part of himself.  Where previously in many men nurturing was not something that in your society was allowed to be, although there are many men that are nurturers.  And now that’s changing as the feminine divine is actualized.  This is part of the process when we talk about the Feminine Divine becoming more active in society that individuals are waking up onto these aspects of themselves.

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