The Full Moon of September has arrived with all of its flowing and healing energies of the Feminine Divine. This moon is in Pisces within the Sun of Virgo; it arrived on September 6th, 2017 at 12:04 AM Pacific, 3:04 AM Eastern bringing forth the Cycle of Spiritual Synchronicity.



This moon of Pisces brings forth the energies of the Feminine Divine with Flowing Energies, expansion of Light, giving us Vision while experiencing the Infinite. The Virgo Sun represents the Lower Self or Physical Ego of needing to keep things in order and focused generated from the Mental Mind.

This cycle can hold visions of inspiration of Pisces but with the Virgo Sun we can wrestle with our own limitations of desiring expectations instead of flowing with the energies which will allow for the flow of synchronicity to occur. It can create feelings of worry and lack especially during the extreme challenges the world is facing presently.

The energetic exchange that happens at this time extends the energies of the Solar Eclipse in August bringing forth the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Divine to work in unison. It represents a period of Spiritual Synchronicity to occur, if we in the physical body, will allow it to occur.

It is no mistake that these elements are occurring planetary as the Earth is in a state of upheaval with the challenges of weather patterns that is being experienced along with unrest in many parts of the world. In order to come into a state of Oneness, the debris has to be removed that is causing the confliction of energies to be fighting with each other whether it occurs in the people, the environments or outside forces trying to stop the re-creation of this Earth to become fully manifested.

There is definitely a war of duality occurring all around us and within us. It is a time of extremely powerful movements towards allowing the state of Oneness to occur for humanity.

In addition, there was an extremely large X-Class Solar Flare that occurred on September 6th that adds more fuel to the fire of change. It is considered the largest solar flare in more than a decade which also hurled a CME towards the earth on September 7th bringing strong magnetic fields into Gaia’s auric field.

It is very important to realize that these elements that are we are experiencing is giving each soul an opportunity to look deeper within themselves so that true change can occur. The Solar Flares are here to assist us even though it may feel very uncomfortable to the human field. They are disrupting to the four-body system, but bring forth electro-magnetic energies to be felt in many ways which represent the Masculine-Feminine Divine to be integrated not only within the physical self but with the consciousness of our reality individually and collectively.

The significance of this alignment presently is to realize that it is time to allow the transmutation to occur into a state of transformation.

The integration of the Feminine and Masculine Self needs to be experienced within each of us, through the Heart Center and expanded out into the outside world. As the awakened ones, it is our duty and responsibility to not buy into the state of duality but to allow our higher essence to show us the way to peace and harmony.

All of these alignments presently are helping us to do just that, but it is up to each of us individually to accept the higher energies that we are experiencing in order to help the ones that do not know how to get through these challenging times. Bringing forth the ability to step into the power of your Higher Mind will assist your Lower Mind to relax and move through the transition that is occurring presently. As the Feminine Divine of the Moon comes forth through this movement of light, it helps the physical self to relax through the nurturing and healing energies. It is a time to sit back and just receive the Divine Dispensation that is occurring so that others can receive it.

There will be great moments of healing that will be experienced for every soul if we allow this to happen for ourselves.

Master Djwhal Khul shares his message for the month of September:

Dearest Friends and Comrades,

I am happy to connect with you in this moment. I am Master Djwhal Khul and I want to share how this Festival of Lights for September is a time in history that will mark the onset of transformation for every soul if those souls accept their own Destiny of Light.

This moon is magnificent for allowing the energies of the Solar Eclipse to become grounded within each person’s foundation. It is important to realize how you were affected by the Solar Eclipse in August, and how well you are holding those energies within yourself.

Have you been able to accept the New Self that is arising within your physical existence or are you just going through life from one light frequency to another?

This is an important consideration as these occurrences of the moon cycles are truly assisting the planet in becoming more aligned with the higher realms of light; this includes each of you to prepare the journey to accept a new part of your multi-dimensional self.

Yes, it is true that each of the planetary movements that occur monthly or more often are truly changing your light quotient for you to accept a new part of your reality. But, if you are unable to hold unto that exchange of energy within your four-body system, then it dissipates until you are fully capable of holding more light within your physical self.

You see, what happens during these occurrences is that the transference of light comes into your consciousness allowing you to increase the way that you experience your Emotions (Emotional Realm), your Thoughts (Mental Realm), your Physical Self (Lower Self), and also your Etheric Self (the history of your soul’s journey).

If you are unable to process the feelings that arise, then you do not have the ability to make the transition into a Higher Being of Light. But yet, if you allow this exchange of light to assist you to see more of yourself, then the darker parts incased in your Etheric Self will be dispelled. This can occur through the Emotional Body of tears, releasement of elements that no longer fit you, and fits of anger that can occur. When you actually take the time to feel these energies, then they no longer exist within your subconscious.

This is where the Mental Body is truly affected and allows for the Masculine Self to accept the Divine Love that is truly part of its existence. It is when you start to create a new foundation that is encased within your Earth Star so that you can hold the higher Light Quotient for the four-body system.

So when we say that the Masculine and Feminine Divine are being blessed at this time, it is a statement of fact that the exchange of energies is allowing for the integration of this union to occur within you more physically.

Each person that is awakened and aware of these energies must take a responsibility to take care of themselves. It is the way of Ascension Mastery.

You cannot ascend without this process occurring; it will not happen automatically as many seem to think it will. It takes great diligence and work to walk across the Bridge of the Unknown to fully accept the next stage of the Initiate’s Destiny of Light.

With the magnificence of the present energies it is allowing the exchange of these energies to be experienced by each individual. It is important to allow the Feminine Essence of Pisces with its flowing light energies to embrace you as the old fragments of the physical self are being transformed. Your physical body may feel like it is losing, but yet it is only being transformed by the pure essence of Grandmother Moon at this time just as your physical Self of the Lower Mind of Virgo is being transformed into the Higher Mind.

This light energy is also helping the planet with the weather conditions that are occurring presently. The upheaval is happening in many places, but the main element is to stay calm and purified. The only way that you can do this is by accepting the Divine Light of the Feminine Essence of the Moon to bless you; calm your energies down, allowing the healing to occur naturally as it will if you stop, breathe deeply and feel your consciousness change into the Higher Mind.

Through this process your Mental Body, the Lower Mind will start to relax and feel the purification that is occurring through the Feminine. This then, will bring forth the connection between the Masculine and Feminine to become one.

It is your Love and your Wisdom; allow it to be blessed in these moments so that the elements you have been holding within your Etheric Self will be healed just by being in this pure state of awareness.

As each Initiate goes through this process, the change can occur on a higher level, with Divine Light to bring forth a calmness and acceptance through all the light infractions around the Earth allowing Gaia to become calm affecting her waters and her land, as the winds, the fire, and the air all come into pure alignment of Oneness.

It is a time of great responsibility. Please step forward, but take care of yourself first and foremost. The rest will follow as we all walk with you through the Storm of Duality into the Light of Oneness.

I am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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