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Begin your Journey of Learning to Become an Ascended Master.

What is the New Earth? What is the Fifth Dimension?

Terms like these are showing up everywhere recently but what do they really mean at the heart of the matter?

We are not a political organization nor a religious one. What we do goes beyond any form of distinction that separates one person from another. Each soul on earth is a Divine soul seeking to rediscover that Divinity Within.

We bring you Spiritual Education. We provide Training to Evolve your Body, Mind and Spirit like nothing you have yet been able to experience, regardless of if you are a seasoned learner or brand new in seeking to understand something greater than yourself .

We are “the teacher’s teacher” bringing forth the knowledge and understanding all future Leaders of a planet that is in group Unity and Oneness will require to Walk as a Fifth Dimensional New Earth Leader upon our beloved Earth, the blue planet we call GAIA.

Each Soul must become that leader within to then be it without. This is the SHIFT that is spoken about by many but understood only by a few.

This shift in consciousness is no less significant than moving from the stone age into the agricultural age, or the industrial age into the age of modern computer circuitry.

This shift requires nothing less than moving dimensionally in both your awareness and your lifestyle. You must go from where you have been as a third dimensional being into becoming a Fifth Dimensional human.

We teach souls how to co-create the New Earth. We provide the instruction and the vibrational frequency training you require to change your dimensional perspective because it is not something that one is able to learn easily, nor can it be done alone.

Albert Einstein is famously quoted as instructing us that a presently existing condition can not be changed from the perspective that created it.

As the beloved Mahatma Gandhi instructed, each soul upon earth is required to be the change they wish to see in the world. And yet, how can a soul do that if they do not know how?

The Fifth Dimensional New Earth Explained:

Those legendary mythological beings of light who lived and walked upon the earth in pre-ancient days all understood how to Resonate in Oneness.

However over the many eons of time, the original teachings became fragmented and essentia understandings were lost; the once true wisdom faded and only pieces remained.  We can be like them. We can be the solution. You can be like them. You can be a co-creator of the New Earth.

  • The Fifth Dimension Is An Ascended Earth Of Enlightened Humans Who Understand Who They Are And What They Do.
  • The New Earth Is One of Global Peace, Global Unity and Global Oneness.
  • It Is The Created Terra Christa. It Is The Realm Of The Ascended Masters. The Realm Of Unity Where Spiritually Advanced Beings Walk Physically Side By Side With Humans.
  • Attaining The Oneness Of The 5D Existence Requires The Deep Knowledge Of The Often Mysterious Science of Ascension Mastery.
  • It Is The Accessible Practical Understandable Teachings From The Beings Who Govern The Brotherhood Of White Light.
  • It is Traversing The Pathway Of Accessing The Deep Knowing Of Your Own Essence As A Soul, Not Just As A Human Living In One Lifetime, But Across ALL Lifetimes.

Click here to watch our short video in understanding what you can experience on this Ascension Mastery Path to the Fifth Dimension that we are teaching.

Our website teachings, sessions and healing modalities are specifically for those individuals seeking knowledge, clarification, training and assistance on what the 5D is really all about. Getting there is actually the paramount journey into the most dramatic, challenging, rewarding and glorious discoveries. The discoveries of the TRUE SELF. 

The Fifth Dimension is Ascension Mastery

In order to bring your Highest Essence into your full body system, it requires Discovering what you have forgotten over lifetimes (timelines) about Who You Are. It is Rejecting what others have condition within you about Who You Are. To say that you have been “collecting and losing pieces” along the Journey would be a grand understatement.

The Fifth Dimension is a state of being where there are no illusions, no hidden secrets, not just in the community we call society, but within ourselves. What is within is mirrored without. It can be no other way if we desire to live in global joy, harmony and peace.



We offer these Direct Paths to Begin Your Journey… Why Not Start Now?

