WHEN: TUESDAY to SUNDAY – AUGUST 16 to 21, 2016
COST: $645*

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Learn The Healthy High Vibrational Way of Healing Earth.

Learning to become a true caretaker of planet Earth is a profound step to take as a human. Many individuals have a distinct knowing within themselves that they are here on Mother Earth to bring in the Higher Frequencies of Light that heal and elevate her (and humanity) to a level of Global Spiritual Oneness that is without separation or exclusion in any and all aspects.

earth-inhandsThis understanding is exactly what Mother Earth now needs. She is doing all she can and it is now time to for more individuals to acquire the skills to assist her. This special week long Journey Retreat event will give participants the understanding and training they need to assist GAIA to Heal.

“SHASTA BLAST – Nov 2015!!!!!! WOW and just WOW!!!! If you want to literally change your life (for the better) check out one or all of their retreats. Truly a life altering experience. You will also bond with the other participants. The ambiance, ENERGY and the teachers all come into play. Such a cathartic experience, felt like I shed unwanted bodie(s). Much thanks & gratitude to Mel & Mike for assisting me in my transformation… I will be a repeat attendee, where there is INTENTION and will…there is a way.!!!! NAMASTE!” – Cheryl, Artist and Reiki Healer, Philadelphia, PA
“Having worked directly with Michael and Christine (Meleriessee) at two retreats (so far!) has been one of the deepest blessings of my life…I needed deep healing after the tragic and unexpected loss of a family member, and both retreats I attended helped me to feel the unconditional love I needed from the Masters, Mel and Mike, and myself to do that work… a gift… helped me to feel my own Divine Essence (I AM Presence ) more deeply and powerfully than any channeling, meditation, or comparable work in my home town could have ever done.” -Christopher, Graduate Student and Engineer. Paris, France.
“What I love about Mel and Mike’s retreats is not only how strongly I feel the Spiritual Hierarchy walking every step of the way with me but also the deep transformation that always occurs within me. I always feel like I become a brand new person- much stronger, more empowered and deeply connected to my divine light. Thank you Mel and Mike for your powerful guidance and teachings!” – Sacred Spirit Aluria, Crystal Magic, Ascension Mastery Practitioner, N.Z.


When one thinks about “ALCHEMY” they may typically think of wizardry and magic, not of the process of healing the earth by raising her vibration. Yet if the ACTION of RAISING VIBRATION is done correctly, Alchemy is definitely what is happening.

LenapeLifeConsider the “Shaman”, the Medicine Man or Woman. Call them Mystics, Spirit Walkers, Great Ones, Naguals. They go by many names in many indigenous cultures across the globe. They are historically thought of as being the ones who are closest to the rhythms and understandings of the earth. They are the wisdom keepers and they hold the energies of their role and duties more strongly than those who do not hold the gift of inner sight.

The gift of inner sight is not what defines them, it is only what opened their eyes and senses so that they could learn more about WHO THEY ARE in order to be the wayshowers. They took on the role of being the one that understands the deeper truths of what creates the vibrational conditions to heal. In this way they became those who would forge and teach the path to others.

shaman-energiesEach soul who identifies with the goal of changing planet earth into becoming a ‘New Earth’ is akin to the same spirit as that of those Shamanic/Medicine people. In effect those who care about GAIA’s health are wayshowers within their own souls. It is why they are here now at this juncture of time upon earth. They are here to heal her. Such healing has the greatest impact for GAIA when each soul physically has the ability from within to make all the necessary changes so they can BECOME that HEALER.

LEARNING to create SACRED HEALING ENERGIES that will actually co-create the RAISING OF VIBRATION into a NEW EARTH FREQUENCY means becoming a PLANETARY HEALER.  

Who You Are Being is What Matters

The immensity of the process of creation is much more dynamic and subtle than we humans knew. The Universe is not concerned with what we “want or desire to happen” but with the actual frequency at which we vibrate. Our vibration determines what we experience both individually and collectively.

waterfall-mac-burneyIt is the very fabric of creation that what we are individually vibrating out directly determines the outward quality of our collective reality. This is similar to each member of an orchestra, each a separate instrument of creation, determining how that orchestra sounds to the world. 

The Universe looks at not just what we “do” but WHO WE ARE while we “do”. Did you ever go out in public when having a bad day and just put on a happy face? In the dysfunctional energies of our planet, this is encouraged and accepted as BEING that happy person regardless of the fact that you are in a lower vibration.

As we become more conscious, we aspire to true PLANETARY HEALING which RESONATES at the HIGHER FREQUENCY such that one can establish and maintain the ACTUAL frequency of a better planetary environment. We move to the awareness that OUR frequency must be AUTHENTIC, and IN a STEADY STATE of that PURE HIGHER FREQUENCY.


art-earth-faceIn this unique August 2016 event, Walking Terra Christa’s expertise at understanding the nuances and subtleties of how to bring forth real alchemic changes in the vibrational frequency of a land mass or body of water is taught to each individual participant inthis unique Journey Intensive Retreat.

With 30 years of experience in the intuitive arts perfected and enhanced by using the Ascended Master teachings, the same Ascended Master teachings that Ascended Beings (like Saint Germain himself) studied and incorporated, Rev. Christine Meleriessee (Hayden) is able to create the proper Frequencies of Light (Higher Light Vibrations) participants require so they can realize firsthand the difference between a third or fourth dimensional energy and a fifth.

Her divine partner, Rev. Michael Aranathanara (Hayden) enhances the holding of these energies. Together, they combine their own vibrational signatures so that each individual participant can personally feel it in order to know the frequencies they then desire to create themselves.

Participants will learn the proper steps and techniques required so that they too can create and anchor Higher Frequencies of Light into the earth
Applying the correct methods of Earth Ascension Alchemysm is what actually assists in RAISING the EARTH’S VIBRATION.

Aurelia Louise Jones (author and channeled of the Telos books) and Dr. Joshua David Stone, (author of many Ascension Mastery instruction volumes and the founder of the Spiritual Wesak Festivals held in Mount Shasta from 1995 through 2004), both shared that Mount Shasta California is the ASCENSION CAPITAL of the NEW EARTH ENERGIES.

1-ShastafromLakesisMOUNT SHASTA is recognized globally as a power center of the earth. More accurately it is the ROOT CHAKRA of the planet which means the place where the core frequencies are generated for Ascension.
Most importantly, the FIFTH DIMENSION frequencies of the 22nd Golden Etheric City of Havelancheesm sit above her, and the Inner Earth (Hollow Earth) Capital City of Telos sit below her, providing the Higher Spiritual energies she needs to be the Ascension seat of earth.

These retreats are specifically held on the lands of Mount Shasta so that an individual can experience firsthand the feel and frequency of these sacred spiritual light frequencies. This energy is made even more powerful when they are correctly brought forth and focused through the Highest Vibrational Source currently available to humanity.

This makes interacting directly with the land mass and waters of ‘Lady Shasta’ essentially important in any individuals concerned about enhancing their own personal Ascension process, either as a beginning step or as a continued enhancement, so they can then extending out that personal Ascension Vibration in SERVICE to GAIA.

earth space viewParticipants gain direct contact with Rev. Meleriessee’s ability to be a conscious Fully Integrated Transmittersm bringing forth the Divine Light Language Codesm frequency of the Christed Spiritual Realm Masters. The Ascended Masters include both the Inner Earth Beings of the Hollow Earth (like Lord Adama of Telos), and the Extra-Terrestrials (like Lord Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light), making the location of Mount Shasta even more powerful for participants as these are the physical beings that guide and protect the Higher Frequency Dimensional energies of these lands.