January 28th, 2014 ~ Unity Number “9”

Unity Number 9In the Science of Numerology the number “9” stands for completion with the ending of the previous cycle. 



It is a day to reflect on what needs to be cleared as it is the last symbol before returning to Unity.  Keywords are:  leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spiritual, ability to understand, inborn talents, compulsions, introspection, personal integrity, unity, truth, perfection, learning to dissolve ego attachments, and challenges faced in looking for your own wisdom.

Today’s number is derived from the numbers of 2 + 7 equaling nine.  This represents learning to lift our energies to the highest aspect with balance and perfection.  It is a highly spiritual equation standing for Universal Love, Brotherhood and humanitarianism, being selfless and very intuitive.

The energetics of today’s number is symbolized by completion as it represents the beginning of the ending of all that you have accomplished in this cycle.  Take time to de-clutter your life physically, mentally, and emotionally by utilizing the frequencies of the 27/9 equation.  This definitely is a power-driven number that is being given to us on January 28th.

If you take the understanding of what this may represent for you, work with your Highest Self, and change the parts that do not fit presently.  Take time to reflect on yesterday’s accomplishments of success.  Did it work well for you?  Are there elements that need to be changed?  What aspects do you need to accept more fully within your reality that will help mold you for the next phase of acceleration?

These are the questions that are important to consider as it is a teaching tool for you to step into more awareness of your-self.  It takes great responsibility to look at oneself and know that changes need to be made.  The true power of the journey on this day is to make the necessary steps to do so.  It is a very powerful healing and teaching day; not always to others but to one-self.

Allow yourself to know more internally so that you can externalize these aspects that you desire within your life.  Step into the unknown more deeply from your highest essence and command it to be within your physical essence.  This will empower you greatly for the energetics of tomorrow’s reality.

In blessings  and joy of Oneness,

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