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The Academy Board is over-lighted officially by many Ascended Masters and Beings of Light including the Christed Galactic Races that work within the Unity of Oneness to assist accelerating the pathway of student initiates upon Gaia in the most direct route now accessible. Mel and Mike are the Master Guides teaching Ascension Science & Soul Psychology so you can learn how to walk into the 5th Dimension.quote-wtcacadamyboxWhat most people do not understand is that one must clear and elevate their own frequency in order to access the New Earth.

The Academy is set up in a part-time distance learning format to facilitate easy access for the typical adult who seeks a true spiritual energetic foundation in all aspects of their life.

The Academy hosts weekly audio tele-teachings for our collective healing with vibrational journey meditations and high frequency channeled transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy consisting of the Ascended Masters, Avatars and Christed Galactic Beings. These Beings assist using the Rays of God as the essential methodology required of all Ascended Beings. Weekly instructions include the Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother-Father God and the Spiritual Masters including Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Capitol City of Lemuria that is physically located in the 5th Dimension within the Inner-Earth.

The city of Telos is held to be within one of the Seven Sacred Mountains of the world: Mount Shasta in Northern California. Tibetan Buddhists, who have 28 specific criteria a mountain must meet to be called sacred, have a monastery in the city of Mt. Shasta as the mountain is the only one in the USA that meets all 28. It is considered spiritually to be akin to the realm of Shamballa, a mythical place housed secretly somewhere in the vast mountainous regions of Eurasia in the vicinity of Tibet.

Shasta is also considered by many to be the sister mountain of Mt. Fuji in Japan from which many Japanese tourist visit here.  Ascended Master Saint Germain and his teachings are prevalent as are many other Masters. In addition to individual Personal Mastery Sessions, Walking Terra Christa’s offered programs also include live Journey Retreats within the Mount Shasta area so you can physically receive the sacred vortex vibrations within your body.

We have many teachings and attunements to assist your full body system to raise your vibration that are free in both text form on our BLOG SITES and in audio for download listed in our free MP3 LIBRARY:

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About The Instructors

About Mel and Mike of Walking Terra Christa
Click image for more on Mel & Mike

Mel (Reverend Christine “Meleriessee” Hayden): With decades of spiritual instruction by the Ascended Master’s directly through her own visionary channeling* abilities including adept medical intuitive healing and extensive Shamanic training, Rev. Christine Meleriessee assists tens of thousands of Lightworkers, Intuitives, Healers, and Starseeds. Formally ordained under Dr. Joshua David Stone’s Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy in 2003, she expands upon Master Joshua’s (Dr. Stone) expansive body of academic work since his departure from earthly physicality. Through her own transmissions and vibrational instruction of the Rays of God she brings a universal depth of understanding and the highest guidance available to her students initiates.

Mike (Reverend J. Michael “Ara Natha Nara” Hayden): Certified as a LightMaster by Steve and Barbara Rother’s Paths to Empowerment, Mike is a lifelong student of psychology, spirituality, technology and human potential. Having been a computer and networking service provider serving Fortune 100 clients; a business organizational performance consultant for the world’s largest testing and measurement organizations (ETS); and an independent sales representative for one of the world’s top personal coaching organizations (IPEC), Mike has accelerated beyond his former disciplines in the arenas of teaching and coaching in personal development and organization performance into being a Master interpreter and communicator of Esoteric and Ascension knowledge and methodologies. As of the 11/11/11 spiritual gateway, he became the sacred divine partner of Christine Meleriessee and on 1/15/14 received earthly ordination through Reverend Meleriessee into the Melchizedek Order Brotherhood of White Light.

Christine and Mike were officially joined in marriage on August 8 of 2015 (numerologically the 8/8/8) in a Divine Love Union Ceremony in Mount Shasta, CA to celebrate and express their dedication to each other and the New Earth of the return of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine becoming equal once again upon GAIA.

