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December Soul Family Gathering

Magical moments

A Reunion of All Soul’s in Oneness

Come Home this December 2013.

If you have been lucky enough to meet someone and within moments of that first encounter you felt like you had known them your whole life, then you know the magic feeling of coming home.

Home really is where the Heart is.

Mel and Mike are having a reunion of the Walking Terra Christa Soul Family. This special event will take place for 3 days starting on Friday December 27 and going through Sunday night December 29.

This Soul Family Gathering is open to anyone who has:

  • Attended one of our Journey Retreats in Mount Shasta, and is a regular active monthly membership subscriber to our teachings for at least 30 days prior to the retreat, or
  • Is a regular active monthly member subscriber for 60 days or more, or
  • Is actively studying the Telosian Way program (a 10 week program of understanding Fifth Dimensional Mastery).

Your Soul Family is Larger than You Think.

The Circle of Light that you are part of encompasses all realms.

You are more than a mere Human. You are of Galactic heritage and so much more. You have existed in body and out of body. As a soul you have experienced the realms of light in all forms, those of your wildest imagination as well as those that are beyond your minds comprehension.

On this Gathering you will sit with the essences of some of those you have known before. Through the channeling of Rev. Christine Meleriessee you will connect personally to the Ascended Masters who know how to sooth the soul:

  • Lord “Father Mel” Melchizedek is your guide on the pathway of all Fifth Dimensional Initiates stepping upon the Mastery Path and their heritage as Priests and Priestesses of the Higher Frequencies of Light.
  • Lord Sanat Kumara is the one who vigilantly held the frequencies of the Brotherhood of White Light to dwell deep in your soul as you have worked with him and the other Holy Kumara upon Venus and in ancient Lemuria.
  • Lord Adama carries the banner of Light in physical form as the High Priest of Telos and as an Ascended Master. As the representative of the Telosian Council of Light with the King and Queen of Lemuria, he works diligently to teach and guide the human race to a remembrance of who they can become once again.
  • Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light is not only the watchful Commander, along with his fellow Ascended Master Lord Sananda, but he proudly protects and shields humanities accessibility to the gateways of the Higher Frequencies of Light so the doorway never closes.
  • Saint Germain an Ascended  Master and holder of the Frequencies of the Seven Rays of God is singularly devoted to assisting you to develop your own Inner Alchemy of the Soul as he once did in the time of Lemuria.
  • The Unified Whole Command consisting of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director and Master Einstein demonstrating the divine ability of reuniting in Oneness and stepping out of one’s timelines of separation and conflict.

We will experience group channeling of live attunements and meditations to assist us in remembering how to activate our dimensionality as we go deeper to recall walking with each of these Masters.

And that is not all, there may be opportunities for informal channeling and exploring the personal connections we have to these Masters and to each other.

Despite the inability of the Light to be grounded onto Gaia at the long prophesied date of 12/21/12, this event has finally occurred with the Autumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere; Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) so this retreat is a time of reflection of this past year of 2013 and how our pathways have changed, what we have become and who we are now.

With weather permitting we will engage in our usual outdoor excursions to feel the power vortex locations and enjoy the energies of a sunrise and sunset (which are indeed more of a relative experience than a visual one here at this altitude within the Cascade Mountain range).

So while we may do one early morning start, this gathering will be at a slower pace than our Transformational Journey Retreats as we want to make it a personal time for each participant to be able to reflect on the their own Journey and to have time to share their pathways bends and turns with each other.

We will reserve time for interactively sharing and open participation in the moment. As usual, of course, we will all adhere to the regular retreat requirements in order to insure the best possible experience for everyone as we relearn the lifestyle of the Telosian’s who always act in concert in group consciousness.

Open House

For those who choose to attend this end of year/holiday time retreat, Mel and Mike are also having open house days before and after the formal gathering dates for those who wish to extend their time in Mount Shasta. We will be informally getting together and perhaps heading out to enjoy nature all through the holiday season from December 24 through to the New Year celebration.  You may come and enjoy the holiday time period with us. As usual it will be filled with the warmth and cheer that these energies bring.


As part of our soul family, we would love to have you join us in December. For anyone who meets the above criterion but who has not been here with us physically we will be keeping to the requirement of a SKYPE or video conference meeting after you enroll (details are on the enroll link below). This is to insure that you are ready to be within this type of intimate setting and gives a chance for the Ascended Masters and Lord Adama to also access your energies.

We also have a detailed “Retreat Requirements” document that gives you a full description of the energetic and environmental conditions we each collectivly set up.  Please use the button below to read further.



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Attending this event meets the Telosian Ambassador requirement of physically attending one of our retreats as part of that program. Read more on the program.

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