Healing and Physical Manifestation

This powerful 90 minute audio MP3 file is being shared to assist every soul of Light who is currently struggling with the energies of transition.

A participant commented, “This is the most peaceful I have felt in months. Thank you so very much.”

Due to the current earth plane energies and what every soul of Light is challenged with presently, we are sharing this MP3 recording with everyone. It is just one part of using the Rays to assist with the Lion’s Gate energies.


[note: you can use our 90 Day Ray Challenge to assist you or join our weekly teachings or other programs.]

Use this audio to create powerful regeneration in body, mind and spirit of your full light body. This is the audio of our regular Wednesday healing visits to one of the New Earth Golden Cities. With Lord Adama as our guide we visit the Etheric Golden City Saceleas with Elohim Heros & Amora in the Temple of Divine Choice. This City Represents the 3rd Ray of the Pink Flame

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