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flower-fbDiscussion with Lord Adama Before Visiting the City of Goloneiah, July 17, 2013



Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening ~ Wherever you are,

It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light within the Telosian Community as we always come in unison.  Everything I always speak about is directed through all of our essences together in Oneness.

Here we are gathering together to visit the beautiful City of Goloneiah (over Arizona and New Mexico) representing the Will and Power, the Blue Flame.   Archangels Michael and Faith are excited about conversing with you as the last visit we initially had experienced (two years ago) was visiting the Elohim and Archangels in one temple.  So now there is a separate distinction between both but both of their essences do blend within each other.

Preparation is the most important aspect I want to discuss this evening before we travel to the city.  Each of you are going through stages of preparation of your initiation process, of your life pathways in which you will want things to happen within your life and experiences.  As you are allowing the higher dimensions to blend within you, those challenges cannot be measured, because no one has experienced previously within the third dimensional realm.

It is important that we have patience with ourselves.  What I really want to share this evening is to help you to start understanding your own process instead of saying to yourself, “I don’t know what is wrong with me; why do I have problems connecting to my higher self; why is it so difficult; why don’t I have the ability to talk my Master; why can’t things be different; or why do I have to work so hard”?  These are just some examples that each human goes through within the lower mind.   As the integration is occurring within the Lower Mind and Higher Mind, there needs to be a balancing effect.  That can only occur when you allow yourself to be patient within the process.

You must remember that you are accelerating yourself through a four-body system.  Each of those bodies, up to this point, have worked individually and not within each other.  So then, you decide, “Well, I am going on an ascension path and I am going to enlighten myself,” and then all of a sudden you think you should wake up one day and everything is beautiful through thoughts, emotions, and everything you have been dealing with your entire life, no matter how long that life is been which has been challenged.  So as you are experiencing these moments of despair or non-acceptance, the more you have less patience with yourself, the more you will experience the depth of these emotions and feelings on a much deeper level.

It is important every moment to understand what you are going through.  I am not talking about the moments you are in deep meditation.  I am talking about when you awaken each morning, or the process of your thinking when you hear something and react to it.  Notice how you are feeling with those emotions.  Notice when you are seeing something and how you react to it.  If there is no reaction, then you are allowing the patience to occur within your full body system.  So it means you are allowing your Higher Self to intertwine more deeply within yourself than you were in previous moments.  Believe me, you will have setbacks.  It does not happen all immediately.  But the more you practice this, the more often you will be feeling less and less of the lower frequencies within you.

Utilizing your breath is very important as is allowing your Higher Self to fully come into the physical; you must remember that this is a transitionary period.  I am not going to speak about everything that has happened previously because I keep going over those elements in each of our calls.  But I cannot talk enough of what you have gone through and this stems back to your own inner patience.  Take a moment of inner reflection of how you felt one month ago, two months ago and what changes have resulted within your thought process, within your existence, in the feelings you have on a moment-by-moment basis.  The reflection that is occurring for you upon awakening, in the morning, after your dream state is important.

I have spoken on this numerous of times of how we need to be fully aware of who we are.  The only way you are going to understand what is happening with you is to allow your Higher Self to come into your body, feel that essence, allow your breath to come within you, and feel the expression that your Higher Being is sending to you.  That is who you are; it is not every-thing else that you think.  What you were before is an illusion and this is the reality as you are changing.

So the essence of patience is one of the most important elements to have within you during these transitionary times.  We had expressed how this year would be so very powerful, and it is showing us truly that and more.  Individuals that have no idea of whom they are, are feeling different.  But each of you are going into more depths of your Being that you probably never thought you could.  Because some think that once they step unto this pathway and become enlightened, having some spiritual gifts, and then that is it.  Each of you know that this is not true.  That it continues and it continues for each of us in Mastership and in Telos.

We are learning so much from each of you of what you are experiencing.  This is why we have not come into the Upper Earth very much.  There are some that have infiltrated on the Upper Earth to help but those numbers are very small.  The most important aspects that you must hold onto is knowing that you are changing and it is getting better each day even though this transition is probably the most challenging, and more in-depth, as you are being totally pulled apart in many different ways.  The completed state of awareness within your physical self will depend upon your seriousness of this pathway, how you are doing the work when the call is finished, and if you process the elements that are coming up for you while embracing the ones that totally make you feel you are loved.

So Dear Ones, every moment that you are experiencing the fluctuation of your energies, know that it is making you more adaptable to understand the entire process.  If only we could show everyone, upon the Earth, what each of you are learning, we would be so much further ahead than we are now.  But, the good part is that there are so many others that have awakened since the last decade to assist in this process.  And, you are a part of that majority that is bringing forth those energies into this awareness.

Every time you visit one of these cities, you will change.  That is why afterwards some of you may feel a little light-headed, sleepiness, wanting to lay down, or possibly energized, because each visit to any of the beautiful Golden cities you are taking a part of acknowledges your higher essence while allowing it to be embodied within your physical self.  That in itself, is quite a powerful expression to have because every time it is new, it is like a child going into the classroom for the first time.  You are not sure what you are going to receive, but you are excited to be going and seeing how beautiful it is.  You learn so much.  It’s not about the Beings that are working with us, but about, yourself as each of these beings are reflecting that essence into each of you for this process.

So I ask of you again, to have the patience to go through the training sessions and know that each moment will be different than the next, but they will assist you in the total picture of your experiences to be fully incorporated within your physical self.  This is the beauty of allowing these energies to enfold within each of you.

We are in a very powerful state in the middle of July.  Some may think this time is about being on vacation, in the summer months, but it is always a time of great reflection.  So whatever your Higher Self transmits to you after we are finished with the call, I ask you to embrace that thought.  It is what you need the most at that moment.

Before we visit the city, I also want to share that I am very proud of you.  I know this is not an easy pathway especially with the work we are doing with each of you and the depth of knowledge that we are giving to you.  But it is also helping to open up doorways for yourself to attain your own wisdom and knowledge that is just ready to be acknowledged within the totality of your Light in the body you are incorporating.  But you must know, that these moments of wisdom are being safeguarded until you are fully ready to accept them.  Because, if you open up the doorway too fast, you may just may not be able to handle what is on the other side.  So the body is being prepared by allowing the higher frequencies, the activation of the DNA, the full attunement occurring within your full body system to be able accept these knowledges when it is time.  This is what occurred in Atlantis and in parts of Lemuria.  People became over-zealous before they were ready to ground it and make the right choices for the Good of the All not just the Self.  We thank you deeply for all that you do.

Blessings in Joy,

I AM Lord Adama, your brother in Telos

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos is our guide for the New Earth Cities.  He always shares a powerful message before the journey on the present energies and how we can assist ourselves to find the balance we are search for.  New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light classes are held on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific.  For more details, please click the link,

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