*Note: the term “channeling” is not very accurate but it is a term many understand. To simply say “channeling” is like saying “artist”. It does not define how good one is, or the exact nature of the art form.  Reverend Meleriessee is a Fully Integrated Transmitter(sm) of the energies of the Spiritual Realm which means the teachings she gives are directly from the highest level of creation within the Unified Whole via the Light Being that is doing the teaching. Any “channel” is only as pure as the degree of the level of frequency they are able to hold physically in the body to match the frequency of the Light Being who is transmitting the message. Raising and matching one’s Light Quotient to that of the Light Being’s frequency is what a Fully Integrated Channel has acquired. This is why Rev. Meleriessee is such a pure channel of the Ascended Masters and Christed Light Beings. Her abilities have always been expert level but a capstone achievement was made possible through the Divine Union with Reverend Ara who adds the abilities of  full vibrational grounding in the divine masculine frequency.

Links About Mount Shasta, Shambhala (Shamballa), and Inner-Earth (Argartha):


4 thoughts on “Fifth Dimensional Ascension Mastery”

  1. I have been on this journey with Mel and Mike for a while now and ever so grateful for their teaching. They had posted a post about the Teton retreat with Master Confucius and Lanto and the Karmic board.

    I had some problems at work with a boss of mine and i went to the Teton retreat and asked for assistance with any and all karmic ties to be cleared. well the very next day i went to work and this lady had did a 360 and the energy had changed between us was I ever floored and happy and grateful for the Masters at the Teton retreat and the work that both of us were willing to do for I also asked for her higher self and I AM Presence to assist and took her up the 144th dimension of the Unified whole and asked for healing for both of us. She has been cheerful and nice to me where as before she was mean, gave me awful looks and wanted me out of their doing her best to get me written up and fired. Now this is all past and their is just clear, peaceful and pleasant environment with her.

    I did recognize that she was also a mirror for me and I saw I had been that type of energy and I had compassion for her and myself and saw elements within me that I needed to change and recognized that this way was no longer me for she was my teacher and master showing me who I AM now and I AM no longer for she was very strong in her masculine self.

    This allowed me to see that I was Light that I was not that energy any more and that I did not have to act, combat but just be and that was what i did. Later on I realized the feminine within me was acting where the masculine had stepped back. This is what the teachings of Walking Terra Christa has allowed me to realize, actualize and evolve continuously. Sade

  2. The Unified Whole Protection Meditation and putting oneself into Whole-ness.

    This is a powerful tool to assist oneself in clearing, protecting oneself, and removing elements, timelines that are not of the Light and no longer serves you and also bringing in the higher Light within you. I have found this to be very effective and powerful tool to use and I LOVE it, without the unified whole energies of the 144th dimensions I would not have been able to accelerate myself in my ascension process, walk through doorways and remove the dark timelines within me.

    Also it has helped me to keep on this path of mastery for there have been many, many times that I wanted to quite and go back to my old self, I even wanted to quite Walking Terra Christa but I didn’t with using the UWP meditation/energies I have been able to stand strong build my foundation and move my mountains(blocks) to keep pushing forward it has really assisted me in my healing process and putting myself in wholeness allowing me to be able to discern the energies within me that are not of the highest essence, discern my ego, discern elements in others, elements around me in the outside world and materials of books, television, radio, spiritual events/gatherings and I have found that if they are not using the Unified Whole of the 144th dimensions protection I want no part. because due to the UWP I have found that we as a whole of the human race are Light and dark and we need to clear ourselves, rectify ourselves, balance ourselves, and put ourselves in wholeness of the 144th dimensions of Light and not doing so or not being aware that we need to be responsible for ourselves in our clearing and healing we bring in lower energies/elements that we truly don’t want and we are truly not helping ourselves and others. How can you when there are lower elements within you if you are not aware that you have to put everything even your spiritual guides in wholeness?

    The Unified Whole Protection energies help me to accept and bring in the responsibility of healing and clearing myself to assist my ascension process and that of Mother Earth and allow of Humanity. It gives me the diligence to keep at it, push forward and be strong in everything that I go through. It has also allowed me to see that I am part of everyone not separate; yes we hear all that time of oneness, wholeness and not being separate but with the UWP I have a deeper understanding, acceptance of my role within myself and all of Humanity and Mother Earth then before I FEEL the wholeness, the oneness within me that gives me a deeper respect and understanding of One-ness.

