February 1st, 2014 ~ Unity Number “1”

Unity Number 1In the Science of Numerology the number “1” represents New Beginnings, starting a new cycle, and being within Oneness allowing all aspects of our divine essence to be manifested within our physical reality.


One is a powerful vibration of allowing all things to come into full awareness.   Keywords are:  Independent, Creative, Original, Ambitious, Determined, Moving Forward, Independent, and Self Assured.

This day starts the energies of a new month besides being in the focus for new doorways to be open.  February is reflected within the number “2” which represents the Yin and Yang.  It is a time to allow all things to come into balance and harmony.  During the month of January we stepped into a new doorway from the energies of 2013.  This year represents the ability to accelerate ourselves in our physical existence by allowing our higher energies to become grounded within us.  There have been many upheavals for individuals during January so now we come into a period of allowing the dust to settle after we have transformed elements that were not in complete alignment.  February should prove to be a testing ground of what we have experienced in the previous cycle (this being January) and allow the enfoldment of the balancing energies to occur.

On the 1st day of February it so happens that it represents “1” with the sum of 37 + 10 =1 which in the definition of numerology represent the keywords: stepping into the unknown, using your intuition, being a leader and sharing your ideas with others, and stepping into new doorways of opportunity.

This is a wonderful day to take what you have learned from the previous cycle and put it into practice.  What is it that you desire to change in your life?  Do you have a plan on how to put it forth in your present circumstances?

It is a great opportunity to work with your Higher Self to put your ideas into action; and if you are unsure what they are, then work in your meditation to go to a deeper level of existence.  Allow the aspects of your divine being to start to become manifest.  But you must do it with your spiritual essence and not the physical.  Allow them to blend as this is a number of balance and harmony.

Utilize the Ray of Harmony and Balance in the Crystalline Light to help you acknowledge the parts of you that are ready to work within your manifestations.  Allow the magic to flow within your life and today is the most powerful day to start.

Remember that you are still in the energies of the New Moon so take the essence of Grandmother Moon of stepping off the cliff with all your tools you are utilizing presently to take you into the next moment of your creation.  There is no time for the present with the New Moon, a new month of balance, with the energies of Unity to be grounded within your reality.

Enjoy this day as it is a very powerful moment in your creative processes.

In Blessings of Oneness,

We Are The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

Note:The definitions of science of numerology with the keywords are excerpted from http://numerology-thenumbersandtheirmeanings.blogspot.com/.  The remainder of this post is channeled material from the Unified Whole Command through Rev. Christine Meleriesse.

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