    So my one advice/guidance is to use the Unified Whole Protection meditation/ energies daily and as much as possible if you can through out your day every day, if you are new to this try once a week until you can move yourself into more take the time to allow yourself and the energies within you to build the strength to do it, you will see a difference. Much Love to you all on this path of Whole-ness. Sade

  3. CTO-Lord Metatron on 4-13-15

    This was another powerful call Lord Metatron was very precise on what I was experiencing in the past three days this was very helpful in that I received the healing and clarity I needed and gave me the focus and grounding energy to push forward. He touched on how the mental side acting up and everything erupting with the lower mind wanting to figure out and know the what’s, the how’s and if’s which could get one in trouble if you allow yourself to go there. He said the way to help yourself through the energies of this month and for Wesak is to surrender to what is happening and know that your Higher self knows what to do and all you have to do is breathe be conscious of the breath and allow it to relax you through your process and to know/ have the faith that you are doing the right thing for you on the right path and everything is okay no matter what the challenges are that you are going through

    This was so much true and a much needed reminder for me as my mental side erupted and felt like I was being squeezed and so much stuff coming up showing itself to me like mirrors which Lord Metatron did touch on about the many mirrors that are coming up to be acknowledge and rectified, I did know what was happening and yesterday I did not feel good but right before the conference call I started to feel better during the call everything made sense and I felt better and calm and had a deeper understanding of the process I was going under these past few days and gave me the focus to grab on like an anchor that I latched on and brought that frequency into me and grounded it and I was able to see how I can move myself through my doorways. will listen to this one many more times this month.
    I love the CTO calls for me it brings much needed healing that I need and it is always on time. During me reflection after the call I realized how far I have come in my healing and ascension process and I have been being guided by my Higher self this life time before my awakening and now and I understood why my life went the way it did for I was to learn to surrender to my Higher self to be my guide to walk this Earth as I did things in the 3rd dimensional self which was hard and painful, it is not an easy process but a process that I am working through and know that this is the way to be. I have a deeper sense of gratitude for myself and my life now and past (timelines, past-walk) to now be able to walk the path of Light.
    Being part of the higher teachings and vibrations that is offered through the Clarion Temple of Oneness, the New Earth Cities of Light and Lord Adama Discourses and the many different teachings by different masters help bring in the activation and attunement needed to do the work and the knowledge to be responsible in myself and the work I am doing in my healing, but most important the teachings bring in much needed wisdom and understanding especially at the right time when going through my processes and challenges.
    Sade, Louisville KY

  4. 4-15-2015 NEC visit to the etheric Golden city of Saceleaus

    During the NEC meditation we visited the etheric city of Saceleaus and during the visit to the Temple of our Higher Self which was the last Temple we went through we were asked to look into the hologram and see our Higher Self we were asked to look in the hologram at out higher self well there had been times where I would picture myself as looking different and not looking like me whenever we visited and other etheric Golden city or the Clarion Temple of Oneness visits or during my own meditations, I would always at times envision myself as looking like something else not like my image now, well during this visit this time I saw me how I looked now in my image and this kind of shocked me literally I felt a jolt of Light running through me and I realized I was my Higher Self that no other image that my lower self tried to form of how I thought my Higher Self should looked, just me Sade in my own image that I was my Higher Self and I realized that there was some part of me that still had not accepted this and until this powerful visit and all the work I had been doing brought this acceptance of my Higher Self more within me. Later on I reflected on this and grounded this within me and had more of an understanding of my process and all the events that lead to this moment of self-realization. Another powerful visit and activation and realizations.
    These visits and meditations with Walking Terra Christa are very powerful they bring in a higher vibration of attunement, activation and wisdom that assist one in their process of ascension, healing, wisdom, clarity and teachings of self responsibility upon the pathway of Light.
    Thank you Mel and Mike and Paul the Venetian and the beings of the Pink flame of Creative Active Intelligence and Manifestation and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Sade, Louisville KY

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